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  1. The eastern part of Marina Island has wildlife, forrests, and camping locations. At the center of Eastern Marina is Ace High Academy, which has a pathway made up of cherry bloosoms. Relating to temperature, it never really snows here in the winter, but it can rain as the temp. gets as low as 50 degrees in the winter. In the summer, it gets up to 80 degrees, good for fishing and hiking.
  2. Alba landed in a tree to pause and get her bearings. She pulled a map from the backpack she was wearing backwards. She didn't need a compass.... Okay, so she had to go that way for another... Mile. Right. She picked the map away and kicked off the tree, taking to the skies again.

    She finally arrived at the school. She flew in to land on the pathway lined with Cherry blossoms. She went for a slow landing, pulling up and lowering herself between the trees with powerful down strokes. Which turned out to he a bad idea. One wing clipped one of the trees a few times. This causes her to drift to one side. She tucked her wings in and dropped. At least it wasn't too far to the ground. She also had two knees, allowing her legs to bend in two places, which allowed for more suspension on the fall. It was the best of her landings, but it definitely wasn't the worst. She stood up straight again, and checked her wing. It was full of petals now. She shook most of them out. She'll get the rest later. She walked towards the school, head swivelling around a lot. She was looking for some kind of admin, and points of interest along the way.
  3. A point of interest might be Alia who chuckled as she flipped out her blonde pigtails, both dotted with dirt. She was busy brushing them and shaking them, and they glimmered despite the specks in them. Afterwards she stretched with palms to the sky, the topazes on the palm of her glove scattered golden brown light from the sun here and there. She was either bored, wanting attention, or both.
  4. Alba breezed right passed Alia, only sparing her a small smile as she passed.... Well, as well as one could smile with a beak. She went to continue her search for an office. She paused in front of a map of the school, still in range of Alia.
  5. Kyouko Arasake
    Kyouko walked down a sakura filled path, silently observing the petals. She'd watched this anime once, it was named five centimeters per second. The opening line consisted of the facts that sakura petals descend and five centimeters per second. She always thought about that when she saw sakura. Kyouko let out a soft smile, which soon erupted into a grin. She held her almanac of code tightly to her chest and looked up at a tree. Everything in her body wanted her to be up that tree. She had to know if she could climb it without falling off of it. She touched a gloved hand to the tree, heavily considering the term 'up' in relation to the tree. That's when something large flew right over head. She clutched her book to her chest instinctively, then looked up. Because she freaked out, the creature becoming a series of one's and zeroes. She had no idea what the code stood for, but in it she could see both the coding for owl and human. It wasn't owl like her special owl, but still seemed remarkably owl. She managed to calm herself down and saw the human owl hybrid flying overhand. She let out another grin because she loved owls. Right ahead of her was a tanned and blonde female, she didn't know who she was but by her height Kyouko could tell they were around the same age. What if that's my dorm mate?, Kyouko thought to herself.
  6. Shizu walked nervously towards the school, fear crippling her, anxiety choking her and paranoia clouding her mind. She is so far from home, far from people she knew and felt safe around, far from family and her ancestors. She could not tell if the Council sent her here out of anger or do they really believe in her capable of mastering this power and becoming the next spirit tender of her clan. Shizu thought this was a blessing at first, to be honored with being the next spirit tender, but this version is different, in the Clan's history the spirit tender had the ability to only communicate with OUR ancestors, the version Shizu is given is the ability to communicate with the ancestors, but she can also talk with other souls and even take control of corpses, is this the limit of the power? or could there be more to do with this power? regardless, so far it seems she has been blessed with a more potent version of the power...or cursed.

    Shizu finally makes it too the front of the school and pulls out a inhaler from her duffle bag, despite it being a clam walk, the anxiety started kicking up her asthma. She looked around at the other people here and felt more nervous from before. She never really have seen people form outside her clan, she spent her entire life on her family's compound and never communicated with the outside world
  7. Mae Hanshou
    Power: Summons one of four past reincarnations of herself to fight
    Currently summoned: None
    Power level: 100%

    "What are you trying to pull, Sachiko?!"
    "I wasn't pulling anything, Jellyfish, since all I did was ask Mae to summon me first if anything happens at school."
    "That's the last thing she should do, all you would do is scare away any of her potential friends! She should summon me first!"
    You could basically see the tension between the two girls, sparking into a small flame as each one just realized what the other said.
    "Did you just call me a Jelly-?"
    "Yes, because you look like one."

