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  1. The city of Aiko appeared to the average person to be fairly normal, average wealth, average size, average politicians.
    But this is of course a ruse to cover up the enormous magical power and abundance of mystical creatures and artifacts to be found by those who look.
    In this city several mages have gathered, their motivations unknown...
  2. Churches in England were always so much more grand then those in Japan. It was scary to think that no matter where you were, you could see that giant cross in the sky. The symbol that Kami is watching and sharing his blessings with this sinful creation, would shadow different parts of the city as the sun crawled across the blue skies. However this city was missing something very important. This was something that Japan had and had alone, a holy ninja to do Kami's work from the shadows. This would end today as a girl stood onto of this great symbol in nun clothes. She lowered her head and clapped her hands together.

    (in Japanese)
    "Dear Kami.
    Please give me, your faithful solider, the strength to cleanse this land from the sin us humans have gave birth to. So that my will may remain strong like those before me for those that may come after me. So that I can heal the heal the hearts of the English and restore faith. That I may be the shepherd for the lost sheep and guide them to purification. Finally, please bless the sinners who obstruct my way so that they can see your gift to them and accept your faith. In your holy name. Amen!"

    (In English)

    She Throws her hands in the hair, removing her religious garbs and starts sliding down the cross in more casual clothes. Before she hits the ground, she is grabbed by a sister.

    "Ameko, I don't know what hey teach you in Japan but here in England, we do not disgraces his holy name by climbing his symbol!"

    Ameko nods but does not smile. She just stares at the sister as seeing her for the first time. "Yes sister-senpai, they say the same in Japan, but my purpose remains pure. I only wish to be as close to Kami as possible when I pray. I will try and remember your wishes next time though."

    The sister shakes her head and smiles. She was surprise to hear the rumors were true. The girl seemed to have no since of personality in her voice despite how powerful her words were. Had she not been warn before, she would have believe the girl was just mocking her. It was going to be something she had to get use to, but she hoped the girl would not piss off the other more emotionally charge members.

    Not giving the woman time to speech, Ameko bowed. "Sorry to cut our meeting short but I must be off. I wish to explore and enjoy some of Aiko before I start gods work. I know it is selfish of be but I may not get another chance." The girl then put on a small smile and through the church to exit like a normal person. Finally she was free. With her cross hanging from her neck, she was sure Kami would be looking after her and keeping her safe from whatever dangerous people lie around this place. Her biggest hope though was that she could find him and bring him back to the church. "I will never give up on you. No matter what anyone will say..."

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  3. Percival Emmerich

    Percival was at the foot of the mountains. He could see the City of Aiko in the distance it was grand just like everyone had said. He took in a deep breath and continued on his journey, he knew his quest was a little odd especially since he didn't really know his mother that well but the look in his father's eyes, the stories the smile he had on his face when he remembered her it was enough. It was enough to make his heart ache at the thought of the mother he never got to know. Who gave them the right to hurt people the church needed to be stopped, before they broke apart another family.

    As Percival neared the edge of the city he got nervous. "This is insane. I face down wolves, Bears, bandits and my Fathers training this should be nothing." He took in a deep breath and continued. His first impression of the city was amazing. The buildings taller than the trees near his home, never had he seen so many people before. The town he lived in had a capacity of 167 and Percival knew them all by heart, here he was a stranger. Percival continued walking that's when it hit him, he didn't know where to go or even what the church looked like. "Geez, The druids were right. This half assed mission of mine lacked planning." Percival saw a fountain and looked happy. "oh good i'm thirsty. The city sure has some extremities I mean what a strange waterfall." Percival washed his face and hands before grabbing a cupped hand full of water. He spit it out quickly. "woah, this city water is dreadful."

    Percival took a seat on the edge of the fountain as he tried to collect his thoughts. "ok so i'm here but now what? I don't know who I'm looking for, I don't know where to go. Damnit i'm a fool."
  4. Back in NY...
    "Lakisha, dear, I've got a proposition for you!"

    "Oh, yeah? Shoot, Pops!"

    "Come here and I'll tell you. I need to show you some things."

    With a grunt of (minor) exertion, Lakisha rose from her bed and made her way downstairs to talk to her father. Upon arriving, she noticed brochures - to the UK! She'd been dying to go since High School!

    "You're sending me to England?"

    Her father shook his head and handed her a brochure.

    "I'm offering you a vacation in England. You've been a good girl lately - you kept your job despite living here, and you haven't complained at all. I've already called your job to arrange the vacation. You just have to accept it."

