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  1. Gods. Goddesses. Myths. They are all true. Well, there is a little exception... They aren't gods. They were never gods. They were humans blessed with extraordinary abilities, burdened with keeping balance in the world.

    Hundreds of years ago, the "gods" vanished. POOF! No explanation. The people stopped believing and eventually the Gods became nothing but a myth. Wars broke out, governments rose and fell, religions popped up. The world seemed to be falling apart until the Storm. It racked the entire globe and killed thousands of people. Over the next ten years, the Gods and Goddesses of old were reborn into new bodies. A woman by the name of Dara Kale became the Oracle tasked by some unknown force to find these children and gather them. She was to teach them how to use their abilities. So, she did what she was told to do.

    Seven years later, only a few remain undiscovered and many more have been found. But even to Dara, their purpose is still unclear. After years of death and devastation, why are the gods and goddesses only now reborn?

    A dark entity is rising from the depths of hell, but everyone is still left unaware, even as their own are picked off one by one.

    It is basically an RP that will contain characters with powers based off the gods and goddesses of old. Gods will be from many different mythologies and will be sorted into five groups.
    Greek Mythology {Olympus}
    Scandinavian Lore {Asgard}
    Egyptian Mythology {The Nile}
    Japanese and Chinese Mythology {Under the Sun}
    The Missing {basically just gods that haven't been found yet}

    You can reserve any gods you want and as many as you want. I will be taking Athena {with the power of Knowledge Replication}, Osiris {with the power of plant manipulation}, Bragi {with ink manipulation}, Idun {with the power of youth inducement} and Benten {with music manipulation}. Make sure to put which category they would in as well. All gods must be real gods. Keep in mind that they don't have to be the same race or gender as the god they represent.

    Athena {Knowledge Replication | Olympus}
    Osiris {Plant Manipulation | Nile}
    Bragi {Ink Manipulation | Asgard}
    Benten {Music Manipulation | Under the Sun}
    Idun {Youth Inducement | Asgard}
    Andraste {Luck Inducement | The Missing}
    Loki {Illusion and Mind Manipulation | Asgard}
    Izanami {Definite Death and Complex Creation | Under the Sun}
    Mercury {Speed Recreation | The Missing}
    Erebus {Shadow Manipulation | The Missing}
    Vedenemo {Water Manipulation/Siren Singing | Asgard}
    Helios {Fire and Light Manipulation/Pyrokinesis | Olympus}
    Skadi {Ice and Snow Manipulation | Asgard}
    Susano {Storm Manipulation and Creation | Under the Sun}
    Var {Contract Creation | Asgard}
    Laetita {Pyrotechnic Manipulation | The Missing}
    Yamato no Orochi {Serpent Manipulation | Under the Sun}
    Kagu-Tsuchi {Pyrokinesis {?} | Under the Sun}
    Sun Wukong {Cloud Manipulation | Under the Sun}
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  2. I would love to join this.

    Loki {Illusion and Mind Manipulation | Asgard}

    Izanami {Definite Death, and Complex Creation | Under the Sun}

    Mercury {Speed Recreation | The Missing}

    ^^^ These are the gods I'd like to reserve. If that's cool
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  3. @Felilla I Re-worded Izanami's powers.
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  4. Hm...
    Might be interested in this!
    I claim:
    Erebus | Shadow/Darkness Manipulation | Male | The Missing
    Ved-Ava/Vedenemo | Water Manipulation/Seduction Through Singing | Female | Asgard
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  5. I'd like to reserve

    Cronus | The Missing
    Typhon | The Missing

    The first is a Titan and the second has evidence of Divine lineage, but is never directly stated to be a god.
  6. What is their main power? You can see what I mean if you look at the other gods reserved.
  7. I'm interested
    I reserve:

    Skadi | Ice and Snow manipulation | Asgard
    Susano | Storm manipulation and creation | Under the Sun
    Var | Contract Creation | Asgard
  8. Reserve:

    Helios {Fire and Light Manipulation/Pyrokinesis | Olympus}
  9. May I have Laetita (Roman Goddess) with pyrotechnic manipulation?
  10. @Mundane Monster Is she going to be a missing?
    Everyone, there is a poll about whether or not the pictures will be anime or realistic if you will please make a choice. ^.^
  11. Can i take the role of Yamata no Orochi, The Eight Forked Serpent?
  12. @Edward Sure, I have no problem with that. I just need a power and if you would like me to put it in Missing or Under the Sun?
  13. Orochi is known to be the alpha of serpents, so i assume the power would be the ability to command all serpents. Also Orochi is part of japanese mythology, susanoo killed him so please place him under the sun.

    I'd also like to reserve Kagu-tsuchi, god of fire. Place him also under the sun for he was the first born of izanami and izanagi.
  14. Sorry for having two japanese mythos, its the only thing i know.
  15. Yeah, sorry!
  16. So you're going to be my son lol jk
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