A Reluctant Ally (w/ DJae Writer Chick)

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Ricko stepped through the halls of the technologically advanced castle. Being at the high end of the class system, royalty and nobles got their pick of the best of what technology was developed at the moment. However, because they also didn't fight, much of their technology was either for leisure, or things such as holographic maps used for battle strategy.

That wasn't quite the case for Ricko. He was by no means a lower class, his fighting having raised him to be invited to walk around this castle in the first place, but much of the tech he had was for said fighting. He even had technological implants in his hands, common for those of whom had latent magical abilities and wanted to strengthen and focus them. Admittedly, they did had their limits, but Ricko found that the implants, of which were in his hands and had coverings over them, did their job, and that he'd never really been pushed to have to face whatever 'limits' this tech apparently had.

He wondered what brought him to be requested here. He hated to be vain, but perhaps some sort of honor for his fighting? It wasn't like he hadn't been commented on his fighting abilities before by a noble. Stepping into the room, however, he was shocked by the sight he saw-- although this was covered by the screen on his helmet.

"Ricko Marewell, I'm very glad that you could join us." said the royal as Ricko stepped into the room.

"But, sire..."

"... I know. I can understand your confusion. However, we are allied with them," he gestured to the symbol of the other kingdom, "for very dire terms."
Zach Grey woke up on the porch of the tavern. That was typical. What caught him by surprise were the two knights looking down at him as if he were a rat.
"Yes?" He asked, hopping up to his feet easily.

One of the Knights spoke in a low voice. "Zachary Grey?"

"It's just Zach, but what? I didn't do anything." He pulled an apple from his bag and took a bite.

"You've been summoned by the King." The other knight said, a bit irritable.

"May I ask why?" Zach tilted his head, crossing his arms.

The first knight motioned for Zach to follow. "It will all be explained."
Zach followed the Knights to the convoy that would take them out of the Kingdom.
On the way, Zach would be spoken to by the King.
"Zach Grey... I know this may seem strange, but we are going to our neighboring Kingdom to the south. They will be our allies now."
Zach frowned slightly. "Why?"
"Times are changing." The King sighed.
"And how am I involved?" Zach sat back.
"You shall see." The King looked out the window as they approached the kingdom.

Zach was standing behind the two Royal guards that never left the king's guards. He had listened to the chit-chat between the Kings. His scarf was wrapped around his neck and the bottom of his face, like a mask, and as he looked around at all the technology, he frowned. These people... So dependent on this technology. He sighed, looking down.
When the doors open and a fairly big armored-man walked in, Zach looked up. His eyes narrowed as he pinpointed the tech in the man's hands. Hmm.. Fighter, probably a big front-line guy. He looked towards the Kings, wondering what was going to happen now.
Ricko looked over to the other man in the room-- from where he was standing he could tell that he was with the other kingdom, and seemed to be a very stark contrast to himself. He didn't seem to have any sort of armor on him, and he wondered if he even had any technological implants. His loyalty and bias getting in the way, he wondered if the other kingdom could even afford such things.

"The reason we summoned both of you here today," one of the kings spoke up, "is because of this." A holographic map appeared, with a certain location pinpointed, "In the heart of this area is a weapon... and we want to prevent them," another kingdom was highlighted, this one getting Ricko's interest.

"Aren't they...?"

"... Yes, the Black kingdom. Our spies have told us that they have an interest in this weapon, and if they get it... then we might as well both lose the war."

Ricko had heard about the Black kingdom before, and how ruthless they were. He sometimes wondered if those who fought for them fought out of fear rather than loyalty.

"... And we want the both of you to go and retrieve this weapon."

"... I'm sorry sire but... surely it would be much better to send out a whole army?" Ricko suggested, glancing at the other man again behind his helmet.

