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  1. All Available Player Slots Filled

    It’s 1993, the level of technology and society is roughly what you would be familiar to out of character.


    You see, since the end of the Great Depression and the first Blast Event, mutants, super science, magic, demons, and more have become a growing part of life, as superheroes and supervillains grow and spread out from various sites of great tragedy around the world. A handful of these Blast Events have occurred in the world, in Japan, Ukraine, Bolivia, Egypt, and the United States so far. As of 1993, the United States experienced another blast event, setting off another wave of AMERICAN HEROES to FIGHT CRIME, and maybe ultimately join the SECOND COLD WAR as they prove themselves loyal to their GREAT COUNTRY (greatness debatable).

    In the end, YOU, the player, will have a character go from NOBODY to GODDAMN HERO.

    The world needs new heroes. You ready for this?

    Okay so, you really don’t need to know the full history of everything that’s been going on. I’m sure it’d bore you to read through it all. Because it's long. Besides, if I just told you it, what would there be to explore? So instead, here’s a synopsis that gives you just enough to work off of and get going. You can and will learn more through the RP itself, and add to and influence the world and it's lore.

    Important World History (open)
    In 1939, an event called a ‘Blast Event’ occurred for the first time in Kuakilla, turning it from a standard city in Illinois into something entirely different. Super powered individuals were found in the wreckage of the Bishop District, amongst numerous dead. From there, various organizations for good or for evil got their hands on these individuals. Some became heroes, and others villains.

    Due to recruitment measures, many of these individuals were spread around the world in World War 2, shifting sides or remaining loyal as their own moral compass dictated. In the end, the Soviet and American blocs of power each had their share of super powered individuals; from the initial blast, subsequent ones, and various experiments in replicating the effects of them.

    However, as of 1984, Bolivia has become openly Nazist; various cadres of expat Germans having used their connections to traitorous super villains to conquer the nation in secret as the Cold War went on and alter the genetic code of its inhabitants for the sake of purity. Yes, as it turns out, Nazis aren't very nice, and with super villains working with them, they did not nice things until they felt strong and secure enough to flip the world the bird and reveal themselves again. Just finishing off the First Cold War, a second one began as three powerful and nuclear armed nations stand off against each other, although as with World War II, the Soviets and Americans can agree on 'Fuck Nazis'.

    The Second Cold War endures to this day.

    Recent Local History (open)
    Crime used to be exciting, according to the older generations. Heroes and villains fought in the streets in spectacles that civilians were able to watch. Even when it was dangerous, it was fun and exciting, and people would come out to see it for the most part. Sure, there were villains that were too dangerous to watch, but others? It was obvious that they were in part doing the crime just to perform. According to some more cynical elders, however, the only difference between a hero and villain was one didn't register with the government.

    However, crime has changed. In the 1980s, a new wave of crime has begun to spread across America. Gone is the fabled glamour of the old ways, as both heroes and villains begin to die off, or move on to bigger things than crime and crime fighting. In its wake is a less public friendly type of crime, street drugs, muggings, and the like. Still crime, but ugly crime. At the front of this are the Ironmen, druggies strung out on a drug, Irongate, which the media decries as a super serum drug introduced by fascists or communists to corrupt the youth of America. With skin of metal and tempers of molten steel, the Ironmen are the biggest threat to lawful authorities inside of Kuakilla.

    In 1992, a super villain known as Morpheus appeared in the public eye again, the first time since he singlehandedly instated himself as Emperor of the United States for a few hour period in 1951. He warns the American public that they will experience another Blast Event in a year's time, before he vanishes again, leaving only his message spread across the internet and broadcast by different American news networks.

    The warning was not heeded. Instead, the warning was generally treated as a trick, something to cover something else up; Morpheus is a supervillain after all, and so for a while the public was wary but resumed normal life. But that was a mistake, as people later learned, because as it turned out, Morpheus wasn’t lying. In the same spot where the first Blast Event occurred, another one was to go off.

    And then it did.

