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    | IC | OOC |

    "Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere."
    -Gilbert K. Chesterton

    Humanity is constantly changing. Our way of life is forever adapting and evolving to everything around us, shaping to keep up with an ever revolving world. Society changes and along with it so does our culture. Technology is constantly barreling forward as new devices are being designed every hour of the day. But humanity itself is also changing, in ways mostly unseen to the naked but under a microscope there's a very different story.
    After millenniums of Earth being routinely doused in what is known as coronal mass ejections, the side effects are starting to show. The coronal mass ejections or CMEs, are a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields being released into space and often directly at Earth. Most often these CMEs also accompany solar flares which release addition energy from the sun into space only for it to collide with Earth. Carried within these events are high energy particles and it is these particles which have began to cause humanity to change and develop new and sometimes unfathomable abilities. Composed primarily of high-energy protons and atomic nuclei, they are of mysterious origin and the limits to their potential remain unknown.

    As such the world has reacted in numerous ways to the emergence of these so called 'super-humans'. Some cities such as Chicago, have come to recognized them as allies and forces for the betterment of mankind. While other cities such as Moscow have seen the darker side of humans containing seemingly unlimited potential as the city was dragged down and nearly destroyed by a man possessing control over deadly radioactive blasts of energy. As such, these 'super-humans' walk a fine line in how much they can reveal themselves, some prefer to come out under the cover of night. While others cover themselves in elaborate disguises to keep their identity safe, and yet there are those who are still brazen enough to show their faces and the full force of what exactly they can do. It is actions like this that strains the relations between 'super-humans' and the 'mundanes', going forward it will only be their actions that defines how much faith and trust humanity chooses to put in them. Or if all else fails, how much force they'll put into hunting down and exterminating those who endanger lives.

    Ultimately the 'super-humans' have been dealt the winning hand, it's up to them whether they choose to play it or not.
    | PLOT: |

    Before today you were just an ordinary everyday Joe, or at least so you thought. Inside you laid the potential to become something greater but it was stunted, it hadn't fully developed. Packing your bags, you said goodbye to your parents, your roommate, your loved ones or whomever else you had in your life as you made your way to a special presentation at your school; San Francisco State University. Taking your seat or perhaps even taking part in the demonstration you watched as the experimental prototype Particle Accelerator came to life. The air in the room was like electricity as excitement flowed through your body, each and every hair feeling like it was standing on end until suddenly an awful noise filled the room. Something was wrong with the machine, and without any warning it suddenly malfunctioned, sparks flying everywhere before it launched a massive shockwave knocking nearly everyone in the room to the ground.

    That was the last thing you remembered before waking up in a hospital bed and being discharged shortly thereafter. Life seemed to go back to normal, the incident being nothing more than a small stain on the University's record since no one died, but yet not everything was the same. Perhaps you notice it when you went for your morning jog, or maybe while you were doing some other meticulous task but your body has developed some strange and unexplainable gift. Yesterday you were out of breath keeping pace with your dog, but now you barely break a sweat passing cars on the I-80. The particle accelerator had activated the latent potential within your body, perhaps it did the same for everyone else in the room or perhaps you were special. Do you keep this discovery to yourself or do you decide to tell everyone around? More importantly what do you use your powers for? Fame, fortune, or some other self gain? Or perhaps you'd rather better mankind, do you risk yourself for others? Do you save the innocent, heal the sick, go above and beyond your duties as a civilian? What you do with your powers will shape your future, these are not decisions to be made lightly, for if you do then the consequences could be severe...

    *Note: The IC will be picking up the day of the demonstration, but you obviously know how that's going to go...
    | SETTING: |

    The RP will taking place in the present day in the city of San Francisco, California located in the United States of America. As such, here are some helpful resources in order to keep your representation of the Golden Gate City realistic and detailed.
    | RULES: |

    1. Character Creation Rules:

    [1.01] You can create any superhuman mold you want with tact. All invincible superhumans or obvious imitations of DC or Marvel titles will be judged harshly. If you must make a 'monstrous' character/power, I advise you to make your character dual sided so they may blend with the regular people. Your abilities should also be a secret to everyone except your character's closest friends if you so wish, remember people are afraid of what they don't understand and the metahuman is a new concept to the world. People will not be willing to accept them very quickly.

    [1.02] Character sheets will not be accepted until the GMs have had time to look over the CS thoroughly. This not only ensures that we the GMs have time to read through Character Sheets appropriately but also that you the Player are receiving proper critique as well as a solid community to interact with in the In Character Threads. We appreciate your patience with this.

    [1.03] All Character Sheets must be submitted to the GMs in the provided or similarly laid out format. Character Sheets which do not use the an organized skeleton will be rejected and asked to comply to a standard. Displays of impatience towards acceptance will result in an immediate denial. The GMs have lives outside of The Guild and may have their time restricted during the week and/or weekend. Have patience and a positive attitude and you will receive a response.
    [1.04] Players are allowed one primary character. You allowed to create secondary characters to interact with as well as flesh them out. However do not spend more time on these characters than necessary, they should be more like NPCs than player characters. While you could make them metahumans, they should not be constantly tagging along with your character. Opportunities to have other primary characters may come down the road.

    2. Out Of Character Rules:
    [2.01] Respect the Game Masters. The GM's words are law, don't argue or disregard them. If a GM asks you to stop doing something please do it. Likewise if a GM asks you to change something in your post please do it. Failure to adhere to any GM or Guild Moderator requests will result in expulsion from the game.

    [2.02] Respect the other players. Constructive criticism is fine, but flaming or trying to run players off just because you don't like the way they do things is not okay. Remember, it's the GM's job, not yours, to point out if there's a problem. If you feel that there is a problem, then contact a GM directly.

    [2.03] Likewise any quarrels will be dealt with by the GMs. Don't take them out in the OOC, arguments should be dealt with between the two parties through private messaging. If the involved parties truly can't solve their issues a GM can act as an arbiter upon request.

    [2.04] No GIF Posts, No GIF Wars. This is a thread for discussion of the Roleplay, its characters and plots. This is not a Spam Thread. Chat is allowed but please try not to fill the OOC with numerous pages that have little to nothing to do with the roleplay itself.

    3. In Character Rules:
    [3.01]You are your character, so act like them. Create or portray their mannerisms, powers, and ideals to how they have been established in the game. BE the character, not just yourself with the character's powers.

    [3.02] Writing expectations for this roleplay are at least two a (2)-paragraph minimum per post. Three (3) to five (5) paragraph posts are however would be awesome! Proper spelling and grammar is also expected but small mistakes here and there are understandable. Blatant offenses will be called out.

    [3.03] You are expected to post at least once per week. If there are any outside factors as to why you can't meet this expectation please let the GMs know. If you find yourself in a plot with another player and they disappear, do your best to move on without them and quickly finish the arc to the best of your ability, or ask for the help of a GM. If you stop posting for two (2) weeks, your character will be listed as 'inactive', and after a further week of inactivity, your characters will be expelled, and dealt with as necessary in the IC, whether killed or used as needed and then discarded.