    Sachiko's blunt honesty was apparently the last straw, and when Mae stopped to turn around, Yuki had her large Gatling gun aimed at the redheaded girl, while Sachiko had her katana sheathed and pointed at the bluenette girl's throat. "Yuki, Sachiko, you guys know that you can't even use those, right? And besides, if anything does happen at school I'll just have Nana take care of it, right Nana?" Mae smiled at her two friends, cheering mentally as they disarmed themselves. Looking at the green haired female who was currently hovering above Mae, they glared as they saw the fact that she was smirking at the two down below her. "It's simply because I don't need to fight with a weapon, unlike you two. Besides, if you two were to stop and look, we're here."
    The sakura covered path that they were walking on before had finally led them to their destination, Ace High. As she walked closer, Mae could already see somebody appear, actually a few somebodies. A well tanned blonde girl was stretching, while another girl with light purple hair was grinning ear-to-ear, and holding a book. The first one Mae happened to come across first though was the one who surprised her the most, a girl with black hair and red eyes.
    Stopping next to her, she noticed the inhaler in her hands, but decided to say nothing about it, instead pondering for a second about the next thing she should do. Before she could get too deep in her thoughts though, Yuki started to hover in circles around the poor girl next to her. "Come on Mae, just say hello to her! It's not that hard of a thing you know." Said girl glared at the blue-headed apparition, not realizing that it probably looked like she was just glaring at the victim of Yuki's circling. Sighing once, Mae submitted to her friends request. Trying to speak at a somewhat normal volume, though her normal volume is considered quiet, she greeted the girl . "Um, hello..."
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  8. Alia would've been annoyed with being ignored, but luckily there was more than one person to mess with now. She caught Kyouko eye and waved, stopping the gold light show for a minute.
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  9. Kyouko Arasake
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    Kyouko took a moment to consider the possibilities which lie within the humanoid bird. It sounded like a perfectly good idea to chase after the bird and bombard it with owl questions. It sounded like a perfect idea to her, but she didn't want to bother the girl just yet. Well, Kyouko assumed the bird was a she, the owl had feminine features which pointed to the owl being a female. She passed by a tan female with blonde pigtails. Her long golden hair was dotted with dirt for some reason. She stared a little too long because the girl waved to her. Kyouko stopped for a moment, waving at the girl. She let the girl turn into numbers for a moment. The code for humanity was so extensive she could barely read, it was definitely impossible to recreate- as was any living being- but she had learned how to find a few nationalities. She searched for the girl's nationality but had too hard of a time finding it so let the girl go back to the real form. "Hey," she said to the girl, walking towards her. Of course she wanted to enter the school but the tanned girl was now interesting to her. How did she get all that dirt in her hair? Was she a natural blonde? There was nothing Kyouko loved more than solving a mystery. ",I'm Arasake. Arasake Kyouko." She introduced herself when she finally approached the girl.
  10. Shizu was lost in her usual train of thought, feeding into her fear of this new school, but then she begins hearing voices..Not voices of the living but of spirits.......Seems to be some sort of argument maybe? Banter? Something about a Jellyfish? Not really sure but it but Shizu's mind at easy, distracting her form her fear. But her concentration on the conversation is broken when approached by a living girl who says hello to her.

    Once again she is tortured with that painful feeling of anxiety, never has she held a conversation with a outsider....I mean its just like talking to someone inside the clan Right? Just..say hello to her

    "H-H-H-Hello..." Shizu said noticeably shaking

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  11. There wasn't much more dirt as she continued running her fingers through it to get rid of the clingy stuff. She grinned all carefree-like " 'Caught you staring. I'm Alia" She noticed the girl was wearing gloves like her. She guess the school dress code may not be strict. Damn, she wanted to cause a little bit of staring with her own topaz gloves.
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  12. Alba examined the map for a bit longer... She did find the places she needed, but she found the dorms as well. She would go there first!... After a little socialising. She turned around to look over the group gathered behind her. So far, it seemed she was the oldest around... Eh, she went to the closest tree and climbed it, hanging her backpack on an already broken branch. She settled in, still looking around.
  13. Kyouko Arasake
    | Interacting with: Alia (@AgileAkita) |
    |Mentioned Characters: Alba |
    "I guess I'm busted." Kyouko let out a small smile and fingered the pages in her book. As her gloved hands touched the book she noticed Alia's gloved hands. She thought they were against the rules but since Alia was wearing them she thought the rule was probably not that strict. She was wearing hers because of papercuts, flipping through her journal at the fast pace she did one could become extremely prone to papercuts. Her hands were always cut because she flipped through her book so fast, looking for codes. She had to, in a fight she didn't have time to slowly mosey around, she had to find what she needed and fast before her opponent got a head start.

