A Monument To All Your Sins

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  1. The year was 2554, two years after the Prophet of Truth had attempted to destroy the galaxy using a Halo ring. Approximately 46 light-years from the Sol System, an autumn-class heavy cruiser orbited the planet of Levosia in the 26 Draconis system. On board in the hangar bay, Commander Thoran paced back and forth in front of his new team. They had all just been briefed about their mission and were geared up, ready to be dropped off. As he paced from left to right, he made mental notes about each team member he passed.

    Franklin Free, or Felix, the scout. Seems rather cocky and tends to laugh at the wrong times, but still knows how to do his job and is reliable. Preferred weapons are the DMR and Shotgun.

    Rozari Igantyev, or Roza, the deadeye. Acts like everyone else is beneath her, but still manages to respect authority. Even on the battleground though, she’ll need to learn to listen to her team mates as well as her commander. Preferred weapons are the Sniper Rifle and the M7.

    Natalia Solvick, or Akula, the vanguard. Isn’t very talkative. She’s not mute, but just decides not to talk. I won’t ask why. Other than that, she’s a good soldier to work with and will follow most orders. Preferred weapons are The SAW and Magnum.

    Enrique J. Ortiz, or Green Horn, the tracker. Will listen to anything he’s told, which is good, but he seems a little too kiss-ass for my compassion just yet. Preferred weapons are the Battle Rifle and the M7.

    Jason Valerin, or Icarus, the rogue. Knows how to get through a mission without thinking twice, which is great for his profession. He tends to stick to the mission instead of getting emotionally attached to anything. Preferred weapons are the DMR and Magnum.

    Felix Gustaf, or Wolf, the engineer. Almost as quiet as Akula, but when he does speak, it’s very proper. He’s capable of lots of things, and is still surprising everyone repeatedly with his various talents. His preferred weapons are the DMR and Magnum.

    Thoran reached the end of the line and turned back around.

    “Alright, now that we’re all geared up, here’s what’s going to happen. We’re taking a Pelican down to the main city, however we won’t be landing in it, just in case there is heavy resistance waiting. We’ll land nearby behind a small forest. There, we’ll make our way through and Felix will go on ahead, finding out what we’re up against without being seen.”

    He enunciated these last three words and stared at Felix sternly. He wasn’t going to allow any stuff ups within the first hour.

    “Hopefully, all we’ll find is a happy human colony with a broken communication system. But don’t get your hopes up. Let’s move.”

    He turned around and headed for the open Pelican behind them, walking around to the cockpit and jumping in, waiting for the rest of the team. If the team had any important questions, then they could ask him through the comm system imbedded in their helmets.
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  2. Wolf walked into the ship's opening, grabbing the handle bar on the side before walking over to a seat and sitting down. His rifle attached to his back, his pistol on his hip, his suits shields seemed to be in check, and he felt in shape. His position in his seat was slightly slouched down, head looking at the ground with both arms crossed on his legs.
    "Sir" his deep but humble voice came through the comm's "do tell sir, what happens if it is a trap, them covies waiting for us, or something more, I hope we have some kind of fleet on standby... The sheer number of previously seen covy fleets will surely obliterate us and the ship in mere seconds" he added quietly.​
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  3. Felix looked at his armor. A bit of many pieces of armor, but all enough so that Felix was able to assume his role as scout, standing up from the floor as he walked a bit to his right, picking up the DMR and Shotgun that was ontop of a crate as he put the shotgun on his back. His shields were good and so was his thruster packs, as he held the DMR in one hand, walking toward the Pelícan before sighing "Radio check, Spartan Free to party, lets go and check this fucking ruckus."
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  4. Stepping up onto the pelican, Icarus takes a seat close to the front, silent testimony to his readiness t disembark on landing. Removing his rifle from it's placeon his back, he once again goes through his mental checklist, hands moving about his body as he checks off that he has all of his gear. He does, however, speak up as he hears the question from the solemn-sounding man. "Then I suppose we're probably screwed over, if that's the case. Unless we find ourselves a way to get the hell out of dodge, we'll either go back in a body bag or an urn, depending on if the covies decide they want to see their reflection sooner rather than later."

    Finally finishing his check, he puts the rifle away once more. A sigh escapes him, as he straps himself in for the ride. "And awaaay we go. Once everyone gets moving..."
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  5. In the same manner of her teammates, Roza stepped up into the Pelican and as she took her seat, slung her rifle onto her lap and sat straight in her chair, though in a comfortable manner. She folded her arms over her chest, gaze fixed on the opposite wall of the pelican and she quickly ran a 'diagnostics' check of sorts, checking off her gear list and surveying the status of her shields. It wouldn't do to get into the field and suddenly realise she'd fucked up her gear. Listening to the conversation between the others, she was wondering exactly what was happening down there on Levosia.

