Adventures of the Starship Durandal: OOC

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  1. So it is finally here and a bit late too.

    As I said when I started the ideal date for me to get the OOC up for my idea of a mass RP was going to be the end of September to the beginning of October. Despite a few set backs I believe we are more or less keeping to the schedule.

    So what exactly is this RP about? Well its about the crew of a star ship hundreds of years in our future. The ship, the Durandal, is the newest ship in the fleet and the start of a new way for humanity to fight it's wars. The only downside being is that while she represents the newest of the new, this includes her crew. Now that's not to say that she does not have experienced crew members aboard, but primarily the members of her crew are freash from the Academy and greener than grass.. or at least close to.

    Meanwhile the situation of the galaxy is dire. Humanity is sitting on a powder keg of imminent war. Humanity has been boxed in by aliens with no further room to expand and a population that keeps expanding. Eventually a war for expansion will have to be fought on one of two fronts against one of two alien empires.

    Humanity stands on its own aided only by the Gaian, a sentient fungal life form occupying a planet.

    So This is just a rough version of the setting, hopefully explaining it clearly enough. Characters are human, gender does not matter. There are a few exceptions mind you, in fact I think only two: Archy and Sakura who are playing a Gaian clone pod person and the Ship's on board computer respectively. Character sheets should just be one of the basic bios found here.

    Either way, thread is open for interested parties to post questions and characters to go up and all.
  2. Does humanity have any alien allies aside from the Gaian? I am thinking of a character I'd like to play, who has gone to the Academy with Humans and is not Human, but rather, a Felinoid. Thoughts?
  3. Do we have to be members of the ship?
  4. Honestly I'm not sure. We had talked about having your typical anime cat boy/girl as a race, but that was when our version of Space Elves were allies of humanity too. I'll get back to you on this.

    Yes. While they can come and go the focus of the RP is on the ship and it's crew. Stories may come into being where someone is coming to the ship that is not part of it, but that is the closest I'm wanting to run this.
  5. Can we play as members of other races perhaps taking part in an exchange program of sorts? Also, are mercenaries, half-humans, robotic/cybernetic beings or some combination of that playable?
  6. Gaians are the only race humanity has come into contact that really wants anything to do with them.

    The Alb, aka the Space Elves, rule a star faring empire that is similar to that of the Roman Empire. All of the non human species that have been met have be absorbed by the Alb's empire.

    The other race, the one I just want to call Xenos, are almost utterly alien being the only suspected psionics in the known universe. So little is known of them but Humanity does not want to break the peace they formed just attempting to find out. Think of them though as a mixture between Zerg and Tyranids. Pretty much the story is with them though that Humanity found them on accident, fought a short war that was a stalemate and then agreed to peace terms when one of them magically appeared on Earth offering them. Peace involved a no contact clause based around the Wormhole that each race found each other because of.

    The only other case of a exchange program I can see is if the cats are actually put in... in which case it would be the same as a Human or Gaian crew member.

    So the potential is there but it doesn't fit with the image of "Humanity's finest" that the ship is meant to portray... maybe something though that would come about later. Not to mention currently it is the most advanced line ship that Humanity has... all its special weapons and tech and stuff are supposed to be kept a secret! ;P

    Mercenaries are a no go, unless you see all military already as such. The Durandal is meant to be a ship of the line as well as a public relations piece, not only would it not look good but then you also have the matter of cost. It's just cheaper to use recruits then mercs.

    Half Humans, while not impossible are relatively... improbably. Let me get back to you on this.

    Robots are something we did cover and we want them to be an emerging thing that are still being tested out. Or at least that is the case with AIs. I'll cover the topics of robots more in the Tech related thread when I get it up... The ship does have an experimental AI character that is supposed to be played by none other than Sakura.

    Cybernetics though, in moderation, I do believe was agreed to be existing. Such as prosthetic limbs and the like.
  7. Hrm, cha' can color me interested... I'll see about a char. or something mayhap if I can get more time...

    Any more info' cha can giive us about the ship? Size? Weapons? Power source? Flaws? Places of interest? Tourist Attractions?
  8. This does sound interesting.. I'll make a char sheet later today..
  9. Well not everything you asked is covered but this thread should help you more with those questions.
  10. I have a name already selected out.

    GM1 Darius 'Gun Monkey' McKnight.

    I'll have the rest ready later.
  11. May I play the ship's AI?
  12. If the spots for pilots are still open I would like to shoot for one of those. Do the pilots get individual call signs or are they just designated by their squadron? As in Raven Leader, then Raven 2-5.

    With an interested dance,

  13. My cute-ass-kicking security officer shall be created...sometime
  14. I'll take a marine I gues.
  15. Toss up between a Techi, Medical, and or something else...

    We'll see whom/when others post and roll from there.
  16. Sakura was cast for the role. Provided she is still interested and active and the likes I would be inclined to say no. However I have not seen her on MSN much, let alone the site.

    The idea casting her mainly came from her bubbly personality we all know and love. The other reason was with her activity level, the role was orignally meant to be hijacked often too.

    However if you want to work something out with her where you both work the roll I have no issues with that.

    Pilot slots are still open... in fact I think we fill about 3 of the 12 I was looking for! xD

    To answer your question though I was leaning more to the idea of squadron name and position. However it was not discussed.

    Awesome, good to hear.

    Zypher will no doubt neding PC provided help! Good to hear you onboard!

    Fair enough, hope you decide to join.

    To make this post more than me answering a bunch of posts I figured I'd let people know who the others are to talk to... because I wasn't the only one who worked on this. Either that or I got stuck with the job of PR junkie without realizing it @__@

    The creative team behind this project consists of... drum roll please....

    Neko Archy, Ricarten, Zypher, and myself.

    Even though we are the creative team, my master plan as an experiment for this RP was the idea of "What if someone plays in a world they created themselves but with a differant person running it?". It orignated back to my D&D games where I loved world building and playing... just not running the games. For that I attempted to get an all star cast of script writers and GMs but sadly I was only able to get one.

    So without further ado... the only GM currently is... *more drum rolling*

    Alarice. With possibly myself and or any of the other designers pulling double duty.

    Yeah so thats who the staff are... I'll try and get a more comprehesive list up when I get home of who is slated for what, seeing as some people were already wanting to play when it was being worked on in the Cbox. I know off of the top of my head what us staffies are, but the others I had slated I'm not 100% sure on.
  17. Gotcha, now whats the tech level? This seems pretty soft science so thankfully I won't have to justify my equipment too much with physics. What are the mech/fighters basic design? Is it closer to the realistic western mecha or japanese fantasy science mecha?
  18. I plan on getting the details of the fighter/mech up on the tech page soon. The only thing keeping me from doing that now is... well I'm at work and pictures are harder to find at work than at home.

    The fighters are very anime inspred. If you ever say Macross and/or Robotech then you know the concept. However where the VF-1 Valkyrie was based off of the F-14 Tomcat these are based off of the Panavia Tornado.
  19. That reminds me... Do I still get to use that laser shotgun we talked about in the C-Box?
  20. Probably. I mean I see it working in a similer fashion as someone tapping the button on a government issue flashlight, just on a REALLY high powered flash light that shot out plasma instead of light.

    And I know at least in the '60s and '70s the Navy had shotguns in stock, dunno about today but it made sense for the reasons why.