Age of Elements CHaracter Sheet and Approval

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  1. Age of Elements Overview

    Place Character Sheets for Age of Elements here.

    Home Country:
    (Northern or southern water tribe, Fire nation, Earth Kingdom, North, South, East, West Air Temple, Free Lands, etc.)
    Element Path: (Eg: Fire, Lava, Earth(T), Metal, Crystal)

    Appearance: (images preferred, but Text can work)

    Pet Peeves:
    Afilliation / Occupation: (What Country, Army, Merchant, etc)


    Greatest Strength:
    Greatest Shortcoming:
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  2. As Main GM, My Character has a Dragon's spirit, thus rendering me to have to do 2 CS's in one, in a way. So, keep that in mind.

    GM's get 8 EP at the start. Everyone else 5.

    Mako's Passenger:


    Name: Izana Kunigiri (Dragon)
    Gender: Male
    Home Country: ??? Unknown
    Age: ??? Unknown.
    Element Path: Fire(P), Combustion, Air, Blast, Crystal(P),Metal, Lightning



    History: In Izana's words: "Looking to the past is the best way to creating a better future. Hoever, All you need to know about me is I have no family. Well, I have a brother, But....His fate is my fault, And nothing else pertaining to me is necessary for the general populace to know."

    Personality: Kind, yet Reserved. Lost in the past a little too frequently, though he is very good at inspiring others.

    Pet Peeves: Pointless Fighting, death, Suffering, Arrogant Pricks.

    Afilliation / Occupation: (What Country, Army, Merchant, etc): Imprisoned Inside Mako.

    Strengths: Flight, and Great skill with his elements. Those that he has mastered, He has chosen a Pure path with, and the rest he is working to fulfill as he learns them. Strong willed, and yet, unfailingly kind. He often tries to Cheer up Mako during the times Mako feels down.

    Weaknesses: Too kind and too lost in the past. there are many times that he has felt responsible for things he couldn't control, one such thing being the reason he is currently trapped and Set to reincarnate every time his Host perishes.

    Greatest Strength: Kindness and Forgiveness.
    Greatest Shortcoming: Too Self-consious, too guilt-stricken.

    Izana's Host:



    Name: Mako
    Gender: Male
    Home Country: Ba-Sing-Se Outter Ring (Poverty Ring)
    Age: 21
    Element Path: Fire(P), Combustion, Air, Blast, Crystal(P),Metal, Lightning

    (yes I'm using the actual Mako as my Appearace-claim too.)

    History: Mako Grew up living in poverty. the Triple-Threat-Triad killed his parents for money, and ever since he has been homeless, trying to help those he can. His Parent's were Firebenders, but Mako was born on a trip to B.S.S. To tour the land, when he lost his family.
    Personality: Reserved, but kind. Always fights for what is right in the world, and in that respect gets along with Izana Famously on most occasions.
    Pet Peeves: Triple-Threats, Gangs, violence, poverty
    Afilliation / Occupation: (What Country, Army, Merchant, etc)

    Strengths: Firebending, Pure Crystalbending
    Weaknesses: The Cold.

    Greatest Strength: Compassionate.
    Greatest Shortcoming: Uncertainty.

    Mako Wears a Necklace looking like a half of a Yin-yang necklace to coicide with His brother. This would be one distinguishing factor to anyone well read on their history. Every life in the Izana Cycle has worn the necklace.
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  3. Picture


    Name: Kina Hobira
    Gender: Female
    Home Country: Fire Nation
    Age: 16 years old
    Element Path: Fire -> Blast -> Lightning -> Laser(P) | Combustion

    History: A child prodigy of the Hobira family. One of Fire Nation's most prominent martial artists and performers, The Hobiras took Firebending to another level, the manipulation of heat energies in the form of beams and colorful lights, also dubbed 'Laserbending'. Kina is the youngest daughter of Reiza Hobira, the current Grandmaster of Hobira dojo. Diligent, devoted, and determined, Kina is the model daughter her father could hope for. She trained and trained, on the road to fulfill the goal that one day, she will win the rights of succession.

    Personality: Brave, independent, stubborn
    Pet Peeves: Pointless talks, deception, trickery
    Afilliation / Occupation: Hobira Dojo, Fire Nation

    Strengths: Seamlessly combining Laserbending, Lightning-bending, and Combustion-bending to create powerful - and flashy - moves
    Weaknesses: Defensive maneuvers, her aggressive fighting style is poor-equipped for defense

    Greatest Strength: Unwavering in the face of great peril
    Greatest Shortcoming: "Punch first, ask questions later", a.k.a: A recipe for disaster at delicate situations
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  4. only issue is theres no present direct link to Air. That being said, were you to use Combustion as your 5th, then, boom. problem solved. XD
  5. O.O Oh right, sorry!

