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Which plot do you prefer?

  1. Rise of Asker

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  2. Rites of Darkness

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  3. Arrows of Sins

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  4. New Horizons, Old Debts

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  5. Siege of Peak Sanctuary

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  6. I don't like any of the given plots

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  1. Aerethia is my oldest world and probably the most fleshed out one (trough not one with most content). I tried making roleplays in it before but never got them going. So here is about Aerethia in short.

    Aerethia - A Land of Magic
    Aerethia (or Aeretiya, both names can be used equally) a lush continent roughly the size of Europe and enclosed by oceans from three sides. North of it lies the harshly cold Snowlands which are as large as Africa.

    Maps of Aerethia (open)

    Roughly in the middle of the 4th century A.A.F:
    Since the images are rather large (especially the last one), the rest of them are given as links.
    Some three centuries before Asker Fell:
    Early 7th century before Asker Fell:
    Norther Aerethia, more commonly know as Snowlands in the 4th century A.A.F:

    Short History
    In times long past a single race, the Aeternus, ruled Aerethia and it's world Aethia with might and magic. But over 10000 years ago a magical experiment went wrong and most of the world of Aethia was ravaged by magic and most of the population of the world died or went crazy. Only Aerethia, protected by the most powerful magical shield, survived intact but cut off, by large magical vortexes which appeared on the edge of the magical shield which protected Aerethia from the harmful effect off the event.

    During the next 10000 years civilization rebuild itself under the three races which were once ruled by the Aeternus: Humans, Canis and Felinae fought wars, build momentous and sought new knowledge. But then mistakes from the past were repeated again, when a team of mages unlocked the Shrine of Winter Mountain and recreated the event which destroyed the Aeternus on a much smaller scale, destroying the grandiose City of Asker and marking the beginning of a new era for Aerethia. The Asker Valley was closed off after all survivors left it. This event marks the beginning of the Aerethia calendar since the Kingdom of Asker ruled over all races of Aerethia.

    A small group of refuges from Asker came to the Moon Lake and fearing that war will engulf the continent. They founded the core of what is to become the largest city of Aerethia, Moon City.

    Later some five centuries after the destruction of Asker Aerethia reached the technology level of WWII Earth and old differences fueled by growing nationalistic and militaristic tendencies brought the last great conflict on Aerethian soil - The Great War.

    The Races
    Humans, major race
    Your ordinary humans. Unlike other races humans posses a variety of cultures and languages. Humans have a higher chance of being mages then the two other major races of Aerethia, which allowed them to dominate the continent and it's history.

    Felinae, major race
    Felinae are humanoids which greatly resemble cats and are around 5 feet 2 inch tall. They are covered in dense fur, have cat ears, eyes and a tail. Their affinity for magic is smaller then those of the humans. They usually prefer agility over strength. Most Felinae live on the Catis Peninsula in south Aerethia or in the western part of the Moon Plato. Humans and Felinae can interbreed, giving a half-Felinae which retain their cat ears, eyes and a tail as well as some of the agility of the Felinae but have almost the same affinity for magic as humans; those are commonly called Nekos (well there a special word for those in Aerethia but using Nekos is simpler and less confusing). Nekos can breed with humans, Felinae and other Nekos.

    Canis, major race
    Canis are muscular dog-like humanoids which like aggression and warfare, their height varies greatly but most are around 5 feet 5 inch tall. Although their ears and tail have shortened greatly they still retain a dog-like nose and short fur. Canis are extremely loyal to their nation. Most Canis utilize strength in combat. Of the species which can use magic Canis have the smallest affinity for it. The largest part of Canis population lives in western Aerethia. The interbreed ability with humans is proven and a half-Canis will have have Canis ears and a tail as well as a much larger affinity for magic then the ordinary Canis; given the rarity of such cases and their sterility there is no common name for half-Canis.

    Aeternus (Ancients), minor race
    Ancients are humanoids which resemble humans a great deal. The main difference is the height since the average Ancient is 7 feet tall and their inhuman hair and eye coloration which ranges from light yellow to dark violet, as well as their pale skin. Most Ancients have weaker bodies then humans, but all are born as mages. Humans and Ancients can interbreed and the result is a human with a weak body but which usually is a strong mage.

