A Hidden World (w/Andy)

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  1. Maya looked both ways before she crossed the street. The rain was starting to come down harder, and the little hoodie she managed from the garbage didn't do her any good against the deepening chill.
    Fuck, this sucks. She was only 16 years old, and he didn't have anywhere to go. She had no money, she was pretty sure she was going to catch a cold, and had no money.
    Her secret seemed like hers alone to bear. Her parents screamed and called her the spawn of Satan, and shoved her in the bathtub and tried to cut her wrists.
    Damn, How did she get out? She was practically dead.
    She wished she hadn't showed them. How much of an ass was she that she thought she could fix it by showing her religious-as-hell parents?
    She had no weapon, and she couldn't fight anybody off even if she wanted to.
    The weight of her secret seemed to make her shoulders haunch as she crossed the street to the opposite sidewalk. There was a burning itch under her skin. She looked online for anything she could find on this illness or whatever the hell this was. She only found fairy tales or whatever other shit parents told their kids before bed.
    Except, for Maya, this was real. She was probably going to die out here, with her secret clutched in her head like some mental blanket. She was a child inside, scared and hiding from something so much bigger than her, and she had absolutely no idea how to handle it, let alone how to survive with such a thing.
    Maya Albrun was a Shapeshifter, very well being the last of her kind to exist on earth.
  2. Jason was walking down the street without a care in the world even though it was raining. He was wearing a blue hoodie and a pair of black jeans with white and black sneakers. He had medium length blonde hair that went down just to the back of his neck and hung over his deep ocean blue eyes. He was secretly a Demi god. A half human half god child. His father was the god of the sea Poseidon one of the big three and one of the most powerful Gods to ever exist. He was proud to be a son of Poseidon even though he never saw his father which hurt but it was bare able. He walked down the sidewalk the rain falling hard against him but strangely enough he wasn't getting wet not even in the slightest. The rain was clearly hitting him and his clothes but they weren't darkening, getting heavier, nothing it was like he had an invincible shield around him that protected him from the water. Anyone who walked by didn't even notice the strange factor either because they were too busy trying to keep from getting wet or they didn't really care. Jason yawned and shook his head before he brushed his hair from his eyes. He looked around and smiled a bit. What he wouldn't give to go see the ocean again soon.
  3. Maya had her head bent torward the ground, the rain hitting her like little shards of ice. She had to get out of this fucking city. She hated it. Hated the buildings. Hated the people. She wanted to leave the confines of this concrete jungle and into the real forest where she could finally be free of these damned chains of humanity. She could give into this secret and become one with it.
    There it was. The dense greenery across the way. Only one more street left before she could escape. Nobody would miss her. She was a loner, a reject,, nobody would mind if she went missing. She could finally be herself.
    She wanted to run, her feet were itching to pound the concrete with her shoes, but she refrained. Only a few more streets.
  4. Jason yawned and rubbed his eyes he was starting to get tired. A life on the road as a demi god wasn't easy since you never had cash on you..well..cash that mortals would take anyways. He had plenty of gold coins called drachmas which he could use at any kind of place that was owned by some kind of old greek monster or something. He didn't know of any that owned a hotel near here though so that was an issue. He turned a corner and wasn't paying any attention and ran head first into a younger girl who was clearly in trouble in his eyes. He winced and rubbed his forehead where it had hit her and then looked at her she looked terrible with those old clothes on. "..jeez I'm sorry about that you ok?"
  5. Maya yelped as a boy smacked into her as he rounded the corner. She cursed under her breath as she nearly lost her footing and fell. She was miserable, the rain seeping through her clothes and into her skin, into her bones, her organs, making her cold from the inside out.
    "What? Y-yeah, Whatever, im fine."
    She stopped short, nearly taking a double take, and stood in the boy's way.
    "What the fuck? Its raining like Hell out here and you arent even wet. Gods, I must be seeing things.." She staggered, cursed again, and slumped against the grimy wall of the building next to her. God, her body was hurt and cold and everything throbbed in pain. She didnt care about the boy anymore. She wanted to Change, here and now, but she would probably never see the forest if she did.
    God, her head hurt. Damnit, everything hurt. The boy faded from her memory and her vision flickered.
    Fuck, what the hell? Why did everything have to hurt so much. She could have sprinted, she should have. She wouldnt have run into this idiot boy and stopped her dead. Now she was probably going to BE dead.
    She slumped again, trying to regain her posture, her eyes locked on the dense forest only a few hundred yards away.
