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  1. Since I am taking over Acedemy of Glendale RP this will be the new thread please check the old thread for plot info. we will all have the same English, math, science and history classes and then 5th hour will be and elective of your choice- swimming, drama, gymnastics, choir, band, art and woods shop
    This has nothing to do with greek/roman gods that is just the theme I chose for the names
    1st hour English with Miss Venus
    2nd hour math with Mr. Pluto
    3rd hour history with Mr. Mars
    4th hour with Mr. Neptune
    5th hour gym boys- Mr. Jupiter, girls Miss Juno
    6th hour elective
    Swimming with Mr. Neptune
    Drama with Miss Venus
    Gymnastics with Miss Juno
    Choir with Mr. Pluto
    Band with Mr. Mars
    Art with Miss Juno
    Wood shop with Mr. Jupiter

    There are separate male and female dorms each dorm has a ground floor with a few different living/activity areas, and then the second and third floors are dorms. The dorms have a small living room with a couch and TV and a seepage bedroom with a bunk bed and two closets. There are ten rooms per floor so a total of twenty rooms per dorm. There is a big communal bathroom on the third floor of each dorm. There is a few stalls and sinks ( a few urinals for guys) and a big open shower area.

    School Rules
    1. Be in your dorm building by 8 Sunday-Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10
    2.Attend All classes
    3. Be in your dorm room by 10 Sunday-Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12

    Character Sheet
    Year in high school:
    Sexual Orientation:

    Sign-up thread

    Xavier-Adrian Room 20 (guys dorm 2nd Floor)
    Esme-Evangeline Room 16 (girl dorm 2nd Floor)
    Simmons-Madison Room 14 (girl dorm 2nd Floor)
    Alex-Cole Room 12 (guys dorm 2nd Floor)
    Jax-James Room 18 (guys dorm 2nd Floor)
    Izabella-Oliva Room 9(girl dorm 1st Floor)
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  2. (Here we go!)

    Xavier carrying his bags entered the boy's dorms. "Nice" he said looking around at the living area there was a ping-pong table, foozeball table, five or six T.V.s all turned off at the moment. Looking around he noticed he was the only one here. I must be early he thought. As he walked toward the stairs he noticed there was an elevator. Thank goodness now I don't have to drag all of these dumb bags up to my room on the second floor he thought as he pushed the elevator button. Once the doors opened he entered and pushed the 2nd floor button. This elevator music sucks but then the doors opened on the second floor. "Lets see where is room number 17?" Xavier asked aloud not expecting an answer. As he looked around at the floor he noticed there were ten rooms, a door for the stairs on one end of the floor and I room the the bathroom at the other end.
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  3. Adrian looked around as Evangeline and him made their way to school.
    "Well, I am going to head to my dorm!"
    Adrian looked at his twin sister and gave a nod, "Okay."
    "I will catch up with you later!"
    Nodding he watched as his sister skipped off. Guess I should head to my dorm... Sighing he made his way towards where his dorm was suppose to be and entered the building making his way to the second floor he found another male looking around.
    ".... Room Number 17 is over here."
    Adrian looked at the male who he assumed must be his roommate. Making his way to a room in the middle of the hall he took out a pair of silver keys and unlocked the door allowing him to enter.
  4. As the boy went ahead of him while he was pulling out his keys Xavier looked up and saw a boy his age walking inside the door. Xavier proceeded to enter the dorm and close the door behind him. "Hi I'm Xavier, I guess we are roommates" the boy said extending his hand while looking around their dorm there was a small hangout area with a crunch and a TV and off to one side was a small room with bunk beds and two closets.
  5. Adrian looked at the boys hand and decided that there would be no harm in accepting this greeting. Extending his hand and giving him a strong hand shake, Adrian looked at the boy named Xavier and nodded.
    "Adrian... Yes it seems so doesn't it."
    Looking at the room he looked back at Xavier.
    "Do you want the top bed or the bottom? I can go either."
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  6. "Nice to meet you Adrian, I Call top" Xavier said noting the high ceiling so he wouldn't hit his head. He walked past his roommate and went into their room and started unpacking his clothes and put them in one of the closets deciding this would be his closet and Adrian could have the other. Calling to his new roommate "so what's your story?"
  7. Esme sighs, giving her mother and father kisses on both cheeks. The tears in their eyes reflected their own, but the blonde's tears weren't only from homesickness and attachment, but from excitement. Moving to Glendale was her idea, after all. It had a fabulous art program. Fabulous art program equals great college, great college equals great job and great job equals...? Well, she doesn't know. Not yet.

    Slinging a soft bag full of clothes and toiletries out of the teal Buick's trunk over one shoulder and a hard, heavy sack full of supplies in the other, she shuffles toward the entrance, avoiding eye contact and missing her old life already.
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  8. Adrian looked at Xavier and began to make himself comfortable unpacking his things himself.
    "I don't have one."
    He wasn't much of a talker and didn't tend to bother trying to make a conversation with anyone. Wh bother, if he didn't need to speak he shouldn't have to. Suddenly feeling a buzz in his pocket, Adrian stopped what he was doing and pulled out his phone.

