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  1. Hello! Allow me to cordially introduce myself; Crystallized_Light, at your service. I am a relatively detailed writer, however, I do not require myself a detailed partner. There are several intricate plots to which I seek to delve into, unfortunately, I need a partner! Yes, that means you... Whoever you are that may be reading this.

    So, allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am a young writer (personal life aside) that enjoys a good fantastical plot or something of a magical essence. I like to throw myself into a story that can truly allow me to enjoy the plot and the players. Essentially, I can play more than one person, and at times, enjoy such things. Categories I can do, but am not limited to, consist of:

    -Fantasy (Ancient/Medieval/Modern/Futuristic/Fandom)
    -Realistic (Ancient/Medieval/Modern)
    -Harems (For either male or female. I can play any role here and find them all entertaining. This of course will usually have more incorporations of lightened themes and comedy breaks every now and then.)
    -Romances (If you wish to base the story entirely around romance, let me know IN ADVANCE! I tend to focus more on plot development otherwise, and no, that does not mean "Plot development".)

    More specific interests:

    • The Blade of The Seraphs.

      (This originally started as a plot between a friend and I where a mercenary group goes around with no real direction and earns gold, the typical story of a man and a woman in love in search of gold. However, through some adaptations and fixations of the world, I came to uncover a more detailed and extravagant plot buried within the depths of my brain. In this world, this iteration of a fantastical realm, there are males and females known as Wielders, and males and females known as Seraphim.

      It all begins with the guidance of the Goddess, Axalia, who, rumored after her creation of the system of Seraphim and Wielders, became a dragon and lived in seclusion at Alton's Peak (The highest point in elevation in the world). Her call to action had come into play as Cerpus, the God of Mischief had come across a new way to torment the races of earth in ways worse than disease or death... Now, he had created the Damned. Vile creatures that ransack without remorse, though they appear normal externally, it is their hearts that find themselves corrupted.

      So, to combat the Damned in ways that were out of Axalia's jurisdiction, she created Wielders, and Seraphs. The Wielder was chosen at random, born of any race, Dwarf, Elf, Human, Fey, or Orc. It mattered not, but at the same time of this choosing and awakening of new magical powers, there was a select partner, one who was gifted the burden of, The Trial.

      The Trial had existed long before Axalia implemented her influence with the Seraphs, and it was meant to test the resolve of the host it had infected, for those that were unable to complete their assigned task, they would slip and become Damned. Those that managed to survive, became Seraphs and were forced to seek out their new master, whomever it may be.


      It was recorded in legend of the Seraph and her Master who singlehandedly defeated Ivan Corgus. A rogue Seraph who killed his master and many others, along with the tormenting of thousands of innocents. The Seraph and her Master, Rose and Vior, a human and a half-elf from origin, rose from humble beginnings to secure themselves a place in history. It was said that after Ivan had slain Axalia and was keen to take over the authority of Seraphs and Wielders, Rose, Vior's Seraph, took up her sword and combated him for several years until finally emerging in victory. With her battle won, and the seat of the Goddess vacant, she gave up her very life, along with her master and soon became the new entity that the world knows today. Even though her body is long gone, it is rumored that Rose's blade remains somewhere on the earth still, lost to mankind, though not lost in legend.

      Though there is no longer Ivan distributing havoc among lesser folk, there is the issue of the Damned growing more and more numerous daily. There is a need for more Seraphs and Wielders to stop them. Perhaps soon...

      Another hero shall emerge...)

    • The Valerian Field (Intended to be far more dark and gruesome.)

      (This one is a totally original idea. Though it isn't near as complex as the last one, this is set in a medieval setting as well. However, in this grand tale of epic proportions, the hero, isn't your character. Your character is a nobody, a loser, someone who is utterly trash, and despite his/her onset ways in life, he/she is visited by a gorgeous angel. Or rather, that's what they'd think is an angel, but perhaps his/her thoughts change when they see a knife in his/her heart and hear the melancholic tone of their own doom?