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  6. Jason looked at the girl and frowned a bit something wasn't right about her. Not in a bad way..yet anyways but she looked like she was going somewhere and trying to get there fast. Her state also gave him cause for worry she looked like she was about to pass out any second. He gently moved closer to her and set his hand on her shoulder "hey..um..you ok? you don't look so good..come on let's get you inside we need to get you warmed up before you catch your death..you also look half starved to death what's happened to you?..wait no never mind I don't answer that let's get you inside someplace warm first then I'll ask my questions"
  7. "N-No I need.. to-" Her vision flickered again before she blacked out, her body slumping against the boy's own. Through the thick black of fog in her brain she screamed. She probably lost her chance. She would never get to the forest. Now she would float forever between the miserable black and the even more miserable course of life. She would be poked and proded and ripped open and her brain taken apart and ripped from her skull. She knew the things they did to 'special' people. Thats why her parents tried to kill her in the first place.
    The black fog was like sludge, sticking to her and keeping her rooted to unconsciousness. It hurt. Even in her head her body throbbed. She wished she was dead. She hated being this. Whatever God cursed her to be. She hated it. Hate. Hate. Hate.
    She didnt want to have this secret. She didnt want to carry the burden like a cinderblock that was chained to her foot wherever she went.The boy. The boy could help. He wasnt wet. Maybe she was seeing things. Maybe she was just in too much pain. Hope. Hope, she had to hope that he was like her, special in some way, to help her to get to the forest. She had to hope.
  8. Jason's eyes widened when he saw her eyes close. He knew she had just blacked out and immediately moved to catch her. He let out a soft sigh as he kept her from falling to the ground. He then looked at her a bit more closely. She was very attractive he couldn't deny that but she was clearly in some kind of trouble what exactly he didn't know but he was determined to help her all the same. He looked over his shoulder at the forest and sighed she had seemed pretty determined to make it there yet what would she have done if she had? the rain was still pouring and there wasn't much cover even in those woods. He looked down the road and saw a small motel and decided that he would take her there it was the best he could do. He gently picked her up princess style and started walking towards the motel hoping that he would be able to get them a room. He reached the motel in no time and set her against one of the chairs in the waiting area and then went up to the front desk to ring the bell to request for some service
  9. Maya winked back and forth between consciousness. The rain hitting her face like shards of glass. The boy's face. Her body being carried, usuelessly like a little rag doll. The damp warm of a heater in a stuffy room. A chair.
    Fuck, it hurt.
    She tried to talk, but it felt like her mouth was full of cotton, her head filled with drippy black ink that kept all coherent thoughts away. She wanted the forest. The Forest, damnit. This was far from the forest. If anything it was going deeper into the place she wanted to get away from. Her clothes were still wet. Crap. Her head hurt. Fuck, it hurt.
    Why did it hurt so much? Why couldnt she be dead? Why couldnt she have just let her parents slice her arms open, let her life drain into the cold water of the bathtub? No. She had the willpower to allow her heart to keep beating.
    She wished she had more of that will power, until another wave of black rose up, and swept her away.
  10. The man came up to the desk and spoke quickly with Jason. It didn't take long to procure a room and pay it off he had enough cash on him to pay the room off without any issues. He went back to the girl after receiving his key and picked her up again. He then carried her up to the room that he had rented for the two of them and gently laid her in the bed. He didn't have any extra clothes for her to wear and he certainly wasn't about to take her wet clothes off lest she wake up while he was doing it and freak out that would be the last thing he would ever need to experience
  11. Maya groaned. Through the black she could feel she was being moved again, because it started to hurt again. Her eyelids flickered, and opened. Where was she? A pale yellow ceiling floated lazily above her. Floated? No. It was there. She was still not in the forest like she wanted.
    She tried to sit up, but it made her head throb, so she flopped back down atop the comforter she was on. What? A bed? Crap. She was sinking deeper into these confines that she was convinced she would never get out.
    She was alone until she felt weight creak onto the space next to her. She screamed, jumped, which made her fall to the moldy carpet below. Shit, that hurt, too. When will it stop hurting?
    "W-Who the hell are you..?" She slurred. Her words felt too large for her mouth, her tongue too fat to properly form the words. They sounded foreign to even her own ears. She rubbed her head, her body feeling hot despite the clothes sticking to her wet body.
  12. Jason jumped a bit when she fell out of the bed and sighed he gently picked her back up and set her back under the covers "My names Jason..now will you lay down..you need to rest you blacked out from exhaustion and your soaked to the bone if you don't rest and warm up your going to get sick and die and I don't want someone dying on my watch." He looked at her and then went to the bathroom he grabbed a rag and wet it under some warm water and then came back and gently placed the rag over her forehead "relax it's going to be ok I'm not going to hurt you and I won't let anyone else hurt you either"
  13. She groaned. The warmth of the rag seeped into her bones. It felt heavenly.
    Fuck. The forest. She needed to get to the forest. Her head hurt.
