A Queen's Slave

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  1. Name: Mezo Darko

    Age: 23

    Biography: Mezo was trained from birth to be a warrior. Top of his class, he excelled as a elite warrior and was soon promoted to general at a young age. He had lead countless men into battle, and came out victorious. His life is war.

    Personality: Mezo has a warrior's personality. He is strict but fair, and will always do what he can to help those who need it. He fights for good, and that transfers to his outlook on life.


    Mezo was on his knees in the large field. Around him were his friends, his comrades. The battle had raged for hours on end, and while Mezo thought he had claimed victory, they were hopelessly outnumbered, which he had no idea of. His sword was at his side, his shield on the other. Blood was streaming from his arm, his breathing hard. "H-How could I let this happen?"

    Mezo peered up to see a large mass of enemy soldiers appearing. He would rather off himself now, then let his enemy have the satisfaction of it. As they drew nearer, Mezo took his sword in his hand, placing it at waist level. "I am sorry my brothers, my dear friends. I have failed you as a general and as a leader. I will join you now."

    (Sorry if the post is short, I will build up as we go!)
  2. Name: Ishtar Tsumetai
    Age: 24
    Bigraphy: She took over for her father at the age of 13 after he was asisnated, she is cold, hard, ruthless.... and known to take many many POW's as concubines in her harem of men... whose numbers dwindle as her temper flares.
    Personality: Cold, hot tempered, swift to judge, tough.... but under all of that there is a little girl


    She rode up with her forces and saw him there, she grins and looks at them, " don't let him kill himself... I want him. You don't get him and you will take his place" she grins her canines were pointed and she looks at him, already imagining what she would do with him
  3. Mezo did not see a guard run up and fell on his back when his blade was kicked from his grip. He looked up to see a woman, the queen surrounded by soldiers, all with their swords pointed at him. "What do you need with me?" Mezo asked the queen. "I will not fight for you, not for your evil."
  4. She tilts her head looking him over, " I don't require any fighters, but I do have a purpose for you" she chuckles, " put him in a cart. Chain him up, he seems like a fighter" she turns on her horse and they would ride into her kingdom. Her people smile and greet her, happy. She was no tyrant to them. She made them safe, kept them fed.... gave them homes. Hunger was at an all time low, crime as well.... she was the warrior queen they needed. And they supported her, she was cruel when necessary but it is rare. She was merciless but.... she was not.... evil.

    The men brought him to the chambers above hers. He was bathed, changed, chained, collared and... in the morning he heard them say he would be branded. He was left in little more then a pair of oriental pants chained with his arms above him to a bed. There were ten other men int he room, similarly dressed... some chained and some.... free but their eyes were hollow
  5. Mezo looked around, sickened. "What kind of sick fucking place is this?" He waited for any of the men to answer, but none did. He looked up at his shackles. He shook them just to see how secured they were. To his demise they were locked in and almost impossible to break, not in his position, or perhaps not at all. Mexo got barely any sleep at night, being as uncomfortable. "You'll get used to the position you are in, new one." A voice soon spoke, breaking the hours of silence. "Just relax, don't focus on how you are....you'll sleep. If nothing else, then from the work you'll go through." The man laughed then spoke no more. Mezo was confused and simply ignored his words.
  6. She let him be the first night and she bathed and showered, one of the younger men was taken from the room mezo was kept to accompany her. He didn't return until the early morning and he stumbled in and collapsed into the pillowed space, claw marks down his back and he was almost instantly asleep. She went up with the men mid afternoon, a smith was with her, for his branding. " where?" she has them pull his pants down revealing his hips " above the hip bone" no Matter the fighting, this act would be done
  7. Mezo winced at the pain, feeling his flesh be burned. He didn't yell or scream. He was brought up to have a high pain tolerance and it showed here. "Just put me to work or whatever have you." Mezo was tired of being strung up like this. He was a hard worker, and the sitting around was rather annoying.
  8. She arches a brow and tips his face up, " you want to be put to work? Did the others tell you what your life is from now on? I just killed the last concubine, you're his replacement"
  9. "Wh-what?" Mezo stared at her with confusion. "So the stories are true." He stated. He had heard by many that the queen was lustful and had many concubines. The fact that Mezo did not put two and two together made him feel rather ignorant. "So if I disobey you, you will kill me? What is to say I don't want to be killed already?"
  10. She laughs " he didn't die because he disobeyed slave, he died because I cut him a bit too much in one week. Blood loss can be a killer" she grins darky " I don't require compliance, in fact it's much more fun if you fight me"
  11. Mezo stared, disgusted. "Whatever." He said briefly, and with anger. He would make sure that he didn't die in a week. He knew how to treat wounds, however, having his hands restrained would make any attempt to tend to his wounds useless. The thought of partaking in anything with this queen didn't make Mezo happy by any means.
  12. She chuckles watching his face, " well if the new kid is lazy fai is off tonight, you'll take his place. Make sure he is ready boys. Before meal time. You all know what's expected" the other harem boys nod in compliance as she exits
  13. Mezo spent the time before he was called upon going over what he would do. He could give in, and let her have her way, which would leave him scarred and tired, or he would fight, which would be what she wanted, and it also left him scarred, perhaps more, and more tired. It was a horrible choice, and one Mezo contemplated until finally two men came in and unchained him. One spoke saying, "Follow us." Mezo did as told and rubbed his wrists, as they were red and sore.
  14. They would take him to the back and have him rub an oil on himself, it would stimulate him, after that he would be lead to her bed chamber, a shackle was placed around his ankle trapping him in the room. Then he would be left to wait
  15. Mezo stood in her room, disgusted once more by the oil that was forced to be put on. He looked around the room, scanning the details. While the room itself was very ornate, with statues and gold crested linings, the floor showed signs of resistance, with claw marks and light stains of blood. Mezo adjusted himself, being unnerved a bit. Her bed was rather large, and he could see why with the amount of men that she had stored.
  16. She comes in late, her hair is ornate and she looks tired, " ah. So here is my question for you solider, is it compliance or force?" She needed a bath, and a massage and she didn't know where this slave stood. She looks at him, waiting
  17. "I suppose that depends, queen." His last word was more sarcastic and rude. "Just tell me what I need to do." He stared at the ground, avoiding any sort of eye contact. He didn't want to be there, and surely not have to tend to her needs.
  18. She chuckles," well first you take my hair out of this ridiculous style, then we run a bath, you give me a massage, and I will be gentle your first night. Or... you can misbehave and be sore for the rest of your life"
  19. If he was offered gentleness, whether it was a trick or not, he would give in. "Fine." He walked to her and put his hands up to the gold chains which all connected to a pendant. He took off the chains, one by one, and held them in his hand. "Ok, where to now?" He put the chains on a table and waited to be led to wherever she wanted to go next.
  20. She smiles and shows him to the bath, she strips and gets int he water, her body was littered in scars, hidden under her clothing. She steps into a small pond like tub and sighs, " give me a back rub then wash my hair,, if you'd like you may strip and join me in the water"