      He/She awake several days later, or rather, what feels as such, in a complex daze, little can be recalled of the previous events, and a decaying mound of corpses surround him/her. He/She is aside a road and gazes up at a blood-red sky with trails of smoke off in the distance. In a panic, your character rises to their feet and begins to run, chasing after it, with little intention nor reason. Upon arrival, these angels, or similar beings are destroying everyone and everything, setting a path of destruction upon all.

      Now, here is where the plot becomes simple, your character, with no magical experience of expertise, is whisked away amid the panic and is trained by a small group, or rather, an ancient order, on how to combat these new foes that seek to destroy life entirely. (More lore will be uncovered through detailed responses on my behalf, it is my job to make this enjoyable for you.))

    • The Lament of the Godslayer (Another dark and rather gruesome plot, intended for those with firm stomachs and high tolerance to dark and depressive themes.)

      (The shroud of the Gods has long since passed. And in this time, there has given way to many heroes. Your character, is not even close to one of them. He/She is a burden to existence, or at least, that's what they've been told. They've been shunned into lower ends, a hatred burning deep within, even though on the outside they may be plenty healthy and normal.

      A deep and burdening pain shuns your character, it follows your character, they see it everywhere, in the faces of the marble gods with their marble faces and their marble hearts. They turn from him/her, they see him/her as nothing. Then, comes the time of age when wars falls upon the lands and the skies go dark, it is impossible even to travel to the nearest river without blood stains marking some foreign object and corpses to attack the more pristine of the senses.

      It comes time, his/her vengeance is at hand, he/she is old enough to enlist in the army. This of course, brings on the allocation of allies, but with the incredible amount of skills he/she possesses, they're moved up to a special force that is sent on nearly suicidal missions and operations, including front line offense. It is a death wish to ask for such, but his/her face is hardened, when he/she looks upon the opposing side, behind the helmets and dark faces, there is seen those marble features, with their marble hearts.

      Arise... Godslayer...

    • I will do any school related RP, Middle-School(+). Just be aware that for most males I play, I will go with incredibly shy and timid, very slow to crack out of any social shells and even more awkward in interacting with relationships, be it romantic or friendly. My females, are the exact opposite and are more dominant, I usually like a good clash here in personality, so if you're interested in this, I will not tell you how to make your character, only what I like to see.

    • The Wit of Jimmy Rogers (Can contain erotic and sometimes suggestive topics as this is laced in the 16th century.)

      (Captain Jimmy Rogers, or, as most would know him on the seas, Captain Jim, is a youthful lad who is fresh from Ireland and with his boat, seeks a crew. One in which your character accompanies him on. After a grand tale of adventures and some familiarity with your new job and the crew (Which we will discuss in PM), something rather bizarre happens.

      Perhaps it isn't as bizarre as it is horrifying. Your ship is taken over by the British Navy, and amid the arrests, Jim gets up and fights. He/She watches their captain stabbed and dumped into the drink. Needless to say, the assault is a success, leaving your character on the most notorious ship in the Atlantic. However, despite the losses, said character becomes the new captain of the ship and spurs of fortune and fame.

      One day however,your character receives a letter from a man who claims he's seen the so called Jimmy Rogers. This of course will spur forth a grand adventure of the life of a pirate.

      Prepare to bring your sabers and pistols! For the open seas call your name! Does Jim truly live...? Does this all prove to be a hoax? How will you go down in history as the most notorious pirate to ever sail the Atlantic!?

    • Operation Blackstorm (Mature)

      (Your character is apart of a three-man task force, the mission at hand? A dispatch to Africa as private operatives. They're the most elite of the elite, masters of stealth and espionage, all the while the most lethal in a gunfight.

      Now, as this isn't fully developed, this isn't my most enthusiastic one as my planning would be lousy, however, I'm quite good with coming up with things on the fly and would greatly enjoy this one should someone be into it.)

