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    "Raquel!" a man's voice shouted from just outside the door. She groaned loudly, turning over and pressing her pillow against her ears as she grunted, "go away!" however, she knew it was futile. She heard the door being opened and she gripped her pillow in a fist, sleep pressing on her consciousness. The person came up to the side of her bed and prodded her ribs with a finger, "wake up already, it's 9 o'clock!" he demanded with an impatient huff. "Go away, Ollie!" Raquel practically snarled as she flipped over and hit him square in the head with her pillow. Yet, he simply chuckled and then pulled the blanket off of her. She opened her eyes into slits and looked up at Ollie with his tanned skin, honey brown hair and pale blue eyes. With a wide yawn, she pushed herself into a sitting position, stretching one arm high above her head, the other rubbing her eyes. She shifted on her bed and stood up, shouldering past Ollie and going to her closet. She grabbed a pair of black tights, light blue denim short shorts and the first top she got her hands on - which happened to be a navy blue tank top with white writing that said 'ASK SOMEONE WHO CARES!'. She had a quick shower, cleaned her teeth and brushed her hair, grunting as the brush met some stubborn knots. Placing the brush down, she put her chain cuff earring on, running her fingers lightly over the short hair just above her ear - pretty much short enough to be considered shaved. Shoving her clothes on, she stepped into her room again to see her bed was now neatly made and Ollie was lounging on top of it, staring at his phone and tapping away at the screen. "Well, come on then," Raquel urged. The man glanced over at her before he sighed and flung his hands up dramatically, "but I was talking to a smoking hot dude!" he complained and she merely raised a brow before she turned and left the room, her best friend soon coming up beside her.

    "Anything planned for today?" Raquel asked but he shook his head. "Not so far," he replied honestly. When they came to the kitchen, Raquel grabbed some blueberries from the fridge and Ollie grabbed some strawberries. He put one near her nose and she scrunched up her face. She watched as he shrugged before popping it into his mouth and she made a gagging sound in response. He merely grinned at her. "Gross," she muttered under her breath before she strolled to the front door and stepped outside. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of fresh air. Off to the side, her mother was tending to the garden, her pale red hair appearing even lighter in the sunlight. She looked up, her blue hazel eyes landing upon the pair and she smiled warmly. "Morning, honey. Morning, Oliver," she said before she continued with her gardening. Raquel flashed a smile and walked over to her and gave her a give kiss on the cheek, "morning," she greeted before she left, her friend close on her heels. "Any idea what Jackson and Lark are doing at the moment?" Raquel asked Ollie and he shot her a 'Really, Raquel?' look. "What?" she asked, confused. "You really forgot?" he inquired and she merely waited for an answer, "they left yesterday with Alpha Bryce and Beta Bentley to do some sort of business with another pack," he told her and her eyes widened and she tapped a fist on her open palm. "That's right!" Raquel exclaimed and then looked at Ollie and reached up to mess up his neatly styled hair and said, "where would I be without you?" as he cursed her loudly and tried to neaten his hair out.

    Raquel spent most of the day with Ollie and they finally parted ways around 3. Running a hand through her wavy hair, she looked around, wondering what exactly she should do today. She could go for a run in Yellowstone National Park, but she didn't really feel like doing so at that moment. Stephanie was away for the week, so she couldn't go and annoy her. She could go harass Justin, but even that didn't seem appealing. She didn't want to deal with his crap today. Sighing heavily, she crouched down to the ground, elbows resting on her knees ans she ran her hands over her face. Right there in the middle of the street. People passed her, giving her odd looks, but she ignored them. She was trying to think. And yet, the young woman came up empty. She could not think of anything at all. Frustrated, she bounced to her feet and strode through town, determined to find something to do.

    After half hour, she just about gave up, when she almost walked right into Justin. She stopped abruptly, and looked up at her Alpha's son. He stood at 5'11' with tanned skin, a thick build that stated he worked out in the gym more than knew how to actually fight, he short sandy brown hair that had just recently been shaved. His grey eyes stared down at her in mild surprise. "Well, if it isn't Little Rocky," he taunted with a smirk. Little Rocky. The nickname Justin has had for her since she moved to America when she was 6. Sure, she was fine with being called Rocky - many people called her that. But when Justin called her that, it annoyed her. And when he added 'Little' in front of it, it really ticked her off. She glared up at him. "Buzz of, Dumbass," she growled at him, folding her arms across her chest. He looked down at her, not moving, "Where's your little lapdog, Ollie? He's usually not too far from you," he remarked with a sneer. "Jeez, you're so annoying! It's not like I had to spend every waking moment with him!" Raquel complained, pushing past him. He spun and gripped her forearm, stopping her. "Where are you going so soon, Little Rocky?" he teased.

    Raquel took a deep breath and looked at the man. "Justin, let me go. Now. Or so help me, you're going to wish your Daddy was here to help you," she threatened, shifting on her feet, more than ready to make good on her threat. He stared at her for a long moment before he released his grip on her arm. Raquel quickly turned and strode away, willing herself to calm down. She could feel her wolf stirring just beneath her skin. Shaking her head, she decided she needed to cool her head. She turned and made her way outside of town and through a sort of forest. Stepping past the tree line, she stared at the magnificent blue lake before her. The same lake that had created both great memories and terrifying memories. Memories that she had nightmares of even now. Scrunching up her nose at her negative thoughts, she sat down, leaning against a tree that was well away from the water. The sound of the animals and birds was relaxing. She knew if she stayed here long enough, she would definitely calm down.
  2. Darren had been up since around five a.m., working on an old 95 Mustang for a customer in his auto shop. He had just changed out the transmission on it when his phone went off, alerting him to a text message. Wiping the grease off of his hands, he made his way over and unlocked the phone, seeing the message from one of his Beta pack mates, james:

    Those wolves from the neighboring pack is coming today to discuss some stuff. We will work something about about them allowing us near the borders so we can teach the cubs where the boundaries are and all about sniffing out territory markers an such. Remember, we are doing that tomorrow.

    Remembering that he had assigned Beta james and a few others to tend to this, considering he was busy at the current moment, he replied immediately:

    Got it, just remember, this is a civil meeting at both the borders, so don't be a dick.

    Putting away his phone, he decided it was about time to go ahead and get cleaned up. His thoughts drifted to the neighboring pack that shared this county, they were generally peaceful, and as the new Alpha, he hoped to keep it that way for much longer. Making his way to his apartment room which was located just above the shop, he stripped of his greasy clothes and hopped into the shower. For a while he contemplated just staying there all day and let the warm water rush over him, but he really did need to get things done today.... after a few hours of swimming at the lake of course. He hopped out of the shower once he was clean and slid on a pair of trunks, as well as his favorite cutoff shirt. Packing a bag with a change of clothes as well as a few snacks, he made his way outside.