    Lowers, minor race
    Lowers is actually the term for a group of sentient species which are not intelligent enough to develop a civilization of their own but can fit in some roles of the Aerethian civilization since they posses some intelligence. Lowers are split by the magical element which dominates their habitat.

    The basic setting of Aerethia when I started working on this colossal project was a Steam Punk Fantasy setting in which technological and magical breakthroughs push the world forward. From this most of ideas, information and maps up until recently were concentrated on the first half of the 4th century after Asker fell (A.A.F) into ruin. bellow is a bit about Aerethia at that time.

    Aerethia cc. 350 A.A.F. (open)
    Canis Empire
    A militaristic country with the Canis as the main population. It stretches along the majority of the western coast of Aerethia. The regions of this country are: The Waring Ridge Coast of Vor, Sed Valley (AKA Stonedell), Great Canis Plain, The Coast of Sarta, The Long Swamp. Parliamentary monarchy with a strong influence from the military.

    Felinian Federation
    Split in two halves the Felinian Federation is made of three provinces, two automatons provinces and two territories. Those are: Catis Prov., Senor Prov., Tekor Prov., Salimar AP, Marsor AP, Felin Province and Military Territory. Most of the population is Felinian with the percentage of humans increasing towards from Senor to Marsor, where they are a majority. The two halves of the Federation (as seen on the map) are the South "Great" Felinia and the North "Small" Felinia. This is a result of a migration after the Fall of Asker when humans granted North Felinia, then a low populated woodland, to Felinians due to fear of a Canis invasion. The Federation is ruled by two parliaments.

    Human Confederation
    The top country of Aerethia, just like USA in our world but more similar to the European Union, the Confederation is a union of human countries, each maintaining their own internal politics, spanning across the whole continent. The countries are: Aranodorian Kingdom, Moon Territory, Military Territory, Beros Territory, Bay Territory, City of Teras, Esur Territory, Sarasian Kingdom, Three Oasis Union and Valorian Union.

    Pirate Union
    The Pirate Union is a country with no government, no law and only one rule: survival of the fittest. Known cities are the Wall City and the City of The First Pirate.

    Moon City
    Moon City is the largest Aerethian city and has just a little over 2 million people living in it. It's spread across many islands which dot the large Moon Lake (roughly the size, and shape, of Switzerland).

    Moon Lake is located roughly in the center of Aerethia and the largest Aerethian rivers flow into the lake. North, west and east of it lies the large Moon Plato which is a lush lowland are which supplies large quantities of food. South-east lies the Small Desert, a area of arid conditions, south-west lies the Ore Mountains which are full of mining communities. Directly south of the lake and connected with it via the gigantic 114 m high Moon Falls is the Grand Canyon which connects with the Great Bay and then the oceans of Aethia.

    The city serves as the center of both the Human Confederation and Aerethia itself. The Confederation Council resides here as well as the Small and Grand Council - diplomatic institutions managing the interactions of the nations and races of Aerethia. The city also houses a variety of other institutions, like the Moon Library, the largest library in Aerethia, the Moon Academy, the largest school in Aerethia and so on.

    Q&A Section (open)

    For a long time technology and magic were two separate purists of knowledge as Wizards (and Witches) would go to great lengths to keep the secrets of magic hidden from the world. The thinking changed when magic brought death and destruction upon Asker. Wizards and Witches became mages and magic was finally studied in details.
    After centuries of research, finally some understanding on how magic and technology interact exists, but even after the Great War there are still many unknowns. Sometimes magic and technology work together just fine while sometimes they do so with problems or just outright refuse to function with each other.
    Both magic and technology benefited from the Industrial and Magical Revolutions that Aerethia undergone as their cooperation allows new wonders to simplify the life of everyday people.
    One of the most notable changes that came from the introduction of steam power in mining was the massive amount of Magical Stones that reached the cities of Aerethia. Magic Stones are a portable source of magic, especially well suited for enchanting, etching (writing spells directly on the stones to create a portable one-use spell-casting device) or as a source of magical power in machines driven by magic.

