An unwilling maid.

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  1. "You owe us a very large sum of money, Mr.Hartnet. My employer would like it now." A rather imposing figure spoke, eyeing the poor man who had borrowed a bit too much only to lose it on a horse race.

    "P-please, I don't have the money! I'll do anything!" The man pleaded, his face bloodied and bruised already. A pistol aimed at his head. The man frantically looked around his small room, eyes falling upon his only daughter as she sat huddled in the corner, the girl, barely out of highschool watching her father's apparent execution. Terror in her own eyes as to what may happen to her. If she only knew. "T-take her! Take her she'll cover it all right?!"

    His daughter's eyes widened more, staring in disbelief that her father would suggest such a thing. The man that was supposed to protect her selling her in his stead. One of the figure's associates grinned and stepped forward, grabbing her by her short cut hair and pulling her near, inspecting her as he would inspect a whimpering horse. Checking her teeth, feeling her muscles and more intimate fleshy areas before nodding his approval. The figure gave a nod to the man before firing anyway, making his daughter cry out in protest as her father slumped to the floor with a large portion of the back of his head missing. "Now the debt is settled." The figure spoke before beginning to walk out. Suddenly she felt herself drop, a rag over her mouth shut her senses from the world and left her in the nothingness of their absence.

    When she awoke she felt goosebumps upon her bared flesh, the cool air sending a shiver down her spine. She felt half naked and when her eyes finally focused she found she was, stripped of plain clothes and half dressed in a maid's uniform, the cloth falling from her delicate flesh. Her hands bound before her, holding her in a kneeling position. Fighting to find her voice her eyes darted about the dark and seemingly barren room, looking for meaning before the memory of how she had gotten here returned. A whimper escaped her, tears forming in the corners of her eyes before she heard the door behind her opening, her head snapping to look behind her, fear and trepidation apparent. "W-Who's there?" She questioned, her voice quivering in fear while she tried to get her still weak legs to move under her.
  2. An older man walked down the hallway to where he could buy slaves. The vendors had told they got a new girl and that she was new to this world and he may like her. He waited for the door to open and when it did he walked in. He looked at the teary eyed girl and smiled. He turned on the lights, revealing that the room had other girls inside, all gagged and in different corners. He smiled and motioned for them to lift her up onto her feet. She was small and would be perfect for his son as continued to look at her. "What is your name girl?" he asked. He was menacing in appearance and stood completely straight as he looked at her. He was older, early 50's if you just guessed.

    His son however was turn 25 and was now of legal age to own a slave. His son was almost exactly like his father, but with a few differences. His son was kinder while he expected full submission and if he did not get it, he would punish the slave just before the point of death.
  3. Her fear only grew as the man entered. She could barely make out his visage in the dark, yet she was already frightened by his appearance. A wince came as she clamped her eyes closed, the sudden light blinding her grey eyes for a moment. As they reopened she felt her terror we, her darkest fear was true, the other bound girls about cementing what her father had prostitued her out to become. As her chains were lifted she whimpered arms pulled above her head befor ever entire form was lifted to stand shakily before the man. Looking away as he approached she quivered under his question. "Evelyn..." She managed just above a hushed whisper, her pale flesh half exposed to his eyes, cheeks pink with embarrassment for her near nudity and out of a suppressed anger for her current position in life.
  4. "Evelyn... You'll do," he said motioning to the seller. "I'll take her and the black girl over there in the corner," he said pointing to the only girl not cowering in fear but anger in her eyes with defiance. Evelyn was let go suddenly, her body hitting the ground before a few men picked her up and brought her to a large room filled with crates. She was shoved into one crate along with the black girl, and then they were both shot with tranquilizers making sure they would be asleep for the whole time.

