After The Happily Ever After

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack who was raised in the art of the fighter, and the mindset of a hero. He was just a young man who enjoyed life, and its various pleasures, from video games to television, relaxing and training everyday.

    By a fateful encounter, he met a smart young lady named Kitty, who spent her time studying and working very hard. Though she was shy, she held great feelings for Jack. Her mind was honed to the point she could possess several strange powers, dubbed ESP, making her a psychic.

    These two attempted a relationship that had nearly been torn apart by evil. But Jack fought long and hard to maintain their love (with his awesome karate skills, of course.) and at times, with her help.

    They grew up together and got married, having become a happy couple. The two, previously 16, now both 22, have married, and plan to live out the rest of their lives together. Though they can't help but fear for the future every now and then, and their relationship...


    Jack McCoy was sitting on the rooftop of his Manhattan apartment. Well, not really sitting: he was squatting, arms holding up what appeared to be a massive boulder, he himself having his eyes closed, and keeping himself at ease as he waited for his wife kitty, to likely call him back in. He had muscle, but to an average degree, say Bruce Lee level. His hair was jet black, his eyes a dark brown, his skin caucasian, and his brows thick...

    Jack was presently dressed in a red t-shirt with dark blue pants, with terry cloth wristbands on his wrists as he meditated, the boulder protecting him from the horrible, life-giving shine of the sun.

    (The pic describes his outfit fairly well, only the t-shirt sleeves are longer, and the shirt itself is red. The wristbands are black/terry cloth, the hair is jet black and spikey, and the boots are sneakers…)


    The Girl:


  2. Staci walked around the kitchen, trying to quickly cook dinner.
    She knew Jack was most likely getting hungry.
    After the oven went off, she used her mind to call over the salt and pepper.
    She sprinkled the meat while putting it upon the table.
    As she was in teh fridge, she set the table perfectly.
    Once she poured two glasses of Sweet Tea she sat down.
    "Jack! Dinner!" She called out, knowing he could hear her.
  3. Jack put the boulder down, and zipped off into the kitchen, having waited eagerly for the meal. Jack himself could never get used to calling his wife by her real name, 'staci,' so he just kept calling her 'Kitty,' as per her old high school nickname, as he plopped himself onto the couch after grabbing his food, looking at his beloved to his left as he turned on the television to display some TV show they both watched.

    "Phew…Finally, my extra training is done. I think I can take a little time to relax, and tone it down a bit…" Chuckled The Karateka. "So Kitty, how'd it go at the doctor's? you pregnant yet~?" He joked.
  4. Staci adored her nickname, it was cute and simple.
    She watched as her husband walked into the room and grabbed his food.
    Just as normal, he would plop down infront of the television.
    His question threw her off a bit.
    "Why?" She asked. "You want a kid?"
  5. "Well…Ever since…our first time…" He began to babble, a growing blush decorating his face "…I was just wondering if you were pregnant. And I'd like a…successor in the future. A son to pass on my martial arts family legacy to…I mean, if you're okay with doing that in a couple years or something…"
  6. Staci sighed, "Maybe later dear, i must say, I'm not pregnant yet. Can't we just adopt?"
    She felt bad, but she really didn't want to go through pregnancy.
    "I rather adopt. We'll be helping a child in need you know?" She added.
    She wanted a child. Badly.
    Pregnancy was something she just didn't want to go through.
    She also wanted to adopt a baby from China or Korea.
    They were always so cute.
  7. "Well…I want to adopt…But at the same time, I want to at least try for a successor by blood first. Plus, if you're scared to get pregnant, it's okay, everyone's here to help you…Plus, it's a life changing experience, no matter how much pain, because you have the gift to give life, Kitty…But I won't force it on you. It's your call. Until then, how does dinner tomorrow night sound? I'll grab my paycheck and come straight back just for you~"
  8. Staci sighed. She was firm on her adoption descion. She didn't want anything that put her through imense pain.
    "I'll go to dinner with you. But I'm not changing my mind."
    She got up and washed her plate in the sink.
    She also used her mind to change the TV channel to "Project Runway" her favorite show.
    After her dish was washed she ran back to the couch.
    "I wonder who will get dropped this time~!" She said excitedly.
  9. Jack made a low whining sound about the TV changing channels.

    "ESP is so unfair!"
  10. Staci laughed at the complaint of her husband.
    "You can't seriously think that show was better than Project runway!" She exclaimed dramaticly.
  11. "No…But I liked it. :( It pays tribute to golden age superheroes. I just got an assignment to write the script for a Green Lantern Comic featuring this guy named Alan Scott, dude from the 1940's comics who's getting his own series in the vein of the comics of old…So technically it helps! :D"
  12. "Fine," She sighed cahnging the channel back. "I'm tired."
    She walked into the bedroom and slipped into some poofy pajama shorts and a long sleeve shirt.
    "I'm going to bed, Goodnight!" She called down the hall.
    And soon, she drifted to sleep.
  13. "Hey! D: Wait! I think there was a re-run later!…Come back… :("

    And the current episode was already over…Project Runway still being on somehow though, as he sat there, and watched it. Every second of it...
  14. Staci smiled as she heard Jack call for her to come back.
    She then fell asleep and had a weird dream.
    The world was in chaos, a bad kind.
    And neither her or Jack cared.
    THey just sat at home watching television.
    She turned over in the bed, "Ughnn"

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  15. The next morning came quickly, Jack already hard at work on the computer as he typed up the script to the comic book he was helping to work on.

    "…And so, the starheart ring vaporizes the car and then projects three more hard-light clones of Alan as they began to attack the warehouse in order to destroy the kryptonite cache, and confiscate the thanagarian armor…."
  16. Staci woke up to a clicking noise.
    She knew it well, for the sound belonged to her husband at the computer.
    She yawned and walked into the room where she saw Jack sitting on the computer.
    "Morning." She mumbled.
  17. "Made Breakfast." He gestured to the kitchen. "Always your fave, dear. Nothing less~ Just switched it up a bit and threw in some mini-pancakes if you want…"
  18. Staci smiled.
    She walked over to the kitchen and sat down at the table.
    She picked up her fork with her mind and fed herself, while using her hand to find some chocolate milk.
  19. "Kitty, have you seen my really really really good pens? the ones I keep in the case with the yellow thunderbolt on it?"
  20. Pens? Yellow case..?
    Oh crap, Staci thought, I used them last week...Where did i put them?
    She closed her eyes and thought exactly of the pens.
    She remebered putting them in her drawer after finished up her drawing.
    Come to me....She thought, willing the pens to teleport to the table in front of her.
    "Yes!" She exclaimed opening her eyes.
    THe pens lay in front of her. SHe picked them up and went to Jack.
    "These?" She asked. "They were on the table."
    SHe didn't completely lie.