    [3.04] No God-Modding or metagaming. This refers to controlling or manipulating another player's character in way that is completely self beneficial and not pre-approved by the other player. This also includes being untouchable against NPC characters as well as being all knowing. Keep your character humanized or risk being expelled from the RP.

    [3.05] PC's are not to be killed without permission. Nameless NPC's are fine, but PC's or important NPC's will require authorization by their creator. You may threaten a whole city but you are not allowed to actually nuke/bomb/rain fire on a city and destroy it unless said plot has been pre-approved with the GMs.

    [3.06] This is a Character Driven RP, and as such you are encouraged and expected to take charge of your character's sub-plots and storylines. You are always welcome to group with other players and create storylines together as well. The GMs will leading the RP in the traditional sense with a driving plot and will ensure the RP keeps moving however we do want to see you develop your characters.

    [3.07] Absolutely no 'OOC' chatter in the In Character Thread. If you have a question or anything to explain there is an Out Of Character Thread provided. You have no excuse to make an 'OOC' comment in the IC and if done it will be heavily frowned upon.


    The name your character has on their birth certificate.

    Any names your friends/frenemies/rivals/enemies might call you.

    A name you go by whether as a false identity or a moniker related to vigilante activities.

    Hot dog or taco?

    When were you born and how old are you? (RP starts in fall of 2014) Suggested age range is 18 to 25. Applications can be made for older or younger if reasonable argument is presented.

    How tall are you?

    How heavy are you?

    [B]Hair Colour:[/B]
    What colour is your hair, either naturally or dyed?

    [B]Eye Colour:[/B]
    What colour are your eyes, or what colour do your contacts make your eyes appear?

    Please use a photograph followed by a written description. Any costumes may be illustrated with digital art or other such images. Please no anime/manga styled pictures or hand drawn scans. If you're able to digitally clean up and enhance your own drawing then you may submit it. Coloured images are preferred.

    What superhuman powers or attributes does your character possess? Please be specific and go into detail outlining the limits, weaknesses and different applications you have in mind for your character. You may have more than one ability but the more you give your character the weaker each ability should get. For instance a character with only control over fire is going to be able to control more fire and create hotter temperatures than a character who can control fire and run at super speed. Likewise that character won't be able to run as fast as character with pure super speed.

    [B]Sample Post:[/B]
    This can make or break your application, please write a two to three paragraph post as your applied character using this to illustrate their personality and personal outlook. Try and demonstrate your writing in the best way you can here.



    | ARC 1: EMERGENCE |
    An experiment gone wrong at San Francisco State University left numerous individuals with Super-Human abilities. After an individual put their powers on display in front of national television, a specilized team was flown in to contain the situation before 'Moscow' happened again.
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  2. Name: Marianne Simon

    Nicknames: Mari, Annie

    Alias: Porcelain

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: 28th October 1992 (Aged 21)

    Height: 5’

    Weight: 100lbs

    Hair Colour: Dark brown

    Eye Colour: Brown



    Marianne is a short woman of 5’, with a healthy weight which neither is too thin or too heavy. Her body shape is a rectangle, which means that she lacks a defined, womanly curved and in general has a rather flat chest. Her skin is very pale and she burns quite easily in the sun. Marianne’s hair is thick and slightly wavy, it ends at her upper arm but is usually tied up. Usually, Marianne wears pastel colours and her gentle, girly fashion may seem dainty and a little old-fashioned.


    As Porcelain, Marianne usually wears Lolita dresses in order to complete her ‘doll’ appearance. These vary in colours and styles, but follow the same fashion sense. With these dresses, Marianne usually wears a soft mask which matches the dress she chooses to wear (for example, if wearing the dress above, she would wear a dark red mask).

    Abilities: Marianne’s primary power is a queer ability to transform her physical body into porcelain material and to take on the appearance of a china doll. This ability at first was not voluntary, it would randomly happen as a defence mechanism when Marianne grew scared or angry. After some adapting, however, Marianne was able to gain control over it. When in this form Marianne’s skin turns a pale white, it is hard and cold to the touch and she lacks a heartbeat and consequently a pulse. Her lips are painted red and her eyes constantly large and widened. She retains her own eyelash hair and head hair, as it is also present on dolls. She is stiff, as a doll would be, only being able to move and turn where there are joints. This ability allows Marianne to dispensable in certain situations; she has the ability to become injured, however this will only be cracks in porcelain or pieces actually falling apart. This can be mended with strong glue, however if not performed before she turns back, she will suffer great injuries. Her ability to shift into a porcelain doll is not a permanent change, she only has eight hours in that form before she has to change back. If not then she will become permanently porcelain and lack the sensation of a beating heart forever more.

    Marianne’s secondary power is weak telekinesis which only applies to a limited type of object. To use this power, Marianne needs to put in a great deal of effort in order to control it safely, otherwise it can become random and without any known direction or function. It also doesn’t always necessarily work and requires entire concentration to achieve perfectly. Marianne’s first experiences of this power occurred for the same reason the porcelain event did. She became scared or angry and certain objects in her room, such as teddy bears, a puppet, music boxes and china dolls began to move or switch on. It became apparent that Marianne is only able to control objects she has a close attachment to, which due to her childlike personality, happens to be children’s toys. If controlled perfectly, these can be used as allies, social company, or ammo. If controlled improperly, they may spin around the room, collide into herself or with something else.

    Skills and Talents: Marianne’s favourite pastime and her greatest skill is her ability to paint beautiful landscapes and to hand paint objects. Most of her house is coated in her own paintings, which could suggest she is a tad arrogant. Marianne collects wooden toys for a hobby and usually paints them in bright, fanciful colours.

    Marianne’s second dominant skill is her ability to sew and make rather fetching outfits. Though she does not make all or most of her clothes, she does make her Lolita dresses which she wore on formal occasions before she became Porcelain.

    Marianne developed these artistic skills by the teachings of her mother and as a way to keep busy, as her childhood was rather boring and empty and with little or no friends, she had to make her own entertainment.

    Biography: Marianne was born in a rural part of Alsace, France, where she was raised with both German and French culture. She was born to a large family and spent her entire childhood as the youngest and ‘baby’ of the family. With most of her relatives working hard labour jobs, Marianne was left alone in a large old house and spent most of her time exploring the retro toys kept in a chest and trying on her mother’s dresses. She would occasionally play dress up and would use any material in the house she could find to make her imagination come to life. This childlike, dreamy quality of Marianne never left her.

    When she was 12, in 2004, part of her family abruptly moved to live with a distant grandparent in Manhattan. She, her older sister and her brother came with her, but her parents stayed behind. Due to her age, Marianne was not told of why she had moved until the next year, where it was explained that their parents had been suffering financially and with no other logical option (or rather, without time to think of a logical option) they moved their children to Marianne’s mother’s parents who had come to America many years before.