    "You know you don't have to ask, Pops. I've wanted to go for ages!"

    Mr. Barzini laughed and combed a hand through his beloved daughter's hair.

    "I've seen so many other children complain about their parents giving them something without consulting them. Didn't want to upset you."

    "I'm not a child anymore, but I appreciate the gesture."

    "I heard that children - well, there I go again - I mean that you're my child, 'Kisha - dislike that as well."

    Lakisha and Mr. Barzini embraced, as a loving parent and daughter do.

    To be continued...
  5. 01:12 - 29 November
    Aiko City

    Seven sat around a table in dim light.
    Five men, two women.
    Some were dressed causally, others formally, one of the women in a habit.
    All they had in common were silver rosaries around their necks.
    A moment passed by in silence.
    The man at the head of the table surveyed the other six.
    A gaze sharp enough to cut glass shifted to each attendee one by one.
    "I am glad you could all make it," he said at last. "I appreciate that Cardinal de Santis in particular has travelled far to discuss this matter in person."
    Another man in a red coat adjusted his glasses as if in acknowledgement.
    "Now, before I begin on outlining the matter of the witch we call 'Alice', allow me to--"

    He stopped.
    A heartbeat passed through the air.
    "Lord Bishop? Is something wrong?" one of the men asked.
    The Lord Bishop remained quiet, his eyes moving to the nun.
    "We have a visitor," she clarified. "There is no need to panic. My barriers have enclosed this room. Not for nothing am I head inquisitor for this city."
    "Need any remind you, Sister Anise, that pride is a deadly sin?" de Santis pointed out. "You should know better, as one chosen to wield the miracles of the Lord."
    "I apologise," replied Anise.
    Another moment passed.
    "You're awfully quiet, Lord Bishop," the other woman observed.
    Anise seemed to finally take the hint. "Father Hain, shall I...?"
    "If you would," he nodded.
    The sister stood, curtsying a little, and made her way towards the door, a sword of golden flame taking form in her hand.
    Father Hain stood up as well, walking to the opposite end of the room.
    "Lord Bishop?" de Santis raised an eyebrow.
    He beckoned. "I suggest you follow my lead," he said calmly. "Sister Anise's blows exert formidable force."
    The other five rose from their seats, walking away from the door somewhat hesitantly.
    Barely a second passed before Anise's entire body tensed and she let out an abrupt cry.
    "What in the--?!"

    The door burst open, a wind of light flooding in.
    Disintegrated remnants of magic.
    In it, a figure stood, azure eyes reflecting the rush of mana blowing into the room.
    Not one person moved.
    In much the same way a rabbit would freeze faced with the eyes of a wolf, nobody dared so much as twitch in front of the man who reeked of blood.
    The sister slowly shifted into a battle stance.
    The man ignored it.
    "So," he spoke, without the slightest hint of sincerity. "Nice hideout you've got here. I was going to announce myself with a little music, but I couldn't decide what to play, and I don't trust Spotify on random."
    Hain gritted his teeth, but quelled himself. "So, it is true."
    "Oh, so there are rumours?" the man raised an eyebrow. "That's nice to know. I guess it would be impossible for me to hide somewhere like this."
    Anise had little words for him. "Leave or die," she commanded simply, absolute authority exuding from her voice.
    "Oh, shut up," sighed the man. "I'm not here to talk to you. I want to hear something from the mouth of the Lord Bishop here."

    Having heard enough, she swung her blade at him.
    A flash of silver.
    A metal edge slashed through the flame.
    The thread was cut. The sword dissolved to nothing in an instant.
    The man stood, unharmed, where he had been a moment ago.
    With nothing but a simple penknife, he had slashed through a blade of holy fire as if it had been mere air, and mere air it had become.
    Sister Anise had no chance to process this.
    Sensing something was wrong, she leaped back a few metres to gain some distance.
    Too slow.
    As fast as lightning, that same blade pierced her jugular.
    Her body dropped to the floor, seeping scarlet onto the stone tiles.
    The man flicked the last droplets of red from his pocket-sized weapon.
    "A knife is a simple weapon that only exists to cut. It won't care no matter how hard you try to explain magic to it, papist," he sighed, one hand still in his pocket.