    Yes enchanted devices that have boosted or additional effects do exists like knives that cut better or steam engines that run better. Objects using magic to run at all also exist, like magic-driven fridges, communication devices or toys.
    In the 4th century A.A.F. magic is mostly used in larger cities as a replacement for electric energy, as electricity it is still not understood enough. Later, during the Great War, on Magic would be primary used in warfare - to enchant weapons, create defensive barriers, to allow massive aerial vehicles to float in the sky, heal wounds and so on. Magic would also continue to supplement technology, for example Aerethia's equivalent of Appolo mission was/will be completed much cheaper and simpler thanks to the use of magic.

    First the magic affinity of races has little to do with what types of magic one can use - most mages can learn all magic, trough every mage usually has better performance with one or two "elements" (elements in Aerethian magic are simply names for the discovered slight differences in magic). The magic affinity also doesn't influence the strength of mages - training is usually more important in this, with the spread of power usually being a normal (Gaussian) distribution with the exception of Ancients and those with at least one close biological relative being a Ancient.
    Recently the discovery of the Magic Input Code (MIC), a system of simplified command over magic based on the "elements" allows even non-mages to do some magic (primary enchanting or creating magic scrolls). MIC also allows the creation of complex magical devices - like magical radios, computing machines or magic-driven trams, which together with an abundance of magical stones allows those to run without mages.
    Posting level - probably Intermediate. Post frequency should be at least one post in two days, more is preferred if possible. Yes you will be able to play multiple characters. I prefer not using dices or stats but if you people want that... I never limit the number or RPers in my RPs, since there is always an option to get one of the players to be a co-GM to help out with handling increased player count.
    After the invention of workable airships several pirate groups quickly managed to get a hand on few and turn them into dreadful riding vessels until the Felinae managed to get up a significant airship fleet to counter the raids (at least on the continent, shipping lines still were under lots of danger until the invention of ship-borne air torpedoes (basically large anti-airship missiles)).
    Depending on the era of Aerethia history, yes. For example the Great War roughly corresponds to Earth's WWII.
    Depends on what do you want. It can start during the tense two weeks before the start of the war or during any time during the war. We could even cover a single battle if the players wish so.
    Depends on what do you, the players want. But it would hard to make some parts of Aerethian history anything but dark.
    Most humans should follow the laws of physics at all time. But in a magic setting some people might be capable of breaking physics, especially mages. A notable mention are martial artists from Peak Temple which train under a special and secret regiment that basically makes them incredibly good at physical combat (to the point that masters of those arts are on pair with powerful magicians in terms of 1 on 1 combat), with or without weapons. There is also assassins, masters of stealthily kills, which combine honed skills, magical tools, potions, technology and pretty much everything that they can use.
    Lowers would kinda be tricky to play (due to most of them being more similar to chimpanzees then humans in terms of intelligence) but Aeternus and hybrids are far game for one to play.

    Possible Plot Ideas!

    Rise of Asker
    The Fall of the Church of Light

    For almost 200 years the Church of Light has held a tight hand over the Kingdom of Saras and thous the human countries of eastern part of Moon Plateau. But now the second prince of Saras, Albeus, is building up power to oppose his older brother, Haryin. The first step is to bring an end to the power of the Church of Light which is backing up Haryin. To do that he starts gathering, be with charisma, money or promises of fame, intelligence and espionage experts from all over Aerethia, Felinae Assassins, former Canis Imperial Suur (counter-espionage profession, specially against Assassins), human Paladins, Warrior-Monks from the Peak Temple, former Raven-Masters (tamers of ravens that utilize the birds in many ways) from Raven's Dukedom...