    From here on in Marianne was introduced to a fast-paced, busy, rude city that she was not accustomed to. To try and help herself deal with the change, she clung to her childlike qualities which reminded her of Alsace and used it as a way to get through. Despite her new location, Marianne never lost interest in art and fashion, she decided she would study art at a university. Marianne had trouble making friends, her odd, very open, overly friendly, overly affectionate personality put some people off, and those who wanted to be friends with she had trouble making time for them, because she was very absorbed in her artwork. So, Marianne had no reservations about leaving the state. She chose California as it felt a little freer than New York. Eventually Marianne settled with San Francisco State and moved there abruptly. Though the city seemed just as rushed and busy compared to Alsace, it was less aggressive to her and she felt much more at home. Marianne observed the Particle Accelerator demonstrator out of pure curiosity and fascination, though art students didn’t have a priority to view it, she still managed to squeeze into the room on account of her being a student.

    Sample Post:

    A restless sleep was something that Marianne was hoping to avoid. The previous events had left her tired and lacking in energy, but whilst her body was exhausted, her mind was on edge and frightfully alive with ideas and fears which caused her to lay awake in her dark room. It had been a few days after she had been released from hospital, though everything before that was a blur. For someone else, laying in this bed may have disturbed them a little, for it was drenched in wooden dolls, music boxes, marionettes and wind-up toys. Though it did not disturb Marianne, it merely put her at ease. For her to be surrounded by such childlike things reminded her of a peaceful, meaningless time in Alsace, when things didn't need purpose and life was simple. The thought of her old home made her heart ache more, and so the girl demanded that her mind allowed her to sleep before she grew melancholy.Eventually, her eyes fell shut slowly and her body became still and she drifted into a deep slumber. Her dreams (or rather nightmares) were filled with fears of the future and mourning of the past. She did not awake, however, until the sun poked through the partially open curtains and shone upon her pale face. At the light, Marianne let out a tired yawn and stretched out. She could hear the faint sound of something and assumed it was her room-mate's alarm clock. “Alexandria…turn that off…it’s early…” She mumbled softly. She rubbed her face with the back of her hand and then slowly sat up, her hair sticking up in random, multiple directions. “Alexandria!” She snapped grumpily. Forcing open her eyes, Marianne glanced over to the empty bed beside her, only to remember that Alex had an exam that morning. “Uh.”

    Marianne looked around to try and locate the noise, thinking it was her phone. As she turned to her pillow to check her phone, she caught the sight of the music box sitting on her end table, playing loudly, the small elephant with a ball balanced upon its trunk turning round. For a moment Marianne paused. Had that gone off on its own? Thinking little of it, she slammed down the lid and then frowned as she heard some sort of knock of wood. She turned left and her eyes widened at the sight of her clown marionette floating in front of her. Marianne looked up to see the wooden cross bouncing from side to side, causing the puppet to dance in the air. At first she did nothing, her mouth only fell open, then suddenly she flinched as her rocking horse began to rock violently back and forth. With a scream Marianne leaned back, causing her to fall out of the bed and onto the floor. She dragged herself back in horror, sobbing as she did, until her back hit the wall just under the window. She hugged her knees and rocked back and forth as various toys whirled around the room in random directions, music boxes played loudly and the bigger objects either fell down completely or vibrated and shook.

    ‘Ghosts’ was her only conclusion currently and that made her start to have a panic attack. As she shook and cried, she did not initially notice her left hand starting to feel cold against her right. It was until her left arm felt cold against her knee that she glanced down and screamed loudly at the fact her entire arm was turning into a solid, white material. “Stop, stop it!” She tried to command, slamming the arm as if it were a bug biting into her skin. But as she did, her other hand began to turn into the same material. Marianne cried and sobbed as her entire body became this stiff, lifeless material. She reached to touch her face and found it was hard and shiny. She touched her hair but could not feel the soft curls, as her hard fingers had seemed to lose their delicate sense of touch. Eventually, Marianne stopped crying and spluttering and the toys seemed to collapse to the floor. Marianne looked to her hands, though she felt like she was shaking and trembling, her hands made no such movement. She waited to see if she’d see her flesh again, and eventually, as she calmed, the material seemed to fade away and her lovely soft pink skin returned. After what felt like an hour of sitting alone in the room, Marianne began to wonder what had happened. Had that been an illusion? Was she that ill that her mind was playing tricks on her? She eventually went around the room and picked up her knocked over toys and began to realise that this was in fact reality. She set them back in their respective places and then returned to her bed, rather shakily. The girl tried to return to sleep, now preferring her dreams to this.
  3. Name: Alexiana Ageha Arissa

    Nicknames: Alexia, Alexi, Lexi, Lexia, Alex, Lex

    Alias: Silver

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: 5 October 1990 (Age 23)

    Height: 1.75m (5'8")

    Weight: 55kg (121lbs)

    Hair Colour: Natural extremely light blonde (platinum)

    Eye Colour: Gray

    Though some might consider her length tall for a woman, she doesn't think so. Her frame is quite delicate, not 'one nudge she breaks' fragile, but just very fine in her build. She doesn't care about being in the sun much, so her skin isn't very tanned, even though it could have been, making her a little lighter than her classmates back at home.
    Alexi's hair usually is kept hanging down, with maybe a few locks clipped towards the back to open up her face. It's fairly thick at the top and middle, but as it reaches her elbows it thins out quite a bit. Maybe a haircut is a year or two overdue. Most of the times you'll find Alexiana in a simple top with a basic pair of jeans because she doesn't feel okay to stand out. Her normal, favorite wear consists of simple, high waist, dresses in whites, or the blueish pastels.
    The only jewelry Alexiana wears is a silver ring that was given to her by her father on her 15th birthday.

    As Silver, Alexiana tries to wear some form of silver. Like a silvery top, and a simple silver mask that she'll be making once she's settled on the idea of having powers that could help protect others. If she had the skills, or knew someone that could help her with her ideas, she would probably make some form of a superhero outfit consisting of a silver and red high waist sleeveless mid thigh length dress, combined with a belt in the middle, red pumps or ballerina flats, and her mask would also consist of silver and red.
    The main reason why she chose the name Silver is because of her love for the metal, and figured it fit better than something scary that described her power better.

    Abilities: (Side note, it's split into 3 points, though essentially they're the same power. Blood that stops powers and burns other people.)
    1: Power immunity.
    Alexiana is immune to powers being used on her directly. If someone for example attempts to read her mind, or move her with telekinesis it will not take effect. She will feel a tingling sensation in her body, but that is it. But that is only where her blood flows. Hair, nails, and clothes are able to be affected by other powers.

    2: Nullification.
    Should Alexi draw blood and spatter this out over the power of another person, the power will be cut off and stopped. If the opponent were to reactivate what they were doing before, she would have to repeat the process.

    3: Acidic. (she will rarely use this as, personality wise, she's a softy that hates it if others get hurt, but it's her only means of actual offense)
    When Alexi's blood comes into contact with another person's skin her blood will have a scorching effect. Like acid. It is mainly just an annoying sting, unless a larger quantity is applied and remains there longer than two seconds. In that case it will burn harder. The longer the contact between blood and skin remains, the more damage it will have. Getting her blood in someone's eyes could potentially blind them (this will not be used in the RP unless specifically requested)

    1: Her greatest weakness is her own bodily limitation. Just as any ordinary human being her body can only handle a limited amount of blood loss before passing out. If blood is still drained from her then she will die.

