A girl with dark secrets

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  1. Nika walked into her first class. She had just moved here a week ago and started school today. She was a Junior in highschool. And she had dark secrets. She had black hair and electric green eyes and chalky pale skin. Her hair was long and straight and flowed past her shoulders. She ignored all of the stares from the other studens and sat down in the back. With all of that fresh blood in the room, it was hard for her to keep control, though she managed. Bearly. She doodled aimlessly on her notebook to distract her attention from things.
  2. Ryder glanced up at the new girl that had walked into the classroom, he looked at her and smirked hmm kinda cute, he then tapped on the desk and slouched slighty as he taped his foot boredly watching as the teacher assinged her a seat.
  3. She looked up when he thought it. She stared at him for a moment, then sighed and went back to her notebook. Thankfully no one introduced themselves to her. She didn't want to have to deal with that yet, for fear of her thirst. She could hear several classes going on at once, some louder then others, despite the thick white walls and closed doors. Class hadn't started yet, and wouldn't start for another five minutes. She ignored the other students and ran a hand through her hair, creating a bit of a curtain for anyone still starring.
  4. hmm..being the polite guy that he was Ryder got up from his seat and approached the female with a warm smile "nice to meet you" he extened his hand and looked at her.
  5. She looked up at him.

    "Oh. Hi."

    She said with a bored tone. She hesitated, but then took his hand. As soon as they touched, an electric current zinged up her arm. She winced and jerked her hand back.

    "I'm sorry."

    She mumbled.

    I wonder if he felt it too.

    She thought, looking away from him.
  6. he felt a current rush up his arm and he looked at the girl for a moment then put his hands at his side..um well i hope you enjoy it here if you have any problems lemme know, Ryder turned and sat back at his desk staring at his arm.
  7. For the rest of the morning, her body tingled after shaking hands with Ryder. A few people had introduced themselves but otherwise they left her alone. It was lunch, and she found a table to herself, her body still tingling.

    Who was that boy?

    She thought. Ever since she had shook hands with him, she knew where he was, a gentle tugging in the back of her mind. She sighed.

    Great. Just great.

    She thought. She sat at her table, working on her homework, an ugly red lunch tray piled with food but left untouched. She could feel more stares on her, though she ignored them.
  8. Ryder was in a trance ever since that handshake all his classes seemed to breeze by pretty quick, he sat down at lunch and picked at thee food on the tray, Ryder keept feeling that tingily feeling from before making him wonder what is this? why am i feeling this way? he sighed and tried to get his mind off the girl.
  9. Nika looked up when she heard his thoughts. She stared at him, the boy from math class this morning.

    Oh no.

    She thought. She could feel her fangs come out, cutting the edge of her tongue. She winced a bit, tasting blood.

    Why is this happening?

    She wondered, trying to keep herself under controll.
  10. He looked up at spotted the girl from this morning, he was tired of sitting around and decided to find out if she felt the same, hetting up Ryder made his way to her table "hey can we tallk"
  11. She looked up at him.

    "About what?"

    She asked, though she had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to talk about.
  12. He looked away fo a moment then back at her.."did you feel something when we shook hands?" his eyes leveled with her waiting for a responce
  13. She had to play dumb.

    "Only your hand."

    She said, rolling her eyes.

    "Look, I don't know what you're talking about but as you can see, I have homework to do."

    She motioned with her hand at her math.
  14. He frowned at her attitude and surpressed the urge he wanted to snap at her but he didnt "fine sorry for being such a bother" he brush past her his arm rubbed across hers.
  15. She tensed, feeling their hairs stick out as if they had rubbed a balloon over their skin from the static. She watched him walk away, feeling her thirst become stronger. She quickly scooped up her books and half-walked, half-ran to the nurses office, pretending to be ill. She faked sick and got the rest of the day away from school. She had to get help. She drove home as fast as she dared without getting a ticket.
  16. Ryder watched the girl leave the lunch room and he started to feel bad, the last bell rang and he scooped up his books putting them into his bag he walked out and made his way to his car, once in he took a deep breath i have to forget Ryder started the care and headed home.
  17. Once home, she searched the house for Edmund.


    She called out. No answer.

    "Edmund?! Where are you? I need to talk to you. It's urgent!"

    "I am in the living room child."

    Came the reply in a smooth voice.

    She ran into the living room. Their house was simple, like everyone elses in this town. He was sitting on the couch, a glass of whisky in his hand. He had long black hair that was in a pony tail and long white finger nails. The finger nail on his left thumb was cut so that it was sharpened to a point.

    "What is it Nika?"

    He asked, looking over at her.

    "I don't know...I...a boy introduced himself to me in math class this morning and...well...we shook hands and we both felt a shock. Now I can hear his thoughts and know where he is anywhere."

    Anger flashed in Edmund's black eyes.

    "Fool! Are you trying to give us away?"

    He sighed, frustrated.

    "You are bonded to him now. Eventually you will end up Siring him. Making him one of us. It might not happen yet, but it will. Stay away from him and feed regularly."

    He sighed again.

    "Go now. Leave me."

    She hung her head, knowing he was angry with her.

    "Yes Edmund."

    She mumbled, and drove back to school.
  18. Ryder parked his car by the back entrance of his school where he ran into his friend Matt

    "Yo Matt"
    He turned and looked at him "aye wassup an hows it been"
    Ryder sighed "theres this girl..idk what it is but everytime im around her i get this feelings and i cant stop thinking about her.
    "ah man you got puppy love but dont fall for it girls will be girls, Ryder nodded and walked back to his car.
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    Nika pulled into the parking lot and saw Ryder walking with Matt. She cut the engine and gathered her books. She slung her backpack over her should and stuffed her car keys in her jeans pocket, grumbling to herself. She could hear them talking all the way over there. She stalked up to the front door, ignoring the two boys and entered the school. Her fangs had disappeared now and the cut on her tongue had healed. She would have to feed after school.
  20. (so no " "?)

    Ryder turned thinking about heading into the school until he saw nika dart up the stairs into the double doors damn i gotta talk to her he stood for a moment thinking of what he should do next, looking around he spottted one of the schools security guards, relizing that he headded inside seeing how he couldn't cut school.