    The Golden Age of Saras
    Rites of Darkness

    It took only a single century for Saras to rise from a small town near the edge of a desert into a power exerting control over the eastern half of the Moon Plateau and the Catis Peninsula thanks to it's might navy and cavalry, founded by the olive oil and wine grown in the Kingdom. But the stronger the light the deeper the shadows and the Sarasian military has to both deal may problems. Outside the kingdom there it is anything from subjugated rulers rising arms against Sarasian rule, tribes breaking borders of allied nations or Arandor requiring help in containing the growing Canis threat. Inside of the kingdom it is anything from conspiring royal heirs, over slave rebellions to the worst problem of all - cults built around Wizards and Witches.
    Yes it is cults that give the most headaches to the early kings of Saras, run by masters of magic, Wizards and Witches, they can be annoying but completely harmless or actually set out to ruin the Kingdom. Furthermore with Aerethia just taking first steps out of an age of myth and legends the power of magic is inspiring lots of awe, fear and respect, allowing the cults to easily swell in numbers. And when a particularly dangerous cult forms and grows in size Saras will have no choice to call upon the Reapers from the Royal Knights. Made out of foreigners from all corners of Aerethia this unit is called upon by the King when there is no place for mercy which one might show to a fellow countryman. Now the Reapers plan to raid a gathering of the Cult of Athuri, how the new and dangerous cult is called, in order to gain prisoners for interrogation...

    Possible alternative starting point for this plot: A raid by the Reapers on a ritual done wrongly - it ends up bringing people from Earth to Aerethia instead of whatever intended purpose it had.

    The Peninsula War
    Arrows of Sins

    The Birth of Assassins

    Sasuyi - or how people from Earth would call them - Assassins. It was not until the Peninsula War from 621. to 601. B.A.F. (Before Asker Fell) that this word would be a synonym for the deadliest silent killers of Aerethia. That was because the Assassins were founded during this war, born from the military genius of Sanya Myau and the desperation of the Felinae to retain their freedom. Specially trained in stealth, camouflage and use of the first and relatively primitive crossbows Assassins would ether hide anywhere: in the midst of a battlefield, among dead corpses, in trees; or infiltrate human cities, camps, forts or castles; with a single goal in mind, to kill human nobles and commanders at any cost, causing fear, panic and loss of command structure and experience. Now live the story of those that became one of the first Assassins - their lives, their kills and their deaths...
    Note: If we chose this I recommend that each of us has a "survivor" character, that survives the war and "retires" and several other characters that will, sooner or later, lay down their lives to complete their duty.

    Chronicles of Aerethian Magipunk
    New Horizons, Old Debts

    It is almost the fifth century after the fall of Asker and Nayusi Nyamu, the Felinian which built the practical submarine, Ikabr Uzhim a human magitech engineer and Renyu Kone a Valorian ship-builder, finish the first submersible-ship a vessel designed to evade the massive magical distortions on where once the edge of Aerethia's magic shield was by diving under them. Sponsored by the wealth of Kone's family the expedition might finally end the centuries of Aerethia's isolation form the rest of it's world Aethia and make the Kone family rich beyond measure. But not all would see the expedition succeed, the Myuri family, long-term rivals of the Kone, are bound to try something so the Kone's must take great care who to take on the crew and even then only a few people can be trusted, primary the ones that built the vessel, which was named "Taide" after the rare sea-bird that is said to bring luck. With almost everyone in the sixty-men crew being a potential saboteur of the Myuri and unknown challenges from the sea, "Taide" itself and potentially any newly discovered land the journey will be anything but easy...

    Battles of the Great War
    Siege of Peak Sanctuary

    In the face of the sudden invasion by the Canis Empire the plains of western Moon Plateau were overrun by the treads of tanks and boots of fanatic soldiers. While the cut-off Felnian dorces held out in the city of Felin and in the forest west of it, the Confederation military desperately fought delaying actions until it managed to stop the Canis on two fronts - the first on one of the rivers in the northern plains and the second on the hills that dot the valley that the Great River cut between the Sun and Ore Mountains. But one part of the Confederation in this vast occupied area was still free and fighting on, the town of Peak Sanctuary located atop a lone mountain reaching over 4000 meters in height. The Canis couldn't simply overlook it, as its position made it a key airplane and airship base in the western plains and as long as it remained free it would allow the Confederation to launch air raids against Canis supply lines, bases and captured industry over most of the western plains. Thous the six months of the hell know as "Siege of Peak Sanctuary" begun...
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  2. Very interesting. I'm curious to the nuances of the magic/machinery balance personally. Is there strict limitations to magic in which even the magical have to rely on technology for some things, or is it divided equally to where the magical forgo all technology and machines altogether?

