A Little Free-Roaming

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  1. Yes, by free-form, I mean you can be anything. From a mage to a blacksmith, a good samaritan to an evil tyrant. Just be sure to keep it medieval-y ^^


    She was a mage of great importance. Well, of great importance to the thieves she grew up with. Almirah, the young mage girl, never knew another life. As far as she was concerned, she was born with the bandits, was raised and trained by bandits, and will some day marry a bandit.

    Though, she is only useful to them while her powers are strong. They can raid towns and take as much as they want without being given any trouble. But should her power weaken, they'll either abandon her or kill her.

    Almirah is strong-willed though, and will not be showing any weaknesses any time soon.

    Now, she is in one of the towns of the kingdom where she lives. She doesn't care too much for robbing people when she's allowed to go out on her own, though she could if she wanted. She knows the leader will send for her soon though.

    Almirah examined a piece of jewelry at a vendor's stall, smiling at how the gems shone brightly in the sunlight. She looked around the market, looking at all the people who rushed about, buying, selling, trading.
  2. Being a spy isint is as good as it sounds, thats why becomeing a roge spy is way better than working for the king. Though assassinateing people, stealing, and kidnaping people where a breze, spying was not.


    Walking smoothly past the market was a hassle when theres so many people in the area. The cloaked man looks around for an area thats less populated with people but decided to just fight the crowed of people. His boots where wet from all the mess people make on the floor but it will have to be ignored untill he gets to an inn.

    Walking past a girl he realized she had her eyes on an object on the tabble of goods. Not wanting to cause attetion he watched from a distance wanting to see how well her plan will go in a croweded area.
  3. As much as Almirah would've liked to pay, she didn't have any money. Her leader was still trying to get her to become a full thief, so he refused to give her money.

    She took a deep breath. She considered that man to be her father, and so, she had to make him proud.

    Almirah smiled a little. With a snap of the mage's fingers, a small fire erupted by one of the stands.

    Immediately, people began turning and flocking over, trying to put it out.

    In the commotion, Almirah safely grabbed the piece of jewelry, put it in her pocket, and turned towards the fire as well.
  4. While watching the girl she made a small movement with her hands and a fire apperaed out of nowhere, this didint distract Atticus becuase he was more intresteed with the girl. People where distracted very quicklly and rushed to the fire.

    the girl had swiped the goods into her pocket and played along with the crowed.
    "Intresting...." atticus had said in a low tone.
    He walked with the crowed and stod be hind the girl and whisperd in her ear
    "That was very cleaver what you did there"
  5. Almirah jumped when she heard a voice in her ear. She turned quickly. "You... Saw?" she whispered quietly.

    The man didn't look like a guard. He also didn't look like the type who would tell a guard. "Look, please don't tell," she said. She looked around and pulled up her head. "If you do tell, my father and brothers will be angry." She was lying, but he didn't know. If they got angry with anyone, it would be her.

    With that, she glanced at the man with a pleading look before turning away to get out of the crowd and back to the thieves' camp.
  6. When the girl sliped through the crowed atticus followed her and followed her like a trained spy but once in a while he would make some noise that any one would hear.

    once safely away the crowed he walked in frount of the girl and stuck out his hand. you gota learn how to not get pickpockted by people.
    Atticus opened his hand and the goods she stole where in his hands. also you gota learn how to lie better.
    "quick question, wheres the neerest inn?"
  7. She glared at the man. Upon seeing him hold out the things SHE stole, her eyes widened. She quickly took them from his hand. "Hey you, I took that and stop following me!" she told him, keeping her voice low.

    Almirah looked away, looking around the town. "The inn's over there," she said, pointing, "Next to the tavern. Now shoo." Almirah waved the man off, motioning toward the inn.
  8. "heh, alllright thanks alot. Ill be seeing you soon again"
    Atticus turns very slowly and started walking to the inn. Atticus knew that if he gets to the inn and sits down with a half mug of beer, people will know hes a hireing man for any task. Walking to the inn was not an easy task becuase the market was very close to the inn. The Inn was croweded also. Noticeing a larg number of royal guards in the area made atticus a little uneasy.
  9. There was never anything in the life of an ordinary soldier such as Calvin Ayers. At least, he thought so, until he was scouted by the mercenary corps, who said that they took an interest in him because of his bravery in a fight with bandits. Like he would believe anything what those people said.

    Regardless of that, though, the young man accepted the proposal of the mercanaries and joined their ranks. He soon became a fully-fledged mercenary, and now he was on his first real job. It seems that the number of thieves have been increasing in one of the smaller cities, and it was his job to find out who was behind the thefts. He was given no assistance, but Calvin did not think he needed it. After all, the cause was obvious: whenever thefts skyrocketed it was usually a sign of the city guard weakening, or the formation of a strong thief guild.

    The man was on the suspicion that it was the latter, so for the mission, he decided to equip his best plate armour, a fine broadsword, and a huge hammer, and headed towards the market of the town. He was bound to find information there.
  10. "Next time you better not steal things from me," she said as the man walked away. She bid him farewell and turned to walk off, heading out of town.