    White Fence, a governmental project built on the ruins of Kuakilla after the first Blast Event to try to bring normalcy back to the region, is a heavily residential area. In 1993, 54 years after the first Blast Event, it happened again. Many lives were changed, and many more were ended.

    Your character’s life, was one of the former. Standing, miraculously alive, in the wreckage that was their home, their place of business, or just where they happened to be at the time, there is only ruin around them. Ruin, and the knowledge that their life has been changed forever, and at a great cost.

    Whether or not they could live up to the expectations that would fall upon them for surviving aside, there was no going back now.

    Surviving the Blast (open)
    A pillar of green light would rise into the heavens from the centre of the Blast Event, seeming to tear open the sky as it strikes out. Around the beam, the sky would appear to darken at first, turning to black save for the green shooting upwards.

    Then, the first shockwave would rocket out with a near deafening roar as the pillar of light fades. Replacing the dark sky is one that for the briefest of seconds appears again as the normal sky that was once there.

    That would be short lived, as a massive electrical storm would rage outward from where the pillar of light was. The ground would rip out and fires would spread as arcing pillars of dark, almost black, lightning destroy the landscape. Almost every home in White Fence will be destroyed in less than thirty seconds. Debris flung out would cause more damage to the border parts of White Fence itself. Almost no damage will extend beyond that area.

    All in all, the blast would last under a minute before stopping, leaving clouds of ash, dust, and smoke in the area instead. Wreckage of buildings, streets, and cars, and charred bodies make up most of what's left. It will take a long time before the area can be cleaned out of bodies, and a proper burial effort be done to honour the dead, if that's a viable goal to begin with.

    During this time, the public will have a lot of rather intense emotions.

    For the survivors, they would have been knocked out, bruised and tumbled, but miraculously alive. They wouldn't have an innate understanding of their powers yet, and may be prone to misunderstanding the nature of their skills.

    While they wouldn't be able to recall the blast itself, waking up after the worst of it subsides would be a very haunting experience. Shell shock is expected.

    Survivors would be gathered up by a special operations task force known as The Enforcers, and have been brought to be taken care of immediately while others begin to search for those less fortunate within the blast.

    For quick explanation: the Enforcers are basically heroes and highly trained normal people that directly work under the government, working alongside cops. Think SWAT but with superpowers. Not all heroes were Enforcers, however.

    Kuakilla Map and Places of Import (open)
    Given that your character has likely lived in Kuakilla for a while, they'd likely know the basic layout. So here; have a map and some text blurbs! Map now updated and includes rough location of the missions! Will update after each mission to keep track of where you guys are, and any important discoveries and changes.


    Rook Island
    The most densely populated part of Kuakilla. Primarily commercial and residential areas. Skyscrapers, ports, railways, airports, town hall, etc are here. It also contains the mock landmark, the universally avoided and ironically named Utopia. Also contains Kuakilla's maximum security prison, a variety of clubs, convention centres, stadiums, and more. If someone is coming to Kuakilla to visit, they're usually just there to see Rook Island, unless they go to some of its other stranger locales instead.

    Three King Islands
    The two larger of the King Islands are primarily residential and industrial areas. Infrastructure is less for people to move around, and more to transport goods. The smallest of the King Islands is almost uninhabited, not suited for much life due to the incredibly localized pollution put out by the solitary Three Kings Powerplant.

    Bishop District
    The largest part of Kuakilla, perhaps covering half of the city, is mostly the metropolitan area. Divided into numerous neighborhoods, it's primarily residential and commercial in its zoning. Suburban sprawl makes up a good portion of the district. Also contains portions of The Fortress, and all of the Animal Preserve and the Carnival. Used to include what is now White Fence.

    Knight's Barrens
    A strangely barren and arid stretch of land. There are few ranches here, but otherwise it's primarily a handful of mines and many more industrial stretches. Chemical plants, steel mills, and the like. The land's apparent inability to be pleasant has made it the receptacle of anything the city can't put elsewhere due to 'Not In My Backyard' initiatives. Most industries here are subsidiaries of Moonlit Steel Inc. Contains the rest of The Fortress, and the Kuakillan Indian Reservation.