    "A broken comms. is our best bet, I'd say but somehow, my gut is telling me it's a fair bit more sinister."
  6. Natalia was scraping her Combat Knife agains her waits makingm metal scraping sounds,as she was "Cleaning" it,she was not in the mood to go all nice today anyway,as she reaches the pelican she would place her Combat Knife on her waist and her Saw over her shulder,as she would reach up and Clime on the pelican as she would see the Other spartan,s...she would give a Mental Sighe and insted of siting down she would maintain herself standing and reach up holding on from the pelican,s Holds,as she would place her SAW on her back and not even say one word or nothing,she was silent as a Rock,and she dint care what the others Thought of her,she had her ways...and her ways only​
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  7. Enrique climbed on board, he didnt bother to check his squad mates assuming the lot of them would be already set up. His rifle was in his hands and he was rather thrilled to begin. He didnt show it but he was truly excited to go and fight, maybe even die for his people.

    "Greenhorn, checking in." He said with a smile on his face, looking at the display in his visor, "Ready for busting covey skulls."

    He was beyond thrilled for his first mission. He had run every simulation course in the database of the UNSC, every variation of those courses, every single tick and tack of an elite's skull was his to shatter. He been trading blows with the best of trainers and felt like no man could stop him.
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  8. “Well,” Thoran started, addressing Wolf’s question. “If this is a trap, that’s why we’re not landing right in the middle of the city. If we are ambushed though, I expect you and everyone else to be able to get out of that situation without any worry. I’m sure that you can handle a group of covvies or whatever’s down there…” He peered out of the cockpit, checking the side of the Pelican, where his weapons were held. His DMR and Assault Rifle were there, and he knew they were fully loaded, so he closed the cockpit and primed the engines. “I hope you all remembered to bring a spare suit…” Thoran said quietly with a grin. The hangar doors opened, and he accelerated out of them at a speed probably too fast to be acceptable for taking off. Within seconds, they were out in open space, speeding towards the reportedly quiet planet.
  9. Enrique listened in on the conversation going over comms, Thoran mentioned something about a second suit and Enrique got a bit jumpy.

    "He's kidding about the second suit right?" He looked through his mask at the Spartans around him. He honestly didnt know if Spartans carried a second suit somewhere on board the pelican. He looked around nervously, his visor was set to a tint that the others couldnt see him through. He looked down at his gloved hand, it was tightly clenched on his rifle. Not normal. It certainly wasnt.
  10. Felix laughed, felt like a dying laughter as he reeled back in his seat, looking at Enrique "Do you positively fucking think that we bring spare suits?" He chuckled, slowly coming to a halt as he breathed deeply "Listen Spartan, this fucking armor can't be taken off by regular men, only by machinery, and even I can't take this crap off with my bare hands.' Felix scoffed at the naivety of Enrique before shaking his head, can't helping some laughs escape "Your an idiot." He laughed again, poking his visor with his finger. "Such a fucking small helmet for a fucking scout."
  11. "Sorry," Enrique said nodding his head. He figured it was a dumb question, but still if this Pelican had some mechanism for a second suit he would have been pretty damn happy about it. The Felix guy wasnt much for a friendly first mission.

    "First time out of the training armor," Enrique said with a joking tone. He would like the mood to be joking but really just wanted to secure that he was a total idiot.
  12. "Try not to make it your last. But then again, that's good advice for any of us to take." Jason's head was leaned back against the metal hull before, but he gives Felix an unreadable look from behind his visor. "Y'know, for the people I'm s'posed to 'trust with my life' in a firefight, I'm not inspired." He grunts as he leans forward off the back of the seat, looking at the other members of the team. "Here's hopin' that the rest of you aren't as likely to shoot the newbie as the covvies." Removing the magnum from it's holster on this hip, he once again, on autopilot, moves through the checklist for the weapon, hands moving over it deftly before slipping the magazine back into place and chambering a round. "I'm hopin' it'll just be a nice, quiet time down there...But we all know that you don't call in Spartan's for tea time."
  13. "Holy shit!? Really!?... You know, I'm sorry princess, I'll get you some play dolls and dresses to make you feel better. If you don't trust me, go down to hell with the rest of the covvies and revels, and have a fucking tea party with them." He chuckled, crossing his arms as he tapped his foot impatiently.
  14. Enrique listened to both the Spartans and was shocked at the response off of Felix. The fucker had something shoved up his ass for sure. He tried not to start any kind of conversation with the guy, those wouldn't seem to be any fun. The guy was a royal prick with an attitude problem, the guy probably wasn't anyone's favorite during his training. Hell the guy had been speaking for about 5 minutes and Enrique already didnt like him. He thought of something rather funny, maybe just tossing in an audible 'Who shat in his cereal?", but he decided against it.