    Hours passed and Evelyn was forced to wake as a few maid came and cleaned her up, dressing her in another maid's uniform, only it had no fabric covering her chest. She was also given a red collar and then branded with her new masters initials. She would be then let to rest in a small cramped room, tied and gagged and left there until her wounds healed.
  5. She cried out in shock as she fell, crumpling when she it, quivering from the bruising of her knees beneath her stockings. As she was carried away she stole a glance at the man buying her, examine his features before she was out of sight. As she was shoved into the box with true uppity girl she cringed, wondering if she'd even survive the journey to wherever with the angered female already thrashing and cursing only to wince as she fel a needle, her body swiftly falling limp once more only to awake as water was poured on her head. She tried her hardest to get help from the maids, tried to make it apparent that she didn't belong here. It didn't matter as she was collared. The brand came with a cry of agony, only to be gagged and left to whimper and writhe in the small room. Tears fell from the corners of her eyes, saliva from th edges of her lips and from the air holes in the gag. Her nipples erect in the cool air while she stared to the door, the burning of the brand slowly subsiding. She prayed it was somehow a dream, or at least that whoever's initials were now permanently a part of her once near flawless flesh was kind.
  6. Days passed and no one came to get her. Only after a week passed did a maid come in and bring her to be fed and dressed once again. She forced to wear the maids outfit once again, only she was allowed to wear an apron on top to hide her breasts from view. She was then gagged once more and then dragged into a room that was beautiful and large. In the room was a large box with a ribbon on it and the man who had purchased her. He grabbed her by her hair and forced her up slightly.

    "I will say this once, am I clear?" he asked her, not wanting an answer. "You are to be a gift to my son. You will sit in that box and you will remain silent understood. When the box is opened you will bow to my son and you will address him as master. If you try and run, I will beat you, if you make any noise, I will beat you and if you ever disobey my son, I will beat you and let my men have their way with you. Is this in anyway unclear to you, Evelyn?" he asked after a few moments. On her collar was her name on a little heart tag, like she was a dog or something.
  7. She was starving by the time they came for her, weak and whimpering as the gag was removed. She trembled as she ate, keeping a keen eye about almost like a hungry dog, afraid someone may take her food. She was thankful for the new clothes, at least they covered her chest. A failed attempt at protest came as she was gagged again, silenced save for muffled pleas as she was once more dragged away. She tried to fight, to resist but it was of no use while she was dropped in the new room, grey eyes darting about, looking to the male who had bought her she dipped her head, submitting to his imposing stature. Small drops of saliva fell through the holes of the gag while she looked to the ground only to release a gurgling cry through the plastic when he grabbed her by her hair and forced her up.

