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    Hello everyone! My name is Adriana Carter and I've been running a restaurant for 2 years, even though its been a while since this place opened I can still get a bit nervous. Unfortunately last month my mother passed away and for that entire month the shop was closed, my employees got to tired of waiting for me to get out of my little depression and found another job. So, now I need to hire new people! Here is the application if you're interested!

    (Yes, we have a bar in the restaurant, makes things funner, yea?)

    Age: (18+ please!)
    Gender: (I'm curious... male or female?)
    Position: (What exactly is it that you want to work as here?)
    Appearance: (Anime please)
    Personality: (You could use bullets if you want, I don't mind)
    Background: (Give at least a little something)
    Crush: (You interested in someone? Tell me, I'll keep it a secret xD)
    Other: (Anything I missed)

    RULES of the Restaurant:

    ~Respect the other employees
    ~I hired you, I can fire you
    ~If you don't do your job properly, your check amount will deduct
    ~If you break something I can let that slide but don't do it to often or it comes from your check
    ~There may be times that I want the employees and I to go have fun together, you have the option to go or not
    ~Don't be rude to the customers unless they're rude to you
    ~The customers are NOT always right
    ~We are FAMILY
    ~I don't mind any romance between employees but if there are any break ups, don't let it mess up your job
    ~To add a bit of style, we will have nights were we cosplay! Isn't that cute? My little sister made that up when I decided to make build a restaurant, nice right? ;]


    ~Your person is not perfect
    ~Have fun
    ~Don't be rude to other Rpers or your out
    ~If you have any suggestions to make about my rp then message me about it:)
    ~I don't mind answering any of your questions, its fun
    ~I want the gender ratio to be even

    ~Enjoy <3
  2. Here we are!

    Name: Adriana Carter
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Position: Boss/Bartender/Chef (I switch from bartender and chef every now and then)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    ~Straight forward/Blunt
    ~ Depressed but I still smile
    Background: Well I was raised by my single mother how to do things my own way and not to care about what others things. My 19 year old sister and I get along perfectly well seeing as how she's the manager and all:). Unfortunately our father is distant and lives somewhere in Arizona but that's his loss for missing out on our lives I guess. Last night our mom died so we were in charge of the funeral arrangements, what I didn't see coming was the large amount of money she had left us and now... I have no idea what to do with it.
    Crush: Ack! I actually have no clue but I'm always looking for potential suitors ;-P
    Other: I live in a 3 bedroom apartment

    Name: Alexandra Carter
    Age: 19 years old
    Gender: Female
    Position: Manager/Waitress
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    -Emotionally distant sometimes
    -Lazy when she isn't working
    -A bit irresponsible (she won't remember something if it isn't important to her)
    -Independent and loving it
    -Plays guitar/loves music
    -Doesn't really care about to many things
    Background: (Give at least a little something)
    Crush: Ha? Uhm... well, we'll see who I end up working with, I'll tell you then
    Other: I take naps wherever I want
  3. I think this is an interesting concept. I'm interested but I have to see if I'll have enough time to take this one up as well. I probably will though!
  4. Looks cool C: I'll probably make a CS
  5. Name: Angel Jameson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Position: Waitress
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    ~Rarely smiles (When she's dancing is one of the exceptions)
    ~When she gets to know someone she opens up a little bit, becomes a little more relaxed around them.
    ~Angers easily​
    Background: Angel grew up with her mother. Their little two person family was poor, but loving and anytime her mother wasn't working they spent together. Despite their issues with money, her mother always made sure to have enough set aside that Angel could take her dance classes. She's been dancing (traditional ballet) since she turned six. Now that she's grown and left the house, she wants to dance professionally, but the job market is a little more competitive than she'd imagined. She is working as a waitress until she gets her break.
    Crush: She doesn't really date. it's a waste of time, she thinks.
    Other: Oftentimes, she's running straight from practice to work, so when she first comes in she's still in her warm ups. She changes in the bathroom before she clocks in.
  6. Name: Hunter Blaise Faye
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Position: Waitor
    Appearance: Anime-Guy27-2-1.jpg
    ~Doesn't care
    ~Will force a smile to the customers and provide good service so they don't complain (and so he can get a good tip)
    ~Keeps to himself mostly
    ~You can not pay him to dance. He will gladly have a drink, but will never dance.
    Background: Born and raised in a more isolated area of the city, Hunter lived with a once cheerful mother and father. Life was pleasant until he was 2 years old. His mother had left her husband and son for a rich doctor and his two parents divorced shortly after. His father developed a stoic, emotionless "I don't care" personality and his son soon adopted the same. Now, Hunter does not like doctors and will force himself to provide good service for them.
    Crush: Closet Bi, so anything and anyone is possible
    Other: He don't care 'bout you
  7. ACCEPTED to the both of you =]
  8. Thanks! This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.
  9. I hope it is lol xD
  10. Hey! Uhm, before I post my character's CS, I wanted to make a question. Is bartender available? I mean, I don't really know if a bar has two bartenders, so... If not than it's alright. I just wanted to make sure.
  11. Yes:), you can be a bartender and since there's already a bartender then there will only be two, my character and your character:)
  12. I have a question as well, do you have a specific number of characters you'd like before you start?
  13. Hm no not really, as long as there isn't way to many people and the gender ratio is even
  14. Okay! Just figured I'd ask. ^_^
  15. Cool! Thanks! Here's the CS.

    Name: Natalya Argon
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Position: Bartender

    - Charming
    - She's a collected person, meaning that she's very calm in most of the situations.
    - Elegant.
    - Doesn't really talk too much, she prefers to use actions instead of words.
    - She prefers to use the brain over the heart, because of that, may be seen as a cold person.
    Background: When Alexa was 15 years old, her parents divorced, she went to live with her father and step-mother. She disliked her step-mother, Alexa believed that the only reason for Maria (step-mother) to be with her father was because of his money. And she had him on the palm of her hand, if she wanted something, he would make it happen. Alexa tried countless times to open her father's eyes, but in vain. Maria knew what her stepdaughter was trying to do, so, when Alexa became 18, her father was convinced by the stepmother to kick her out of the house. Since then, Alexa had been living with her grandma and never talked to any of the two again. Until her grandma died of a heart attack. She saw both of them on the funeral, but refused to make eye contact. Her father begged for her forgiveness, she only ignored. Nowadays, he still apologies, but Alexa can be stubborn when she wants. There's a phrase that her grandma always used to say, a phrase that may make her change her mind: “One day, Alexa, you will have to forgive your father. Otherwise, it might be too late. And it will hunt you forever.”
    Crush: nobody at the moment, who knows in the future.
    Other: She has a gray cat, it has been her company since her grandma died when she was 21.
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  16. Since we have more female characters than male, would you like me to play another character as well and play a male?
  17. ACCEPTED and yes that would be helpful, I would make a male myself but I suck butt at them >.<
  18. I can make another dude too to help out C:
  19. So just saying I gonna be making a male character for this, but I dont have time since I have classes in a few minutes. So I shall make him once i get back from school. I have a general idea of my character so I should have it up later today.
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