  15. Wolf made a grunt. For his reputation, getting angry wasn't something you'd see often...but it's something you wouldn't want to witness. The man looked up at Felix "if you know what's best for you, shut it... Your big mouth is going to be your demise... What problems you have with your mates, settle in the war games, not when we're having an operation that requires cooperation... Why would I want to work with a individual when I would rather put a bullet in that persons head..." Wolf scoffed, his voice was heard clearly on the comm's, he sounded like some Russian spetnaz, voice being raspy and thick. He then looked back down to the ground. "That goes for anyone else as well..."

    His helmet didn't have a visor. It used advanced technology to see, certainly a great way to protect his face from being shot, it also allowed for a better HUD especially when working on equipment on the field. Thanks to his profession, he knew how to reboot a spartan suit, repaire vehicles and comm stations as well as hacking terminals (which is why he was assigned to this mission.) he also knew the inside and out of the unsc guns...as well as some covy guns due to his excessive practice in many of the simulations.

    To wolf, this group of soldiers seemed a little ragtag squad of Spartans. Sure, he'd take a bullet for them on the field, (if they wouldn't stop bickering) that was code of conduct for him. Everyone was brother in arms, though he didn't seem to express it much, as it was better to keep it that way. Don't get attatched to anything, that was another thing to keep as a mental note, people die, you get attached to something... The death can take a toll on you. Good thing the training beat the soft side out of wolf...then again....when did he have a soft side?​
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  16. Thoran had heard enough from his team over the comm to know who he'd need to keep his attention on, so he decided to cut in. That, and he was sick of hearing these kids argue like they had gotten the wrong colored present for their birthday. He shook the vehicle slightly, enough to rattle the team, but not enough to knock them off their feet.

    "Are you scrubs done back there!? Felix! You're gonna have to learn to get along with your team if you want anyone to back you up on the field! Green Horn! Think before you ask stupid questions! You've learned everything you need to know in your training! And Wolf! No fucking death threats! I will not have this team fall apart before it hits the ground! Now start getting along before I turn this vehicle around!"

    He focused back on flying the Pelican and chuckled quietly, but not over the comm. "Bunch o' idiots..."
  17. Natasha hold Tightly on the pelican as it was shook,she was silent still like always but her legs were geting tired and she Took a seat on the Pelican,she Kinda Ignored her Mates Talk but she just dint hear them well eather,as she would get her Combat knife and would start scraping it once mor agains her waist making soft scraping sounds,as she just whanted to get on the field and get some heads,she look around the pelican seeing her team,as this might end well...Or just get them Killd,but she dint care much now.

    as she only sat down silent,as thouht came in minde of how this was gona go...curius of what they would be facing,maybe More covenant..Or Dam plants...who knows.
  18. Enrique listened to the raspy Russian voice. His grip had loosened and he was much calmer now, knowing that the Russian and the other guy would watch his back if Felix got a sudden twitchy finger. The knife wielder finally sat down when the Pelican started shaking. Then he heard Thoran over the comms.

    "Roger that," Enrique said when ordered to shut his yapper. He switched off his comms and relaxed in his seat as the Pelican headed towards it destination. He wasnt sure about everyone around him. He liked the Russian guy, Thoran, and the other guy. They were pretty level headed. Enrique closed his eyes and let his head rest against the Pelican wall behind him.
  19. Wow, he was glad to find an enemy. Immediately he stood up, his DMR pointed directly at his visor as he smiled under his helmet. "Don't add gasoline to a fire, or it'll burn you up, shithead." Felix immediately tensed up in anger, but upon hearing the commanders voice, he nodded "... Yes, Sir." He sat back down and sighed, a secret smile under his helmet. He wanted to know the ins and outs of his team, what bugs them. So far, he found one, holding his DMR. "What's your name Spartan?" He asked Enrique as if nothing happened
  20. (Sorry, was out all yesterday. Dang, now I gotta catch up.)

    Roza just tried to ignore most of the argument, filled as it was with what the Russian's called dick fighting. Basically, too many egos in one confined space meant that two of them at least had to have a go at one another, typically. She strengthened her hold on the chair she had chosen and planted her feet on the floor of the pelican to balance herself.

    She snorted at the comments from their commander, though not over the comm. There was no use sparking up the same argument by adding fuel to the fire, even if Thoran had successfully shaken them out of the egoistic fight. Seeing that they had come around to introductions, she leant forward and added to the conversation herself, voice just as Russian as Wolf's but nowhere near the burr. She was a Cossack dammit. "Introductions are in order, perhaps? Can't be yellin' something like 'Deadeye' in battle, it ain't a good working idea."