    He loved how the sun felt on his skin as he made his way to the forest where the lake was, and thankfully, his favorite spot was in his pack's territory! He quickened his pace a little once he was out of view of the humans and took in a deep breath, smelling the scents of the forest. His inner wolf loved the feeling of content he had in this forest, he belonged here so it was only right. He slowed his pace a little as he picked up the scent of another wolf not of his pack. However it was on the other side of his borders, so he was only slightly pensive, but he calmed down a little as he made it to the lake and saw it was a young female, curled up and sitting, her mind seeming to be elsewhere.

    As a matter of civility, he didnt make and kind of movement to her, rather he kept with his own business, setting down his back and stretching a little before kicking off his flip flops and heading to the water, letting his feet soak a little. He looked out over the lake and breathed in a deep sigh, glancing over at the girl for a second before looking away again.

    "Lovely morning" he said to her, not looking in her direction as he did. He spoke for the sake of respect, he was an alpha, and needed to show that he was civil yet also deserved respect for himself.
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  3. Raquel watched as a little Blue Bird flew down and landed on the grass a few metres away from her. She hugged her knees to her chest, resting her cheek atop of her knee as she watched the bird hop around, seeming to look for something. It didn't take long before a noise sounded, startling the nervous little creature and it took off into the sky. She watched it, imagining what it would be like to fly. She knew she'd be able to leave her pack easily if she could. Sure, she loved her family and she would always care for them, but Raquel was ambitious. She had big dreams to become the Alpha Female of a pack. She had desired to be the lead female since she was around 13. She didn't know why. Maybe it was because she had respected Alpha Bryce and his ability to lead the pack with ease. He carried an air of strong authority and he was a firm leader and yet he'd always take time to listen to his pack's problems. He was a fantastic leader. And Raquel loved watching him lead the pack. However, being the third child of the Beta didn't allow her to attend meetings between Alpha Bryce & her father, only Jackson and occasionally Lark could. And she couldn't get anywhere near meetings with other packs. It frustrated her to no end, especially knowing that one such meeting was going to happen this very day. The thought of not being there to witness it made the young woman groan. She could quite possibly try to sneak into the meeting, but the chances were low she'd get anywhere near it. And if she did and her father found out, she'd be in loads of trouble. Letting out a hiss of dissatisfaction, she ran a hand through her hair once again and then stretched her legs out in front of her. Deciding her feet felt too cramped in her converse shoes, she leaned forward, bringing her feet towards herself and she swiftly pulled off her shoes and socks before leaning back again and stretching her feet in front of her. She wriggled her toes and she snorted softly in amusement before she leaned her head back against the tree, staring at the sky.

    A few minutes of peaceful quiet and Raquel no longer felt the heated feeling of her temper, finally feeling calm again. But within moments, she felt restless. That was one thing about her. She couldn't stand staying in one spot for too long. It didn't last long, however, as a young man stepped out of the tree line a little way away from her - on the other side of the pack border. He placed his belongings down and clicked off his flip-flops before he walked towards the water and stepping in so his feet were in. Raquel felt a ribbon of fear curling in her chest at the thought of swimming and she swallowed a lump in her throat. Taking a deep breath, a scent hit her and she froze. She stared at the man for a long moment. Another wolf. She hadn't met him before so he was obviously from another pack. She had never met him, though. She had met a couple wolves from the neighbouring pack, the previous Alpha and his mate included. She met them once. When she was about 14, so about 5 years ago. Alpha Harold had seemed like a rather kind man when she met him and though he had held himself like an Alpha, Raquel hadn't felt the same air of authority as she did from Alpha Bryce. But then again, she hadn't really spent any time with him to really find out. She remembered speaking to him briefly as she introduced herself to him and his mate, Farrah. Raquel couldn't recall much about the woman unfortunately. No, because before she had really spoken to them properly, Justin had butt in like usual, taking the spotlight. She remembered how mad she had gotten, ready to march right up into his smug little face and tell him what for. But Ollie had shown up just in time to drag her away. She did remember a young boy with them them. About a year older than her. Looking much like Alpha Harold and Farrah. He had dark auburn hair and hazel green eyes. Their son.

    Raquel stood up, watching the young man. He had the same dark auburn as the boy from back then and when he glanced over at her, she caught a glimpse of the same hazel green eyes. She had met him once, she realized. He was the same boy from back then. She blinked in mild surprise. She had heard from her father that Alpha Harold and Farrah had died, but he wouldn't elaborate on how. So that would mean this young man was now Alpha of his pack. Alpha at 20. She felt a rush of jealousy at the thought and she quickly squashed it. He soon spoke to her, but it sounded more like he spoke because he had to, not because he wanted to. She bit her lower lip lightly to hide a smile, wondering if he felt he was too good to be speaking to one such as her. She didn't know whether he recognised her, after all, she hadn't spoken to him, just his parents for a brief moment. So she didn't even know his name. And even if he did, she doubted he would care. The third child of the Beta was as good as an Omega in rank pretty much. "That it is," Raquel replied slowly. "I'm guessing that you're the new Alpha, correct?" she guessed, her tone noting that she was both bored and yet intrigued. Regarding him intently, trying to gauge his worth for such a title. The mention of Alpha sent a flutter of desire through her core. Oh how she wished she could have his position.
  4. Darren half expected her not to respond with much of anything, wondering if she would just respond out of courtesy and leave it at that. He looked back at her once more, and for a few seconds, felt a twinge of familiarity, like he had met her once before. Of course, he had met plenty other wolves from other packs, but that was usually with his parents... so what about her made her look so... familiar? He racked his brain, thinking of a time, when a small sliver of memory came to him. He was only around 15 at the time, his mom and dad were... making their way to meet up with the alphas of another pack... her pack! Along with the alphas was a young Beta, just a year under him. But that was her! The girl here right now! Wasnt it? The same ebony hair, the fair skin... her chocolate brown eyes... he never got the chance to speak with her... at least for long before the alpha's son butted in. He never liked that guy... he seemed full of himself. Back to her, he realized he had fully turned around to face her as he racked his memory before letting out a reply.

    "Yeah... yeah I am... sorry, have we met before?" he asked her, taking a few steps forward as he studied her features, trying to jog his memory for more of her, but coming empty. "It may sound weird, but I think ive seen you before, like a long time ago..." he blinked a couple times and shook his head to clear his thoughts, the thinking was giving him a headache. "Sorry, where are my manners? I am Alpha Darren Grenick, leader of the Southern Pack. Since you are here on this side of the border, is it safe to assume you are of the Eastern Pack?" he said to her. The more he saw her, the more familiar she became. Granted, he never got to speak to her, but she did get to speak with his parents. She seemed like a nice girl when he saw her the first time those years ago. If he could remember... wasnt she a Beta? That had to be it, he didnt remember anything about the alpha having a daughter, just that annoying son of his.