    • This is more tailored around the other roleplayer, so if you're down to do things like this, please let me know and I will work out details, regarding gender of characters, what sort of character yours will be, yadayadayada, and what sort of setting they'll be in. This entire category is flexible and will require you to PM me or comment interest.
    • Assassin's Creed
    • Halo
    • Tomb Raider
    • Naruto
    • Dragon Ball Z
    • Bleach
    • One Piece
    • Mirai Nikki
    • Hunger Games
    • Percy Jackson
    • Tales of (Any Branched Series)
    • Fallout
    • Skyrim
    • Etc. Name one cause I can't remember them all!
    Anyway! So that's a bit of what I'd like to do. Interested? Still reading? I hope so :) That shows your dedication and that'll mean I like you already! Awesome, well, let's go over a few rules I have.

    1. I can, and sometimes will have some erotic roleplays.
    2. I prefer to keep all of my themes mature, though there are some that have a gentle and lightheartedness to them.
    3. You don't have to be detailed, just be willing to post and be honest if you feel that the roleplay has grown dull.
    4. Please, don't be rude to me outside of character, I'm fine with IC, but if I do something wrong, please be respectful about it.
    5. Try to post semi-often, a few times a day or at least once a week.
    6. Plot is important! Let me know if we're going to branch off into romance.
    7. I allow MxM, MxF* (Preferred), and FxF.
    8. Let me do a majority of the lifting with the story and I'll help you through it.
    9. Have fun... This can't be stressed enough, don't ask to participate in an RP you don't want to be apart of.

    Alright ladies and gents! That's about all for me! If you have any ideas spurring in your mind that you'd like me to commandeer, please, give me a heads-up and I will be more than willing to see if it suits my interests. (It more than likely will ;) )
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  2. I have an idea for realistic, but first may ask if you are into horror roleplays?
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  3. Some, yes, but it depends on what kind usually.
  4. All of your fantasy rps have really tripped my trigger. The Blade of The Seraphs (cause I was looking to be part of some sort of partnership/romance RP) and The Valerian Field (Ooooh an medieval apocalyptic mystery) sound like great choices for 1x1 RPs. A Harem also sounds like a lot of fun as well to RP if you are willing to go a little more light- hearted (Or not. Sure lets make this a spooky scary harem RP I'm down with crazy stuff.) I'd be more than happy to be your RP partner if you would allow me.
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  5. I am pleased to find you found such interest in this :) Pick your absolute favorite and I'll PM you about details we can work on to further the story and get it moving!
  6. Well, I will list me idea.

    A classroom full of freshmens in college are on a trip to the Bahamas but their plane crashes, making them have to find land to survive. At least ten make it to an island that is deserted. Nobody knows where they are; the students don't even know if they will be saved in time or even found. At first, life seemed to be challenging just because of the harsh weather of the island itself, and the constant need to make themselves seen. Food, fresh water and shelter are hard to come by, but after a while they begin to realize; they aren't alone. Something devious awaits them in the shadows, something that they hadn't believed to be real. After three student's bodies are found mangled, half eaten, they begin to realize that this island is full of little horrors. From sightings of a ghastly creature with thin skin and very bony limbs, long clawlike fingers and loose hair, and razor sharp teeth to what look like abandoned huts full of bones, they've got to find a way to leave. It's always sighted at night, but searching around the island around the day is hazardous due to terrain and the clever traps it sets out. Even worse; it haunts your dreams. Can they make it off the island?
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  7. Alright then. How about The Valerian Field. I'm interested in seeing how gnarly we can make this setting. It sounds very Berserk or Diablo esq which is right up my alley in terms of dark medieval RPs.
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  8. This is very much a possibility I will consider, allow me to finish setting up my current RPs and I will get back to you.
  9. Sounds good, PM me and we'll go through the details, I'm a tad bit busy at the moment.
  10. I see Fallout :)

    I have a character named Joan of 101, and hopefully the quick and dirty details about her will grab your interest.

    Joan Delano AKA Joan of 101
    Likes: Nuka and whiskey at sunsets. Sneaking and sniping. Men, women, and if she's had enough to drink even a good-natured ghoul.

    Dislikes: Raiders and slavers(shoots on sight, and makes them into an artful landscape warning to others). Cannibals. Super Mutants(except her BFF Fawkes and Uncle Leo) and religious fanatics.

    She has more or less pacified the Capitol Wasteland, and now heads West in the tracks of the East Coast Brotherhood.
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  11. That works for me.
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