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  1. You can only push a person so far before they reach their limit. Once reached, some people won't budge, some crack or shatter altogether, but some explode and rise as something entirely different from the ashes.

    No one knows which they are until faced with the aftermath, but everyone has their limit.

    You live in the largest of the city-states that comprise the Triopolis, the terribly uncreative name chosen by the ruling (presumably three) Bureaucracies of the aforementioned city-states when they chose to form a coalition. At the time the decision was met with widespread approval and support as the times were desperate and the thought of coming together seemed to make perfect sense. In many ways it did. At first people were too pleased with the decision, ordinary folk were able to build small fortunes or explore untold opportunities as trade and travel between borders opened and exploded.

    Of course in hindsight it was easy to see there was no way this trend could continue, that the generation that opened the borders were living in “the Golden Age of Triopolis” and that of course things could only go downhill. It happened as you might expect, the little fish were eaten by the big fish until only the biggest of fish remained. It progressed to the point where most couldn't even afford to take a day off, let alone take advantage of the open borders. The ones that could afford it were heavily discouraged from doing so by a ruling class that wished to seize as much control as it could. From there things only got worse.

    Population swelled and the job market stagnated, pushing the middle class so low they were indistinguishable from the lower class, leaving a majority of people without work and unable to afford food, or a means to leave the city. The able bodied turned to the military, giving the ruling class an almost unlimited resource to fuel war and further their control of the citizens of Triopolis. The infirm or sickly turned to the streets, most died quickly. The upper class did as they always did, and ate up any of the little fish that somehow managed to avoid sinking to the bottom of the pond.

    Today, the Triopolis still stands as three city-states operating largely independent from one another, yet ruled by the same government. An authoritative and oppressing government has given way to civil unrest which in turn gave yield to an extensive crime network that swept throughout the city. If you were poor and weren't directly involved in the syndicate, you knew at least someone that was. People owing money to the wrong people and mysteriously vanishing wasn't considered a shock, and reporting it would see it considered more as a joke than a crime. The city became a thief's playground and a smuggler's paradise. If you could steal it, someone would buy it.

    In the city of Lenaire, the city in which our story takes place, the general population live in a state of squalor that few can escape from and those who do manage to get out seldom look back. The island state has been developed to the point that nothing remains uncontrolled by the government, large walls circle the shoreline, and the only true way out to the seas are heavily fortified and guarded ports. Living within the walls of the city means following the rules and keeping your head down, lest you step out of line and risk the wrath of a corrupt law enforcement. Knowledge of the world outside of the city is fleeting at best. You'd be hard pressed to find an elder that can coherently name even the other cities of the coalition let alone other nations there may be. Rumors as told by drunk soldiers or shady smugglers are the best you'll come by for the most part

    This brings us to our Goal: Escape.

    To do that you'll need a number of things. The proper resources, the right people for the job and most importantly teamwork. The reason few people make it out alive on their own is because of how unforgiving the ocean can be, and without people to support you, your odds are slim.

    Names to know
    While our group will be mostly new to the game of rebellion, there will of course be players that have gamed the system for years. No doubt in living within Lenaire your character will have heard of these people and so should you:

    Griffith Kazolov: High ranking member of the syndicate known to have influenced the government in profound ways in the past. How high up his connections run no one can be certain, but it is known that he has very powerful people in his pocket. He has a penchant for violence against anyone looking into his operations.

    Lee Taures: A name known by most of the lower classes, Lee operates as leader of a small group known as “The Runners” most commonly working alongside the crime syndicate, working as couriers, smugglers or small time thieves. Lee grants an ever valuable option to young men and women with few other choices. Run for him, and you eat well.

    Otto Vonderhal: Commander of the Triopolis Guard, the local law enforcement in the lower classes, a self proclaimed war hero of a half dozen hazily remembered military campaigns. Not much in the way of a soldier anymore as he's lost a leg, but his cruel spirit still sets the hairs on the back of many heads standing. Even a minor indiscretion with Otto can lead to your immediate transport to your local detention centre.

    Carmen Delantos: If there's something you need desperately, and you can afford to pay a hefty sum, she’s who you turn to. Carmen has a way with words few can accurately describe, and where words sometimes fail, her skill with a blade and bullet never have. While not in direct control over any smuggler's guild or any such group, if it's known Carmen has turned you away you'll be hard pressed to find someone willing to, or capable of taking the job.

    (More names may be added as time goes on, but for the moment these are the most important.)