    Judging by the tone of her voice, he could sense a bit of longing, especially at the mention of him being the alpha. Could it be this girl desired to be an alpha? If that was the case she probably didnt realize just how much work it really was... He loved his pack, and was more than just honored to be its leader, but sometimes he wished for a chance to be a young alpha once more, to not worry about the headache of being a leader. Of course leading was easier with someone at your side, but none of the females in his pack had what he was looking for... many of them were just in it for the perks, what he needed was someone strong who had ambition... a real leader that could be his equal as well as his mate... heh, some dream.
  5. Raquel watched as different emotions crossed his face. Confusion, concentration and then possibly recognition. So he did remember her then, perhaps? She stayed silent as he slowly turned, watching her until he was facing her completely. When he replied to her, he seemed a little bewildered, like he was trying to figure out if it was really her. He took a few steps towards her and she arched a single brow. She had to admit it was quite amusing seeing him rack his brain to remember her. And she felt a little flattered, too. Other people wouldn't try to remember people they had met for mere moments. When he asked if they had met before and continued to say they may have met a long time ago, Raquel couldn't help but smile. It didn't take long before he apologised and then introduced himself as Alpha Darren Grenick.. Darren. It was a nice name and suited him, if she was honest. He guessed she belonged to the Eastern Pack and she tilted her head to the slight slightly, watching him. So far, he hadn't shown her any ability to prove he was fit for an Alpha. But, she had spoken him for two minutes. And, she supposed, he didn't really have to prove anything to someone not of his pack.

    "That's correct," she said lightly, running a finger over her cuff chain earring gently, "we met 5 years ago. Though I didn't get the chance to speak to you. Just your parents," and in her mind she added 'before Justin rudely butted in' but she dared not say that out loud. Instead, she gave a quiet sigh at the memory. "Ah, yes," she continued, "I am from the Eastern Pack. And it's nice to meet you, Darren, i'm Raquel Cinder - third child of Beta Bentley," she hated saying that last part. It just proved she was pretty much a nobody within her pack in terms of rank. Sure, she absolutely adored Jackson and Lark, but she was also jealous of the fact that they could go and do stuff with the Alpha. Usually it was the older child of the Beta to be trained to be the next - which would be Jackson - but Raquel figured it was because they were twins that they were willing to train both for such a rank. Shaking her head slightly, she cleared her thoughts. Negativity was not the way to get things done.

    "I'm quite surprised you remember me, to be honest," Raquel told him honestly as she dropped her hand from her earring, "I wasn't there for long before my friend Ollie took me away," she gave him a thoughtful look, "I suppose I should be flattered that you do," she said with a smile. She glanced down, seeing he still stood in the water and despite the thread of fear, she couldn't help the longing. She used to love the water. Looking back up at Darren to distract her thoughts, Raquel noticed his belongings sitting just a little way away from the water. "I'm guessing you were planning to go swimming? I can leave if you want me to," she said, gesturing away, back towards the direction of her pack. Though she didn't overly want to go back just yet.
  6. So it was that girl from so long ago, he couldnt help but let a smile reach his lips. never would he think he would find someone like that so easily. He remembered why memories of her clung so much, he thought she was rather cute then... even now not much has changed that. It was obvious she had a lot of growing since he last saw her, and she seemed to have grown into quite a fine young woman, though he had only just met her technically, so there was much about her to be learned. Raquel was her name huh? He had to admit it was a nice name, unique. He gave her a friendly nod and replied to her, "Well Raquel Cinder, it is nice to see you once again and actually get to introduce myself this time."

    He remembered that it was with the Eastern Pack that they would be discussing matters of showing their cubs the borders tomorrow, and wondered if she would be involved in the group that they would meet. However, being the third child of a beta did not put her in a very high place, and he could tell she knew that by the tone in her voice when she said she was so. But considering it wouldnt be too demanding of an event, he would think the alpha would allow her to attend this.

    She spoke about leaving so he could swim, and for a moment he forgot he was standing in the water still. With a shrug, he responded, "The water will be here for a while, I honestly kind of want to keep talking with you." he said with a kind tone. Walking over to his bag, he pulled out a couple granola bars, chocolate chip, and tossed one to her before taking a bite of his own. "So what brought you here to the lake? You're obviously not here to swim." he said after he swallowed his granola.
  7. Though Darren had obviously looked a lot younger 5 years ago, Raquel couldn't help but notice he had grown quite a bit. She was embarrassed to admit to herself that she thought he was quite attractive. He seemed like he was kind. Atleast from what she had gotten from their current, short conversation. She liked that quality. She couldn't say she had that quality. She was passionate and loved fiercely - friends, family and mate if she ever got one - but she could be quite short tempered. Most people labelled as 'kind' were mild tempered, which Darren seemed to fit. When he said it was nice to see her again and to actually introduce himself this time, Raquel grinned. "Likewise," she replied. As usual when she met someone, she wanted to shake his hand, but she couldn't bring herself to take a step closer to the water. Fearing water. It was stupid. Ridiculous, even. She couldn't help but think it cowardly. She was a coward. And that was something that she hated to think about herself. But it was true. What normal person feared water?

    Her lungs burned with the need for air and her arms flailed in the water, her vision darkening as she stared up at the water's surface from below.

    Raquel quickly shook her head and took in a deep breath, ridding the memory with fierce determination. She didn't desire to remember it. Looking at Darren as he said he wanted to speak to her, that the water would be here later, she couldn't help but smile. Alright, so he had a way to make her smile a lot. Odd. "I'll stay then," she stated with a light chuckle. She heard Darren step out from the water, watching as he walked to his belongings and searching inside of it. A few moments later he threw something at her and she caught it with ease. She looked down at it, confused, but saw it was just a Granola Bar. Chocolate Chip, too. "Thanks," she said quickly as she opened it and took a bite. Anything with chocolate always tasted good to her. Her opinion of Darren crept up a notch. Anyone who carried chocolate chip Granola Bars in their bag deserved some credit.

    As he asked why she was here at the lake, Raquel glanced over at him and then looked at the lake when he said it obviously wasn't to swim. Looking back at him, she shrugged, "I had a run in with Justin - Alpha Bryce's son - and well, I needed to calm down.. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a short temper," she told him honestly with a chuckle, "but, yeah.. I come here when I need to calm down. It always relaxes me," she looked out over the blue lake again before she returned her attention to Darren. "And what about you?" she asked, curious, "I thought the Alpha would be getting ready for the meeting today," though, when she thought about it, Justin hadn't been with his father and the others. She couldn't help but wonder why. Not that she really cared. She wasn't allowed to go. She knew it was Justin's fault. He knew how much she wanted to be a leader and he seemed to make it his goal in life to ruin any opportunities for Raquel to witness anything concerning an Alpha.
  8. Though it was hard to read on her face, Darren could tell that there was something about the water that rubbed her the wrong way, but at the same time it calmed her? It was a bit strange of a combination, but she didnt elaborate on it, so he found it would probably be rude to push further about it. It seemed she liked him, and honestly he wanted it to stay that way. Why he wanted that so badly was a mystery to him, but he didnt really question it as he sat himself down on the ground just before the border, as close as he would be able to sit without crossing over to the other territory. He couldnt help but think to himself that she had a very nice smile, and the more he could make her smile, the better.