    Slowly, he began walking towards the other six.
    His body was slightly limp, as if bored, but he didn't put the knife away.
    "I'm going to ask this question exactly once," he declared. "Where's the white assassin?"
    Hain's face contorted into an expression of scorn and disgust. "You're sorely mistaken if you think I'm about to betray an agent of His will to a demon such as yourself. I'd sooner die."
    The man's countenance changed slightly. To what wasn't clear.
    "Spoken like a true zealot. Then I suppose I've got nothing to lose," he shrugged. "Alright. I'll at least send you all to your deaths knowing why. Nobody should deny even you monsters that. When you get to purgatory, tell God that Black sent you and apologise on my behalf."
    "It'll be of no inconvenience to the Lord," promised Father Hain.

    "Oh, I'm not sorry about the inconvenience," Black assured him, flipping his knife around. "I'm sorry about the mess."

    Black left the room a few minutes later, occasionally glancing at the red stains on his clothing and muttering something about extra laundry.
  6. It was after Black left that the Bishop's body began to faintly glow, and he slowly revived, wounds healing and consciousness retuning.
    He may not have been anywhere near the power of the real bishops who much preferred to mind ride than actually travel, but that didn't matter when your power was revival.
  7. As Vi stood there, hugging her father in the airport, she momentarily second-guessed taking this trip. She thought that she might be better off staying home. Staying with her family and friends. That was the only scary thing about this trip. She wasn't worried about being in a new country, or figuring out life over there, or anything like that. After all, adventure excited her. She loved it more that anything. She couldn't wait to go explore. She just kept that in mind as she let go. "Goodbye, Da. I love you." She said, her voice filled with determination. "I love you too, darling." In all 24 years of her life, she knew her father as a strong, immovable man. But in that moment, as she looked up to his face, she saw a tear roll down his face. "I'll call you when I touch down, I promise!" She turned and headed to her gate, preparing for the long flight ahead.

    --12 or so hours later--

    The city was beautiful. Of course, any city would seem beautiful in comparison to the streets of Detroit. There were no abandoned buildings, no shady street corners, and not a piece of graffiti to be found. It was incredible! And Vi was ready to explore. She had slept on the plane, called her Da when she arrived, and dropped off all her things at the hotel. All that was left was to figure out where everything was.

    She made her way through the city, lost in the sight of all the buildings. There were a lot more churches than she expected. She was so lost in the city, that she lost track of where she was. She looked for any sort of landmark, and managed to find a fountain. She walked over to it, and noticed a well-built man sitting on the fountain. She took a seat next to the man. "Hey. You lost, too?"
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  8. Within Aiko, a mirror realm has opened, and chimera are beginning to come forth.
    As a result the mage association has posted a bounty on its destruction.
  9. A loud roar echoed through the city followed by the shirking of its citizens. Falling from the sky was a huge beast the size of a small house. It hit the ground cracking the very ground beneath it and scanning the field for lesser beings. In front of it stood a man who looked as if he wet it pants. Despite how pitiful he looked, at least one person had a separate opinion of him. This pretty young woman was sitting on the ground holding her swollen ankle next to a broken heel. The man stood with his hands out and face the beast. His face was filled with snot and tears because he knew he was going to die. However, he could not leave the woman. She begged him to run away but he had to try and be the hero.

    While he truly was a brave soul, courage alone did not slay the beast. The Snake head slithered and spat acidic venom burning the man but he did not budge. The beast was please to see it's prey so ready to be eaten. However it would not simple allow it's pray to move. The goat head hovered over the man and a magic red light shined over him. The man screamed before going silent. When the red like faded, all that was left was a statue. Satisfied, the lion head roared and gather fire magic in its mouth. Staring at the statue, the creature prepared to unleash its mighty breath.
    Chimera (open)
  10. Percival Emmerich

    With Vi

    Percival sat there pondering his next move, he was tempted to use magic but was warned by Druids. He knew the church was on the look out for magic and how to stop it. As Percival was about to leave a girl sat near him. "Lost? Is it that obvious? Yes this is my first time in Akio and I'm afraid I don't really know what I'm looking for."

    Percival stood up and looked at the girl. He offered her his hand. "I am Percival by the way. Percival Emmerich I am frim a small mountain village up there." Percival pointed tword his home. "You said you were lost aswell? That settles it two heads are better than one. Shall we look for our destinations together?"

    Just then a roar shook the city. "What? What was that?" Percival looked at his new friend. "It sound ferocious, people may be in danger." Percival looked in the direction he heared the noise. "I'm sorry i'm gonna have to postpone our engagement."
  11. Immediately after petrifying the man, the chimera absorbed his soul and formed a new mirror realm, hiding it's presence from any non mages, the woman was saved for later.
  12. On the plane...