    She could hardly see his face through the blurry veil over her eyes, but his voice was soft, like velvet, and warm like tea. She knew she should run. Get away, but her bones felt like lead, and they burned hot as if somebody stuffed coals into the deepest part of her. Her head throbbed, but it wasnt nearly as bad.
    The feelings started seeping back into her body. She was cold. And wet. Very cold.
    "Jason... The forest..." She groaned, her words slurring together like sticky syrup, before she finally gave in to the next wave of exhaustion, this time taking her entire body into a deep, fuzzy sleep.
  14. The forest again? what was with her and this damn forest? he shook his head and stared down at her. She was determined he'd give her that but he'd be damned if he was taking her to that forest. She'd freeze to death and die within a matter of hours if not minutes and he wasn't going to be the cause for it. No. He would keep her here for the night and when she was feeling better in the morning he would let her go wherever she wanted to. IF she was feeling better. If not then he'd go with her if he had to. He didn't care either way in fact it might have been better if he goes with her that way he could keep an eye on her in case something like this happened again
  15. When Maya finally ascended from her black cloud of sleep, she couldnt tell if it was night or day. The curtains were sealed shut. She shut her eyes again. She didnt want to see the ceiling. She wanted to be free.
    She groaned. Her body still throbbed, but the pain was bearable. It wasnt as if daggers were being forced through every pore of her body.
    She sat up, but instantly regretted it. Her being felt like it was still on fire, but only a dying one, one with no more fuel. It finally occured that she was starving. She hadnt eaten in God knows how long ago. She'd been wandering for hours, and even then running on fumes. She was with somebody. What was his name? She forgot. At this point she didnt care. She wanted to get to that fucking forest and away from the stench of the city. To change whenever she wanted with nobody to poke her with knives or want to tear her brain into small peices.
    Where was he?
  16. Jason walked into the room just as she had woken up and smiled a bit. "Finally awake I see" He chuckled a bit and walked over to the small table that was in the room and set a hot bag of food on the table and then put his hands in his pockets "I hope you like Pasta, there's a delicious little pasta place down the road that I go to every time I come here and they let you order out. I figured you'd be hungry so I brought back some chicken alfredo back for you" He walks over and sits across from her on the other bed and looks into her eyes "It looks like your doing a lot better but you clearly still need to eat and rest otherwise you won't make it five steps out that door before you pass out again"
  17. Maya watching him carefully. She watched him cross the room, tugging at her fingers. She didnt want to eat, only to get to the forest, but the aroma made her mouth water.
    She was starving.
    Then she remembered. When it was raining, she was soaking wet, but he wasnt. She didnt remember if he had an umbrella, but she had so many quesions already. She went for the first one that popped into her head.
    "Your arent human, are you?"
  18. He looks at her and raises an eyebrow and then starts laughing and shakes his head he rubs his eyes and then smiles at her and nods "technically you are correct..I'm half human the other half well...that's a little difficult to explain obviously your not human either if you noticed or knew that I'm not entirely human just by looking at me. So..what are you exactly? I know your not what I am..but your definitely not like anything I've ever encountered before"
  19. Maya studied him. He was a boy who she imagined most girls wanted to be with. He was attractive to say in the least, and she blushed slightly.
    Should she tell him? The last time she told, her wrists were slit and she nearly bled to death. She bit her lip.
    "How do I know you wont just kill me once I tell you?" She couldnt think straight. Her eyes darted to the bag of food. God, she was starving. No. She couldnt allow herself to be weak in front of him. Remember the Forest. The Forest. Forest.
    She tried to get up, but instead doubled over and dry heaved. There was nothing in her stomach to expel. She groaned and laid down on the bed again. Fuck, she was too weak to move. To weak to run. If he wanted to kill her, then she was dead. There was no way she could get away from him.
  20. Jason sighed and stood up. He walked over to the bag of food and opened the packaging to reveal a fresh batch of Chicken alfredo. He took the fork that had been given with the meal and put it in the food and then walked over to her. He set it down on the little table beside her and gave her a kind smile "because one like I said I'm not entirely human either, two you haven't done anything to me so why would I kill you? and three if I had wanted to kill you I would have done it already. I could have left you out in the rain, I could have killed you when you fell asleep but I didn't"
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