    Blue Moon District
    Sometimes called The Pawn because of the time that it was nearly run by a mob family from the back room of a pawn shop. Similar to Bishop District, in that it's primarily suburbs, although it's home to some distilleries and breweries that make it a popular tourist place. Blue Moon District is known for being the food capital of Kuakilla.

    White Fence Ground Zero
    Built on top of the ruins left behind after the first Blast Event, White Fence was modeled as a suburban paradise for the ideal nuclear family of the 1950s. The notion and area did not age well, and in 1982, it was revealed that for the first several years it was actually a government research project on Blast Events until the project was ended due to no results. This is public knowledge, and a subject of many jokes at the government's expense. UPDATE: Following the Second American Blast Event, the jokes have died down, and White Fence has become Ground Zero. The bridges between Ground Zero and Rook Island are not viable for transport due in part to the blast, and to the failure to stop an Ironman plot to destroy the final bridge.

    The scariest place in Kuakilla, and for some time it was universally avoided. The entirety of it is walled off, a wall of concrete and bone erected around it. Views inside show a very simplistic, almost Arcadian, way of life. However, looking into Utopia gives the viewer a feeling of paranoia and fear. In 1953, combined military and super hero forces attempted to get into Utopia. None that entered survived, and no further attempts to get in were done by government forces. Now the walls around Utopia are graffitied without any apparent reprisal, but it's usually avoided just to be safe.

    The Animal Preserve
    A large portion of Bishop District that is a family friendly place to come see a variety of animals that are endangered or extinct in the wild. It's officially privately owned, but is subsidized by the government.

    The Three Kings Powerplant
    The only powerplant of Kuakilla, has provided enough power to keep the entire city lit up since it was completed in 1903. No new powerplants have had to been made, only substations and other infrastructure of that sort have been made to help move the power from the plant to the city. A marvel of engineering, to be sure, it has also despoiled the smallest of the Three King Islands to the point of acidic rains and dead dirt and smog. The pollution seems to not drift far from the island, however.

    The Fortress
    While not as dangerous as Utopia, the minarchist transhumanist society of The Fortress sits off to the side of the suburbs, closer to Moonlit Steel's facilities than to any home. Technically an illegal institution, it's generally given a breadth of space so long as it doesn't actively oppose the government, which is usually the case for it.

    Indian Reservation
    A misleading name, Kuakilla's Indian Reservation is unlike other ones in the country. It's a privately owned stretch of land. Specifically, it's owned and provided for by Moonlit Steel Inc. Why they do it isn't quite clear. It's presumably a massive tax write off.

    The Carnival
    Another one of Kuakilla's sub-societies, The Carnival is an artsy society, now full of bohemians, hippies, and hipsters. Originally an ethnic neighborhood made by lower class eastern European immigrants, The Carnival is built upon the old Kuakilla cathedral and what was once a French fort. Now it's a haven of runaways and artistic sorts who need to 'get away' from society. Also does have the eponymous carnival in their land, with rides, attractions, and shows.

    Hey so a character sheet; it's more simple than it looks I promise.

