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  1. Name: Yejun Ji 몌준 (Alias- Dae)
    Age: 21
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    Name: Barry Golding
    Occupation: Exchange student from the U.S
    Age: 20

    She's always been interested in other cultures, which is why she's studying World History in college and also why she signed up for the exchange program. She speaks somewhat fluent Korean, enough to get by at least. Barry's a nice girl, very friendly, though in a new country, she feels a little overwhelmed.


    Barry looked around at all the people, wondering how in the hell she was going to... Do anything. There was so much noise, so different from her small town. She started walking casually down the street, away from the airport and in the direction she assumed she could find a college in.

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  3. A car passed by on the street, the windows tinted and for the area, it was moderately expensive. The occupant didn't take much notice of anything they passed, rolling his eyes at his driver's constant humming. Yejun had fought with his manager over and over about finishing his last year abroad while on tour, but was finally forced into taking classes at Seoul International. 'At least it's only for one year,' he thought. But his biggest contention with his manager had been whether he'd be able to get anything done at all if anyone had recognized him. A new hair cut and an alias later, Yejun was off begrudgingly to his first day of classes.
  4. Barry ended up asking someone where the school was. The woman was nice enough to hail a taxi for her and tell the driver where she wanted to go. As she got into the taxi, Barry called one last 'Thank you!' to the woman. She pulled the school's papers out of her bag and took amlook at the school map. And... I'm doomed, she thought, leaning back in the chair.
  5. Yejun had his driver drop him off a few blocks from the University. As he got out of the car, he threw his hood up over his ball cap and quickly shoved a pair of dark glasses over the bridge of his nose. So far, no one seemed to pay attention to him, but it was once he was in class he was most worried about; the glasses and hoodie could only stay on for so long.

    Walking across campus and through the halls, Yejun's outfit seemed to attract the attention of some professors he passed, drawing reactions like shakes of the head, heavy sighs and even a few telling him he didn't need sunglasses while inside the building. His manager had said the haircut made him look unrecognizable, but he highly doubted the ability of fangirls to spot their idol would be diminished from a few snips of the scissors.

    Rounding a corner, he turned into his first classroom of the day, History. He was getting a generalized degree and this final year was more for formalities than anything as he'd earned enough credits on tour to technically graduate. The classes he was left to take, based on requirements of this University ended up being lower levels, meaning he'd often be stuck in classes with underclassmen, possibly even freshmen. That fact alone didn't bother him, it was the fact that this year was going to be a complete utter waste educationally. But it was what his manager said was best for him, and in the end, his manager and the label won out. While he was attending the University, he'd be working on his next album, at least he still had that.

    Sitting in the very back of the room, he slumped down in his chair arms crossed over his chest and bag tossed nonchalantly across his desk. Leaving his concealing attire fully on and let his eyes slip closed while his new classmates entered the room.
  6. It took her a while to find the classroom. Barry had wandered around the halls for at least ten minutes, trying to make sense of the school-map. She never was good with directions. It was a surprise she never actually got lost, but, of course, Barry didn't care about bothering people to give her directions.

    Eventually, she made it to the History classroom on her own. She stepped in and looked around, wondering where she should sit. Barry walked to a row just in the middle of the classroom and chose one of the seats on the end. It seemed like a good place, though Barry wondered if a seat up front might be better. She didn't want to be too noticeable though. Of course, with her short hair and the obvious look of worry on her face, people would have noticed her quite well already.
  7. The professor walked in, and in only a few moments the class was beginning. Yejun never moved, even as the teacher narrowed eyes on him and started to address him. "Mr. Sunglasses, while I know history can be quite an enlightening subject, you will not need to protect your eyes from the sun in my classroom." No movement again, his breathing steady, obviously asleep already. With a shake of his head, the professor moved his way to the back of the class, picked up a book from a nearby student and dropped it directly next to Yejun's seat, making a loud smacking noise as the flat surface made contact with the hard floor. Yejun jumped awake, looking around, finally laying eyes from behind the dark shades on the professor. Again the man spoke, this time looking directly down at his new student "Like I said before, hardly a need for the sunglasses Mr...." waiting for Yejun to fill in the missing name.

    "Kim....Kim Dae." slowly removing his glasses to look around at the classroom. Many of his classmates were now staring at him it seemed, and he was praying none of them were hard core fans. To his relief there were no sudden outbursts of recognition, though a quiet murmuring seemed to rise over the soft hum of the classroom lights. "Well Mr. Kim, I expect you'll learn to sleep in your bed from now on, instead of your desk." The professor quipped before returning to the front of the room. Yejun was left to stare idly at his desk, his gaze lifting briefly as a girl caught his attention a few rows up. She wasn't Korean, that was for sure.
  8. Barry had been leaned foreword on her desk, her chin resting on her hand. She was paying attention, despite the boring subject. They weren't studying her favorite part of history, so she would have to bare with the boring parts. Not that it mattered, it was still interesting, despite the lack of wars or movements of some sort.

    She rolled her eyes as she teacher started bugging some kid about his sunglasses. They're just sunglasses, she thought, I think education is more important than a kid with sunglasses. Though, she couldn't really say anything, teachers at her school got mad about shades and hats and all that stuff. She never understood why they had a problem with those things, but it was the same in any country, she guessed.