    2: Her blood replenishes at the same speed as a normal human.

    3: The cuts leave scars. Meaning she has no super healing.

    4: To be able to access her power she has to have something sharp with her at all times or be close enough to touch.

    5: The immunity from powers is not the same as immunity in general.
    All though Alexiana can't be burned away by fire powers (for example), she is not immune to fire in the form of a torch (even if lit by a pyrokinetic power) and would burn like any normal human.

    6: Aside from the nullification her powers give her no physical advantages over her opponents.

    Sample Post:
    Carefully Alexiana tried to wiggle her fingers, her toes, and went up to her arms, legs, till she was certain she could move everything. After that major shock last week with the Particle Accelerator Alexiana still wasn't always sure if she had gone through that and survived without much of any damage. Somehow she had managed to get away with mainly a few scrapes, and a headache for hitting the ground, and as far as she heard no one had been dealt any physical lasting damage. It had been a relief, a deep relief to her. The explosion, or malfunction as it was mainly called by the faculty, was strange however. They never should have tested it in the first place with so many students present.

    Either way, it was time for Alexiana to get out of bed. Sliding her feet out of her bed she tried to be as careful as she could, to not wake her roommate. Her pink ducky pajamas were almost absurdly sweet and childish, though the rest of her outlook was quite plain. As silently as she could, Alexiana opened her drawer. Inside it was an organized mess. Everything had its perfect place, but unless you understood the order, it would just look like a chaotically filled drawer.
    Slim fingers made quick work of searching through the clothes till she found a pair of jeans, and her mp3 player. With a satisfied nod she closed the drawer and went over to her bed. Beside it was the white, long sleeved shirt that she wanted to wear. She had worn it the day before, but it was still clean enough.

    There was unfortunately one down side to wearing this shirt a second time in a row. Alexiana wasn't exactly the most efficient when it came to getting dressed. Most of her clothing she took off in such a way that it ended up inside out, or partially inside out. This on occasion confused her, wondering what was top and bottom, and moreover, how to fix this. Today was no different. It took her a good minute before she had it all correct.
    Then the next not so bright moment came along. She took off her PJ's, started to get dressed, before making sure to change underwear and put on a bra. Having just donned the shirt and was halfway with her pants, she sighed. Why oh why couldn't she think of these things ahead of time.
    Alexiana took everything off, wore the proper underwear, and almost made the mistake of putting her pajamas back in. At least she was able to stop herself on time, this time. It wasn't like every morning was this bad, only the mornings where she tried to be as quiet as she could.

    Of course by now her clothing was as jumbled as it was before, inside out shirt with one arm correct, and a partially inside out pair of pants. At long last she was dressed. Her bedhead now was almost sticking up completely due to static electricity. Looking in the mirror Alexiana let out a sigh.
    "Good morning sleepyhead." She told her reflection.
    She ran some water over her hands and used it to tame her wild manes. She brushed her hair, and clipped one of the front locks to the back.
    "There. Better." She said out loud as she looked in the mirror again. After rubbing in her eyes again and taking a good look at her reflection's clothing, she realized... her shirt was on backwards.
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  4. The Bullet, #4dffff
    | NAME: |
    Gareth Simon Wagner​

    | NICKNAME(S): |

    | ALIAS(ES): |
    The Bullet (~Future Alias~)​

    | GENDER: |

    | BIRTHDAY: |
    October 10, 1993 (Currently 20)​

    | HEIGHT: |

    | WEIGHT: |

    | HAIR COLOUR: |

    | EYE COLOUR: |
    Icy Blue​

    See above photo. Gareth's usually style consists of expensive name brand clothing and often time custom tailored items. As the Bullet, he dons a fitted black and grey outfit similar to motorcycle armor however it has more give in the fabric to account for his need for movement. Around his face, he wears a light blue scarf and over his eyes he wears a set of large tinted goggles. He keeps his hair spiked usually either in a ducktail or a fauxhawk. ​

    | ABILITIES: |

    • Sonic Speed: Gareth gained the ability to travel at extraordinary speeds from the accident. As such, he can move much faster than the even the fastest athletes, capable of running speeds possibly capable of breaking the sound barrier. This power is not without any ill effects however, as it can very straining the body, draining energy reserves rapidly and burning away fat stores at an unhealthy rate. However his rapid metabolism allows for an above average healing time, though it does slightly increase his aging. Gareth's overall state of health also has an affect on his top speed, the worse shape he's in, the lower his top speed becomes. Overuse of his powers will leave Gareth extremely fatigued and at worse, passed out or possibly even comatose. Gareth's speed didn't include a control over his maneuverability and as such he has problems with inertia and tight corners.

    • Projectile Body: A technique of Gareth's sonic speed, he can accelerate himself to high speeds, which release an aura of destructive energies around himself. Gareth can then channel these destructive energies to turn himself into a living bullet. This allows him to utilize these energies to form a projectile sphere around him enabling him to smash right through most obstacles or enemies.

    • Speed Strike: As an alternate means of attack, Gareth has the power to enhance physical attacks by moving at great speeds, gaining momentum. By traveling at great speeds, he can acquire the relativistic mass of such speed to land blows which can hit with tremendous force. Additionally, Gareth is able to fight at incredible speeds, striking his opponents in rapid succession. His attacks may cause more damage than normal due to gaining kinetic energy, and thus momentum, produced through the speed of each hit.

    • Molecular Oscillation: Lastly, Gareth has the ability to vibrate his molecules at a high frequency. He is therefore able to vibrate his molecules at a high frequency, which allows him to pass through the molecules of other matter and make himself intangible to evade physical attacks or escape conventional imprisonment with immense concentration. However, Gareth isn't able to harm his opponents in addition to not being harmed during his state of molecular vibration. Also he could be incapacitated if his molecules were slowed down.
    | SAMPLE POST: |
    School had been rough the last couple months but at least the semester was starting to lighten up in time for Thanksgiving. Soon after that it would be Christmas, not that it really mattered since Gareth was likely going to be spending it on the campus. His father was off brokering some billion dollar deal with some poor unsuspecting victim who was about to sign over all his country's oil, while his mother was on another book signing tour detailing her life as a 'triple threat' or rather a 'quadruple threat' since she was now a 'writer' too. Forcing a small grin across his face, Gareth at least never had to worry about money. Walking towards the Particle Accelerator demonstration, Gareth slung his bag over his shoulder, the heavy Criminal Justice texts hit against his back as he stumbled forward slightly. Stopping himself before him bumped into a girl, Gareth lit his face up with a smile as he pushed up his blond bangs into their proper spot.

    "Hey, sorry I didn't see you there." He flashed perfectly maintained white teeth at her, his parents had spent on a small fortune on him, mainly at his mother's beset hoping her son would follow after her on the road to Hollywood. His father however had pushed him towards business, Gareth had disappointed them both by choosing to pursue Criminal Justice at San Francisco State University.

    "Oh it's alright, no harm no foul right?" The girl answered as she swept a lock of brilliant red hair behind her left ear. Gareth gave her a quick look over, rather enthused by the pleated leather miniskirt that flowed out from beneath her finest asset.