    [b]Alias:[/b] (What you're gonna be called as a hero; can be blank to start if undecided)
    [b]Heroic Motivation:[/b] (What is your driving force that makes you a hero instead of just an asshole with powers. Why do you try to do good. Was it something recent, a longstanding morality, or just the only way you can live with yourself for surviving the blast when everyone else died?)
    [b]Name:[/b] (Your normal name.)
    [b]Age:[/b] (Your age.)
    [b]Sex:[/b] (Your physical gender)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (Your appearance. Picture, text, some combination, whatever. You need an appearance for out of costume to start, and can get a costumed appearance later, or hold off on getting one until you get an outfit in character.)
    [b]Biography:[/b] (A bit on your life, job, y'know. Shouldn't be exciting. Your excitement begins with the RP! So, no, really, keep it pretty simple. But do note why you were within White Fence when the Blast Event suddenly happens. Also, don’t feel like you have to kill everyone in your backstory or make your life shitty, gosh.)
    [b]Primary Archetype:[/b] (Blaster, Destroyer, Hunter, Infiltrator, Leader, Regulator, Tanker, Warrior. For more information, see the tabs below)
    [b]Secondary Archetype:[/b] (Blaster, Destroyer, Hunter, Infiltrator, Leader, Regulator, Tanker, Warrior. For more information, see the tabs below. Secondary Archetypes get Empowerments slower than Primary)
    [b]Manifestation:[/b] (How in fluff, do your powers work? What is the mechanical modifier of the power? For more information, see the tabs below. If your Secondary Archetype manifested differently, note this as well)
    [b]Primary Empowerments:[/b] None yet.
    [b]Secondary Empowerments:[/b] None yet.
    [b]Signature:[/b] (Put your username here to acknowledge that your character will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. If they piss off a group, the group will try to come after them. If they do something dangerous and get injured, they may die. Placing your name here means you preemptively agree that I, the GM, have final say on if your character dies or something. Don't worry, I don't intend on killing your characters or anything, but... I mean if it happens, it happens. )

    • Archetypes are the choice of mechanically how your powers manifest. Do you send pain upon your enemy from afar? Do you buff your allies, or debuff your enemies? Do you bring in summons to handle the crowd, or draw aggro to take it yourself?

      Each archetype will play a bit differently, but two people of the same archetype will play similarly. The differences between two people of the same Archetype will come down to Manifestation, and later Empowerments

      • The Ranged Damage Archetype

        Whether you're throwing balls of fire, morphing your hand into a gun, bursting the ground to send shards of stone, or whatever, your powers are focused around doling out damage to enemies at a range.

        If you start with Blaster, you get a basic ranged attack, about as dangerous as a small arm firearm.
      • The Debuffing Archetype

        Whether you're shrouding your enemies in darkness, slowing down their motions with time warps, rusting away their weapons, or causing them to fall over sick, your powers are focused around weakening enemies so others can handle them easier.

        If you start with Destroyer, you get a basic ranged debuff, able to temporarily blind, or deafen, or otherwise do minor impairment to the target.
      • The Tracking Archetype

        Whether you're sensing smells at a great distance, able to peer into the past to see a crime, or moving through walls to chase down criminals, your powers are focused on figuring out what happened, and tracing problems to their root.

        If you start with Hunter, you get a basic extra perception skill, something like sonar, or nightvision, or the ability to tell when someone is lying without powers.
      • The Stealth Archetype

        Whether you're turning invisible, teleporting, walking through walls, possessing the bodies of others, or shapeshifting, your powers revolve around scouting out ahead, and using your other powers unnoticed in some way.

        If you start with Infiltrator, you get a basic stealth power, some way of hiding yourself from a sense, whether it's some form of imperfect invisibility, the ability to quiet your movements, or otherwise.
      • The Summoner Archetype

        Whether you're creating imps out of fire, or summoning swarms of insects, making golems or machines, or shadow beasts, your powers revolve around bringing in some type of help into the scene, and supporting them and your allies.

        If you start with Leader, you get a basic temporary minion, that you're able to form to serve you but isn't too strong just yet.
      • The Buffing Archetype

        Whether you're healing, or doing more proactive things such as creating forcefields, warping time to speed your allies up, or granting temporary powers to allies and civilians alike, your powers are about supporting your team and others.

        If you start with Regulator, you get a basic buff power, something like a healing power, or some temporary boost to your allies.
      • The Tanking Archetype

        Whether you're just a huge meat shield able to eat bullets, are wreathed in fire that makes attacks not work so well against you, or heal too fast to put down, or gain insectoid armour, your powers are about taking the threats so your allies don't have to.

        If you start with Tanker, you get a basic defensive power, some form of damage resistance, natural armour, flame aura, fast healing, whatever.
      • The Melee Damage Archetype

        Whether you're engulfing your legs in fire for flaming kicks, or you turn your hands into blades, or have super strength to kick the shit out of someone, your powers are about getting up in someone's face and laying the hurt on them.