    The camp she lived in wasn't far from the town, but it was very well hidden. Deep in the forest, with a path marked so that only thieves could follow it. No one else knew the mark of the thieves' guild, so that made it safer. Of course, Almirah had gone down the path so many times she didn't need the makrings anymore.
  11. Siting as far as possable from the royal guards, atticus sat down with his head down and half a jug of beer on the table.
    A man in ragged cloths sat down with atticus with his half mug of beer. "ello there mate, i can see you ready to on some jobs, well i got one nice and simple. lets say that some one had stolen from me and i know who They are. Im looking to get my money back or to kill him/her. You can also kill some one in there family"

    Atticus finaly says "im guessing its a theif". The man grins
  12. Alex was sitting in a tavern he didn't know the name of, listening to the conversations going on around him, what, surely he'd heard that wrong, some kind of assassination job being given out? In here? Not the best of ideas, sounded like something Alex should keep one eye on, slowly, as to not cause attention, he turned his head, and found the speaker to be a poor looking man, who didn't look like they could afford to hire an assassin, but looks can be deceiving, he stopped everything he was doing, banishing the other sounds from his mind, and listened intensely on the conversation on the other table.
  13. The man in rags taps the table signaling that atticus will get his reward when the job is done. The man stands up and looks around to see if any one was watching and walked into the crowed of royal guards. Atticus chugs his whole drink and decides to stay seated for while to make it seem like he was just there to relax.

    After 5 minuets of relaxing it was time to go to work, under the mans jug of empty beer was a papper on more information about the theives in the area. first off, atticus dosent mess with theives unless its for a job. second a group of thevies is as annoying as a group of royal guards. He stands up and slowly walks past the guards and into the streets. The quickest idea came to his head, atticus started walking to the area where the theif girl was heading. so far so good.
  14. Almirah arrived back to the camp in time to see her "father" shouting at another young theif. She decided it would be better if she just slipped past and ignored it. Sometimes, she saw things she didn't want to see. Things that, by then, should be normal to her.

    Unfortunately, their leader spotted her and called her over. "You, let's see, what did you take?" he asked in his gruff voice.

    Almirah pulled out the jewellry and handed it over to him. He smiled and turned back to the young man. "You see, this is how we do things," he said.
  15. The market did not yield too many results. Instead of the usual rumors and stories that Calvin expected to find, he found only some ghost stories and strange tales from the past of the town. However, he at least managed to buy a map of the surrounding area, which showed there was a forest nearby, not to mention some abandoned ruins a little further from the town. He noted these places as ones that would need investigation, but first, he needed some information about the town itself, so he ventured into a nearby inn.

    Perhaps it was not such a good idea to enter with his armour on, as when he stepped inside, all eyes focused on him. Calvin, though, shrugged the stares off and immediately approached the bartender.

    "One mug of your finest ale, bartender," said Calvin, and the bartender immediately served him. "Say, I am looking for the city guard headquarters. Could you tell me where it is?" asked the mercenary, to which the bartender nodded and described the location of the building. Calvin thanked him for the information, but stayed for a while to observe the inn, sitting down at a table in the corner.
  16. Alex left the tavern, making sure to hide his face from the guards, in-case the had a report of what he looked like, see, that was the problem of being a freelance thief, he was not accepted anywhere, so he wandered from town to town, retrieving "Goods" for people, doing some retrieving of his own, relieving people of the burden of having expensive objects in their houses, he was in the market now, and spotted a wealthy man, walking in to the man, bump, "Woops, I'm sorry" He said, shaking the man's hand and sliding the emerald ring off of his wedding finger.
  17. "Do you really hope for some assistance from this bunch of lazy city guards?" Said the woman's voice next to Calvin. She took a sit at his table without waiting for his invite and shouted for a mug of ale to the waitress.

    She was a woman of average height. With shoulder lenght ginger hair, tied in a ponytail. Had beautiful green eyes and little scar on her left chick, which though didn't ruin her beautiful, but rough face.

    The leather jacket on her was like what sailors usually wear. Corset and pair of seal-leather pants were also revealing sailor in her, but the lack of tan on her skin was showing, it was long after she last was into open seas.

    One-handed light sword and dagger on both sides of her belt, were all the weapons she got on her.
  18. Alia looked around town. She was a fairly lonely mage, and was out doing some shopping. She looked around at all the stands and had already found some food to make back at her house.

    She was a slightly tanned woman, dark brown hair and a little bit short for her age but not by much. She had brown eyes and was wearing a long sleeved dress that hid her mark of the village of mages she lived in, with no relation to Almirah.

    "Hmm..." she was just silently glancing around the shop stands.
  19. Alex was still in the market square, it was around Noon, and was getting very busy, perfect time for pickpocketing, he walked into a crowd of oncoming people, taking wallets, rings, and bits and pieces from pockets, as he bumped into each of them, until a hand grabbed him on the shoulder, he turned and was facing a very red faced man, "THIEF, we have a thief over here! GUARDS!" and with that Alex was gone, scurrying down the nearest alley.
  20. "Huh?!" Alia jumped at the hearing that there was a thief in the market square. She could have sworn she saw a blur go by in the crowd. She was silent for a bit, and soon her brow began to furrow. Surely wrong doing was done and the culprit was trying to get away. She payed for the remainder of her things and started off down to where she saw the blur.

    She looked around and passed an alley. Upon realization that almost all escaping convicts would go down dark places not to be seen, she turned back and looked into the alley.