    She thanked him for the granola bar and he nodded his response, "Dont mention it, i always have those on hand" he said happily to her. She went on to ask him why he wasnt getting ready for the meeting today, and he let out a sigh. "To be completely honest, I would have gone to that, but even now, as the alpha, all of this is still new to me. I have a lot I need to learn, plus for our pack, it has always been my beta pack mates that took care of diplomatic meetings. If it involved something more serious than just showing our cubs the routes, I would definitely be there."

    He sighed a little and leaned back on his hands, looking out over the water, his mind drifting with all kinds of thoughts. It completely blindsided me when I found out I was the new and dad were out on a patrol together, it was something they did whenever they just wanted to spend time with one another. I was coming in from town when I got a call that... they were... He couldnt finish his sentence, and took a deep breath before straightening his jaw once more, hiding his sadness.

    "There is a lot of things that I need to make sure I have under control. My first priority is the safety of my pack, I need to make sure that I am doing everything that I can to ensure they are safe and happy." he said to her as he stared over the water. "Being an alpha pack leader with no mate means all of the responsibility is mine to take care of, not that I am complaining. On top of that, I've had to deal a lot with rogue challengers trying to take my place. Heh... they think just because I am young that I am weak. Like my dad said, 'A wolf with no pack has no reason to fight other than for themselves. When you fight for the pack, you become one of the most feared fighters to roam this land."
  9. Raquel watched Darren as he walked over to sit next to the border - staying on his side. Gazing at him for a while, she contemplated going and sitting down near him. He obviously meant no harm to her and it would be quite rude to just stand where she was. Listening as he explained why he wasn't there, she canted her head to the side slightly before she walked towards him. Peering down at him as he spoke, Raquel sat down only a short distance from him on her side of the border. She wasn't worried that he might hurt her. She could tell he definitely wasn't that type of person. Hugging her legs to her chest, she rested her cheek upon her knee and watched Darren in silence as he spoke. The way he spoke of his parents, how his last words seemed to come out choked, she knew he had cared for them greatly. She admired that in a person. And no matter how he tried to hide it by straightening his jaw and trying to act tough, she could clearly see the sorrow in eyes eyes. She wanted to reach over and console him, but instead, she clenched her hands, not moving.

    She admired the fact that he also put his pack's safety first. That's what a true Alpha would do. But then he explained that he had no mate and that he had to take on the responsibility by himself. That little tidbit intrigued her. Most Alphas would pick a female as soon as they were appointed Alpha if they didn't already have one. But Darren hadn't. She couldn't help but be curious as to why that was. Surely, with his good looks and rank there were plenty of females throwing themselves at him.

    He soon became silent and Raquel said nothing for a long moment before she sighed softly and untangled her arms around around herself, stretching her legs in front of her before she glanced across at Darren again. "I'm sorry about your parents.." she said quietly, "I can't imagine what i'd do if mine were gone," she told him honestly before falling silent for a moment longer. "Though.. I know I shouldn't say this - it's not my place. Feel free to correct me, however i'm going to be honest," she looked over at him, "I don't know what it's like being an Alpha. I don't truly know the responsibilities it comes with, though I plan to find out some day. But.. I will say this. If you want to learn how to be a better Alpha for your pack, wouldn't the best way to do that, be to go to any meetings you can? Even if you don't say anything. You can always sit back, watch your Betas, the other Alpha. See how they conduct themselves, how they speak and how they come to a decision for their packs. Your Betas are there specifically to help you make the choices for your pack.. I know if I was allowed to, i'd be going to the meeting today," she explained to him before she fell silent, feeling a little embarrassed. "I probably said too much, didn't I? It's not my place to correct an Alpha.. Sorry.." she said and quickly looked away. She was ambitious. That was the way she would do things herself. Every one was different. She shouldn't be putting her ideas into other people's heads who probably didn't want them.
  10. Darren appreciated her coming to sit next to him, though they were still on opposite borders, they managed to sit within close proximity to one another. He knew he could feel easy around her, knowing she meant no harm. To be honest, he appreciated the company. She apologized about his loss, saying that she had no idea what it was like to lose a parent, and she was right about that. The consolidation was genuine though, and to be honest it was nice to hear that. He missed his parents terribly... it was far from their time and even further from fair that they had to die so soon.

    His attention was turned back to Raquel as she then continued. She admitted to knowing it wasnt her place to say, but continued to talk about how he should be present for the meetings, if any thing other than to learn about how both sides conducted themselves, and to learn a little by watching the other alpha. He had already known this... but he guessed he was just still trying to get his head wrapped around this whole 'leading an entire pack' thing. However, to hear that was just confirmation that he needed to get his head on straight, and learn everything he can so as to become a better leader. He waved his hand dismissively as she tried to apologize, a smile forming on his face.

    "Dont apologize, i appreciate what you said." he said in response, and his tone showed that he meant that. He studied her a little more before continuing on; "You're not a typical Beta" he said matter-of-factly, "You think for more than just the benefit of an individual, but for the pack as a whole. You dont seem afraid of being honest, even to an alpha. You know how many others wouldnt do that? With that said, if I didnt know you were a beta, i wouldve assumed you were an alpha, because you sure have the qualities of one." He fixed her with a warm smile before stretching his legs and yawning, standing up to retrieve his flip flops.

    "You're right, I need to be at that meeting. If anything, just to learn about how the others communicate with one another." he said as he zippedopen his bag and pulling out some fresh clothes. He brought a pair of tan cargo shorts and a blue t-shirt with a small v-neck, as well as a pair of Vans in placement of his flip flops. He had slipped off his shirt before he realized she probably didnt want him stripping in front of her, so looking for some cover, he changed out the rest of his clothing. Stepping back out, he smiled happily at Raquel. "Well, Raquel Cinder, it was a great pleasure getting to see you once again, and I really hope I can see you again soon... maybe sooner than five years" he said with a chuckle, "I am going to the meeting, I can catch it if I hurry, and you should talk to your father about trying to attend the border walk tomorrow, its just a simple showing the cubs the routes, so I figure you might be able to come, and I'll be there too." he called out as he slowly walked backwards, making his way deeper into his territory. With one final goodbye, he turned around and high tailed it to the meeting area.
  11. When he told her she wasn't a typical Beta, Raquel sat up just a little straighter. She couldn't lie, the comment made her a little proud of herself. She didn't like being like anyone else, so it was good to know she wasn't. When he said she thought for the whole of a pack and not just for herself, she gave a small smile. Well, that was what an Alpha should be like, so that was how she did things. He said she wasn't afraid to be honest, even to an Alpha, she gave a half hearted shrug. If it was to help, what was the problem with being honest? Actually, even if it wasn't to help, being honest was always the best way to go in her opinion. But, when he said if he didn't know she was a Beta, he'd think her an Alpha, Raquel's eyes widened in surprise and she looked up at him as she stretched and stood. Truly? He thought she had the qualities of an Alpha? She couldn't help the wide smile and the flush of pride she felt at his compliment. For Raquel, a compliment couldn't get any higher than what Darren had just said to her.