        If you start with Warrior, you get a basic melee modification, blade hands, fire fists, stone punches, super strength, etc.
    • While the Archetype may say you cause blindness to your enemies with your Destroyer debuff, Manifestation is how you explain that. Are you blinding them with a sudden bright light from fire? Or with smoke? Are you just shooting sand into their eyes? Or are you blinding them in some other way?

      Manifestation is the flavour that makes two people of the same Archetype function differently. For example, if your Manifestation if Energy Blasts, the same Blaster trait may work on someone for you where it wouldn't work the same if their Blaster's Manifestation was based around Ice or Fire. Fire Blasts would do like, burning things and damage over time or something. Ice Blasts would like, slow them down instead. Energy Blasts would likely knock the target around a bit more than the others.


      You are able to pick your own Manifestations, and then how they influence the core power from your Archetypes. However, they are subject to my approval.
    • While you won't be starting with any Empowerments, they represent ways that you have gained greater control of your power, or unlocked greater power itself. Empowerments will permit you to do greater or more refined things with your powers. You gain Empowerments by completing the missions, and leveling up.

      Yes, like an RPG.

      When you complete a mission, you will be presented a selection of Empowerments to progress your super powers, somewhere along the line between raw power to talented control. The number of Empowerments you get per mission will depend on how challenging the mission was. You will not be able to take all Empowerments presented to you at the same time.

    Also, while you may see this RP and be like 'Oh I can be a dark anti-social anti-hero who hates everyone!' or 'Oh I can be the totally psychotic super villain who murder-rapes babies', just stop. In this RP, you're going to be one of the 'good guys'. If you want to be a villain, or a 90s anti-hero, I'm sure you can find another RP that'd be more your style.

    It's American Paragons not American Renegades.

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  2. Returning for duty.

    By your decree, I'll be pulling up a new CS—Tuesday seems likely. Seeing as Ariett's to be retired, I think I'll go with Marbles.
  3. As a returning player, you do get a say in your old character even though I'm against you being them. Namely; did they exist? If yes, you get two options. 1- they're dead now. 2- they'll be a NPC. If they never existed, well, you can't make the nonexistent character a NPC.
  4. Existing and NPC, then.
  5. Reporting in!

    I've begun typing up my new character, so I should have them up sometime tomorrow or Wednesday! And, if it's alright, I'd really like Annalicia to exist and be an NPC. c:
  6. Sounds awesome, will do. Same for you, Holmishire.
  7. Wub.

    Matthew could be a NPC if you don't mind.
  8. A cap of five/six! Wow. You won't have to worry about many overlapping Archetypes. Competitive signups, too. Actually... are they competitive, or is it first-come-first-serve with acceptance?

    You seem iffy with the Power Moves, but I think that's an awesome mechanic. It's fun to be restricted with what you can do, y' know? Especially when someone else's placing the restrictions. Otherwise, we'd all end up as megadeath super Time Lords with inescapable Manifestations and a bunker of nuclear bombs up our ass. Asses? Collective ass.

    Third, final, and probably most important question: What happened to the original American Paragons? Like, it's clearly dead now, this being its replacement and all, but what killed it? Inactivity? Burnout? Did the story (Gasp!) reach an ending? I can't readily tell.
  9. Inactivity.
  10. Ouch. Tough way to go out.

    Was it the players or the GM, mainly? Not that I'm trying to catch Elendra or anyone else like "Aha, inactive! You fool!", but my last RP died with its three GMs. I'm a little paranoid.
  11. Player posting slowed to a crawl of two weeks for half the players to post.
  12. Well, the original run originally had 15 players, but the number of active dropped like a stone. As the player number was divided between missions this would result in groups going down to... say 2 instead of the 5 they were supposed to have.
    Also with regards to this! Technically competitive; but priority will be given to the last remnants of active roster from the original run.

    Well, there were strict limitations beforehand; this would just be even more strict. Before there was a character who could teleport but only within very specific confines. Now you could still work with teleporting as your first move, but within more defined confines that are... well publicly visible I suppose would be the biggest difference.