"Yes, it would seem that way, but we think that the Black Kingdom would notice such a large portion of either of our armies going out, and as such, a large scale attack could happen in retaliation as soon as they knew. As such, it would be far less noticeable to send up a considerably smaller group." he said, and continued with, "That's why we have the two of you-- both of you are quite different, and as such, can cover each other's weaknesses."
Zach listened silently and intently, not once glancing back at the soldier he was supposed to work with. When the King finished speaking, he stepped forwards. "If I may... Do we know the appearance of the weapon? So we know what to look for?" He asked, his arms loosely crossed and most of his weight currently sitting on his right foot. He had heard about the war, but he hasn't seen much of it. The Black Kingdom brought up a few rumors in his mind, but Zach shrugged them away.
They had a mission... And he intended on passing. He glanced at Ricko. He hoped that the man knew more than just running into battle, fists swinging.
"Well... yes. If the both of you could step over for this," he said, pulling out what appeared to a very old document, and pointed to a certain section of it, "here is a written description of the weapon, and below it, what we believe to be a sketch of it."

Ricko came over, examining the document. The weapon looked surprisingly different-- as if it were made of completely different technology than what he was used to seeing. As he looked over it, he also glanced at the other man again. From looks alone he didn't seem very strong, and he hoped that he wouldn't end up pulling the weight of both of them.
Zach silently examined the document. "What is it?" He asked, motioning to the sketch. He let his arms relax to his sides and his hands slipped into his pockets. He didn't look at the other man, Ricko they had called him, as he had no interest in focusing on the armored tech guy until he had no choice.
"... To be quite honest, we're not sure as to how to classify it other than some sort of weapon." One admitted.

"... So once we find it, we might not even be able to use it...?" Ricko said, trying to figure out the sketch by just looking at it, but obviously he wasn't having more luck than the kings themselves. He looked at the other man again-- he hadn't even heard a mention of his name. He'd like to know at least that of him. Even if he was a part of what he thought to be an inferior kingdom, an ally was an ally... and admittedly, he may regret not getting to know him should he be gone by daybreak tomorrow.

"That concern will come of later-- as of now, the mission is to find and retrieve this weapon before the Black Kingdom has a chance to. Just having it in our hands will give us a great advantage." he continued, before bring out what appeared to be a small box, "This will produce a holographic map, much like the one shown here." he also pulled out a scroll of paper, "... We also request you bring a paper version of the map, just in case the technology fails you."

"If it's as reliable as the ones within my fists then we shouldn't have a problem." Ricko said. Even without seeing it, one could feel the cocky smirk coming from behind his helmet.
Zach frowned faintly behind his scarf. They didn't know what it was or how to use it... Did they even know if it could be retrieved? This greatly unsettled him. Zach wondered if they could bring the maps...
And seconds later his mental question was answered. He nodded. "That is a good idea." He said at mention of the paper map. "When are we due to leave?" He said, glancing around for only a moment, returning his emotionless gaze on the two Kings.
Zach was curious on Ricko's thoughts. The man seemed very proud and a bit arrogant... This already slightly annoyed Zach, but he knew he had to stay calm. It was his partner assigned by his king and their 'ally' kingdom's King. He still wasn't sure allying was the best idea, but the end would see the true answer.
"We want you two to leave soon, by tomorrow morning. We have prepared two horses, as well as some supplies for the trip over, but the both of you must be on high alert. Various dangers could be on the route both of you take to the weapon in question, even disregarding the high possibility of other Black Kingdom soldiers."

"Understood, sires." Ricko said.

"We encourage the both of you to also prepare before then... Perhaps even..." there was a pause, "... Familiarize with each other. The two of you will be traveling together, after all."

"... Also understood." Ricko added, although wondered if the other man would be willing to. He seemed more practical, although it wasn't like Ricko hadn't dealt with his type as comrades before... Although he hoped that like them, he might warm up to interaction eventually.
Zach's nod was barely noticeable as he listened to the Kings. He was already making a list in his head on what he would pack immediately. His eyes had been completely focused on the map until he heard one of them mentioned having to familiarize each other. He looked up, his eyes showing slight annoyance at the idea. Of course, he stayed completely silent, but he didn't really like the idea of making friends.
One look at the other man and Ricko could tell that he didn't seem all that keen on being buddies. However, that didn't deter him from stepping forward and trying. He started by removing his helmet, revealing his face in an attempt to be more personable, "I'm sure you've already heard that my name is Ricko." he said with a smile. He unsheathed a hand, offering a handshake. Several technical implants were within it, "Might I hear yours?"
Zach's eyes followed the helmet for a moment before they darted back up to the man's face. He tilted his head ever so slightly to the side, listening to Ricko. His eyes trailed from the Ricko's face, down his arm, and then stopped at the man's hand before darting back up to his face. Zach reached up, gently letting the scarf slid off his face and sit on his neck. He took Ricko's hand, giving it a firm, small shake. "My name is Zach." He said quietly, straightening his head. He let his hand drop.
Ricko was sure that they were getting somewhere, because his action of removing his helmet to give a better look of his face was reciprocated by the other man seeming to do the same, and he hadn't refused the handshake either. This was a start.

