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    As I peruse the RPs here on the forums, I notice a severe lack of straight forward fantasy.

    Anyone feel like participating in a small scale, party-based, fantasy adventure RP?

    I would imagine a group no bigger than six, and no smaller than three, starting as townsfolk from a small settlement. You will be a member of a quintessential "adventuring crew", either taking jobs/bounties, seeking out and slaying powerful monsters, or just questing to discover the unknown. You'll make your way around a relatively small map, facing strange and challenging circumstances. You'll gain fame, fortune, and perhaps even great power along the way. There'll be a good possibility of character death, and I'll make the world a pretty hard place to live in(not Darksouls hard, but pretty challenging), but I would also like to give everyone ample opportunity to do awesome stuff that shows off their particular talents. You'll need to use wit, caution and preparation at least as much as martial or arcane ability, if not more.

    The game will focus on your travels and encounters. You will meet interesting people in strange and wonderful places. You will encounter the arcane, and, as your journey progresses, you will find magical items of wondrous power. You will also accumulate great treasure, the nature of which being dependent upon your team's choice of adventure. Will you brave the dragon soaked mountains to the south, looking to plunder the lost cities of old? Will you face the kingdoms jobless soldiers, turned to marauding and brigandry? Perhaps you will explore the Greatwood, looking to uncover both the treasures and the mysteries of the Fae that rule over it. You may even come out the other side relatively unchanged...

    Whatever your group decides to do, you will have many and sundry a challenge to overcome, and remember; work as a team. At the beginning of the game, the average soldier is a good deal better trained, equipped and experienced than anyone in your group. Charging in like a fool or fighting without thinking will most likely get you killed.

    Handy Guide:

    Beginning = You kinda suck, and things are hard. Be careful, even sneaky when you need to. Play to your team's strengths, and never charge in blind. You're building your character/team in this arc. Things will be pretty damn tough, but every success will bring with it some kind of reward, and each reward will essentially "level" your character, allowing them to do highly useful things which they previously could not.

    Middle = You are above average, but things are still hard. You'll be getting the hang of working as a team by now, and will have gained some impressive skills and gear from your travels, but the world is still an incredibly dangerous place. Running is always a option.

    End = You're awesome and can kick major ass. Still, there are people, places and, especially, magical beasts, that dwarf your power. You will never be the strongest in this world, but together, perhaps, you and your team might just be able to take on even the mightiest of foes.

    Well, can't wait to get things started with this; I'm sure there are at least a few people on here who're ready to get down with some old school fantasy RP adventurin'!
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  2. Yes!!! Finally! I've been wanting to play in a traditional fantasy style adventure since I joined! Thank you so much for opting to start one! I'm definitely interested. :D
  3. Sweet! Glad to have you on board.

    Just put the post up and already got a taker; good sign.
  4. Really, just an amazing coincidence. I check this forum maybe once a week and yours was right at the top. xD
    I have been searching for a pure, solid adventure for years now! Count me in!
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  6. I'm game for something small! Sounds like a lot of fun. It's harder to find small group stuff in general.
  7. Good to see we've already gotten so much interest.

    I've been working on the OOC since before the interest check, so I'll be able to have it up here pretty soon.
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  8. Fantastic, I'm so excited I just can't hide it! :D
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  9. This does sound interesting!
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  10. Glad to hear it.

    I'm actually working on the OOC at this very moment; we should be taking CSs this weekend.
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    I promise I'm not a spastic spammer... Well... Only sometimes. XD
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  12. This sounds awesome!! I'm in!
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  13. If you still have spots open, then I'd love to join! I've been dying for a traditional adventure.
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  14. The OOC hasn't even been posted yet, so you're still plenty early!
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  15. Expressing interest.
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  16. I'm certainly interested. Will this involve stats/dice, or just writing?
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  17. Just writing.

    There will, however, be a strong emphasis on your equipment and loot. By this I mean you will only be able to portray your character as having or using the items listed in your inventory. You will most likely need to change this on your CS each time you post, and even sometimes when other people, especially myself, give you something through our own posts. For example, if you shoot an arrow at something in your post, you need to subtract it from your stash in your CS. Likewise, if you find some loot, you'll need to edit your CS to denote such.

    If you would like to search the environment for something, I ask that you PM me and say what it is you are looking for. I will decide if you are able to find anything, depending both on your abilities as listed in your CS, and the environment. This will essentially serve as a perception/luck/skill check.

    You will also need to add to the other parts of your CS as you progress. For example, if you slay a dragon, you will add a blurb to the "Abilities & Aptitude" section of your CS saying as much, and quickly explaining how it changed your ability and performance. I'll let you know when the appropriate time to update is.
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  18. If you possibly have room for another I will definitely be looking into this, I have been craving just a classic party based adventure.
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  19. This just keeps getting better!! Can't wait!
  20. Alright guys, here it is: OOC

    Can't wait to see all your CSs!
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