    And yeah, inactivity.

    Or, y'know, what this guy said.
  13. Also, my 'very specific' was 'eh like short distance with a bit of a recharge time on it and you can only teleport where you can see'
  14. Aha! Competitive's fun. The priority thing's to be expected; As this is a continuation of the previous Paragons, and anyone from the previous roster would have already met your criteria, it's only fair that they take the first slots.
    ...I just hope that this cuts the competition below six.
    So... Power-walking with a cooldown? Sweet.
  15. Gah! I opened my email and said to myself, "Ooh, go look immediately after this battle!", during a table-top war with my friend and only just suddenly remembered at one AM the day after next. Hrng.

    I'm still in, Elendra! Like, way in!

    Make Andy an NPC or blow him up if you want to, whichever works out best for you! 8D
  16. Alias: Marbles.
    Heroic Motivation:
    She had always wanted to be a soldier to some extent, but was too worried about her future to enlist. This lead to her purposeless wanderings and a significant drop in self-esteem. Now, the decision had apparently been made for her as of the Blast Event, and she sure as hell isn't going to turn it down!

    Name: Oksana "Okya" Hilbrough, née Sergeyevna Rasskazov.
    Age: 23.
    Sex: Female.

    Canadian-born and of Russian descent, Okya knew little of her birth parents beyond their names. Wanting to avoid the stigma caused by the Cold War that their parents and they themselves—to a lesser extent—suffered, they passed their three-year-old daughter on to a new family. The Hilbroughs already had three children, and it didn't take long for her to fit in with her new brothers and sister.

    As she grew older, she began to distance herself somewhat from the more jovial attitudes of her siblings and enlisted in the Army Cadets. After a couple years of rising through the ranks and just about to graduate from school, she dropped everything and moved out, tired of the rather monotonous life she had come to live and dreading the choice between college and military enlistment.

    Instead, she chose to pack her bags with the money she'd saved up doing part-time work and wander the country, settling down for odd jobs in either of the farming or logging industries, often as a cook.

    Her travels eventually took her down a similar route through the American midwest. It was during these travels where she had initially settled down—the intention being temporarily—in Kuakilla, Illinois. Living on Rook Island, she was making her usual trek to the Bishop District for a shift at work when the Blast Event found her in White Fence.
    Primary Archetype: Blaster.
    Secondary Archetype: Warrior.
    Manifestation: Tactile telekinesis.
    That is, she can exert telekinetic force on anything she touches.

    For the blaster, this allows her to launch small projectiles like pebbles or marble by sliding them rapidly across her arms—conservation of momentum does the rest.

    For the warrior, this effectively grants her superstrength, specifically in relation to lifting large objects. She cannot, for example, throw a harder punch—both the speed and weight of her fists remain the same. However, she could conceivably pick-up-and-slam enemies, hit them with heavier weapons that would exert more force, and the like.

    If you would like any clarifications on how any aspect of this power works, I would be happy to elaborate with more detailed examples.

    Primary Empowerments: None yet.
    Secondary Empowerments: None yet.
    Primary Power Moves: You will be granted these by the GM.
    Secondary Power Moves: You will be granted these by the GM.

    Signature: Holmishire.
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  17. *wheezes after running*

    Here! Looks like I may have just scraped in (well, application acceptance pending). Trying to think up an idea for a character, have one in mind that I'm really wanting to put into action.

    In terms of Sarah's existence, I don't see her surviving the firefight at the bridge. R.I.P Thermosa (also a high-five to anyone that figured out what that terrible name was a combo of. <3)
  18. .. thermite mimosa?
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  19. Alias: Gravitron (Unless something better comes up)
    Heroic Motivation: A mix of moral values and a previously absent sense of ability and purpose.

    Name: Morgan Pate
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female

    Five feet even and small bodied, hazel eyes, wardrobe is mostly plain jeans and T-shirts.