    Darren went on to say he should be at the meeting and she gave a slow nod of agreement, watching as he went to his bag. Unzipping it, he pulled something out of it and then a few seconds later, he pulled off his shirt. She couldn't help but stare for a moment. He was gorgeous. Blushing at the thought, she quickly looked at her lap, chastising herself for such thoughts. He was an Alpha from another pack. He soon moved off and she sighed quietly in silent relief. She stood back up, brushing off the grass from her shorts as Darren stepped back out from where he had been, fully clothed again. She cast him a side-long glance as he grabbed his bag. When he said it was great meeting her and he hoped to see her before another 5 years, she grinned and looked over at him, watching him slowly retreat as he told her he was going to hurry to catch the meeting.

    He told her that she should speak t her father about coming tomorrow to the border and that he will be there. "I shall talk to him. Goodbye, Darren, I was a pleasure to see you again," she spoke honestly and watched in silence when he turned and ran. Watching the spot for a moment, Raquel stretched her arms high above her head before she walked over to bend down and grab her shoe before she walked off, feeling refreshed. Both pride and pure glee danced in her chest as she remembered him saying she was like an Alpha. Smiling broadly, Raquel sped into a run towards where most of her pack would be. It only took a few moments before she saw the impeccably neat honey brown hair that could only belong to Ollie. She grinned as he turned towards her but she didn't stop. His eyes widened momentarily before he crashed into him, his strong arms encircling her small athletic frame before they crashed to the ground.

    Ollie laughed breathlessly, the air obviously been knocked out of him. He stared up at her in question and she pushed herself up so she rest her elbows on his chest, still laying a top of him, ignoring the people around them. They had gotten used to the pair's antics by now, anyway. "I met a guy named Darren," she told him lazily and Ollie raised a single brow, a signal for her to continue. "Huh.. Yeah, he's the Alpha of the Southern Pack.. You know how 5 years ago, the previous Alpha and his mate came? Well, the boy that was with them was their son, Darren. And he's pretty cool," she said honestly. "Oh! And he's attractive, too. Hm.. To you, you'd probably drool if you saw him shirtless. I did - see him shirtless, not drool," she knew she was babbling, but she was in such a happy mood, she didn't really care. Ollie's eyes widened a fraction before he planted a hand over her mouth to silence her. He sat up and she slid off of him and pushed herself into a sitting position.

    "You met Darren?" Ollie inquired and Raquel nodded, "the Alpha of the Southern Pack?" another nod, "who also happens to be smoking hot without his shirt on..?" she thought about it a moment, shrugged, then nodded again. Ollie slapped her shoulder lightly, "Where do I sign up?" he asked and they laughed together before Ollie stood up and then pulled Raquel to her feet. "But," he continued, "I suppose that's not why you're so happy? I mean, if all it took to make you happy was for you to see a smoking hot guy shirtless, you'd be constantly happy. I mean, look at moi," he said with a flourish. Raquel snorted in amusement. "He said I had the qualities of an Alpha! If he hadn't known my rank, he would have thought I was an Alpha! My gosh, Ollie, that made me so happy!" she said with a bright smile. Ollie stared at her a moment and then rolled his eyes. "Jeez, woman. I tell you that all the time!" he huffed before he linked his arm with hers and they strolled towards Raquel's house. But, she couldn't help but wonder if Darren would make it to the meeting on time and if he'd learn anything useful. She wished she could be there to find out.
  12. The whole time that Darren was sprinting to the meeting area, all of his thoughts were on his meeting with Raquel. He kept going back to the way she had smiled whenever he spoke to her, the rush of pride she had shown when he had complimented her Alpha like attitude. He liked the way she smiled, it was sweet and genuine, and he really wished he had gotten to spend more time there with her. Hopefully she would get to be at the border meet tomorrow, it would be a pleasant surprise if she could. His attention was snapped back to reality as he saw a fast approaching log, his instincts kicking in as he leaped over the mass of timber, landing somewhat gracefully on the other side as he continued his rush.

    He eventually came to a clearing where a small group of his pack members were assembled, looking in his direction with surprise. One of those, Beta James, shook his head and patted his chest, "Dammit man, you nearly gave us a heart attack! We thought you were an ambusher or something!" he said to him with a breathless chuckle.

    Darren raised an eyebrow at the beta, crossing his arms when he caught his breath and replied, "Well if I was, I would hope you'd at least be prepared to fight back. Members of the Southern Pack don't worry about heart attacks when their home is being ambushed, right?" he said with a mock serious tone, his eyes showing his humor. James couldnt help but shrug and nod in agreement before turning back to the rest of the group.

    "I thought you weren't gonna show, Beta Seth and Beta Elena told me you'd be busy for the meeting." said James as he turned around and leaned against a nearby tree, looking at him with a curious gaze. Seth and Elena, two of the Betas who happened to be siblings, twins in fact, looked at him with similar curiosity. Darren couldnt help but chuckle and shrug before responding;

    "Well... had a little sense put in me I guess. Even though im still new to this, I should at least be present so that I can learn what I have to do and how to compose myself." he said to the three, who all seemed satisfied with the response.

    "You... didnt figure that on your own... did you?" said James with a humored smile on his face. Darren laughed and raised his hands up in a 'Ya got me' fashion.

    "Nope, had a little help with it." he said, his thoughts drifting to the image of the smiling Raquel. James nodded in a smug fashion before the sound of footsteps and the scent of Eastern Pack came to their attention. Darren stood up straight as he waited for the group to come into view.
  13. Raquel and Ollie soon arrived back at her home and they went up to her bedroom. Raquel sprawled out on her bed and Ollie sat on a nearby chair. "I'm going to ask Dad if I can go to the Border Walk tomorrow," Raquel told him, giving him a side long glance to gauge his reaction. Ollie raised a brow, "didn't you ask him the other day and Alpha Bryce said no?" he inquired, pushing himself a little straighter in the chair. Raquel huffed as she propped herself on her elbows, "yeah, well, Justin was there. This time, i'll ask my Dad and bug him until he gives in," she stated with a nod. "So you'll be like a pest until you get your own way?" Ollie asked and Raquel grinned in response. He shook his head, "Typical Kell move right there," he muttered as he leaned back against the chair and Raquel laughed.

