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  1. With the Boruto story continuing the saga of the Naruto universe and "Rise of the New Generation" already being a successful Naruto AU, I was wondering if anyone would want to make another.

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    The plot would mostly revolve around new anarchist movements in the hidden villages, whose ideologies revolve around A) Destroying the Tailed Beasts to release their chakra into the world, or at least antagonizing them to the point of turning them into animals, B) Dissolving the power of the Five Nations and assassinating the daimyo, and C) Annihilating the world with chakra so that it may be returned to primordial chaos, where chakra was not contained in any way, shape, or form. Countering them on the hard right are the imperialist movements in Konoha (formed from the remains of Danzo's Root) and Kumo (whose citizens believe a reward for their part in the Fourth Shinobi World War is in order). Both threaten the delicate balance of the Shinobi Union, and are poised to send the world into another world war. Outside the conflict is the rising Land of Iron, who is gradually gaining more military strength, having been encouraged to act as the principal peacekeepers of the new union.

    Meanwhile, Kages of all villages try to maintain the peace: Kazekage Gaara and Tsuchikage Kurotsuchi struggle to remain mediating parties, since the anarchist cell (known as Yugure) largely roams the deserts around Sunagakure and the mountains of the Land of Earth, and is more than a thorn in their sides; Raikage Darui, despite his own opinions on how Kumogakure should expand, must maintain order in the Land of Lightning; Mizukage Chojuro fights a brewing civil war in his own borders, as a more violent cell of Yugure already attempts to take over; and Naruto Uzumaki, Hokage of Konohagakure and the Land of Fire, juggles his increasing workload with his family life.

    As clans revolt and allies turn to enemies, old friends learn shocking secrets about themselves that they only dreamed of. And a new age of Shinobi has only just begun...

    Any nature transformation is available, and any jutsu can be learned granted time is put into it. New jutsu can be made as well. Furthermore, new clans and organizations can be formed, like Akatsuki 2.0 or a samurai-rebirth movement (for the casual fan, yes. There are samurai). As well, since many people (including me) will likely want to, you can make a character whose a child of preexisting characters. I'm already getting one of Sasuke's other kids ready. If you want to know deets, ask me, but I'll otherwise keep it to myself until we get started.

    That being said, canon Dojutsu and Kekkai Genkai have to be obviously regulated, especially the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan (as well as the Tenseigan, though I'm probably not taking any characters from the moon). As well, Uchihas don't just pop out of the ground. Mine has a reason for existing, so yours should to. This goes for other canon clans as well. So, general rules on heritage: Clans have a limit to the number of characters in them, no one gets the Mangekyo Sharingan or Rinnegan immediately, and Kekkai Genkai in general have limits.

    Writing level is intermediate to adept, and posting time is daily to weekly. I MEAN IT.

    I hope to get some interested parties soon. I don't have a player cap in mind, since new blood is always good. However, don't take this as an invitation to drop out whenever. Do look ahead and make sure you can stay on for as long as possible.
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  2. I'm down.
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  3. Me and my group has been working on a naruto rp for about 3 to 4 weeks now, if you would like i can introduce you to the others and allow you to join.
  4. Got a plot?
    I can afford to join one more Naruto RP and it seems pretty wicked.
  6. Any idea what you were planning on doing?
  7. What do you mean? I mean I wanna join this o-o
  8. Yea its sorta the same as yours, however we implement villages that other naruto roleplayers won't like sunagakure and otogakure. The plot as of right now is that otogakure has a spy in konoha after naruto's death the spy was elected. This is all i can tell you but you have to join us to know everything.
  9. Character-wise.

    Eh. Thanks, but no thanks. Truth be told, I have no idea if Otogakure is even running anymore. I know the kingdom is still there (Rice Fields and the whatnot), but after Orochimaru died the first time, then vanished after the World War, I dunno if it's still active.
  10. I would love to be involved with this RP, love Naruto and I have a character or two in mind ^_^ one is a total oc from and another a third child of Naruto.
  11. It works...

    You're not getting the Nine-Tails.
  12. The nine tails is still in Naruto.... You really don't need to be rude =(
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  13. Okay, so who were you thinking of?
  14. As far as a character idea...
    Not too sure what I wanna do.
    And anything i've thought of is a little too weird...
  15. Wow. I'd love to jump in on this. I'm a huge fan of the Naruverse. Not all caught up with the end of the series or anything yet, but almost.

    I know I'm new and all, but mind if I join?
  16. SPOILER: Sakura dies.

    But yeah, we'd love to have you!
  17. I'm not sure if I want to know anymore...
  18. Hahah

    I generally prefer Original Characters, but also share a love for the canon ones [obvious with my avatar :P]. Will there be certain stipulations, or a generic character sheet/guideline for creating / assuming a character?
  19. I'm thinking a CS. However, since some characters don't fit certain roles (like mine is neither jonin nor genin, but is still on par with a jonin, enough so to join Anbu. Think young Kakashi), I might just have you all make a post detailing what your character is. If you want to format it as a CS, go ahead, but you could just do a few paragraphs.
  20. Actually, I might have to take a break- I just realized how much time flies- and i will be gone all next week. So I'm not sure how fast you want to move...

    Regardless- I'll do it anyway, and hash out a quick and easy profile? If things get too crazy or if i suspect no activity i'll update.

    Village Allegiance:
    Ninja Rank (or relative Skill Level): [Academy, Genin, Chunin, Jounin, Kage, Legendary]

    Ninja Job: [If applicable. Not all have special jobs. IE: Anbu, Cooking-Nin, Medican-Nin, etc]
    Chakra Type/s: [generally only have one until about jounin level of skill. this is generally very difficult to tap into other types]

    Databook Ability statistic info:
    This is just for a general idea of the ninja's skill. Each can be in a rank of 1-5. 1 being lowest skill level, 5 showing mastery. Genin get about 15 points stretched over all if they are good, chunin about 20, jounin about 25-30, and kage would maybe get like 30-35? Again, this is all speculative. Some people spend more time as a Chuunin than others, so some may have more. It's all speculation, and not 'set in stone'.

    Ninjutsu: [1-5]
    Taijutsu: [1-5]
    Genjutsu: [1-5]

    Intelligence: [1-5]
    Strength: [1-5]
    Speed: [1-5]
    Stamina : [1-5]

    Hand Seals: [1-5]
    Other:[explain] [1-5]

    Ninjutsu Known:

    a short list of a few ninjutsu you know. If you are past academy level, we assume you know all the academy level jutsu. Try not to be a power player :)

    Character Biography: