An Insane Escape

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  1. After a year in the 'happy hotel' as the guards called it, Kenny, had finally escaped and was now on the lamb. The police were notified and soon enough he was being chased down the road by a hand full of first responders on foot. Quickly he dove threw a bush after rounding a corner and watched as they ran by. He made a slip but soon enough they would come back to find him so he ran the other way and found a house that looked empty. He climbed up the side to the second story window and after finding it unlocked he slipped in and listened at a police car, with sirens going whizzed by the house. He sighed, this wasn't what he wanted but at least he was out of the asylum. He stood up and tried to find a light switch only to trip and fall backwards. As he landed his hand bumped into something... squishy, and nice feeling. He turned around and squinted to find a girl in the dimly lit room. How did she sleep through all the noise? She must be a sound sleeper... That gave him an idea. He climbed over her and slowly started to take her shirt off. He squeezed her chest then stripped her of her bra. After pinching her nipple to make sure she would sleep through it he pulled off her pants and panties then lined himself up to enter.
  2. Soft, dirty blonde hair lay sprawled from the thin, pale girl. Her head was turned in a strange degree, her face almost obscured in the pillow. Pens and other school items were on the ground, among them a binder reading her name: "Anna." Anna had been up a long while, school, piano, homework, and a lot of other things making her too tired to even have the first few light stages of sleep. Though she was out like a light, and no sounds could really bother her, Anna had problems with light. She could never sleep with any other light but the moon, and the flashing red and blue of the cop cars were a drastic change from the simple glow of the soft moon. Granted, she was still asleep, but was slowly awakening.
  3. Ken slowly and carefully pushed himself inside. He did not want to wake her though she seemed to be in a deep, unshakable sleep. He was breathing heavily now, still sweating though he didn't know if it was from running or from what he was doing now, and his heart was pounding inside his chest. As he felt it pushing past her lower lips he smiled, he would get away with it. He stopped with only the tip inside and squeezed her breast, he really liked them.

    Looking over her body now, with his tip inside and his hands placed on either breast he smiled, in the low light even stripped completely she looked great. Too bad it was only for one night, he would have loved to stay with her. It was a shame he only got to be with her threw rape... He pushed in further and stopped when he felt a warm liquid flowing from her. After wiping it from her vagina he was stunned, she was a virgin.
  4. A small noise came from her and she blinked opened her eyes. At first between the blur of first waking up and the cold darkness, she was practically blind. Something warm was slipping from in between her legs, a liquid. Her neck was twisted in an awkward and painful position, Anna turned it around just as her pretty deep blue eyes dilated, just enough for her to see the man hovering above her. Cold drifted onto her body, and she realized she was naked. Anna quickly jumped up into a sitting position, legs up and covering her body, and pressed her back against the back frame of the bed. Her breath heavy in fear, she finally got up the nerve and screamed. She screamed at the top of her lungs, as loud as she could, for help.
  5. Quickly seeing her turn her head he froze hoping she would just fall asleep but soon enough she was sitting up and covering her body, he didn't know what to do as she looked at him with fear. She screamed and he tried to quiet her before covering her mouth. "Shut up, I am not going back to that asylum." he frantically whispered. "Your no longer a virgin so don't fight." he continued not hearing anyone coming "Where are your parents?" he slightly moved his hand off her mouth, "If you scream I will kill you."