    Beta Bentley walked beside Bryce in silence, arms folded across his chest. His hair, though the exact same ebony black as Raquel's, now had quite a bit of grey peppered through it. His chocolate brown eyes - also the same as Raquel's - looked across at his Alpha. He stood at 6'4'' and had curly sandy brown hair that was slightly darker than his son, Justin's, with deep blue eyes. He wasn't anything amazing to look at. It was his power that got him followers. Bryce had been Bentley's best friend since they were children and even when they were young, people had flocked to Bryce. He was a natural leader. "What are you thinking about, Bentley?" Bryce asked him as he cast him a glance. Bentley squared his shoulders and shook his head, "Nothing. Just thinking about when we were kids," he replied and the Alpha chuckled. "Good times," he said lightly.

    Soon the small group of wolves from the Southern Pack came into view and Bentley watched them intently as they approached. He could feel Bryce sizing them up, calculating how this meeting could go. Bentley studied them and noticed the young man standing near them, slightly near the back. He was a kid that Bentley recognised. He had seen him a couple of times with his parents when he was a young child, and then 5 years ago. He had grown up a lot. And now he was an Alpha before he was truly ready - in his opinion. But he respected how he came here anyway.

    Behind him, Lark and Jackson whispered between each other and he shot them a glare and they shushed. The twins, though of opposite genders looked identical. The only difference was Lark had a few freckles across her nose. Otherwise, they both had the same slightly tanned skin, hazel eyes and slightly wavy dark red hair. Lark's went to just below her shoulders and Jackson's went to just below his ears. And Jackson stood at 6'1'' and Lark was only slightly shorter at 5'11''. She was very tall for a girl, but she had the body of an athlete to compliment her height.

    "It's been quite a while since we last saw each other, Alpha Darren," Bentley said with a nod of his head in the young man's direction. "As you already know, I am Beta Bentley and this is Alpha Bryce," he gestured to Bryce, who gave a nod of acknowledgement. "And these are my two oldest children, Jackson and Lark," Bentley motioned towards the identical twins, who both nodded with small smiles.

    After the others introduced themselves, Bryce folded his arms across his chest, "State your business," he said, "what is it you want to talk about exactly?" he asked and Bentley looked at his Alpha briefly before he looked at the group from the other pack.
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  14. Darren watched as the group came into view. Though it had been five years, he recognized the man that was Raquel's father, Beta Bentley. Next to him, he recognized Alpha Bryce. He stood at the same height as Darren, but he was obviously much older... a more suitable age for an Alpha, considering the pack leader had a plethora of experience compare to the newbie that was Darren. From the way Alpha Bryce looked at him and his group, he could tell that he was sizing them up. Perhaps he did this with everyone he meets? Regardless, though they were young, they all had one anothers backs should anything happen. Darren was confident nothing would though. 24 year old Beta James nodded his greeting to the Alpha and the Beta, he stood at about 6 feet tall with wavy blonde hair that he kept swept to the side. Beta's Seth and Elena stood side by side, their facial expressions similar, the one interesting part being their eyes. Both born with heterochromia, Seth's left eye was a shocking blue, while his right was a hazel brown. His sister's were the same colors, only their placement was reversed. Both were the same height, both around 5' 10'' and both with dark red hair, Seth's reaching down to his ears while Elena's went about halfway down her back, they were the oldest of their attending group, being at 28 years old. They both stood with crossed arms as they watched the approaching group.

    "Beta Bentley" Darren said respectfully as he nodded at the Beta, "It is a pleasure to see you again, and a pleasure to meet you both, Jackson and Lark." he gave a respectful smile to the twins before focusing his attention to Alpha Bryce. He seemed rather set on getting straight to business, almost to the point he was pretty blunt. It would seem he did not want to be far from his pack for long, Darren could agree with that feeling. Beta James looked over at Darren and motioned with his eyes to be the first to talk. Darren took a quick second to compose his thoughts before speaking to the expectant Eastern Pack Alpha.

    "I want to thank you for agreeing to meet with us today. It wont be over anything entirely crucial, but I felt it necessary to speak with you before I proceed with what I had planned for some members of my pack. Just this past week, we have had three of our cubs come to the age where they can begin pack training, one of which is Beta Elena's firstborn son." Elena couldnt help but smile with pride as she stood a little straighter at mention of her son. "With this, includes taking them along the borders so they can learn where our boundaries are, as well as to recognize the scent of another pack's territory mark. It would be appreciated if you could have a group along where our borders meet so that our cubs have a chance to meet those of another pack, as they have not yet had the chance. We want to assure them that even though you are of a rival pack, that we both hold the binds of peace between us, and that with our borders, comes a mutual respect to one another's territory."

    Finished with his request, he let out a silent breath, glancing over at James who gave a small nod of approval as to how he made the request.
  15. Bentley watched the young Alpha, curious as to how he would present himself. He could see he was nervous and unsure and he couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. He needed more training. But from the looks of it, though young, his Betas were quite capable. And it seemed Beta James was the one helping him. Atleast he had people who could help him. He knew how great Darren's parents had been at leading their pack. He hoped Darren would find someone to support him and help him lead his pack by his side soon. Having a mate made everything easier. As long as they were an equal. Bentley watched as Darren stepped forward, about to state his business and the Beta straightened slightly, waiting to hear how the young man would conduct himself. He unfolded his arms from his chest, letting his hands rest beside him in a more relaxed posture.

    When he spoke, Bentley could honestly say he was a little surprised. He had expected him to stumbled over his words, but he didn't. He held his head high and stated what he had called the meeting for and went into the details with confidence. Though he wasn't his Alpha, Bentley couldn't help but grin at the young man. He'd done quite well for his first meeting. Looking across at his own Alpha, Bentley wondered what he thought of Darren. As he studied the man's stern expression, Bentley knew. Anyone except for his closest of friends would think he wasn't impressed as all with his stern expressions, Bentley could tell he was just a little impressed with the kid. Bentley remembered Bryce's first meeting. He had conducted himself well, but after they had left, he had to sit down as he had said his 'legs felt like jelly'. Bentley wondered if he was remembering that time as well.

