Academy for Dragon Hunters and Dragons Shifters?

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  1. So basically I was thinking of remaking this RP.

    One For All and All For One.

    Despite its simple setting, the flexibility of character applications allowed for quite the cast diversity.

    The basic premise is Dragons Shifters and Hunters have been feuding for what is assumed to be... a long time. Until one day, a group of Dragon Shifters and humans decide to build this school for various Dragon Hunters and Dragon Shifters to partake in.

    I'll be planning quite a few arcs and such. Tourneys, school mysteries and such. I will also be taking a fair deal of inspiration from this old Superhero High School RP., in the way that there will be additional features such as co-curricular activities.

    Due to my intended smaller cast, everyone's in the same class.

    I am considering controlling the entire staff cast. I will post their information down there soon.
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  2. Planned Staff Legion of Staff

    Octavia Van Helsing
    A low-ranking member of the Van Helsing Clan who wishes to halt the feud between the Van Helsings and the Count Dracula race. However, she decides to take it a few steps up. She has decided to utilise her low-levelled leadership skills to bridge the gap between Hunters and Dragons as a whole, but unfortunately...
    Anyways, she is now the Principal of Valhalla Educational Institute. She's new to this thing, but hey, who isn't?

    Noelle Igrisdottir
    Little is known about this petite one, aside from the fact that she is constantly covered in chains, and she claims to be the great Midgardsomr Jormungandr.
    She teaches Fortify for Dragon Shifters, and co-teaches Co-Op.

    A descendant of the ancient knight St. George. Wielding the False Ascalon, he teaches Hone for Hunters, and co-teaches Co-Op.

  3. @Kit-n-Kat I see that you have liked the post. Does this imply interest?
  4. For now, yes.
  5. Very well. I will keep you updated.
  6. You had me at dragons.

    Though... could you elaborate a bit on the arcs you have planned?
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  7. They're very rough in concept right now. Most of the arc plans are meant to have a surprise factor to them, so I'll elaborate on the ones that won't.

    A tournament arc will be present at some point. A Dragon Shifter and Hunter pair will enter a tournament as a tag team, fighting other tag teams to reach the top.

    There will be a few 'Mystery' arcs, one of them talking about rumours roaming around the school. Now, there is a proper explanation why these seemingly spooky mysteries are in a relatively new school.

    That's all I've planned for the time being. There will be a few surprises in store, some of them being story arcs...
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  8. Oh, Sorry, is there a mafia of some sorts im only now getting acquainted with? Or do you just stalk everyone?
  9. It's funny because 1337 messages!

    ... I feel old.
  10. mmm i do love me some dragons. <^; Count me in!
  11. I may be interested! [:
  12. Four people interested. I do need a small cast, so yeah.
  13. Just passing by to ask if there's any more vacancies to a sci-fi-ish inclinated Dragon Hunter.
  14. By scifi-ish you mean uses a craptonne of tech and stuff?

    Well, my character uses such too, so I don't see why not as long as it isn't broken af. Personally I want the cast to have a good diversity of weapon choices. Can't have everyone using the super-ultra-hypercannon Mk6 or the exact same Zweihander.
  15. Aha, that's some good news. I definitely wouldn't have a turbo, blaster, laser, plasma, photon, hyper cannon as part of his arsenal. At least, not his main arsenal. People will have to worry about high caliber revolvers and the such, maybe some nerfs if you deem it necessary.

    Anyway, the character have to be exclusively part of the class you mentioned in the original post, right?
  16. Yeah. For simplicity sake, all player characters are in the same class.
  17. Then I believe the characters will be around their 16~20's... Or am I (hopefully) wrong?
  18. My planned age range is middle to high school.

    So it's pre-birthday 12 to post-birthday 18.
  19. Ahh, Dragons. A noble race. Beautiful, majestic, and powerful. The Dragon with my heart yearns to take flight.
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