    Aaaand done!
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  6. you're only using 4. XD (water, earth, fire, or air are free the first time. XD)

    but accepted.
  7. O.O Alright, I changed her Laser to Laser (Pure)!
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  8. Lol alright. XD

    STILL Accepted.
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  9. Name: Jiang Li
    Gender: Female
    Home Country: East Air Temple
    Age: 27
    Element Path: Earth, Lava, Crystal



    History: Jiang Li is a girl born from a poor family, growing up she had always played with and learned with the boys in the East. Her toughness developed from her humble beginnings, and she developed skills in fighting and in sword use. The queen saw potential in her as a bodyguard hidden among the East court, so she had Jiang trained, and then enlisted as a bodyguard for a short time until the present day.
    Personality: Fiery, tough, but humble and caring
    Pet Peeves: Arrogant people, those who try to take control without authority
    Afilliation / Occupation: Bodyguard for the East Queen

    Strengths: Speed, stamina, protection of others
    Weaknesses: Easily distrusts, hard to forgive, sometimes arrogant herself, can sacrifice herself for others even unnecessarily, and has yet to discover her true potential

    Greatest Strength: Protection
    Greatest Shortcoming: Distrust
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  10. Only issue is the Crystal. it's more so a progression. so, you'd start with Water, earth, Fire, or Air, and then follow the links in the image to create a path. Pure or tainted versions of Elements cost one EP, (so rather than 5 steps, if you do pure or tainted it'd be 4.)

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Age of Elements - Rules |

    Possible paths TO Crystal would be

    Fire, Lava, Crystal,

    Earth, Lava, Crystal,

    the base element you start with doesn't cost one of the 5 EP you start with, so those would use 2. from there, you could use 3 more, it would just have to follow one of the diagrams lines between elements. ^^;
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  11. Revised as recommended. Thank you!
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  12. You I heard you liked thanks so I put some thanks in your thanks so you can thank while you're thanking.

    XD idk.

    Accepted. You'd have 3 more you could use too though, be aware, as they won't be given out willy nilly.

    also, check the General chat, I'll put videos there of Earth and Lava bending so you know what they are, since Jiang Li would be able to use them. Crystal isn't seen in the shows, but from the knowledge, you should generally have some ideas for crystal at that point. ^^
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  13. I'll post my CS today, just have to survive school first!
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  14. Jundi Sanzguri
    Gender: Male
    Home Country: West Air Temple
    Age: 19
    Element Path: Air, Sound, Vaccum, Deflect (PURE), Gravity
    Appearance: As shown on the right. Often wears a calm, carefree smile, rarely taking his hands out of his pockets - even when in combat. For some reason he wears little more than plain grey and white clothes (though a common speculation is that he can't be bothered to buy or wear anything else). His arms and chest are covered in scratches and scars, as well as a deep scar on his left cheek.


    History (TL;DR) (open)

    History: Raised by an Air/Earth Bending father and an Air/Water Bending mother, Jundi was bought up by parents who often travelled the lands, either for serious purposes, or just for general tourism of the area. When his mother first began to bear a child, however, they stopped their travels and resided in their original homeplace, the West Air Temple, to raise their children.

    Jundi was born along with an older sister called Samadi, both of which inherited their mother's silver hair and silver eyes. In terms of personality, Jundi adapted his father's calm attitude and bad sense of humour, whilst Samadi adapted her mother's warm, caring attitude. Jundi and Samadi grew up pretty happily together, as Samadi was able to tolerate her younger brother's prank-related shenanigans.

    Samadi turned out to be pretty able at bending Air, Earth and Water. When Jundi was first trained, it first seemed like he wasn't able to bend anything whatsoever, as well as having pretty low physical abilities otherwise. Samadi sympathised with Jundi for a while, until Jundi got his first taste of air-bending. He was incredibly talented with the forms of Air-Bending and beyond, quickly mastering the ability to use Sound. Even in his early teens, his Air-Bending was almost on par with his mother and father's. People commonly referred to him as an 'Air-Bending Savant', as his ability in other things wasn't that good.

    Jundi received private training due to his talent - gruelling and difficult training that is the reason for almost all his scars - and when he entered his late teens, rumours began to spread about some sort of extremely powerful and rare form of bending Jundi had 'unlocked' on his training path. Jundi had no desire to be a 'monk' or anyone important despite this.

