A Monument to All Your Sins (Halo Roleplay) {NO ROOM! *Sips tea*}

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  1. Hey there, fellow roleplayers. This is a roleplay focusing around a small team of human soldiers, who go off to some distant planet and fight a well known enemy. If you've played through the halos and recognize the quote that the title of the roleplay is from, then you'll know who we're up against. Either way, there are 6 spots open for anyone who is friendly, will hopefully stick to the end, and sees themselves as a good roleplayer :) here is a list of open spaces:

    Scout: Taken

    Rogue: Taken

    Engineer: Taken

    Deadeye: Taken

    Vanguard: Taken

    Tracker: Taken

    This roleplay will build onto characters, however since our characters wont be taking off their helmets and wont have sappy backstories (Yup, them's the rules, I'm afraid) there will only be need for your name, age, gender, armour, personality and a picture (Which I will be supplying) Dont worry about this being a tightly knit roleplay. You'll be free to do as you please concerning your actions in the roleplay, however we do have a mission that has to be completed, and you will be under Thoran's command. Here's my introduction! I hope you all like the idea of this roleplay and decide to jump on board!


    Welcome to Fireteam Omicron, scrubs! My name is Commander Thoran, and from now on, you answer to me and only me! Any 'if's or 'but's and you will get your sorry ass deported, along with a nice hard kick. It would seem that we've already been given a mission. We're investigating a distress signal from Levosia, which is way off in 26 Draconis system for anyone here who isnt up to date with the movements of the human race. We've got a colony there and we havent heard anything from them in a while, until this distress signal. Us lucky bastards are the ones who get to go find out what's happening there. Now, I'll leave you to suit up into the armour you've been given concerning your profession, and I'll meet you all in the hangar bay in half an hour. You dont want to get off to a bad start with impressions, so dont even try to be late.

    Name: Commander Thoran
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Armour: Operator
    Personality: Comes across aggressive and hateful during the first impression, but cares for his team like family. He would never leave anyone behind, and is a good friend to have in the battlefield MJOLNIR_Operator.png
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  2. Name: Franklin "Felix" Free
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Armor: Scout
    Personality: Uses a large amount of Gallows humor in damp situations, comes aross as nice and caring. Has a more flirtatious side aswell.
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  3. Name: Enrique J. Ortiz. (Green Horn)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality:A rather fresh soldier, he has an affinity for combat and tracking but still is ignorant to the perils of war. He will carry out any order he is given and will sacrifice himself if need be, however he is very uncomfortable with the sacrifice of others.
  4. Figured I'd save you the trouble, if its not a good image I can remove it.
  5. Thanks Hellhound. It's fine. That's basically the same picture I was going to give you anyway :P Welcome aboard!!! You too, Resist!
  6. Thanks bud.
  7. Also, feel free to invite friends if you want, but just remember that we can't go over a team of 7, including me
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  8. Hey, can I reserve a spot? :3 Deadeye would be awesome! XD
  9. Of course you can! Scrub
  10. Name: Rozari 'Roza' Igantyev

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Personality: She's snarky, snide and often critical of others, though often tempers her severity to avoid injury to the egos and prides of others. She does, however, build a healthy respect for her fellow soldiers, if they show themselves to be worthy of it. She grows to care for others, even if she tends to cover it up with sharp comments and blowing it off. She eventually sees her team as family, if a dysfunctional one at times.

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  11. I don't have a picture because I don't have my Scout armor unlocked in Halo 4 Dx I've got the GOTYE so I obly have the ones unlocked already
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  12. Can i reserve Vanguard?
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  13. Yes to both OhKaydhen and Yonsisac. Thanks for asking :P It'll be great having you on the team. I believe that leaves only Rogue for the taking. Let's hope the spot gets filled soon so we can start this thing!
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  14. (I have been having problems Finding Vanguard armore so i change to roghe,,....is that ok or shoold i change back to vanguard?)

    Name:Natalia "Akula" Solvick
    Code Name:"Akula" translates to shark
    Personality:Natalia Is Mute and Cant speak but some say is that she dosent whant too speak,she is serius and brave and would not tolerate stupid actions.Aswell she uses Hand singes or write on paper to Communicate with others as her personality is hard to tell wen she cant speack but what seen is that she is kinda nice too others and little docile but wen in the battle field she only cares is Blood shed.
    (Ignore the male looks)
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  15. Isn't it a little far fetched for her to be mute? Soldiers rely on spoken information and orders...? I'm just thinking about it...
  16. Yea but its a Interesting....but lets see what GM says,....always love playing Mute Characters
  17. Hmm, I guess it would be interesting. Also, did you choose rogue only because you couldnt find a picture? Because I have one (which is proving to be too large but can still be shrunk if needed. It's up to you. And it would be good if she did speak, but rarely. Maybe in important scenes or events
  18. alrigh ONLy in important or needed places but wont be the best.....Hmmm can ya show me the Vanguard would like to see it ^^
  19. Um, I guess I'll wait to see which position is open after Yonsisac chooses. I'll take whatever hasn't been taken, me thinks :P
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  20. Awesome. That's all the spots filled! Once we're set, I'll make the thread and get to work on the intro
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