    She was really cute now that he could see her and he couldn't figure out how she was still a virgin. He looked around quickly and figured out she was a big nerd. He smiled when he saw her binder 'Anna', that must have been her name. "You will help me hide, I swear if you turn me in you will be killed along with countless others." he said hoping the fact that he said asylum would strengthen his emptie threats.
  6. Her eyes widened. "I-I'm not..." She wanted to scream again, but his last comment stopped her. The only true fear Anna had was dying, and she wasn't going to lose her life to this... monster The word went through her head and she completely agreed with it. Asylum? That seemed about right, no sane person would do this. But she knew better then to pick a fight with a lunatic. Plus, Anna wasn't the type to stay angry, so her emotions were once again filled by fear, with never ending tears to accompany it. "....vacation..." The rest of her words, at the beginning and at the end, were all slurred by quiet tears.
  7. "Vacation." He said with a smile as he positioned her on the bed. "Excellent." he had laid her down, pulled open her legs for him to line up then moved her arms from her breasts. "Do as I say and you will be fine." he pushed into her all the way. She was already so wet and tight. "Lets warm your oven up." he said pushing her panties in her mouth, she was too load already. He started to move not caring how painful it was for her. "Do you like that?" he taunted her as he looked at her pained face. The fact that she had her own dirty panties in her mouth only excited him. "Do you want it harder?"
  8. At first, Anna looked up in curiosity, wondering about the tone in his voice. But when she was on the bed again, she understood. She understood fully well. She had said the wrong thing. "Sto-!" But her shout was cut off as she was gagged by her own panties. The tears started to flow thickly, and a shout of pain was muffled as soon as his length was pushed in. Anna turned her head, trying not to look. it'll be over. It'll all be over soon. I'll tell dad and mom tomorrow, and, and, the cops will hunt this bastard down. But the thought just increased the water pouring down from her eyes. Anna tried to not look at him, but she looked into his eyes, hers innocent, pleading.
  9. He started moving rougher. The harder he moved the warmer she felt. He glanced at her tear washed face and pleading eyes but it only made him go harder. She was so cute, his little nerd. He licked one of her nipples, you like that?" he said again as he moved. He bit her biological sucked on them. "Yeah, you love it." she started to get really tight and warm, so much so that he came inside her. "Good girl." he said as he pumped his seed into her, his full length inside. When he finished he pulled out, "Remember, you tell anyone and I will kill you, your family, and anyone else on the way."
  10. Anna shivered between being freezing and being in total pain. She clenched her legs together, quietly whimpering, trying not to meet his eyes. In fact, she made a promise to herself as long as he was there to not look at him at all. you can't hurt me in solidary confinement. But Anna was much too worried. That was always something she hated herself. A warrior on the inside, but a meek little nothing on the out. Anna looked to the window. Could she grab her blanket for coverage and run? No, he would hurt her. There was no option but to stay put until he willingly stood and left himself.
  11. He watched as some cum rolled out of her vagina and smiled. "I'm going to hide, your going to cover me." he said standing off the bed, get dressed, I'm hindibg in your closest." he closed the window and oppened her closet "When are your parents getting home?" he demanded as he walked over to her half dressed body. "Amswer me whore." he said still looking at her. "Remember, no harm unless your bad."
  12. Anna winced when he spoke. Not wanting to go against him, and definitely not wanting to move more then she had too, she slipped into the same clothes but just put her pajama pants on and left her panties to the side. She looked up at him and muttered "tomorrow afternoon.." Anna knew that she was helpless. There was no way to escape now. She was trapped.
  13. "Good girl." he praised her as he crawled into bed with her. He pulled her close to him and held her in his arms, it was much beter than that he'll hold. He closed his eyes and smiled "Thank you for understanding, this is the first warm bed that I have been in for over a year." he continued to cuddle her. "And your the first girl I've been with in a couple of years." he was grateful for all the things she did for him.
  14. Anna immediately cringed at his touch. She shook in his grasp, but seemed to be trying to control her fear, not wanting to upset him. Anna bounded herself in her own arms, trying not to get too close to him, still looking away from him, trying to pretend to have interest in the stars just outside the window. His voice was not soothing, in fact it scared her to death. She wasn't sure whether to feel slightly bad for him or just place it as trying to trick her into trusting him out of sympathy. Anna decided it was just a trick, and stayed silent.
  15. Kenny fell asleep with her in his arms, his breathing slowed and his grip on her loosed slightly. A smile came upon his face feeling her not moving, just letting him do what he wanted, it was what he needed after being held up in a place surrounded by nuts. As he drifted off he figured he had made a new friend, one that wouldn't freak out about a failed prank and better yet, a female one.