    Biography: Morgan was born and raised in Kuakilla's Bishop District along with three brothers, two older and one the same age. She's recently graduated from Highschool and, though unsure of what she wants to go into, is contemplating college. Well, she was before getting caught in the second blast event, anyway. After blacking out half-way through a drive to a friend's house and waking in a medical tent, she was informed that she, along with a few others had developed super-human abilities. Where shortly before her thoughts were occupied with the question of what profession she'd be best suited towards, she now instead imagines all the good she might do and wonders how she'd look in a cape.

    Primary Archetype: Destroyer
    Secondary Archetype: Regulator
    Manifestation: Through what she assumes is some sort of psychic ability to toy with gravity, she is able relieve or apply more pressure to a person or object, effectively making them heavier or lighter. Prolonged use and higher exertion induces dizziness, headaches, nose bleeds, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms of varying severity.

    Primary Empowerments: None yet.
    Secondary Empowerments: None yet.
    Signature: LVL1337N00B submits to Elendra's will. [inbed]
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  20. Alias: Marionette

    Heroic Motivation: He doesn't really have it in him to be a bonafide hero, with all the glory, but he's been given a chance by fate. If his new-found gift can save the life of an innocent, that's what he'll do.

    Name: Elias Rivers. Friends call him Eli.

    Age: 20

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Eli stands at around 5' 11", with tanned skin and a few freckles across his nose. His build is average, at a healthy weight and slight muscle mass in his legs thanks to his morning and evening jogs. The dark hair on his head is straight, a bit of a swoop in the bangs, kept at a medium length. His features aren't heavily masculine, with a more pointed face and large, emerald eyes. Eli usually rocks a baggy hoodie, black jeans, and sneakers. He's usually listening to his CD Player.

    Biography: Elias grew up with his father and mother in the Bishop District. Since he was an only child, he spent most of his time just playing with the other children. He was adored by his family, being cute as a button, but as he got older, things just didn't keep up. Going into high school, he had no motivation. It seemed as though the joy and excitement his parents had over him as a small child didn't translate into his teen life. They regarded it as more a chore to advise him, seeing as he wasn't the kind of person they wanted him to be, and their relationship devolved into that of reluctant caretakers and their charge. This led to Elias either jogging through Kuakilla with only his music, to forget about the ordeal, or to cling to groups to find some kind of bond. Sometimes, this led to some less than beneficial relationships. Eli wasn't a bad kid, but the lack of a real upbringing led him to make some questionable decisions. One of the better of those decisions, however, was his boyfriend Pat. That blonde-haired, gray eyed bundle of excitement and kindness was enough to guide his heart through the toughest patches. Eli hasn't started college, and isn't sure when or if he will. Instead, he works odd jobs.

    At the time of the Blast Event, Eli was on his daily jog, planning to visit and stay with Pat on the other side of White Fence. He usually took the scenic route around, but he just wanted to get there at the time, as it was one of those days where home really wasn't home and he needed out. Unfortunately, this was also when White Fence turned to Ground Zero. Thankfully, the authorities found him and got him outta there. He's currently considering how to go forward with life, if possible, and wondering what exactly it is that makes those goddamn strings coming from his fingers work.

    Primary Archetype: Destroyer

    Secondary Archetype: Infiltrator

    Manifestation: The Blast Event made Elias' soul a wee bit...clingy. He is capable of extending threads of his own vital energy to "hook into" that of his target. From there, he can yank a little bit to induce confusion, brief delirium, sleep, or cause minor pains or illness by interfering with the organs and blood functions to varying degrees.

    For his secondary archetype, this manifests when he hooks directly to the target's mind. Elias is able to briefly see what his target sees.

    Primary Empowerments: None yet.

    Secondary Empowerments: None yet.

    Primary Power Moves: You will be granted these by the GM.

    Secondary Power Moves: You will be granted these by the GM.

    Signature: Dusk

    No power changes at the last minute this time, promise <3

    ...That's one hell of a cocktail xD

    Nah, it was just a mix of thermal and rosa. Because I'm so damn creative *sarcasm abound*
    #20 Dusk, Mar 18, 2015
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