    Barry turned, watching the teacher as he walked toward the student. She spotted him right away, of course, the only guy with sunglasses inside of the building. Barry cringed at the sound of the book hitting the desk, but smiled a little as the student jolted awake. He took off his sunglasses and looked around the classroom. If Barry didn't know better, she'd say he looked a little worried or paranoid. Barry quickly turned back around as the teacher stepped back up to the front.
  9. When the class was finally over, Yejun quickly threw his shades back on and hurried his way out of the class. He wanted to stop and talk to the foreign girl, but it would have to wait. The first thing on his mind was telling his manager this whole this was a no-go and he'd be dropping out as soon as he got the chance. Slipping out the room, he found a corridor nearby to duck into that seemed rather untrafficed and immediately flipped out his cell. He was doing his best to speak in a hushed voice while still getting his point across....No, they hadn't said they knew who he was....yes, it could have just been the fact that he looked suspicious....He was quickly being talked back into the original plan, though a new agreement was made that he'd make an appearance soon to announce a new album, and he'd be donning a blond wig to throw people off.

    When he finished the call, he felt a bit relieved, and stepped without looking back out into the main hallway.
  10. As the class was let out, Barry felt the sense of dread coming over her again. She took her time in packing up her books and leaving the classroom. Looking around, Barry found herself lost once again. Even more so now, with all of the students chattering and bustling about. She could hardly think. She looked down at the map and raised an eyebrow.

    Barry sighed and started walking off in a random direction, which she assumed might be the hall indicated by the map. She was starting to have serious doubts about being there. It was a nice place and all, but she was too ditzy and unoriented to be able and settle here. Barry pulled out her own cellphone, an international one she had bought, and scrolled through her contacts. Mom would be mad and force her to stay there, friends would laugh, dad wouldn't care... She was going to have to get through this no matter what.
  11. He wasn't paying attention, and if Barry was looking down at her phone just at that second, Yejun walked smack into her from the side. At first he sounded upset, warning her to pay attention, but when he noticed it was the foreign girl from his first class, his expression and tone changed. "Uhh, sorry about that..." his eyes darting over her form from behind his sunglasses. He was about 5'8", well proportioned and decently built despite the baggy clothing. "Say, your in my history class right?" waiting to see if she had an accent or if she was one of those born and raised here by foreign parents transplanted with their jobs.
  12. Barry flinched as she ran into someone, looking up from her phone quickly, starting to stutter out apologies. She stopped when he spoke in a softer tone, asking her if she was in his class. She stared at him level, only having to tilt her head up slightly, being only three inches shorter than him.

    She nodded and fought back the urge to call him Mr. Sunglasses. "Oh yeah, yeah I am," she replied, smiling a little.
  13. His expression broke into a soft smirk looking back at her. Looking over the top of the sunglasses down at her, "I'm Dae...are you new here?" hoping to cut any awkwardness and make a friend who very well might never guess his secret. Despite all the commotion of people passing by, his gaze was completely trained on the shorter female.
  14. "It's obvious, isn't it?" she asked shyly, looking down. She looked back up, her cheeks reddening with embarassment. "I can't even find my classes," she said, about to breakdown in front of this stranger. "I'm ready to go home...." Barry shook her head. "I won't though. Is Dae your name or your family name?" she asked, "My name is Barry."
  15. Yejun's smile widened a little noticing her embarrassment. He didn't usually find amusement in such things, but this girl was even more cute when she blushed. He decided to go with trying some English, hoping she was from one of the English speaking countries and not say, France or Germany. (Eng)"My name is Dae Kim. Is nice to meet you Barry." He had a slight accent, but was overall understandable. Switching back to Korean, "I'm new to the University too, maybe we can find the classrooms together?"
  16. She looked at him blankly for a moment, then smiled. [Eng]"Oh, nice to meet you too," she said, feeling less nervous. She pulled out her schedule and held out the map. "You're new here too?" she asked. "What's your next class? Mine is literature, it says it's in classroom 231A, but... I have no idea where that would be," she admitted, looking nervous again.
  17. Yejun looked down, studying the map in her hands. Truthfully he didn't even know where everything was, let alone what his next class was. As his eyes scanned the page, he removed the sunglasses, moving next to her to get a better look at the map. As he bent down a bit, his face ended up four or five inches from hers. Searching for the classroom she named with a finger, he found 231A, then using his other hand pointed to the room they were just in for history, 117B. " this is history here, and here's where you have to go." His finger followed a path along the paper that seemed to include stairs to the second floor, which, if they hadn't walked too far down the hall, were the next right down the hall in front of them. After showing the path with his fingers, he turned his head to look at her, half his mouth curling into a smile, "Alright?"
  18. Barry found herself blushing as he got close to her, but she cleared her throat and managed to remain calm. She followed his finger along the page, realizing that the path wasn't as hard as she had thought it was. Those squiggly lines, those were stairs, she told herself, almost face-palming.

    She looked up at him, blushing again. "Uh... Um... Can you walk with me?" she asked in a quiet voice.
  19. Her blushing didn't go unnoticed, but he didn't let on that he caught it this time. Instead he stood to his full height again, taking the step away to give a space between them once more. Nodding to her, "Yea, shouldn't be a problem." then throwing his sunglasses back on and looking about the groups standing around to see if anyone had made notice of him or not. After feeling like he'd escaped being recognized again, he was feeling more confident, but waited for Barry to take the first steps, ready to follow right beside her when she did.
  20. Barry took one last look at her map, then turned and began walking off. She hoped to god she wasn't wandering off in the wrong direction, that would be embarassing. She was confident though, and she stepped forward casually.

    She noticed what seemed like paranoia again though. She wanted to ask, but she had just met him and thought it might be rude to just flat out ask him what was up with his sunglasses and hood.