    He started to dream about her, it was going back and forth and made him feel frightened. At first she was asking, even begging for him to play with her body but it quickly changed. When he finally gave in she screamed and men from the asylum came in and took him away. She begged them to let him go, that he was normal but as they dragged him away she sighed and waved. It wasn't what he wanted to happen, would she be happy if he was dragged away to that hell?

    He started to sweat and he pulled her in closer, really it wasn't more than a comforting hug as he continued to have a twisted dream of a nightmare.
  16. Anna calmed easily as he fell asleep, and turned back to look at him. how come he seems so sweet when he's asleep? She thought, watching him carefully and began to blink her eyes closed to rest herself. Though, before she could even rest for a minute her eyes opened up wide at the sudden hug, but she soon noticed how upset he looked. After a while of thought, she carefully rested her head against his chest and pressed her hand gingerly beside her face, wondering if this may help him relax at all. Anna was still very scared of him, hell, who wouldn't be, but she hated when someone else was sad or scared. She closed her eyes once more, thinking about a lot of things, the thoughts flashing by so fast she almost got dizzy.
  17. He slightly calmed down feeling someone resting against his body. Of coarse it wasn't his conscious mind that knew she was there but regardless he could feel her. A smile came upon his lips again and he slept soundly for the rest of the night. His dreams had changed back to being good, they played games, laughed, ate, watched movies, anything that two friends might do. Then it started to move onto kissing and cuddling until they came back to sex, just like the first time they met...

    Soon enough he woke to the light and looked down at his new friend. She was waking up as well and he let her go, "You have school now right?" He said standing up out of bed. He looked at the floor and noticed all the school books, pens, and papers that she had. He gathered them and put the in her bag, not entirely neatly, but he felt like he was helping his new friend. Just then a police car drove by and he was startled and fell backwards. Quickly he hid in her closet "I'm not here."
  18. Anna woke up, almost frightened she couldn't see, then remembered her glasses and sat up. Slipping the dark blue frame on, Anna looked as he put her stuff into her bag, the confused and curious look finding its way onto her face. why is he acting so differently now? He was crazy and cruel even last night.. She stood warily, walking over, and just hovering above, watching him until he ran into her closet. Anna winced, her legs, her hips, a lot of her body hurt, but she went into the bathroom quickly, not wanting to be late. It took her a while before she came back out, her wavy hair back in a thin ponytail with a brighter red rubberband. Anna went over to her closet, and muttered something quietly about handing her her school uniform to the boy.
  19. He looked around for a uniform of some sort in the closet when she asked for it. After a minute or so of searching he found it and handed it to her "This one?" He said peeking out to see her covered by a thin towel. "Do you need your panties and bra?" He looked around again to see if he could find them but soon realized she must have a dresser with that stuff in it. He sat quietly waiting for her to ask him of something. He peeked out again to see her slipping on her panties and he smiled, he liked the view. "We can eat now right?" Unlike last night she wasn't his play thing, she was almost like an older sister. "I'm hungry."
  20. "Huh? Oh, yeah.." Anna slipped into her uniform. It was a blue and green plated skirt with a white undershirt, a green vest, and a blue tie. Slipping on her white stockings that reached mid-thigh, she finished by simply putting on her tennis shoes. Anna stood, and nodded for him to follow her as she left through the door and ran down the stairs, not stoping to check the clock, but having a feeling she's late. With a sigh, she saw on the kitchen clock as she raced in, almost slipping, that she was actually 15 minutes early. Calming down, she walked over and just grabbed an apple for herself. Turning to look as she saw he had, indeed, followed her down, she asked quietly. "Do you want me to make you something?" Though she was skinny for her age, you could definitely tell she was at least 1 or 2 years younger, as she bowed her head a bit and started to pick at the apple with a fingernail.