    As he spoke she gulped, forcing herself to get her legs to help support her so he didn't pull her hair from her head. She whimpered at his words, she was a slave, and she didn't take his threats lightly while she slowly nodded her understanding to him. Her body quivered, fear apparent upon her features. She waited until he released her before she would go to the box as instructed, sitting herself in it, having to curl up to fit.
  8. Before closing the box, he removed her gag and wiped her mouth clean. She was then enclosed in the box, a few holes in to let her breath. Suddenly the box was lifted up and was carried into a room where music played. She was placed near the other gifts that had been given to the boy and she would be forced to wait in the box for three hours until the box was once again lifted and taken outside. She could only figure it was outside, due to the intense cold that suddenly filled the box. She put in a car and then the drove to his new home with his gifts in the car. It took 30 minutes to get to his new villa and once there he had his servants bring in all the gifts and set them down in the living room. Her box came to a halt and he went to it first, knowing it was a gift from his father. He lifted the lid up and looked in, seeing her in there and he looked at her with concern. He reached in and lifted her out, having someone bring him a thick blanket and some soup. He sat down on the plush sofa and wrapped her in the blanket. "Are you alright?" he asked, concern in his eyes.
  9. She had been quiet as she could, staring into the darkness if the box, apprehension filling her as she waited and waited. Listening to the music before her lack of stimuli lulled her to sleep. As the box began to move she panicked, fumbling about to no avail. A shiver crossing her as cold air washed in on her, teeth soon beginning to softly chatter before she but her apron to silence it in fear of his father. The car ride was in silence, not a dared peep. Only when the box was opened and she winced from the sudden light did a whimper escape her. As he lifted her she trembled in his arms like a dog expecting to be whipped. Afraid to say anything else she only replied to his question with a small "yes sir." Her head low as she grapes the blanket tighter around her trembling lithe form.
  10. He sighed as he looked at the trembling girl in his arms. When her soup was brought he asked the servant to bring him some socks for the girl. She was freezing to the touch so he stood up and set her down on the sofa, before turning the fireplace on. He stood back up and lifted her up once more, holding her close to him to help her warm up, as the fire warmed the room. He held her and sighed. "What is your name little one?" he asked her softly, looking at her.
  11. Even though she was convinced his kindness was merely a ploy to test how broken in his father had gotten her she found herself curling into his arms. The warmth felt good, no matter who it came from. Holding her soup neAr she sipped at it before daring to lift her eyes to him while he questioned her. "E-Evelyn.... Master." She added the last bit remembering his fathers words, though the title had distaste to it none the less while she went back to warming her belly.
  12. He sighed as he looked at her. "I'm Nathen, you can call me that. My father likes the title master, I do not. So just call me Nathen," he said softly, his words genuine. He noticed the clothes she wore and sighed. "What size are you? So I can have clothes brought for you to wear," he asked her softly.
  13. She slowly nodded as he instructed his title. A slight bit of concern welling up as to whether or not it was a trick. For now though she'd focus on getting warm once more. "I'm a m-medium sir..." She replied shivering still while her teeth chattered just a bit, holding the blanket nearer still while her eyes drifted to the fire.
  14. He asked one of the maids to find her some cloths and under garments. He then lifted her up, carrying her out of the room and up the stairs to his bedroom. Once inside he carried her to the bathroom. He sat her on the toilet seat while he began to fill the Jacuzzi tub with warm water. "Here, I'll need you to take off those clothes," he said softly to her, turning to look at her.
  15. She glanced about the bathroom, cautious and curious while she tried to formulate her actions. Tried to fathom an escape, freedom, or if she should just submit to the seemingly nice man. As he instructed her to disrobe she felt a hint of pink cross her cheeks before she got off of the seat and turned away, letting the dress fall to the ground, revealing a slender pale form and the brand she had gotten.
  16. He looked at the brand mark and sighed softly. It was at least healing properly. He walked up to her and touched the skin around the brand, his fingers gentle with her. He sighed once again and turned her around, and hugged her to his chest. "I'm so sorry... My father is too cruel... but if I let you go, you'll be killed.... I promise you that I won't hurt you like that," he said softly to her, lifting her up and then carrying her to the tub. The water was warm and he set her down into the water, mindful of her injured bottom. He pulled away and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. He grabbed some soap and a wash cloth and began cleaning her skin, using the warm water to warm her up.
  17. She stiffened as he touched the flesh around the mark, glancing back to him cautiously, keeping an eye on his intentions. As she was turned a bit of surprise crossed her, her body quickly trying to cover itself before he brought her near for the embrace. Lowering her eyes slightly she leaned into the warmth and tenderness, appreciating it over the harsh treatment she had been given in 'preparation' to be given to him. She found herself leaning into his chest, smelling him, feeling him. Just out of need for kindness. As she was lifted she let a small squeak of surprise come before she found herself in the warm water, a slight sigh escaping while she sank into it a bit, minding her nakedness a bit less while it warmed her up fully.
  18. He smiled at her and began cleaning her with the wash cloth. He wanted her to be warm and he could tell she was. "Would you mind sitting up and leaning forward?" he asked her softly. He was kind with people when they deserve it. He would however be cruel if someone deserves it as well.
  19. She leaned forward as asked, closing her eyes and enjoying the slight massaging of the wash cloth. It felt good on sore muscles, being cramped and bound as she had been before she had gotten here had taken a bit of a tole on her form. None the less she splayed her shoulders just a bit, offering more surface area on her back to be washed while a soft sigh escaped her. No longer shivering, no longer whimpering and chattering, she was content.
  20. He smiled and cleaned her up, using a cup of warm water to wash away the soap. "Okay, how do you feel? And have you eaten anything other then the soup? I'd want you to have food in your stomach," he said softly, as he looked at her.