Accidental Marriage

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  1. Elvira Summers' POV:I woke up with a huge hangover headache. I rubbed my head, and grunted. I tried to search for my phone, and felt something next to me, something that was snoring so peacefully. What. The. Hell. I shrieked, and pushed the figure off the bed. I looked underneath the blanket, Thank God. I was still wearing my clothes from last night.I looked below the bed where the stranger had fallen, he was still sound asleep. I grabbed anything that would defend me from the nightstand. I crept towards the body and pointed a sharp pencil towards him.I shook him abruptly, "Who are you?! I will sue you if you don't tell me what happened!"​
  2. Zayn was fast asleep in the bed and even when pushed out and landing on the floor pretty hard he didn't wake up and he sort of just lay on the floor still fully asleep and didn't plan on waking up until he felt someone shaking him and he groaned a bit and heard a girls voice and he opened his eyes and sat up "Woah, could you at least put that down" Zayn said getting up off the ground a bit confused to how he got there but then he looked at the girl "Zayn Malik" he said and then held up his left hand and held hers up with his right hand
  3. Elvira didn't shake it, instead just taking her hand back, glaring at him. "What the hell happened last night, and why was I sleeping next to you?" She ground her teeth together - she had never been this drunk before..... drunk. She winced when her headache hit her with full force.
  4. Zayn looked at her and let her hand go and saw the glare she just gave him and he held up his hands "Apparently we got married last night, and you were out of it so i brought you back here, i couldn't leave you" he said and chucked her the box of aspirin "Should help with the hangover and waters in the kitchen" he said looking at her
  5. Her eyes bugged out,, "Married!?! How can I be married to you? I don't even know you!" She face palmed. "Oh my God...."
  6. Zayn nodded "Yeah married, You're Mrs Malik now, oh come on you might not know me but i'm not a bad guy, just trust me" he said looking at her
  7. "How am I supposed to trust you?! I was drunk last night! Couldn't you see by the way I was probably slurring and walking weirdly?! I am not married to you. Alright? Let's just pretend this never happened and get a divorce. Why did you even marry a girl you don't even know?!" She groaned, lying back on the bed.
  8. Zayn rolled his eyes "Yeah you was drink and you was the one who came onto me, i didn't come to you, you are married, married to me and it's officle, i can even prove it, look i don't want a divorce trust me, i'm not even a bad guy just give me and this marrage a chance" he said "You want to know why i married you?, because you seemed like a nice person and i wasn't exactly all there, i was a bit drunk as well you know" he pointed out
  9. "Ok! Fine!" Elvira groaned. "Here's the plan - I give you one month to make me actually fall for you and if I haven't by the end of the month, then you get a divorce with me."
  10. Zayn smiled and nodded "Alright i'll agree to that, if i can't make you fall in love with me within one month, we can get a divorce, but really i'm a nice guy, a bit vain maybe but you can trust me" he said smiling
  11. "Fine - now... could you please hand me my clothes? And maybe an aspirin?" She blushed and pointed to her clothes on the other chair.
  12. Zayn smiled and nodded and went to the chair and picked up her clothes and handed them to her "Did you want breakfast, i don't mind making it for you and i'll get you your aspirin you need" he asked smiling
  13. "No - I am not hungry." Elvira stood up, keeping the sheet wrapped firmly around her, and headed into the bathroom with her clothes, shutting the door behind her. She sat on the closed toilet seat and sighed. How had she ended up in this situation?
  14. Zayn sighed "Alright, i'll just get you the aspirin and some water then" he said leaving her and going into the kitchen and made himself some breakfast and got out the things for Elvira
  15. Elvira got dressed in the clothes from the night before - thankfully they were jeans and a t-shirt, her being at a casual club - and opened the door again. She set the sheet on the bed, and ran her fingers through her bedhead. "You have a comb?" she called out to the kitchen.
  16. Zayn stayed in the kitchen and heard her call out "Yeah in the draw next to my bed on my side" he called back to her and carried on eating his breakfast he had made but he did make extra just incase Elvira changed her mind
  17. She pulled the comb out, and tried to tame her mad curls, but to no avail. Finally she gave up and padded into the kitchen. Elvira sat on the counter, and looked at Zayn. "You look sort of familiar.... like I've seen you before...." she mused softly.
  18. "Hmmm.... it's on the tip of my mind, but I just can't remember - maybe some group I heard on the radio...." Her brow was furrowed as she tried to remember.
  19. Zayn looked at her with a smile and nodded "In a band, and if you look on the wall, it might give you a big clue and well like i said my name is Zayn Malik" he said smiling and passed her the aspirin and water
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