"Your kingdom is very lucky to have been able to be allied with mine." he said, wanting to continue the conversation, but it was obvious how highly Ricko thought of his kingdom.
Zach frowned slightly, letting his hand fall back to his side. He said nothing for a moment. "Yes... we are the lucky ones." He said very quietly with a hint of sarcasm. He glanced back at the Kings, silently asking permission to be dismissed to begin packing.
Ricko had gotten too ahead of himself and said something that might have offended the other man, from how quiet he was being for a moment. But was it his fault for having pride in his kingdom? Some called it arrogance, but to him it wasn't unwarranted.

The kings had been locked in discussion about various plans of what to do before finally seeming to finish, "Either of you may leave, although that isn't to discourage any other conversation." one said,, "We expect that both of you will be here by tomorrow morning, none the less."
Zach nodded, pulling his mask back up and bowing slightly. He turned to Ricko, watching, as if thinking of something to say. "Do you wish to go home to ready yourself?" He asked, doing his best to be polite.
It wasn't one of his strengths, but he had some practice.
Ricko did the same, bowing to both kings and placing his helmet back on. Ricko paused, wanting to try and maybe get a little more familiar with who was going to be his for this trip, but time was of the essence here. He was sure that his king had made sure to pack everything that was needed, but it wouldn't hurt to make sure to pack some extra essentials and do some extra training to make sure that his fighting was as good as it usually was.

"... Yes, I think I will be. I'll see you in the morning, Zach." Ricko said before he made his way out of the room. Perhaps they might talk better on the trip itself.


The sun peeked over the kingdom as Ricko arrived. Just as the kings said, they each had horses with supplies laid out on them. Ricko had his own, small bag of other supplies that he thought he might also need, but it wasn't much. He thought that his king likely covered most of the basics anyways. Seeing as how his armor was relatively heavy, he debated just using his horse to carry supplies. He didn't want to stress the creature too much, after all.
Zach nodded. "Until morning." He said, following Ricko out of the building. Once on the street, he stayed closer to the shadows of the buildings, making his way back to his own kingdom. He didn't have much, just some hidden possessions and supplies. It all for easily in a backpack and he slung it over his shoulder, walking around and gathering his supplies.


Zach had woken up early, just before the sun, and grabbed his backpack. He stretched, wiping the dust from his jacket before stretching. He grabbed a drink from the well before jogging of to where he was supposed to meet Ricko.

When he reached the horses, he saw the other man was already there. He adjusted his scarf, making sure it covered his lower face. He walked to one of the horses and very gently ran a hand over it's head. "Hi there.." He said softly as it nuzzled his hand a moment. He turned to Ricko. "Morning." He greeted.
"Morning." Ricko greeted back with a nod and slight smile. He watched as Zach interacted with his horse and commented, "I can see that you must have an affinity for those sort of creatures."

Another, officially dressed person approached the two. There seemed to be some sort of electronic device in his hand, "... Ah, I see that the both of you arrived. Good." he fiddled some more with the device, "The kings had business to attend to, so I am to stand in for them as a sort of messenger."

"Is there anything else we need to know?" Ricko asked.

"I've been told that the two of you were informed of your mission yesterday, as well as given maps as to what route you will take... Is there anything either of you wish to be informed more anout?"
Zach couldn't help but smile faintly. "Animals are simply misunderstood most of the time.." He said quietly, petting the horse. He tensed slightly as the other approached. He listened quietly. "Do you know what has been packed on the horses?" He asked quietly, keeping a gentle hand on the horse's snout.
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