    Itching for Freedom?
    Well there’s both good and bad news. The good? You’re a free spirited, headstrong, badass motherf**cker (Or whoever else you feel like being). The bad? You’re a civilian standing against one of the most oppressive regimes the lands of Ghilarend has ever seen. Suffice to say odds in your favor are slim. Luckily the masses are never alone in their struggle, and you should be able to find friends in this bleak, bleak cityscape.

    Below you’ll find a very general character creation guide. For the most part you have free reign to design whomever you'd like in terms of personality. I ask you to keep in mind that this is a story more of who your character is as a person and who they will become over where they came from. With that in mind realize that you shouldn't have an eleven page backstory. For the most part your characters should follow a template of: Born in squalor, raised in Lenaire, sick of oppression. But that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it, or if you have an idea to good to pass up? Let me see it and maybe I’ll agree.

    Name: (Obvious)
    Age: (Keep it reasonable)
    Gender: (Obvious)
    Personality: (This is where you want to spend most your thought process. Who is your character? What do they like/dislike, and what drives them)
    Backstory: (Bears repeating and so I'll say it again. Barring special circumstance, your backstory is largely inconsequential, that said, it's your life.)
    Appearance: (Text or Artwork is acceptable)

    General Stats are a part of the game of course. You’ll quickly notice there is no skill for Intelligence/Knowledge, and that's because I have no way of limiting or raising how you the player acts or reacts to things. Ultimately your characters will be as knowledgeable as you make them so by virtue they’ll be some variances there. Base Stats are a score of 3 across the board, and you initially have 15 points to distribute between 5 categories:

    Strength: Your overall physical ability to lift, push, and hit. Affects things like your ability to intimidate. Worth noting that the more points in strength you have, the larger you physically are. This can lead to some people doubting your intelligence.

    Charisma: How persuasive can one man or woman be? This skill affects how much of a smooth talker you are, and it can mean the difference between you getting your way or getting shanked.

    Agility: Can you dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge whatever comes your way? If so you have a special affinity towards the acrobatic arts and as such earn bonuses in melee combat and athletic ability. (Reaction times)

    Dexterity: Less your athletic ability and more how nimble your fingers are. This determines the overall speed at which you complete tasks with your hands, and greatly affects your accuracy in and out of battle.

    Luck: You’d be lying if you said you didn’t need it. This will play a role in almost anything you do. Fire at a wall in desperation, and you may score a critical hit. Slamming both fists on a safe at once may unlock the safe altogether. A single tap on a jukebox sets it working like it was fresh from the factory.

    On top of your General Stats you have this opportunity to create 2 custom traits to apply to your character. These can be passive things that always play a part, or special abilities that come into play when you need them.

    Story Progression
    By now if you’re still reading you may have questions, and this is where I hope to answer them pre-emptively. The story will be mission based, but player participation is left up to you. NPCs will be there to guide you where you need to go, set up missions and help during them, but ultimately if you decide you’d rather spend a round developing your character that’s fine. (Fine in the sense that not everyone can do that every round, but can definitely be accommodated) Understand though, that your participation (Or lack thereof) in missions will have consequences. Greater success will be achieved with more helping hands. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a mission with poor player turnout may result in devastating repercussions.

    We’ll need resources to escape from the city. Food, Munitions, and a means to escape are the basics, and our initial missions will reflect that. As we see more success other factions will take note. The syndicate won't like us muscling in and potentially taking food. The military won't like our acquisition of munitions. The more resources we have, the more likely a confrontation with another party will be. So we always have to be ready. As time goes on some of you are bound to impress the locals, and playing your cards right with them could see your own posse come into fruition, they’ll be invaluable in defending whatever we have, or in pursuit of your own goals.

    The setting is an industrial-fantasy type city (Think Dunwall of Dishonored for reference) airships/dirigibles, monorails, and navies, but not quite reaching any real air force. Magic is a sparsely used resource, but it is available to some. While the city of Lenaire opened its borders to the other members of the Coalition for a time, their bigotry towards others kept most other races from establishing any kind of residence within the city. That means that while the world may have fantasy creatures in it (i.e. Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, etc...) they are few and far between in Lenaire.

    Ultimately what matters most is that you have a good time. If you have concerns or would like to speak with me concerning something pertaining to this, feel free to contact me! You’ll find I'm fairly flexible and I'm just as interested in you participating as you hopefully are.

