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Hey everyone! I've been itching lately to dip my toes back into GMing with Pathfinder 2nd edition and was wondering if there were any players out there that would be interested? I plan to modifying these one on one adventures I have and making them more 2nd edition friendly. Starting with a level one adventure that puts you in a competition to join the Adventurer's Guild but also first place get's a prize. I would also be up to GMing a group of two players as well or if you want to play two characters I would be okay with that. Otherwise, I plan on one player with one character and I also may add npcs here and there for you to interact with and to call upon later to help you out with adventures. I do want to do this over discord since it's easier for me to keep up with stuff. Feel free to send me a message if you're interested or want to know more and for my discord.