    He kept his best abilities a secret only to his family. Jundi and his sister Samadi eventually decided to leave the household and adapt the travelling lifestyle like their mother and father, though Jundi and Samadi went separate ways. After tearful goodbyes, Jundi is mostly a wanderer, helping out people and getting temporary simple work to earn a living here and there. Part of him just wants to live an ordinary life, but he knows it's unlikely.

    He looks pretty ordinary and pacifistic, but if hugely provoked or attacked, you're in for one hell of a surprise.

    Personality: Jundi is a carefree and calm person, with the tendency to joke around and lightly mess around with people occasionally (though not in an evil manner.) Though his skill down the air-bending tree is impressive, he barely likes to fight, and when he does, he'll always take them out in a non-lethal way when possible. When he's not busy, Jundi's pretty damn lazy, and will usually end up sleeping his spare time off. Asking him to do something will usually end in a simple 'nope' unless it's a good offer. He isn't really interested in romance, but hopes to find a chill-kind of girl if he ever has the desire for a wife. But for now, wives or girlfriends seem like too much effort.

    It's really, really hard to actually piss Jundi off - when he's angry, he'll still be calm and quiet, but in a strangely intimidating manner. Calling him names or beating him up won't even remotely anger him, it's just when people start having no regards for other people around them.

    He's extremely reluctant to use his Gravity tree, as it contains some of his most powerful attacks and moves. He'll only use his Gravity Tree on request, or if things get serious. As in, really serious. He likes to keep his ability to bend the very laws of Gravity a secret. People request to spar with him often to see how good he actually is - his usual response is that he can't be bothered, and even when he accepts a spar, he'll usually just use his Deflect Tree abilities to block his opponent's attacks until they give up.
    Pet Peeves: Bossy types, rowdy types, violent types, serious types, people who can't take a joke, cats.
    Afilliation / Occupation: West Air Temple, Nomad
    Strengths: Highly agile and dexterous, phenomenal air tree capabilities, creates powerful/unique and clever moves.
    Weaknesses: Physically very weak, lazy, poor hearing, unable to bend any other forms, no melee/ranged weapon skills, probably overconfident, tells bad puns.
    Greatest Strength: Tranquillity

    Greatest Shortcoming: Reluctance

    ((I can change pretty much anything upon request, I can understand if you don't like the Nomad thing.))
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  15. Name: Izaret
    Gender: Male
    Home Country: Southern water tribe
    Age: 17
    Element Path: Water(P), Ice, Blood, Vapor, Plant

    Show Spoiler

    History: Izaret had been alone for as long as he could think of. When he turned 10 he left the frozen tribe lands for the more swampish northern southern water territory, close to Kyoshi island. A place called Whale Tail Island. When he got there, he learned that there was a much larger extent for his waterbending than just water and ice. Soon, he learned several more and eventually was told that he should hold off and master what he knew. Because of this, he decided to see the world and help where he could

    Personality: Izaret is a very laid back and hard to fight with guy, as he accepts everyone's beliefs and feelings as their unique self. When people are in danger, he tends to quickly get up and help where he can, in whatever way he can. He has been known around some of the areas he lived in as one that would let most things settle for them, then he would step in and clean up the mess.

    Pet Peeves:
    He is OCD, and as such hates when things aren't organized.
    When he sees someone walking around wet, he gets annoyed to the point of stopping them, just to remove the water.
    If something is meant to be wet, he is the opposite.... and makes them wet (for example, wet noodles that are served dry)

    Affiliation/ Occupation: Unaffiliated - Traveling jack-of-trades (can do most things because of his experience)

    He is able to heal like no other, able to practically stop blood flow on sight.
    When he is around water, there isn't much he's afraid to do.
    He can sew......... almost as good as he can cook.

    He is terrified of pandas. Don't ask him, else he may disappear.
    Even though he is a waterbender, he does not consume much water, he much prefers cooked wine or juice of some kind.
    He gets hungry pretty quick

    Greatest Strength:
    Cooking...... like you can give him random ingredients and he'll know what to make.

    Greatest Shortcoming:
    His adopted family (who he no longer carries their last name) wanted him to stay and use his talent in the army.
  16. Name: Sung Kang
    Gender: Male
    Home Country: Free Lands
    Age: 22
    Element Path: Air, Snow, Acid, Poison, Corrosion, Friction

    Losing his parents at an early age and having no place to call "home," Sung wandered the Free Lands, practicing his innate martial arts and bending talents to get what he needed. He roamed the land, taking on challengers left and right to show off and make a quick buck. Fusing his martial arts with his bending abilities, he obliterated his opposition, often leaving them permanently maimed. Of course, this kind of behavior eventually got him into trouble with friends or family of the people he hurt. But in the free lands, there was no city or national government to get on his case, so those who attacked him just got themselves hurt. And he has continued living this way, with no major repercussions as of yet.