    "Sorry?" The girl inquired as she turned back to look at Gareth again.

    "I said, damn right." Gareth said as he flashed another million dollar smile. "No harm, no foul." Taking a quick step to catch up to the redhead, "Are you going to the Particle Accelerator demonstration?"

    "Yeah, my Prof expects a full article on it." The girl said with a half smile.

    "Ah journalism student then?" Gareth said with a raised eyebrow. "So what's the scoop?" The girl let out a small giggle, though Gareth figured it was more out of pity than anything. "I'm sorry for that, I can't help myself sometimes."

    "Don't worry about it, I'd never heard it before." She said as she pushed the same strand of hair behind her ear.

    "That's a relief, I'd hate to be 'that guy'." Gareth chuckled as the pair passed a small kiosk. Stopping, he gestured towards the kiosk with a raised eyebrow. "Coffee to keep you awake during the presentation? Donut perhaps? Or maybe you're a steeped tea kind of girl?"

    "None of the above, but perhaps a chocolate milk if you don't mind?" The girl batted her eyelashes as she accompanied the gesture with a light hearted grin.

    "I don't know..." Gareth smiled as he turned to the man behind the kiosk. "Can I get a chocolate milk and well, why not lets make it two of those please." Holding out the platinum credit card his parents had supplied him with, the man slightly rolled his eyes as he swiped the card before passing the two bottles to Gareth. Handing one to his new fancy, Gareth opened the door into the auditorium where the Particle Accelerator lay in wait on the stage below. "Here we are," he added with a mock bow, the girl curtsied in a similar mock manner as she walked past Gareth. Walking down until she was in the center of the auditorium, the girl slid into a row, excusing herself as she stepped over people before finding a seat with a relatively good view of the demonstration. Gareth likewise, followed her before sitting down beside her.

    "I'm Gareth by the way, my friend's call me GSW though."

    "Why do they call you that?" The girl asked, brushing her hair behind her ear again as she pulled out a notebook and pen.

    "It's my actual intials, but the fact I'm a criminal justice student seems to make it funnier according to my classmates." The girl giggled slightly before speaking again.

    "I'm Alyssa, nice to meet you 'GSW'."

    "Very nice to meet you Alyssa." Gareth said with a smile as he leaned back in his chair. Very nice indeed.
  5. I don't really have a set arc yet that I'd like to play out for Alexiana, I do know Alexiana has been designed to fit into the supporting roles relatively easily, should that be needed.
    I'm still trying to figure out what to do with her own arc, got a few ideas, but still working on it. Just so you know.
  6. Name:
    Justin Patima​





    Hair Colour:
    Jet Black, with a bleached-white streak in the fringe.​

    Eye Colour:


    With a strong brow and clean-cut hair, Justin casts an attractive, if imposing, figure. However, his initial aura is quickly cast away by his natural friendliness and social ability. His clothing is often as monochrome as it is impeccable, more for fashion's sake than anything else. A close look at Justin's presentations of himself reveals how deeply he needs the immediate approval of a good impression, but a look any shallower simply shows a man who takes care of himself.

    Justin also 'suffers' from the physiological condition known as 'Situs Invertus', in which the positioning of one's internal organs is reversed - his heart is on the right, his larger lung is on the left along with his liver and spleen, and so on. This has no negative affects on his body, but it does make him an interesting medical anomaly.
    Self-Duplication - Justin has the ability to produce a clone of himself, identical in form, mentality, and skill to the original, which simply steps away from his body. This clone - Justin2- can learn, act, think, and talk independently of Justin1, but can be reabsorbed at will, along with all the memories, experiences, and skills had and learnt by the clone. Justin can take advantage of this ability to 'double-time' his learning in order to artificially boost his skills in several pointless talents and a few useful ones. The clone is a complete mirror image of Justin, from his hair parting to the designs on his clothing to even his Situs Invertus. While it doesn't affect either in action, it can be used to tell them apart if you look close enough.

    Reabsorbing a healthy clone also pushes the original body further toward it's natural form, healing injuries somewhat and pushing off illnesses a little faster. However, an injured Justin cannot release and immediately reabsorb his clone to heal himself, as the clone will share any injuries with the original Justin.

    Justin can also clone any objects he's holding, said objects being held by Justin2 as he emerges, provided they aren't too large or too complicated. However, these objects fade and crumble out of existance if they leave the possession of Justin2, as they cannot be sustained outside of either of the Justin.

    As a whole being, Justin also enjoys enhanced strength and stamina, though not to an overtly superhuman degree. He also has the presence of two minds, affording him a very strong sense of self, heavy amounts of mental willpower and fortitude, and sometimes an utter, undeniable confidence in his decisions.​

    Sample Post:
    Justin woke with a sharp inhale and a startled grunt as his phone buzzed and chimed on his nightstand, moving itself across the wooden surface with its vibrations before it toppled off the edge, bounced slightly on the carpeted floor, and continued droning. Justin pulled a hand from beneath his pillow and rubbed his eye with the butt of his palm before rolling over and reaching over the edge of the bed to silence the alarm. He patted around to find the phone and then seized it, tapping the screen as violently as he could manage with a single half-asleep hand, and then bringing the screen to his eyes, regretting it as the glare forced a wince. An alert ran across the screen: "P.A. PROTO TEST 2DAY". Justin sat up.

    He swung his legs over and set his feet on the floor, finding the different sensations between the two odd before looking and seeing he had a single sock on; must have been woozy when he came in last night then. His head was foggy, but not with drink - more exhaustion, and some lingering doubts in the back of his mind, threads weaving between feelings of bad omens and the image of his phone's alarm. He shook it off. Every artist hated their own work. He supposed, in a way, it was no different for practical engineers, even if he was only a student. Theoretically, a machine could always be more efficient.

    Justin hadn't actually worked on the Accelerator; but its build coincided with a fair amount of coursework for his course. A case of good timing for his year; the work was certainly more interesting than the reports students from upper years had to work on. He shook away the fog and the bad omens with a simple twitch of his head, and pushed himself up to stand, moving toward his bedroom door. He could hear the shower going from here, and he had a good idea of who'd be in it.

    He walked out onto the upper landing - Justin lived in a student house with three others - and padded over to the bathroom, hopping on one foot to remove his sock as he did so. He shivered slightly in the morning air, giving the stink-eye to a window just slightly cracked open, and crossed his arms across his naked chest. He kicked the door. A shout of protest echoed from inside.

    "Hurry up, Avery! I've got that prototype demo to get to!" He shouted back, and then kicked the door once more before turning back to his room. He could already hear the creaking of the shower winding down.
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  7. If anyone would like their character to be one of the two remaining unnamed housemates of Justin's, for the sake of interaction and character relations, then they're more than welcome. Justin is taking a Practical Engineering course, although that doesn't seem to collide with any of the other students thus far.
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  8. I'll try to get my guy up today or tomorrow. Sorry to keep you waiting, Wraith.