    Simple Guidelines to Follow:
    1. Don't be a jackass on purpose
    2. Show a modicum of respect for those around you
    3. Don't be a living embodiment of any deity
    4. Mentally prepare yourself for character death
    5. I hate to bring it up, but I have final say.
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  2. Name: Jay Windsong
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jay is a Elf with the desire to fly, well sort of, he is nimble and loves to run along the roofs or in some tight spaces of Lenaire. He can be a bit cocky and can be hot headed at times of stress which has been a hassle to in his past.
    Backstory: Jay grew up in the middle class of Lenaire he found it hard making ends meet even as a child and with his Elven heritage it only got harder. He took any job that was given he eventually ended up with the runners. It was here he learnt the skills that he still uses today. The runners sent him out many times during his time with them, they were impressed and they even thought he could become a great runner one day until he killed a fellow runner. They were out on a mission and the runner with him messed up, Jay got angry and caused a fight while they were somewhat high off the ground and the runner fell to his death. Since then he's been on his own.


    General Stats are a part of the game of course. You’ll quickly notice there is no skill for Intelligence/Knowledge, and that's because I have no way of limiting or raising how you the player acts or reacts to things. Ultimately your characters will be as knowledgeable as you make them so by virtue they’ll be some variances there. Base Stats are a score of 3 across the board, and you initially have 15 points to distribute between 5 categories:

    Strength: 4

    Charisma: 6

    Agility: 9

    Dexterity: 8

    Luck: 3

    Special ability:
    Free run(Passive): Thanks to his past Jay is a great climber and can quickly make it from place to place with great ease.

    Weapon finesse (Passive): Jay may use his dexterity to do attacks with small (daggers, short sword, ect...) and finesse weapons (Rapier)

    (I'm guessing that weapons like swords and stuff are still used since not many people would have guns)
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  3. Overall I like the idea of the character, prepare to face Some prejudice and racial insensitivity due to Jay's Elven Heritage.

    A couple things to note however:
    - At Jay's age there wouldn't be a noticeable difference between the lower and middle class. It's all seen as one big cesspool.

    - Having worked with, and been ousted due to the death of a Runner is fine, and should make for interesting writing, you should know that while the Runners may do work for the Syndicate, they are not part of the Syndicate. So a Runner seeing Jay as "Syndicate Material" is fine, but it's an entirely different skill set. If Jay is as nimble and surefooted as you make him seem, he would have made an extraordinary Runner, and not some criminal.

    - Saying that he hasn't had any luck finding a new group until now implies the group will have met prior to the beginning of the story, which is not the case. That one's more for general knowledge. Shortly after the beginning of the RP we'll be brought together, but not from the onset.

    - Both traits are fine, and you're correct in saying that guns are difficult to come across. You'd be doubly right to have said swords and guns and knifes and weapons in general are hard to come by. Essentially (in the beginning) our characters would be lucky if they possessed a shank. Outside of the upper class, most people of Lenaire live in extreme poverty, working for the Runners or the Syndicate or other Guilds/Groups (tba) provides basic nurishment, not a steady income to thrive on.

    If you can make peace with the above you're more than welcome to join!
  4. Okay changes made and I added in a bit extra because you motioned about the prejudice against Elves, it might even make him kinda like Edward being called short all the time type deal without all the strength.
  5. Edward who?
  6. Right context... Ed from Full Metal Alchemist, as people always call him short and he gets annoyed
  7. Looks neat. I'll probably put up a character in the next couple days here, or maybe not until the weekend depending on how I feel about it.

    I do have one question though: is there a stat cap, or would min-maxing a monster with 18 strength and 3 in everything else be permissible? Not that I'm likely to do that, just curious.
  8. First if all welcome!

    Secondly, a good question, and admittedly one I hadn't considered. While not strictly prohibited, I wouldn't recommend sinking all points into one trait for obvious reasons. 3 points is barely competency in whatever field it lies in so you'll be severely crippling your survivability if your only strength is strength for example. Means your ability to dodge or actually fight in close quarters is limited to the 3 you have in Agility or Dexterity
  9. This looks interesting! For your consideration:

    Name: Arthur Wheelin

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Arthur is a conflicted man. The clear view he possessed in his youth of What is Right and What is Wrong has been whittled away by a cruel and merciless world. As he has grown older a resigned, pragmatic view of the world has settled like a thick smog over his once honest and kind thoughts.

    Though he now appears to be a disillusioned and sombre soul, people still tend to take a liking to him. Perhaps it is because they can still see something through the haze: a small kernel of optimism and a sense of justice that even such a harsh world cannot extinguish.

    However, as time grinds inexorably on, even this tiny spark of hope could very well begin to fade away.