    Lakisha felt a shiver up her spine, while they were well into their descent to England. She was expected to land in London in a number of hours, but something below, far above the land, gave her the heebie-jeebies. She'd felt this before, but she never got the chance to participate in the event - now was her chance to see what this feeling meant.

    Heading to the front of the plane, she located an emergency hatch out of view and waited to make sure no stewards were coming. She had a fair amount of time, but she still had to be quick. Lakisha invoked Mage Mode and began writing runes on herself, flail on the ground at her side. The feeling going up her spine was only getting stronger as she wrote, and by the time she had finished, it had only just begun weakening. Now was the time to jump.

    "Vitae pluris estibus in manibus meis. Mors enim est alius."

    The runes she had written took on an aetherial hue, blooming from her skin. Lakisha opened the emergency hatch, grasped her flail, and jumped out, grasping the door. She closed it behind her, then took off, free-falling into unknown territory. This was going to be on the news, she figured.

    The magic flowing through her veins, Lakisha focused her powers in her palm and cast an enchantment on the chain. She swung it in circles until she could see the ground through the clouds, then tossed it down, her magically-induced strength giving it incredible momentum. It would lose a bit of speed as it returned to terminal velocity, but the sheer density of the weapon would have it hit the ground like a meteorite. With Vitae granting her incredible endurance, she took a diving pose, ready to crash in the crater her weapon would make.
    Awhile later, Lakisha saw the crater of her weapon in plain sight, and she flipped her position to land solidly on her feet. Were it not for Vitae, she wouldn't have survived, but with it, she was able to walk away from the aforementioned crater unscathed. Having no idea where she was, Lakisha looked around to find the source of the feeling. It seemed fairly obvious - there was this giant... Lion-thing? With a goat head over its first head, and a snake for a tail. What the Hell do you even call that? Deciding it was dangerous, she took a battle stance, spinning her flail around combatively, ready to riposte if it struck.

    "You wanna throw hands? Paws? Whatever the Hell you got? C'mon then, three-head-havin'-ass, makin'-my-day-type bitch!"

    She tended to let her friends' slang shine through when she was in Mage Mode, and Vitae made it even better - she knew she wasn't indestructible, but she felt like she was. One anomaly would be pretty easy, even with only half of her Vitae remaining.
  13. The chimera seemed to stare the woman for a minute before turning it's attention to the civilian woman who immediately went limp, at the same time the mirror world began to change as an unknown distortion took place.
  14. The sky went black, but the area was still clearly illuminated. Buildings leaned over the roads appearing to curve like a tunnel without connecting as if they were interested in the fight themselves. Signs grew bigger reaching high into the sky but being sure not to get close to the noisy buildings. the colors of the world brighten if they were Red, brown, or black while any other color turned to some shade of grey or white. Finally some windows in the building turned yellow with a black shadow peering out. These shadows had different expressions drawn in white light ranging from creepy grins to depressed frowns. The mages would still be able to recognize that they were in Akio but any other clues to determine where they where would vanish in the distortion.
  15. Ameko

    It wasn't long before Ameko's vacation would come to an end. As something huge fell from the sky, her phone started singing the Amazing Grace. She picked it up while running to the source of the roar.

    "Paladin Ameko, Your presence is requested at the Church."
    "But sister, Mirrior Realm has open. Should we not save the people?"
    "I think something as small as this could be left to the mages around the city. We have imporant... *chatter from a Older mans voice*"
    "Sister? is everything..."
    "So this is Japan's Palidan? Greetings, this is Cardinal Valentine."
    "Car-cardinal-sama it is an honor."
    "I apologize if my presences caused you to question you priority, but before return you to your duties, I need you to hear me out. Yesterday I was attached by a mage with the power to dispel magic... I'm sure you know of him."

    Ameko froze knowing exactly who it was. However, she did not know if she should play ignorant. Before Ameko could lie, the Cardinal resumed speaking, "I know you have deep ties with him, but he has became very dangerous. 6 of my comrades were brutally killed . He even attacked me. He has lost his fate."
    Ameko stopped in the middle of the street. Tears ran down her face as she took it all in. After swallowing the pain her next words will give, she responded "Cardinal-Sama I understand what I have to do."

    The Cardinal thanked her while blessing her with a prayer and the phone call was over. Running towards the mirror realm Ameko could not stop crying.