  9. Name: Liam Davin Reynolds

    L, Animal whisperer, -etc-


    Hot dog Male

    August 1 1992 ; 21 years young }


    84 Kg ; 185 lbs

    Hair Colour:
    Dark brown almost black.

    Eye Colour:

    Liam is a lean and tall male who stands exactly at 6"2 with dark brown hair and green eyes, often somehow mistaken as a blue gray color. He has a signature yet natural pompadour or a 'quiff' hairstyle almost and it seems to be often done up, when in fact that's not the case as he doesn't always do his hair. It grows up and stays up.

    Costume wise though as his alias, 'Bestial', he dons a Red and black outfit that's not to dark or light. Though it seems like just regular clothes, it's actually somewhat specially made to be more durable and somewhat elemental proof. Liam wears a light armor under it and simply covers it up for more of a full and complete look affect wearing sleek looking yet stretchable red pants -with knee pads and shin pads- that adjusts to whatever movement he makes whether in intense combat or not and also wears some ankle high custom black and red men's boots. That's just the bottom part, as for the top part he seems to wear a black half long sleeved shirt which would be the light armor that is mostly located around his torso and shoulders mainly focusing in guarding his upper body more. By 'half long sleeve' I mean that one side -his right side- is a full sleeve and glove as one while his left side is a half sleeve stopping at the middle of his arm around his elbow. He separately wears another glove on his left and to summarize the torso wear, it's a sleeveless looking hoodie with large pockets and a snap button at the edges of the collar to button them together where it's fitted around his neck or to unbutton it. There seems to be a light neck guard around the back and sides of his neck only to support his neck incase large impacts are made and it has proven somewhat useful, yet can still break -just not really easily-.

    As for the mask it is connected to his sleeveless hoodie to the neck padding which is also firmly stuck on the sleeveless hoodie. This blocks his facial identity ultimately and is connected to the hoodie because a 'separate mask' is an easy advantage to reveal ones identity. People maya call the outfit trivial, but he's just trying to play it safe.

    • Animal Manipulation: An ability to manipulate any animal however he wants, this type of power allows Liam to ultimately have and do the following: Taming and Empathy (the ability to understand and/or feel the emotions of animals), Mind control over animalistic beings or forms as well as mentally link to them (form strong bonds), Sensory scurrying (Perceive through animal senses), and 'zoolinguism' an ability to verbally communicate with other animals if telepathy with them doesn't work. However such things are limited in a way as Liam is still new with his powers slightly and is currently still experimenting around and improving his powers more.
    • Animal imitation: Another one of Liam's special powers, he is able to imitate other animals and their own abilities. Be it running like an ostrich, Swinging and climbing like a monkey, track like a dog, etc, he is able to have those abilities without transforming into an actual animal as that is called shape shifting and he cannot shapeshift. The power itself only enables him to mimic animalistic traits while still keeping his form but this power is very limited for Liam as he is only able to mimic the animals he observes (NOT just mimic any animal he wants, it must be an animal he has seen or actually observed), and may experience different weaknesses of the animals he mimics. Like for example, a cat getting easily distracted by other things seen, however he can get over this if he trains hard enough to resist and get through such trivial things.
    • Animal Morphing: Animal morphing allows Liam to transform into animals--Extinct or still here, as well as use the abilities, traits and appearance/physiology of animals by rearranging his own DNA structure. He can fully form into them or just have some traits needed temporarily. Yet, It's not a simple task as he had just discovered this power very recently and since he's a beginner at it he is especially trying to get better at this hard ability. You may think 'well, Liam can easily shift into an animal within seconds' but that kinda isn't the case exactly. Right now, Liam similar to his animal manipulation and imitation, it's a must for him to observe animals carefully, and as for the extinct ones learn about them from what ever he could get his hands on. The more time he takes to practice and improve, the longer he can handle himself morphing into an animal without problem, as well as the more accurate he'll look. He can't just simply morph into an animal without having a specific small flaw, so accuracy and true morphing is a big thing for him. Like say he sees a stripeless tiger for example -yes they're real!- and there are no black prints seen, one flaw will be a black spot behind the ears or so, easily pointing him out, and easily making him give up the morphing act and turn back to normal. That is why he has an observing and more keen personality trait that's natural for him now. He can only look, and turn rather than visualize and turn into his desired morph. As for lasting long, Liam can last fairly long but if a flaw is pointed out or he is caught in some trap he will naturally turn back to his human form. Such things to turn him back would be intense pain unless he can adapt himself to it.
    Additional Information (self added):
    • He has ear piercings, however when in combat he takes them off because if he morphs into an animal it'd be an easy flaw to point him out as an animal, leading to some more stressful events making things harder.
    • When morphing, A main flaw Liam cannot get rid of would be a paw shaped birthmark he has -and coincidentally he gets animal related powers, ironic right?- located under his left wrist. Some mistaken it as a small tattoo, but no matter how much Liam will be accurate in his morphing skills, the birthmark will always remain somewhere. IE, if he's a dog it'll be around his ears, if he's a cat it'll be on his tail, etc. However most people don't notice it when he's 'bestial' possibly very few people do. The placement of his birthmark when he morphs to a desired animal varies.
    • Liam loves science, and is studying in the forensics field, being done with learning to be a 'veterinarian'. He figured he would need forensics as his other persona which can help a lot and has already studied being a veterinarian (Which is actually his job, since he's so 'advanced' but in actuality, the animals talk to him).
    • He is ambidextrous which is an easy advantage.
    Sample Post:
    It was nearly 11:55 am and a male slept in a large queen sized bed. A loud alarm rang from an iPhone 5s that rested over a small table beside the bed charging as it was under a lamp light and The suns bright brilliant rays had hit him directly in his closed eyes through a window that was beside him. His eyes pinched closed shut even harder as he slowly flipped on his back while groaning loudly and tiredly, alarmed by both the rays of the sun and the alarm he had set up. He tried to go back to sleep but couldn't help feeling anything but sore And squished tightly to the side edges of his own bed. Dismissing the feeling he faces his table while still sleeping and grabs his phone, throwing it across the room recklessly."Erghhhh... Shut up." He groans through his breath and soon stretched his legs out on the bed kicking something off with a soft 'thud'. Probably a pillow or a heap of clothes or something and he soon felt some weight on him and repeated licking across his face.

    The male forced a small laugh half sleeping."Babe, stop..." He mutters amused before feeling a hard bite on his ear and immediately sitting straight up."OUCH!--OH SHIT!" the young man named Liam Davin Reynalds who had awaken to see a big surprise on his bed. Four dogs laying all over his bed happily, some sitting, and he looked around as a large black dog approached him with his phone in his mouth. Liam quickly grabbed it and looked at the time, his green emerald eyes widening."Crap! Late for classes!" He said rolling off of bed and almost falling before he regained his balance again. Liam felt exhausted from last night, partying -without drinking as he wasn't really much of a drinker-, and also improving and practicing his powers once he came back home. He crawled to the bathroom quickly, slipping in his socks but nonetheless was in a rush and the dogs had followed him. The dogs whom he was practicing his powers on. He turned on the sink water and began brushing his teeth and after about three minutes walked out the bathroom. 3 hours of sleep was definitely not enough and he walked back into the bathroom sucking on his tongue."Ughh.. Hair!" He said looking around behind the mirror for his materials."C'mon, C'mon! Some mousse Atleast!" Muttered Liam searching around his messy bathroom. One of the dogs, a Maltese walked out the bathroom and came back rolling the mousse can about on the hard wooden floors to the bathroom and instantly barked at Liam for attention.