    What about the blending of "steam-punk" style machines that run off of magical energy? Or perhaps some devices improve the potency of certain magical effect like a telescope improves one's sight?

    How does the limitations of magic affect the different races? Does a more inclined "magical race" not need spells, but perhaps the Felinae can only use magic through spells or through some other catalyst?

    And I'm curious as to how magic will work in your world. Or at least, what is the basic understanding of how it works and what it is in regards of what an average mage might know in this world.
  3. As for what I want in an RP, nothing fancy. lol

    I mean, I'm up for anything really. But the political game is something I'm not very experienced in, but I could always supplement a political character with might or magic.

    I've always been a fan of the "snowball" effect. Something basic to get us together or on the same path, and a lot of sub plots to get to that goal.

    And who's to say we can't touch on all those plots? A war would have to touch on politics, might and magic. I keep looking down to the pirate islands, personally. LOL. Maybe they figured out how to make airships and are actually planning to conquer?
  4. Thanks for showing up. I will answer your question in the Q&A section soon. Hope we have more people here soon!
  5. I hope so too! You've got a very interesting world, I'm curious to see more of it!
  6. Your questions have been answered. If you have more of them fell free to ask. Hopefully more people show up soon.
  7. Ooooohhhh!!! Boo loves this!! This sounds like sooooo much fun and sooooo cutes!!^,^!! Cuz cat and dog folk ~yayuh!! :33~

    But! Regular rundown: what is posting level, post frequency, can we play multi charries, dice/stats use, max. number of RPers?

    K and so like some more questions:

    Are there sky pirates in the Union? ~hint~hint!!~
    Soooo this is more like Dieselpunk than steampunk right (1940's tech)?
    And so like when the RP starts is the Great War just beginning or is it in full on WAR!!?
    What is the tone (more like charming lighthearted swashbuckly or more dark, gritty and guts spraying everywhere)?
    And like what is the 'action level' (anime wild and overthetop or more like street-level realistic~ish)?

  8. Anyone else interested?
  9. This looks like a hella good time. I'll definitely join in on this. One question, though. Are we allowed to make characters from any of the races, or just the big 3?
  10. Yep! :D
  11. I'mma drop interest. :[

    Sorry, but I think this RP is gunna move way too fast for Boo! But good luck with your RP, k!

  12. Hey, are you still looking to do this and looking for players, because I'm actually looking for... My first RP in about a year that would require relatively active involvement. *thumbs up* I have extensive experience with being a co-gm in various game styles and I love to play a lot of characters of a very diverse cast. Shoot me a PM?
  13. Hy there!

    As for the rest of you (@AtomicBass, @Hellcat & @Boo Girlie BoomBoom) are you still around?
    Don't lose faith just because of the low interest (at at least people showing up on the thread). @Boo Girlie BoomBoom don't worry about speed, I am not planning to rush things. I want at least six (preferably more) people to show interest before moving to a OOC stage. So if you are still interested feel free to point that I can count on you.
  14. Mmmmm... no. Sorry, bruh. :\ Been in toooooo many RPs where Boo got left behind. But good luck with RP k? :]
  15. I might toss my hat into this. . . How come I didn't get tagged D:
  16. Yeah! I'm still here! I've got this thread on watch to keep up with it. :p

    but be sure to tag me when we start in case I don't pay attention, cause I'm new to the site and there are like three different places for three different phases of an RP, the process is kinda confusing. Well, to navigate anyway.

    But yeah, i'm still in! :p
  17. I may be interested. I need to weigh my other RPs first though
  18. Okay, now for a few questions for you that came here (@Hellcat, @AtomicBass, @Aenimus, @Furasian & @Reanimator Bob)

    The first thing that we should address is what should be the focus of the main plot? A war? A historical event? A bunch of humans form Earth ending up in Aerethia? Everyday life?
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