    Looking back at the group, Bentley waited for Bryce to speak. Bryce stared down at Darren for a long moment before he swept his gaze across the rest of the group. "I have no problems with what you ask. Feel free to do what you need to do. I will be unable to join tomorrow. I have business to attend to. However, Beta Bentley will be there for part of it and I will make sure my son Justin goes and Bentley's two children, Jackson and Lark will attend. I may allow a couple of others to attend as well. They will be there at 8am sharp. I except you and your group will be no later than 8:15am. If you need to ask questions tomorrow, ask Beta Bentley if he's there or my son. If you can follow that, then I have no problem with letting you and the young onto my lands for the duration of tomorrow," he told them, not really giving option for leeway. Bentley knew he was being quite tough with the kid. He wanted to test him. Many new Alphas of Darren's age would rebel against following such rules. They weren't hard to follow, but with Bryce's tone that indicated no questions were allowed and his young age, many young Alphas would bristle at the thought of following them. He wondered what Darren would say. "And if that is all, Alpha Darren, I must take my leave," Bryce said, shifting on his feet, ready to leave to go back to his pack.
  16. James breathed a mental sigh of relief when it seemed that Darren was at least able to hold his own when speaking with the much more experience Alpha. Looking over, he noticed one of the Betas, Beta Bentley, was smiling at Darren, almost looking... impressed? Proud? He had known that Darrens late parents had known him from before, perhaps he was waiting to see what his new Alpha could do. Gladly enough, he thought that Darren did well for his first meeting.

    Darren listened to the orders by Alpha Bryce, not giving him any kind of leeway or grace period on when to arrive here again. Of course the twinge of annoyance he received from the older alpha was present, but he held himself the way he was taught by his parents when they were lecturing him as a child. He may not like it, but arguing or having an attitude would not make the situation any better.

    "I understand your conditions and I accept them, we will be here no later than 8:15. It is unfortunate but understandable that you will not be able to attend, and so I give you my thanks for allowing this to proceed. I can promise you, we will not disrespect your territory in any way." he said to Alpha Bryce, his gaze kept steady and his voice strong. On the inside however, he wanted to freaking faint from the intense pressure. He wanted this to go smoothly, and so far it has been, but this was his first time speaking with another Alpha, and it felt like out of the entire group, his gaze was the strongest. He managed to find some comfort in Beta Bentley's smile however, the older Beta holding a kind of warmth that Darren appreciated.

    "That will be all I have to discuss, we appreciate you coming to hear us out, take care, and good luck on whatever you must attend to." Darren said as he nodded his head respectfully.

    He stood where he was until the group had left, leaving him and his pack mates there together. James looked over at Darren with an impressed smile, patting his shoulder before saying "Great work man, you didnt even break a sw- oh shit he's going down!"

    True to his words, Darren suddenly lost a lot of feeling in his legs, and next thing he knew he was embracing the ground. Wow... keeping up with the whole confident pose took a hell of a lot out of him... his legs were like lead weights, luckily the other three were there to help him back up, patting his back as he began to hobble along back to his own pack.
  17. Bentley was happy with the way Darren responded and he gave him a warm smile as farewell before they left. Jackson watched the group a moment later before following, Lark trailing behind as she waved at them with a grin. Always the friendly was, Lark was. Looking across at Bryce, he asked, "what did you think of him?" he raised a brow and waited for his Alpha and best friend to respond. The man turned his deep blue eyes upon him and nodded. "He has potential. But he needs a mate. He's going to have to go to many meetings and if he needs to take his Betas with him all the time, he will need a mate to keep the pack stable whilst he's gone. There will be times where he will need to be quite a distance from his pack and for many days," he told his Beta and Bentley nodded. "I think with the right mate, Darren will make a fantastic Alpha," Bentley agreed with a smile.

    It didn't take long before they were back with their pack and Bryce and Bentley soon parted ways. Jackson and Lark followed their father as he made his way towards his house.

    Raquel could hear the people outside getting louder and she shuffled across her bed and peered outside. She saw the familiar ebony black hair, as well as two sets of dark red hair. She grinned. "It's show time," she said brightly an jumped off her bed and ran outside. She stopped just outside the doorway and watched as her father and siblings came towards her. It didn't take long before she was enveloped in his large arms and she chuckled. "Did it go well?" she inquired. He pulled back slightly and nodded. "The Southern Pack's new Alpha is going to be a great leader one day," he told her and Raquel grinned. She already knew that. But she wasn't about to tell him that. He'd question her to no end and she probably wouldn't get a chance to ask about tomorrow.

    "Are you going tomorrow?" she asked him, eyes wide and innocent. He peered down at her before he stepped around her and went into the house and she followed him closely. Jackson and Lark snickered from behind her and she cast them a glare before looking back at her father. "Didn't Bryce say you couldn't go?" Her father asked and Raquel pouted. "Only because that stupid dick, Justin was there. He told him to say no. You know what Justin is like to me," she huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest. "He's your future Alpha. You shouldn't be calling him such names," her father admonished and she only scrunched up her nose in response.

    He sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I can't say no to you, Raquel and you know it. I will go and speak to Bryce now whilst Justin isn't around.. I will let you know what he says," he told her and Raquel gave a broad smile and stepped over to him, giving him a big hug. He laughed loudly and then gently pushed her away. She grinned at him and watched as he left the house. She turned to Jackson and Lark and they shook their heads. "You have him wrapped around your little pinky," Jackson stated and Raquel smirked.

    Ollie came out at that point and looked around. "I suppose it worked then?" he asked and Raquel grinned with pride, "like a charm," she said and they chuckled. "That was easy," Ollie pointed out and Raquel gave her siblings a hug as she said, "it's just cause i'm so persuasive," she said and Ollie snickered, "yeah right," he laughed and Raquel rolled her eyes.

    It only took a few more moments before her father came back inside. Their eyes met and he smiled and gave her a thumbs up. Raquel gave a short squeal of delight and she ran over to him, launching herself into his arms like an excited child. Granted, at that moment she felt like one.

    Tomorrow came too slow. Raquel's alarm blared at 7:00am and she shut it off and groaned before she flung herself out of bed. She grabbed another pair of black tights, dark blue denim short shorts and a lilac purple tank top with a huge black smiley face on it. She had a shower and washed her hair before she cleaned her teeth, brushed her hair and put on her chain cuff earring. Fingering the black bracelet with the small wolf charm n her left wrist, Raquel grinned at her reflection before she shoved on some socks and her black and white converse.

    Meeting Jackson and Lark out the front of her house, Raquel smiled as they made their way towards the meeting spot. By the time they arrived, it was 7:45am and her father and Justin was already there. They glared at each other before she gave a triumphant smirk and looked away as his face went bright red in anger before she folded her arms as she waited. By the time it was 8, Raquel had become restless and she paced for a couple of minutes before she shook her head and found a thick low hanging branch and pulled herself into and sat down. This would force her to stop pacing. She watched the area in front of them as she waited for Darren and his pack to come. A flutter of excitement in her chest, though she didn't know whether it was because she was finally able to come to something or for other reasons.
  18. Darren had managed to regain his composure before he made it to where his pack was waiting for the group to return. In the center of their territory was a small clearing surrounded by trees that used to be a large camping recreation center, but had become abandoned years ago. With the whole pack to clean it up, they decided it would be their place of gathering whenever they wanted to spend time socializing with one another, letting their cubs play with one another, or even just coming here to relax. Some took advantage of the place and even brought some tents and other camping supplies should they decide that they want to stay here a couple nights. The place consisted of a basketball half court, a large overhang lined with tables, a few fire pits and grills, and a volleyball area. It was a great place for his pack to bond and spend time with one another, and usually they held large cookouts which was always full of laughter and fun. The rest of the pack turned to look over at the returning group with curious looks in their eyes. Out of the group, a young cub about the age of 13 ran toward them, leaping to Beta Elena's arms in a hug.