    > Do you remember what dorm I am in? ^^;; <

    Adrian rolled his eyes and typed a reply before shoving his phone in his pocket. Looking at Xavier he wondered what sort of person the boy was.
  9. "Um.....okay" Xavier said looking at his roommate for a second and them going back to unpacking. Well this year is going to be fun with HIM.......Xavier be nice you're not exactly the nicest person in the world either he though as he put his pants on a shelf, socks in a drawer and boxers in another drawer.
  10. Adrian enjoyed silence but this was suffocating him, sighing he stretched as he finished packing his things and then laid on the bottom bunk with his sketch book. Taking the tree branches outside as his object of obsession for the drawing he began to draw rough sketches before slowly transforming the rough lines into more realistic looking branches and not before long managed to draw the branches outside with the utmost detail. Looking at the work he began to do small touch ups here and there making sure to add a small symbol of a feather somewhere on the piece.


    Evangeline felt her phone buzz and smiled happily as she received a reply.

    > room 16 <

    Chuckling at the small text she suddenly bumped into a girl and she stumbled back and making sure to catch the girl unsure of the female was going to fall over either. Looking at the girl with a shocked expression she check to see if the girl was alright.
    "I am so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!"

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  11. After he finished unpacking he noticed his roommate was on his bed drawing. Well isn't he just full of mystery..........seriously this year is gonna suck if I have to deal with him all the him he thought as he looked at his roommate before walking out of the room and flopping down on the couch in the other room.

    (FYI, there is only 10 rooms on each floor so a total of twenty rooms in a dorm, sorry if that wasn't clear)
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  12. Esme is knocked to the floor, paintbrushes and dry watercolors falling out of her bag. She winces, slipping the oversized sweater back over her shoulder and stuffing all her things back into her bag, wincing at the disorganization but slipping everything over her shoulder. "I'm s-sorry... F-f-fine..." Esme makes brief, brief eye contact before rushing off quickly.
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  13. Adrian blinked as his dorm mate left and shrugged his shoulders it didn't matter to him what his dorm mate did. Focusing back on his drawing he felt his phone buzz again and he blinked at the text.


    Texting another reply he sighed and closed his eyes. Maybe he could get some shut eye...


    Evangeline ran after the girl and looked at her worriedly.
    "I am so sorry! I really didn't mean to bump into you! Here let me help you. What dorm are you in? I am in dorm 16."
    Looking at the girl she had a genuine worried expression on her face and she didn't look away even as she felt her phone buzz.

    (Changed the dorm room~ ^^;;)
  14. Esme, uncomfortable under the tight, worried scrutiny of this bubbly girl, shifts her weight between her feet. Readjusting her shoulder bag she mutters. "Do not worry... Not your fault." The artist takes out a perfectly folded piece of paper, quietly reading off the word 16 from it.
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  15. Xavier heard his roommate's phone go off again. Who is it? A girlfriend maybe? He isn't social enough to have a girlfriend.......Xavier stop it you told yourself you would be nice this year.....Even if your roommate is super antisocial he thought to himself.....this guy needs to learn to talk to people we are going to be living together for a while so he better start talking Xavier thought scowling.

    (Xavier sometimes has fights with himself)
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  16. Evangeline gave a small sigh of relief and then looked at her piece of paper.
    "Oh! We are room mates!"
    Smiling happily now, Evangeline chirppily looked at her, the bubbly attitude of hers emitting an outrageous aura.
    "My name is Evangeline."


    Adrian sighed and knew what Evangeline would say if she was here and stood up making his way towards his dorm mate.
    He had no idea what to say but then suddenly his phone buzzed again. Looking at the phone he sighed and then placed it back in his pocket. Not going to read that one
  17. Oh no. Oh no. She was praying that she wouldn't have to room with anyone, especially this... Excited girl. It was that Esme didn't like her, it was just... Too much. Too slow. She nods slowly. "C-cool..." After looking down, she mutters. "I'm Esme. You have a nice name."
  18. "So is that a girlfriend that keeps texting you?" Xavier said grinning at Adrian. Who else would he be texting....although he doesn't seem to have the communication skills to be in a relationship Xavier thought while he waited for his roommate to respond.
  19. Maddison Renae Summers [:valentine:]

    Maddie walked into the girl's dorm, her hello kitty duffel bag in hand. She walked up to her room number, knocking. When no one had responded, she tried the knob, which opened. Taking a step inside, she whispered, "Hello? Is anyone here?" Having heard no response, she smiled and thought silently, "Yes! That means I won't have to embarrass myself while trying to introduce myself. Not right now, anyways". Walking over to the bed, she plopped her stuff down, and went straight for the top bunk. Better take it before someone else does.

    [Sorry if it's kind of short. ^ I'll get more into it when we meet our roommates and stuff.]
  20. i get the things i shipped to the school from the office, my computer, in 3 different bags, my clothing, a whole bag, and my school supplies, a bag ( the bags are like small suitcases, because they were all on sale 3 for 1 free, so i went twice, and got 5 bags, 4 one time, and 1 the other, and i knew i would use them later.) "15... 15 15 15...." i says listlessly until i come upon the room, "Whoa, kinda big, compared to my old room" i say, basically claiming the desk for my compter, and i take the entire closet for my clothes, then i get my hiking pack, and i fill it up with my supplies, and then i put it on the top bunk, climbing up there, and resting for a while, then i go into the hallway, and i meet someone interesting, as everyone always is, "Hi," i say, with barely any emotion.
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