    Upon entering the realm she saw the beast and two woman. One of which had magic spewing from her body while holding a flail and the other one looked to be seriously injured. In front of them both was a statue and the beast it's self. Despite all her training, this was the first time Ameko had seen a chimera before but she understood what it was. A mass of sin who took over the body of a greedy mage. It was to far gone to be purified so she had to take it down.

    The question was this, what to do first. The mage was clearly not from the church. The girl was injuries. The statue had to be a dead person who needed a proper burial. And the chimera needed to be stop. Ideally the smart thing to do was to work with the mage for now and recuse the girl and the statue. Then take down the the chimera. Finally take down the girl.

    That last option seem the least likely to succeed though. Still she had a job to do and the blessing of Kami. Still crying she jumped into the fray next to the mage. Her crossed hanged around her neck but it was the only thing that would signal her being a member of the church. Her clothes where quite casual otherwise.

    " I don't think I can save the woman and the statue alone, so let's work together for now."

    Tears could be seen running down her face which contradicted her emotionless expression. It looked like someone just pour tear drops used by actors to give them the appearance of crying.


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  16. A figure was stood on a rooftop.
    As the Mirror Realm was created and the chimera established its territory, Black watched from afar.
    It was rare that the beasts even appeared outside their realms to begin with, so it was all part of keeping things hidden that the Masquerade would appear and wipe a few memories in due course, and the destruction would be blamed on a gas explosion or something.
    But even then, it didn't change the oddity that was its appearance.
    "Honestly... What on earth has you so agitated?" he muttered in its general direction.

    A few mana signatures caught his eye on the other side of the Realm.
    It was difficult to tell, since there were a lot of them in a small space, but he checked them out anyway.
    Two strangers, which was expected.
    But one seemed oddly familiar.
    Black tensed, momentarily shocked out of his wits.
    It was her.
    Why did it have to be her?
    He wasn't ready to look her in the eye. Not yet.
    Why now, of all times?
    He took a deep breath, composing himself enough to form a sentence.
    "Oh, fuck all kinds of duck," he whispered.

    Given enough time, he could have set up a Dead Zone and broken the Mirror Realm.
    Chimeras were a pain to deal with, and the Realms usually had countless leylines to begin with, but he had done it a few times before.
    It required careful preparation and a decent amount of healing afterwards, but one chimera was manageable prey.
    But with her presence, today was different.
    He turned and left.
    He knew what she was capable of. Her and the other mages were more than a match for that thing.
    He didn't need to get involved.
    No, rather, he needed to not get involved.
    In the first place, it was none of his business, right?
  17. Inside the realm the chimera finished draining the young woman and rushed the two mages, pouncing at both of them in an attempt to crush them.
  18. Mantis Claws

    Ameko ran to the the side away from the other mage. A magical Scythe grew out of the side of her right hand giving her arm the appearance of a praying mantis claw. She then dug her arm into the ground to help her quickly turn to the side and run along the large beast. She needed to end it quickly as too get the woman some medical help but she was not sure how to take it down. She was not sure what each of the heads did, although she was sure the snake head was poisonous in someway or fashion. Given how small it was and its placement, she figure it was the best spot to attack first. Running down it's side she leaped onto the creature side, just under the goat head, and proceeded to climb to the top. Her next plan would be to run along its back, digging her claws into it's skin and using that extra momentum to cut off the snake head.
  19. The Chimera's hide was incredibly tough but the claws just barely penetrated and managed to inflict noticeable damage, however, the chimera's skin seemed to toughen after the blow and it's lion head unleashed a roar as magic began to build up around it, the very air heating up.
  20. Percival Emmerich

    Percival heard the ferocious roar once more and decided he'd catch up with his new friend later. He turned and ran tword the roars, he managed to put on his hood before arriving on the scene. It was a beast known as a Chimera. Percival saw there were already mages fighting the beast he figured this was perfect if he could make some allies they would assist him in his goals.

    Percival saw the tail of the beast was about to strike a female mage with a scythe for an arm. "Lookout!!" He yelled. "Gust of wind!" Percival's eyes glowed as he released a powerful gust from his palm sending the girl flying out of harms way. Percival saw the girls attack barely did anything against the beast, he thought of his next move carefully.

    Percival aimed at the Lions head which was clearly getting ready to attack. "Fire Ball!" Percival's eye lit up again as his arm was engulfed in flames. He fired the ball of fire tword the beast hoping to catch it ablaze.
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