A Stark Vendetta || Sansa Stark & MJSTYX

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A Roleplay with Sansa Stark & MJSTYX

Sansa Stark knows her days are numbered. House Bolton, the head
of a vast crime network on the rise has been hired by the Lannisters
to annihilate the last of the Stark line. Barely escaping with her life,
Sansa becomes homeless and flees to the streets of London, where
she hides in fear of being found. But Sansa know she can't hide
forever, and the clock is ticking. Ramsay Bolton searches for
his prized possession with merciless force. How long until
she is found and suffers the fate of her family, or worse?
Is there anyone left in the world willing to help her?
Perhaps kindness is found in the oddest of places,
and in the darkness a new relationship forms.
One that may save Sansa Stark after all.

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