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  1. Welcome one and all to the Adventure squad. We explore the world looking for new sights, because well...we can. Our Base of Operation is set up on the outskirts of a little fisherman's village, where we get requests for adventures from people all over the world. From finding rare jewels to rescuing people in distress, we're ready for it all.

    (Please do your character sheet like this):

    Sexual Orientation

    Name: James Carlen

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Bio: Raised in a small village he always wanted something more. Then he discovered a group of people who had seen every corner of the world. At the age of 15 he packed up everything and left in the middle of the night, never regretting it for a moment.

    Personality: Easy going, irresponsible, hot headed, and impulsive

    Abilities: He's not a very powerful person, but is a competent enough to use magic without blowing anything up...most of the time.
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  2. Emanuella Daniella Alexandria "Emdal" deFlorence



    She was raised in a strongly European-style township by strict and generally unpleasant parents who left her to get educated on her own, deciding they couldn't afford to send her eight miles over to the nearest school. Eventually, they told her she was too expensive to keep around, so she should go away, and that is exactly what she did. She had been wandering about on her own for seven months, until she just recently stumbled across this strange squad...

    Outwardly, all you will find is 50 pounds of "Meh". Inwardly, you might be surprised to find a bit more of "Eh?". Emdal is mostly calm and goes with the flow, her major flaws being taking everything too literally, sometimes being a bit random, and understanding more than any 7-year-old girl needs to.

    She is one of those select few people who has been blessed with photographic memory. She can also remember anything said after hearing it just one time. She also has pretty thick skin, if that counts for anything.
    Too bad she occasionally falls into spontaneous short-term comas, sometimes missing an image or sound.

    Other History:
    She's pretty familiar with death. Her family used to own a gray-furred Spanish water dog named Drake, who used to lick Emdal's face to wake her up every morning until her parents euthanized him (as they figured that taking the 16-year-old dog to the doctor for various treatments would be too expensive and there was no pound to drop him off in for a better life.) She also made two friends -- a girl named Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Martell and her older brother, Dominick. Sadly, Lizzie caught a very bad case of a nameless disease and did not survive.

    Edit: 'Tis moar beyutiful nau. ^w^ Also more consistent.
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  3. Name: Alianne (Aly) Carver
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Bio: Aly was raised on a small farm on the outskirts of the village. She has always had a knack for working with animals, domestic or wild.
    Personality: Aly can be sweet but also fierce.
    Abilities: Aly was born with the ability to wield a rare form of magic called Wild Magic. Because of this, she is called a Wild Mage and she can talk to and even transform into animals.
    (Based of characters in books by Tamora Pierce, one of my favorite authors.)
  4. Name: Tala Yuldani
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Bio: Tala was raised with a tribe that mainly lived off the land. In her tribe, legend was that one day a baby would be born with the spirit of a wolf mixed with it's own. Tala made that legend become true, as she came with the ability to shift into that of a white wolf. The legend told of the human/wolf spirit to leave the tribe at a young age to travel the land and learn from everything, keeping peace between people and growing strong. Tala was told she must learn and become strong, and when she felt she was ready, she and any companions she brought along could trek far to the north where they would find all they were looking for, then return to the tribe and pass on her knowledge to the rest. For now, she travels with The Adventure group and lives with them, meeting many different people. She still has much to learn.
    Personality: Tala has a kind heart and welcomes many who are in need of her assistance. She is a karismatic and caring person but knows when to be tough as well. Tala likes to keep her space organized and clean to keep balance. She is a negotiator and prefers diplomatic relations to bloom before any fighting needs to begin. At times she can be witty and a joker when not having to be in a leader's position. Her wolf side often makes her do things out of instinct unconsciously. As a wolf, she is a bit less of herself and though she can still communicate with the team, her mind is more wolf-like and less merciful that her human self.
    Abilities: Tala, as the legend tells, has the spirit of a wolf mixed with her, and so with that she can take the form of a slightly larger than normal white wolf. Tala is also skilled in close combat as in her travels she learned through many teachers, and her senses and strength are heightened because of the wolf in her. She knows how to use a sword and if need be, will fight with one but usually never does. Being part wolf has allowed her to slightly communicate with other animals as well though not skillfully (as if it were a foreign language and she's only taken like one class on it)
    Description: As a human Tala looks like my icon except with darker skin.
    As a wolf she looks like this

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  6. Approved! Go have at it in the IC thread!
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  11. [​IMG]
    "So, what's the deal?"

    Beowulf II



    Sexual Orientation:

    Beowulf II was raised from an egg by a his father Beowulf I, a lone wolf with no pack. Beowulf I was a great lupine magician who knew much magic, and he would teach his adopted son all about it. Upon learning that he was adopted, Beowulf II set out on a journey to learn more.
    On one of his journeys, he discovered ruins of what appeared to be an ancient civilisation. As he dug around, he found an odd, spherical object that seemed to be alive. That was how he met his companion, Irene.
    He now settles in a cave near the headquarters, living alongside Irene. One day, he finds a pair of young human girls by the lake, and chose to raise them both, calling them Loup and Garou. He found humans to be pesky by their inner nature, but he believed that that was a pathetic reason to just let two children die like that, as they had more to life than just death.
    With Irene assuming a mother figure, they lived as a family of four.

    Beowulf believes in his own causes, and the only thing he cares more about is his family. However, he isn't completely heartless. Despite finding humans kind of pesky, he appreciates every exception to this, especially crew members. While he claims to work for himself only, he isn't completely selfish, and believes that betrayal is not the ideal choice.

    This is Irene. She is technology from a lost civilisation, and is slightly bigger than Beowulf. She has many forms of weaponry, from simple blades and buzzsaws to laser bullets of many varieties.

    For his tiny size, this raven has vast strength, enough to raise a sheep with his two talons.
    He possesses various magic spells. While it is primarily the three elements of lightning, fire and ice, he has a deal of support spells of other elements.
    Raised by a wolf, he is an excellent hunter.
    As a natural trait of ravens, he is most smart and crafty.
    Like his father, he can breathe underwater, and swim.
    His basic racial trait is flight.

    Other Information:
    He has two adoptive children, both human, he believed. Much like their father, they lack clothing. By occasion, he will bring them along on quests. Both of them have extraordinary strength, and fight like predators. They can both breathe underwater.​
    Loup is the older sister and is about 1.8 metres tall with a bust of D. She is 17 human years old. She has her father's flame-based magic.
    Garou is the younger sister and is about 1.6 metres tall with a bust of A. She is 14 human years old. She has a father's frost-based magic.​
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  14. @Crow

    Emdal is not burried...? o~O
    I cannot understand what just happened. From my point of view, Emdal remembered her impact with the ground. Then she called out to Beowulf and Aly just to see where they were...
  15. "She passed by her crater where her body had dug through thin sand and burrowed straight to the dirt. She scratched the top of her arm as she remembered the itchy feeling of the grit and mud imbedded in her skin."

    Irene was making an inference.
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