    Backstory: Born under a lucky star, but constantly surrounded by tragic misfortune - this has been Arthur's lot in life so far, and he hardly thinks that it's going to change any time soon. He was fortunate enough to be born into a family considered to be one of the few remaining 'little fish' in Lenaire. Comparatively speaking, his childhood was truly blessed.

    However, it was never destined to last. Disease slowly ravaged his large family, picking them off one at a time until the only remaining members were Arthur and his father, who could not cope with the loss and turned to alcohol to forget the pain. The company began to crumble and was snapped up by the the upper class at the same time that Arthur's father succumbed to the disease that had wiped out so many loved ones already. Arthur was left alone, destitute, and maddeningly healthy. He was 14 at the time.

    He fell in with a thieving crew, and although he was not as nimble as the rest of this team, his innate luck saw him pulling his own. Until the entire crew was attacked by a rival gang. They left only one survivor; no surprises who the lucky one was. Two years, two gangs and two tragedies later, Arthur once again found himself the sole survivor of an attack, this time a raid by the Triopolis Guard. For some reason the commanding officer took a liking to him, and rather than facing execution, Arthur was made an initiate of the Guard.

    Arthur's slow rise through the ranks of the Guard ever since can be measured by the rate at which his principles have been eroded. Now a deeply jaded man, Arthur holds a moderately respectable Officer's position in the Guard, and for the most part is resigned to his fate.

    Although sometimes, a part of him still wonders: Is there not any way to be free?



    Stats and Traits:

    Strength: 8

    Charisma: 4

    Agility: 5

    Dexterity: 3

    Luck: 10

    The Calm in the Storm: It seems that when everything is falling to pieces around him, Arthur is even more exceptionally lucky than normal. Everything that falls into the category of chance seems a lot more skewed than 50/50 when Arthur's chips are down.

    Righteous Fury: It takes a lot to get Arthur's passions raging these days - but when the flame has been kindled, watch out. The man seems to move more adroitly and strike more ferociously when it's for a cause he truly believes in.
  10. @Krimp, looks good to me. As long as we establish that Officer of the Guard is a fairly low standing position within the military! More for a smoother transition for you than anything. It'd be tough to imagine a high ranking Guard leaving the Corp :p
  11. Yup, that's what I was thinking. I was thinking of the title just as a glorified title for an enlisted man only a couple ranks above your run-of-the-mill soldier. You're absolutely right, someone high up in the military would probably be more interested in stopping the soon to be crew than joining it!

    Great to hear everything is all good, I'm looking forward to this.
  12. And I'm looking forward to somewhere between 4-6 more people joining. Fingers crossed.
  13. General Info
    Name: Lana "Brick" Toren
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Lana got her nickname as much from her apparent personality as from her physical appearance and strength. She doesn't talk as much as most people, and when she does it tends to be lacking in emotion. She's not very emotive in general, even when fighting or engaged in other usually emotionally charged activities, but on the rare occasions that she has some obvious emotional response they tend to come about suddenly and explosively. Many mistake her for being slow in the head, and they're quite wrong about that, but she's content to let them think so for one simple reason: being underestimated is infinitely better in a place like Lenaire than being seen as a real threat.

    Backstory: Lana grew up in horrid conditions, but then that could be said of damn near everyone in Lenaire. Her parents taught her from an early age that only the strong survived, and that there were many kinds of strength: the strength of the fist, the strength of emotional control, and the strength of the mind. They were killed when Lana was pretty young, but their lessons stuck and she tried her best to live by them. She fought to survive, and she fought damn hard. Eventually she started working as a thug for various criminal outfits and putting the hurt on anyone foolish enough to cross whoever was currently paying her. She also participated in some fights held by those groups in order to fleece the desperate people of what little wealth they had, assuming they were stupid enough to make a bet (which frequently made them targets of her thug work when they tried to avoid paying), and eventually she became known as Brick in those circles. Her life hasn't been as bad as most of the poor bastards in the lowest rungs of society, but it's bad enough that she has started looking for a way out, with no real luck for the past two years.

    Appearance: Unkempt black hair, longest bits go down as far as her jaw. Green eyes. Her face would be fairly unremarkable and not very attractive in the traditional feminine ways, but her squashed and misshapen nose (obviously broken many times) and a collection of facial scars make even "not very attractive" too kind to be true. She is tall for a woman and thick with muscle, broad shouldered and festooned with all sorts of scars from past fights, including a nasty burn scar that covers most of her left forearm. She wears simple clothing, always trousers and a shirt, with no mind for quality or current fashions.