    Liam understood the dog however. It said,"Over here! Found it! Here!" And he bent down grabbing the mousse can and putting whatever amount needed to do his hair before playing with it. He then grabbed a comb to make it seem at least more neater and presentable and Liam rushed out the bathroom, throwing on some ankle high toms and his signature vest that ultimately made him look like Marty Mcfly a bit and he grabbed his keys from a nearby coffee table opening the door."Get out of her! Now! Scram little guys!" He ordered through gritted teeth in a rush as he also grabbed his wallet and stuffed it in his pockets with his phone. The dogs ran out before Liam in a line and Liam locked the door behind him before running down some steps of his house. The dogs left and Liam looked at his keys."Crap!" He hissed. Wrong keys. The key ring he took only had the front door key and he flicked out his wallet checking for money or a trolley card to take a bus or something to school and thankfully he did and looked up, seeing a bus at the bus stop ready to leave."No wait!" He yelled running across the street and to the bus, putting his arm through the door before it closed. Liam tapped his card on the scanner and took a seat panting heavily.

    But he realized, he forgot his northface bag at home. Stomping in frustration Liam cursed at himself in a whisper lowly and arrived at his university late, now it was 12:30 noon time. He rushed inside and ran through halls occasionally getting scolded and trying to be stopped by the superiors but didn't cease. He made it to his class which was going to end in about fifteen minutes and walked in silently yet quickly getting a seat far back. He already knew what would happen.

    "Well! Look what the cat dragged in! If it isn't the modern day Marty McFly!" Joked his professor. Immediately the class turn edit heir heads staring at a grinning Liam who let out a sigh panting and sat down, looking down with a sneer."Relax yourself and catch up quickly, Liam.." Added his professor. His friend who sat beside him handed him some line papers and a mechanical pencil and immediately Liam began to quickly Atleast make the best of the now thirteen minutes remaining.

    Everyone would say it, Liam truly was the modern day real life version of Marty McFly, always late, always reckless and childish, wanting to be brave while taking unnecessary risks, and etc, But could you blame him? Even his style at times? It simply couldn't be helped! He grew up on a healthy number of old school 80's flicks watched by his parents even when they were divorced and That could be one reason he looks and is somewhat very Marty Mcfly-ish. Late yet always having good grades as well.

    The love lives ; Crushes, interests, girlfriends (past or present)

    Kayla Pham (open)

    21 - Lovely Ballerina - Best Friend - Friend Zoned

    Kayla is a childhood friend of Liam. They both grew up together and often hung out with each other every single time. They were coincidentally always put in the same schools and always lived right near each other until going into university of course, they moved elsewhere in separate ways. She was a young women, whom dreamed and aspired to become a skilled ballerina and once getting into university together, the two found themselves stuck with each other again. It was a one sided love at first, with Liam falling for her first but soon the feeling became mutual and pretty obvious that they really liked each other on a deeper scale and when Liam finally had the guts to ask her out he was friend zoned by her. It didn't faze Liam in some ways, however it did disappoint him. But being a guy who looks straight ahead and not get caught up in the last he simply accepted it. The two weren't meant to be together simply because Kayla would be traveling around and feared that if they dated and the 'serious relationship' ever ended, there'd be no relationship at all between them anymore. So they stuck as being best friends, talking once and a whole here and there once in a while.

    Natalie Layfayette (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    20 - Former model + ballerina who is a Journalist - Current love interest
    One of the most daring girls -other than Kayla- Liam has surely met in his 'Bestial' persona or out, he seems to always be the one saving the brave and extreme Natalie whenever some huge action sparks. She, simply being his main damsel in distress in a way -but without the screaming for help even though it's needed-. But isn't that what a journalists job is anyway? Going up close and personal with such a daring and dangerous risk taking behavior that just needs to get information from the source itself.
    Natalie is surprisingly an official journalist despite the age, and attends college with Liam as his new former friend who just talks to each other. She remains in college to better improve her journalism and does it cause she's an 'extremist'. She somewhat models here and there out of the blue moon and no longer does ballerina Shows with others, just for herself.
    Her looks definitely kills Liam as he simply admires from afar when he's not 'bestial' and he will admit proudly that like all the other guys whose heard of Natalie, he's caught up in her like a drug.

    "Your modern day version of the old school Marty McFly."[/spoiler][/spoiler]
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  10. @Lord Wraith I completed a C.S... I hope I did things correctly. I'm willing to tweak things if corrected >_<
    Now the scary wait of approval begins
  11. @Noceur I'll give it a look along with anything else I have yet to approve in the morning likely. I've skimmed over everything posted so far and nothing stuck out as being wrong so you can relax on that regard.
  12. That's alright, I'll do my best to make the story diverse and engaging for all our players.

    @Noceur Your CS is all good, I'll add you and @Roman to the accepted character list.

    In case I haven't formally said it, all submitted characters thus far are accepted.
  13. @Lord Wraith added 'additional info' and also 'animal morphing'
  14. @Noceur, Quick question, you write that Liam has to take his piercings out when morphing otherwise his animal form will have them, what about other jewelry or clothes?
  15. @Lord Wraith to be honest, I was thinking of that and constantly am! I mean I want him to be able to shape shift with the clothes 'magically' shapeshifting with him or something when he morphs, but then again that'll be unacceptable I'm assuming.
    If he has clothes on = animals have it some what too. Whether the color of the outfit will be on their fur, but I don't want that.
    If there's clothes off = problem, which I don't want either. So I'm very conflicted with this part


    Unless the clothes adapt to the form he's taking, IE the color or something changes to the color or pattern of the animal he morphs into?
  16. I was just curious to be honest, I'm not that much of a stickler for the details. I had just found it interesting you took the time to specifically not what would happen if he left his piercings in but there was no mention of the clothes. I mean you could definitely have the clothes adapt to the fur, scales, feathers etc of whatever Liam shifted into. I don't see that being a problem and it saves Liam from streaking around San Fran.
  17. Any relationships with Liam for past present or future PM me for planning! C:
    Thought of Liam here as a sly, nonchalant carefree dude that may live in 2014 but grew up on a healthy number of old school 80's flicks watched by his divorced parents. That could be one reason he looks and acts very Marty Mcfly-ish here. He is overall playful, care free, and pretty easy going if with few to lots of people -yet more docile and nonchalant personally- and is quite an extremist with risk taking.

    @Lord Wraith I know right XD and good thing the idea was accepted too!
  18. Sweeet! I have a supehero that started out as an rp character and I fleshed out into a roleplay character. I shall use her here! More character development for my precious! *Hiss* :D

    Nora Jackson

    Nope. "Nora is already short as it is, what are you gonna call me? 'No-no?'"