    "William, you need to be more careful with your mother" she said with obvious humor, spinning her son around and giggling before setting him back on his feet. He laughed and looked over at Darren, his hands going behind his back as he bowed his head respectfully to his alpha.

    "How did it go, Alpha Darren? Will we be able to go on the Border Meet tomorrow?" he asked, his voice full of hope as he excitedly waited for an answer.

    Darren acted like he was in doubtful thought for a while to get the young Beta to become antsy, and just before the kid would kill over with anticipation, Darren nodded and said "We will be there at 8 tomorrow morning to start."

    The young boy cheered and ran to meet with the other two boys who shared his excitement. Darren watching with an amused smile as Elena and Seth went on to speak with the others, bragging about how well their Alpha had done at the meeting. James patted Darrens shoulder and gave him an approving smile.

    "Not bad for a first time, dont worry, these things will get easier the more you do them." he said to Darren before making way to the rest of the group. Darren yawned, he was tired after that meeting, and realized that it was getting late, so he told the three boys they should get to bed soon, as they would be getting up around seven tomorrow morning, and that he expected them to be ready to go by the time he came to get them.

    After saying his good nights, he made his way back to his home, where he got out of his day clothes and into a pair of basketball shorts, climbing into bed and shutting his eyes.

    The blare of his phone alarm woke him up, and as per usual, he got up, got dressed into a pair of navy blue cargo shorts and a gray sleeveless shirt, slipping on his trail shoes since they would be in the forest today. He ate a quick breakfast and made his way to collect the boys, Betas William and Wesley, and Omega Harris, happy to see that they had kept up on what they were told and were ready to leave. James tagged along with Darren as they left for the meeting area, silently listening to the boys excited chatter along the way. Soon enough, they came to the clearing around 8:04, where Darren noticed the Alpha's son Justin, Raquel's older siblings, her father, and soon enough, Raquel herself.

    An excited flutter went through his chest as he saw her, a smile forming to her just before he addressed the rest of the other pack. "Thanks for everyone who came today, the young ones are excited to see the borders for the first time, and I am sure we will have a lot to teach them along the way" he said respectfully.
  19. Raquel saw Darren, another man a few years older than him and three young boys coming towards them. She watched Darren for a while and when he looked up at her and smiled, she couldn't help but smile back at him. When he stopped and addressed the others, Raquel slid off the tree branch, landing with a soft thud. She looked at Jackson who's expression was neutral as he watched the other group, where as Lark's was open and friendly. Her father was standing beside her siblings, arms folded over his chest, a slightly amused expression on his face. As she looked over at Justin, she scrunched up her nose momentarily. He was staring at the group like he was better than all of them. Like a snobby rich kid looked down at the lower class. Raquel glared at him for a moment before she looked over at Darren once more and leaned back on her heels slightly, wondering how the day was going to go.

    Her father stepped forward slightly and said, "we're happy to have all of you here today. It's important to teach the young," he glanced over at Raquel and then over at Justin, "you didn't meet them yesterday.. This is my youngest daughter, Raquel and Alpha Bryce's son, Justin," he introduced them, gesturing to both of them. Raquel grinned and nodded her head lightly, amused. He didn't know that Darren and her had met yesterday before the meeting. She wasn't about to say anything at that moment, either. She knew he wouldn't be happy about it. Off to the side, Justin merely looked away, wanting to be anywhere else but here. Raquel rolled her eyes before she looked at the three young boys. "And who are you three?" she asked them with a smile.

    Her father came to stand beside her and she looked up at him for a moment before she turned her attention to the boys again. To some it was startling to see how similar she looked to her father. Many had told her that she looked exactly like him when he was her age - though female. Even Alpha Bryce had told her that a few times. And though they still looked strikingly similar, her father now had grey peppered through his hair and a couple creases on the corners of his eyes. Raquel glanced across to where Darren stood and flashed him a bright smile. Excitement still fluttered around in her chest and she couldn't wait for everything to start. And she hoped that she'd get a chance to talk to Darren properly today. But she didn't know whether that would happen with her father around. She loved him immensely, but he could get so protective of her it was restricting. Atleast he was only going to be here for an hour or so - if that.
  20. Darren smiled and nodded his head in greeting to Beta Bentley before doing the same with Jackson and Lark. Bentley went on to welcome him and spoke of the importance of teaching the youth, and Darren couldn't help but agree, best they learn while they were young so that it wouldn't become an issue once they were older. He continued to introduce Raquel and Justin, Darren giving Raquel another smile knowing that her father had not known about their meeting yesterday, nonetheless he nodded his greeting to Raquel as if this were the first time they had seen one another. He did the same with Justin, but he could immediately read in the Alpha's face that he so obviously had better things to do than attend meetings between other packs. The whole 'im better than these guys' expression irked Darren to no end, but he kept up his smile as he greeted him.

    "Of course you remember Beta James, who was with us yesterday" said Darren as James bowed his head in respectful greeting, his hands behind his back. When Bentley looked at the three boys, they were obviously a little nervous, the new scents of a different pack made them nervous but also curious. When they were asked to introduce themselves, William was the first to perk up and speak;

    "My name is Beta William! Nice to meet you all!" he said enthusiastically, Wesley following suit.

    "And I'm Beta Wesley!" he said to the group, a big smile on his face. Harris was still a little nervous, but still walked up, his eyes drifting to each person, landing on Raquel a few times.

    "I-I'm Omega H-Harris..." he said nervously, before looking at Raquel and stuttering once more "Y-you're really p-pretty miss" he said before looking back down at the ground, the two other boys giggling as they playfully nudged Harris. Darren couldn't help but chuckle and shake his head.

    "Quite the gentleman isnt he?" he said jokingly, ruffling the boys hair before replacing them back to his side. Ready to begin, he gave a small cough, a signal for the boys to turn and listen to him which they did promptly."Ok guys, today, we are going to travel along where our borders meet with the borders of the Eastern pack, as they were so kind to join us for. As you may already have, you may have noticed that their scent differs from ours, and what did I say was always the best way to tell apart whats what?"

    "The scent!" said Beta William, earning a nod from Darren.

    "Good, now when we get going, we will bring you to what is known as a scent marker, and there we will allow you to pick up the different scents a lot easier, and you can figure out which one belongs to us, and which one belongs to them. We ready?"

    The boys nodded excitedly as they turned once again to face the group, "We are ready to go when you are" Darren said happily.
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