    Hot-headed and quick to fight, Sung has no qualms with fighting anytime, anywhere. He takes pride in his abilities and is quick to violence if provoked. He'll fight to the death for people he cares about, but couldn't care less about others. He's unafraid to speak his mind, even if he has no business doing so. Though rude and impulsive, his loyalty is undying once earned.

    Pet Peeves: Being talked down to, being tricked, wasting food
    Afilliation / Occupation: Himself

    Strengths: Physically apt, Passionate, Combat genius
    Weaknesses: Not very compassionate towards people he doesn't know, quick to act, little knowledge of the kingdoms

    Greatest Strength: Pride pushes him beyond his limits.
    Greatest Shortcoming: Pride makes him rather stubborn.
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  17. Name: Kain Yin
    Gender: Male
    Home Country: Free Lands
    Age: 19
    Element Path: Earth, Plant, Water, Snow, Air, Combustion


    History: Kain grew up in the freeland's, as a result he was exposed to all manner of bending styles and took a fondness to each of them. He started off with Earth Bending as a child, due it (along with air) being the most readily available, but earth had more of a kick to it. From this he began to branch into all the other styles of bending, mastering none but gaining what he needed out of many. He quickly found that this versatility served him well in more chaotic fields of work, such as being a soldier or mercenary. He felt no strong loyalty to any nation, so he went with being a Mercenary since it paid more. In this work though he found that direct means of damage can be very useful, which he's improvised with well by combining earth and air bending, but has also hasten his efforts to learn fire bending to aid in this process.

    Personality: Cocky, Over Confident, Relaxed and Light Hearted. Kain prefers to go where events take him, and never likes to panic or worry about bad situations. He views life as being whatever one chooses to see it as. So that if you react to it badly, things will go badly, if you go at it with a grin then things will go better. However, by doing this he also thinks he has most situations in the bag, which causes him to under-estimate situations quite often.

    Pet Peeves: Downers, Seriousness, Discipline and Specialization.

    Afilliation / Occupation: Whoever pay's

    Strengths: Agile, Quick, Black Belt in Martial Arts.
    Weaknesses: Over Confidence, Reckless.

    Greatest Strength: His Adaptability to new Situations
    Greatest Shortcoming: His lack of Discipline or Specialization
  18. Hey there do you still accept new people ?

    Im new to the site and I find it sorta hard to navigate all over the place, so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
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  19. Hello!

    Yes, I believe the acceptance and signup process is still occurring at this time :)
  20. [​IMG]

    Longwei (Literally Means "Dragon Greatness" In Chinese)


    Home Country
    Fire Nation


    Element Path


    Longwei is the eldest son of the Fire Lord, making him the Crown Prince, next in line to rule The Fire Nation. Knowing that, Longwei's father had him trained to be an amazing Firebender, never being able to learn any other type of bending, if it didn't have to do with fire. Longwei wanted to make his father proud of him, learning more than just the basics of firebending. Longwei has come a long way. He is a young boy who wants to do what is best for his future nation. He has come to know most if not all of the sections of the fire element, even learning a new version of Absorptionbending... which some might not like. Longwei will do whatever it takes to keep The Fire Nation powerful, he will not let his father down.

    X~Kind-Strong-Aggressive-Determined-Fun-Creative-Smart-Bold-Hot Headed-Cunning~X
    Just because Longwei is a Prince does not mean he is spoiled or a conceited jerk, he is actually the opposite of that in many ways. Unlike his father, Longwei is a kind boy, he helps others when he can or feels like it. Longwei likes to have control over situations, if he doesn't he will at least have a hand in what goes down. Longwei does have that legendary mean streak that most firebenders have, especially the royal firebenders. If he feels like he was tricked or has been betrayed, he will retaliate in the the worst way. Just never get on the Prince's bad side, or you will soon regret it.

    Pet Peeves
    X~Idiots-Waterbenders, Mostly-Liars-Betrayers-Annoying Things-Gangs~X

    Fire Nation/The Crown Prince

    Tainted Absorptionbending, Firebending, Lightingbending, Leadership, Smarts, Physical Combat

    Waterbenders, His Kindness Can Get In The Way Of Making Sound Judgement

    Greatest Strength
    His Specialization In Firebending

    Greatest Shortcoming
    His Vengeful Attitude To Those Who Betray Him. Nothing Else Will Matter, Until He Gets Them Back. He Will Make It His Mission To Defeat Them
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