    Anuket "It seems fitting. Goddess of the Nile, anyone?"


    February 6, 1995. "I'm 19 years old, but I really wish I was 21."

    5'7" "The height of normal people. Not too short but not too freakishly tall either."

    "Wow. Really? Rude." 148 lbs

    Hair Colour:
    Blackish Brown

    Eye Colour:
    Dark brown.


    As a former police officer's daughter, Nora has quite a bit of muscle on her. She stands at 5'7" and has more sharp edges than curves, due to all those times her father made her try out for track and made her learn multiple fighting styles, if she ever needed to defend herself. Her hair is long and dark brown, and she usually wears it in a pony tail, however she's been thinking of cutting it lately.

    As a journalist, Nora usually wears dark clothing. The only time she wears light, bright colors is when she goes to parties with her friends or has to blend in to get a good scoop.

    Her super heroine costume is a blue body suit courtesy of Yvette and Joan, white gloves, white boots, and a white cowl. Joan wanted to make her a cape, but Nora could see so many thing going sour with that accessory involved.

    "I'm a real life Katara!"

    Water Mimicry -
    The ability to take on the form of water and have it's attributes. When she researched her powers online, she found out that it's possible (in comic books!) to transform only part of your body into water, leaving the rest in it's natural physical form. Unfortunately, as her control is terrible, she can either go all the way or not at all. And even if she does go all the way, she has a lot of trouble restoring her natural form. At the moment her water mimicry activates when she feels scared or excited.
    Despite being able to turn into water, she cannot communicate with aquatic or amphibious animals.

    Water Generation -
    She can produce water anytime and anywhere, unless she's dehydrated. Overuse of her powers can lead to dehydration and use of her powers during extreme high temperatures can lead to symptoms of heat stroke.

    Water Manipulation -
    She can control water and bend it to her will, she can also cause it to boil if she gets angry. But once again, her control is terrible. She might blast the wrong person with water, or she might hit herself with water or both.

    Ice Manipulation -
    Okay, well this is a real work in progress. Depending on her mood, she can make her water frost up a bit. Maybe turn a drop of water or two into some snowflakes, but it takes a lot of concentration, and she's decided to just focus on the water aspect for now.

    Concerning these powers; When she is exposed to hot temperatures over 95 degrees, she can't produce much water and she might pass out.

    Sample Post:
    Nora was sitting on some ratty old couch, next to the 'super hot, super nice guy' that her friends had set her up with. Well...It was more like they had walked into the party, spotted Josh, 'the super hot, super nice guy' and shoved her at him, before cackling like the evil witches that they were and running away. So here she was, sitting next to Josh and trying desperately not to fall asleep as he droned on and on about physics and biology. It was actually kind of cute, how enthusiastic he was about about his major, but Nora just wasn't the science-y type of girl. She was more of a have fun in the sun and don't stay cooped up in a lab staring at a Venus fly trap with a fan strapped to it's stem and wondering why it has't defied gravity yet.

    "...on the Particle Accelerator." Josh finished, giving Nora a bright smile.

    Particle Accelerator? What about it? The girl thought as she stared at him blankly. What the hell had he just said while she was thinking of how boring he was? "I'm sorry, my ears got kind of clogged just now." She said, trying to make up for her disinterest and the fact that she had absolutely no clue what he was talking about. Josh seemed to finally catch on and Nora felt a guilty pang in her chest as he furrowed his eyebrows, and let his gaze drop down to his hands. Shit! He looked like a dejected corgi, who was deprived of it's favorite dish, put out in the rain, and forced to watch the new cat eat all of it's fancy food. She needed to either fix this with another lie, come clean, or run out the door.

    She chose the latter. "Oh! You know what! Speaking of the Particle Accelerator event thing-y, I need to get home and get some shut eye! I'm covering that story you know. It's my big semester project! It was nice talking to you Josh, bye!" And with that, she launched herself off of the couch, averted her eyes, so she couldn't see Josh's expression, and bolted out the door. She was almost at her car, when someone grabbed her from behind, she let out a shrill scream and flailed violently, as she tried to get away from whatever or whoever had grabbed her.

    "I can't believe you just did that!" Her 'attacker' yelled, and she turned to see that it was just, Joan, one of her best friends. And where there was Joan, there was always--

    "Yeah! After all our hard work!"

    Yvette. Nora's other best friend.

    "Guys, come on. It's not like I was lying. I actually do need to get at least four hours of sleep before I go to the Particle Accelerator thing. I need to get a good spot, so I can take good shots." Nora stated, trying to walk around her car to get into the driver's seat, but Yvette quickly crossed in front of her, blocking her path.

    "Nora." She said firmly, and Nora knew she was in for it then. Whenever she did something wrong, her friends had particular way of saying her name and making her feel like a five year old who had just practiced finger painting on the family dog.

    But, she honestly did have to get back to her dorm and get some shut eye. Yvette and Joan's speech would have to wait until tomorrow night. "I know, I know, I'm a horrible person. Yadda, yadda, slip me in some handcuffs. See ya!" Nora called over her shoulder as she faked a left then dove past Yvette and jumped into her car. Locking the doors, she cranked the key and started pulling out.

    "You can't keep doing this Nora! You have to face your problems! This is gonna come back to bite you in the ass!" She heard Yvette and Joan yelling from behind her.

    Switching on the radio, Nora tried to ignore the fact that her friends were right, and she had some major avoidance issues.
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  19. @Princess of the Teacup, accepted. Though I have a couple questions:

    "As a journalist and an aspiring spy (Yup, some childhood dreams never die)" I don't have a problem with this, obviously she's a journalism student but how does she plan on joining the NSA/CIA/FBI or whichever she wants to spy for?

    "When she researched her powers online, she found out that it's possible (in comic books!)" Researched seems like such an amusing term here, I'm going to assume when looking online she stumbled across something that described abilities similar to hers only occuring in comic books?

    "She can produce water anytime and anywhere, unless she's too hot." Might I suggest an alternative limitation would be she could produce water unless she's dehydrated and that over use of her powers could lead to dehydration?

    Lastly, your powers mention water in all three of its forms, steam, liquid and ice/solid so how much control does she have over each form. Obviously she's most capable with the liquid form and you mention her emotions are connected to turning water to steam as well as being unskilled with her ice abilities. So I guess my real question is how much do you plan to develop these other abilities and do the drops/spikes in temperature from them affect Nora?
  20. @Lord Wraith

    The spy thing was more of a joke than anything. That's why I put '...childhood dreams never die.'

    The researching thing was also a joke. She just checked out some comic books and applied that to her. There's no real concrete evidence that'd she'd be able to do all of that.
    I just want to say that I am writing in the perspective of someone who had no control of her powers or proper knowledge of them. I assumed that was how most of the characters should act when suddenly given powers that they've never witnessed first hand or experienced.

    Okay, I'll ad that onto the weakness thing.

    Sorry, I thought I clarified in the powers/abilities section that she didn't have much control over her powers. (I think I put that in every power description). The drops and spikes in temperature are affected by her mood.

    I'll edit the sections you pointed out to make it easier to understand and to clarify the meanings. ^^
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