    Charisma: 3
    Agility: 6
    Dexterity: 7
    Luck: 4

    Custom Traits
    Living Weapon:
    A life of fights both plentiful and successful have made Lana a severe threat even without a weapon to hand. She is extraordinarily effective at damaging people and things with her hands, feet, and whatever other body parts she feels like bringing into play.

    Bullshit Detector: All the strength in the world won't save you if you're gullible enough to let people con you. Luckily, Lana has always been very good at telling when people are trying to pull the wool over her eyes, so she's been able to avoid most of the more deceptive dangers of Lenaire thus far.[/U]
  14. Alright, Oreo. I'm interested. Expect something from me at some point. :3
  15. @Jorick, Lana is far more balanced than I feared she wouldn't be, and I like he street-thug nature of the she-brute. She's accepted and our group just got a bit of muscle to our ranks.

    @Tempest, welcome to the fold.
  16. Minara Corinne
    Basic Information



    Mina isn't the most social of butterflies.. or the most friendly.. or open.. or honesty.. or... butterfly isn't a very good comparison, really. The only time she could really be considered any of those things was when she was acting in order to get out of a situation, or get something from someone's pocket. Otherwise, she wasn't mean per say, though some may disagree (mainly those who misunderstand sarcasm). If she found a good or necessary reason to tell the truth, she would, otherwise, what was the point? She didn't have to lie, but she didn't have to tell the truth most of the time either. She could be cordial, but her general outlook and attitude towards most things is neutral, really.

    Mina was raised, like most, in poor conditions and was orphaned at a young age, and left on her own. It wasn't far too long afterwards that she was taken in by a man. Will known within the ranks of the thieves guild, though practically non existent within the city. He took her in as his own, and taught her what he knew and how he got by. Lies, thievery, sleight of hand, stealth, whatever was necessary to get by. Even stealing didn't make ends fully meet when the poor steal from the poor. In her teens it was suggested that she join the runners, having possessed the skills she did. She did try, but returned to what she knew as home before it was determined whether or not she could join them. After writing that possibility off, she continued with the thieves, and pursued small freelance jobs. Whatever she could find, and whoever would pay her. In her spare time, she picked up some tinkering and inventing from a particular guild member who was a little more than a little paranoid about his belongings. Trap making had it's disadvantages though, especially as a novice. The cuts and burns that adorned her arms and other places made that obvious. Picking a lock and making a spike trap from various scraps laying around were a little different at least.


    The small framed woman sports long platinum blonde almost white hair, the back of which was usually kept in a waist length ponytail or elegant bun style while the front bangs were left to trail at either side of her face in long, loose wisps that covered her ears. Her ears.. Such strange things they were, the tops of them always wrapped in small bandages while the bottoms remained normal aside from the few holes that were once adorned with cheap earrings. Her figure was decent, petite with a light hourglass shape to it, only a small amount of muscle made the protruding bones less noticeable in the few places left uncovered by her usual ensemble. Her face held home to two pale emerald colored eyes that tilted upwards towards the sides like that of a cat with modest lashes and thin blonde brows as a roof, a small, lightly perked nose, two pink lips that were sharply defined by the pale canvas they rested on, slightly contoured cheeks with raised cheekbones, and a couple defining scars, one the rested on the right side of her face atop her cheekbone close to her eye while it's sister traced the left side of her jaw by her ear down towards her chin. Similar scars were scattered over the rest of her being, more commonly found on her hands and arms with the company of a small burn or two that were almost healed.

    Stats and Special Traits
    Points Left to Spend: 0
    AGI: 8
    CHA: 5
    DEX: 10
    LUCK: 3
    STR: 4

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Due to her years of "training", Mina excels in the art of stealth, and has the uncanny ability to stay "out of sight, out of mind", not to mention earshot, especially when she needs to.
    Tinker Me Pink (And Sometimes Red):
    Due to her apprenticeship with the guild tinkerer, Mina has the knowledge to take most things apart (such as traps, gadgets, things with moving parts, etc.) and figure out how they work in order to replicate, disarm, keep for future knowledge, etc.
    (Notes/Warnings: This does not include anything magic related, nor does knowledge of a new object's workings give an absolute guarantee of successful rebuilding or disarming.)
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  17. Fantastic! Another welcome addition, can't wait to see what you come up with
  18. I'll admit I was tempted to go with the horribly unbalanced strength monster build for her, just dump all the points in Strength, but actually being able to hit non-stationary targets is superior. :P
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  19. Nah, see. Strength has intimidation bonuses. with a Str of 18, your very presence would cause them to shit bricks and freeze up in terror :D
  20. I'm considering a tinkerer/pickpocket/snoop style character myself. Base inspiration from the book title 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy'
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