    "How did you get so dirty?" Kyouko asked, getting straight into the mystery. Though the girl had cleaned most of it out.
  14. Mae Hanshou
    Power: Summons one of four past reincarnations of herself to fight
    Currently summoned: None
    Power level: 100%

    Crab-cakes, she wasn't supposed to respond to that! Mae thought to herself, at a lost on what to say. It was as if Yuki sensed this though, and falling back behind the young ravenette, she tried to help Mae out of her small problem. "Now is when you should introduce yourself, you know~"
    "Yuki, have you forgotten that our dear Mae hasn't held as much conversation as we have? Gosh, move aside." Nana sighed, leaning on Mae's other shouder. "Don't listen to her Mae, the last thing you want to do is introduce yourself right away, it will make you seem desperate for company, and that's not what we want, right? Now, try to bring up a casual subject, perhaps something about how the school is really beautiful?" Mae didn't want to hurt Yuki's feelings, but felt that Nana was right, so she did what she said.
    "Ah, this school is really pretty, isn't it?"

  15. Shizu once again heard the voice from before..this time more clearly, they are having a conversation and seem to know this Living girl, and communicate with her also..Does Shizu share the same power as here? Being able to communicate with the dead?...no..No this is different..She finally realizes the other girls apart of this group..and that the voices are coming from them, not just wandering spirits...They seem alive but Shizu sensed something different about them....Could not put her finger on it ..They have this sense of death about them, yet here they are..amongst the living

    Her pondering was interrupted when the girl from before spoke up again asking about the beauty of the school "I-I-Its..L-Lovely...S-S-S-Sorry, I'm a bit..Nervous.."

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  16. Alice was running late because her alarm clock did not work well this morning, because she forgot to set it. "Stupid stupid stupid," she said to herself before letting out her cry. She had to do something or she would never catch up. What would the monks say if they saw her about to be late. They would scold her and make her hold the bucket. That bucket was heavy and EVIL. She stopped and look at the time which was shown on her Tamagotchi, Harptchi. She was not going to make it at this rate. "ARGH!!! HAVE... TO... RUN... FASTER.... STUPID... UNIFORM...ARGHHHHH!" She went into a full sprint why shouting. She was finally making progress when she saw something flying in the sky. She stopped and fell to her knees and watched the blur disappear into the trees close to the school. "What was *huff* thats?"

    After catching her breath Alice managed to get up and started jogging. and came across 2 girl who were just looking at each other. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that they were just super nervous. She laughed and marched over. The monks taught her that she had to help those and need and what was more in need then two shy people trying to talk to each other. Alice could do it. She looked at her Harptchi and saw she had plenty of time.

    "GOOOOOD MORNING," Alice said while jumping in between them, "Ya know 2 may be fun, but 3 is a P-A-R-T-Y," she cheered . "This is my first time going to a real school so i am SUPER nervous too!" she continued and grabbed both of their hands. "I am Alice Roslyn what's your names." Then she pulled their hands together as if they were pooling their hands together for some group event.

    Alice was smiling showing off her pretty teeth, hoping to seem very friendly and energetic. She rarely got to interact with other girls her age and she has never been to a school, so this was all very exciting for her.

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  17. Kyuni Mochi
    She arrived at the school with a backpack on her back and a milkshake in her hand. She looked around for people as she decided it'd be good for her to make some friends. She took her phone and checked the time before putting it back. She saw two girls and both of them were wearing gloves for some reason. She thought they might have embarrassing scars, like she had. She walked up to them with a smile and waved at them
    Heya there! I'm Kyuni, nice to meet you. I am new to this school and I hoped maybe one of you could give me a tour around so I know this place a bit better

  18. "Ey alba!" Defalt stood under albas tree "long time no see! Whats up?" He would have climbed up, but he wasnt athletic.
  19. She looked down at default. "DE!" she leapt down and hugged him. "where is your little rat friend?" she asked.
  20. "Ive asked you to call me defalt.. and hes right here." On cue, said rat scurried up his arm.
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