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  1. A Dragon's War

    400 years ago there was a terrible war on Valeroma. A war that ravaged the lands. This was not just a world war, it was a global war. It was a war between races, species. Dragons and humans, Elves and Dwarves. It destroyed everything we know. It destroyed the economy of every nation on the planet, it destroyed each government, each countries hospitals, everything. This war sent everyone back to third world technology, swords, shields, but no guns or anything. But it was finally over, and for 400 years there is peace among all the inhabitants on Valeroma. Peace among the races and the species.
    There is, however, a catch. See, there is always a catch when it comes to world peace. World peace can only last so long. There is an ancient prophecy, a prophecy that speaks of destruction, of chaos. It goes like this:

    When the night is dark and the moon is red
    Hatched will be a dragon of dread
    Eyes like amber and scales like the earth
    More than the world his head will be worth
    The dragon of dread will be a shifter and more
    The kind of monster you read of only in lore
    He will seek to rule the last of his race
    And make the whole world know of his face
    This prophecy speaks of tomorrow night. There is going to be a blood red moon tomorrow night, speaking of the blood shed in that war so many years ago. This prophecy speaks of a terrible creature, a Dragon shifter. He has a dragon form, and a human form. He is extremely powerful. His name? Vaeros.
    There was an evil in the world before the war, an evil that seeked to ruin this world, to make life miserable. And for a while, he succeeded. But it was only temporary. So in a last ditch effort, he prophesied about a dragon that would rule over everyone, just when they get comfortable in the new world they've built.

    Dragons are the ones we set in charge to make sure the world is safe from war, seeing as they are the kindest, and the wisest, species on the planet. But one dragon will change this...and almost eliminate them.

    But with every cursed prophecy, there is a light of redemption. This one? One spirit dragon, and a group of Six young men and women, of various races, chosen at the end of the unspeakable war. They are the only ones who will be able to stop Vaeros, together. Together, they will bring peace to the world. Together, they will end Vaeros' crusade.
    Are you ready, chosen ones?

    Character Sheet
    Appearance (Picture please, no anima/manga)
    Brief Bio

    1. No Godmodding or anything of the like
    2. I am the GM of this RP what I say goes, @Selina is the Co-GM, so whatever she says also goes, especially in my absence.
    3. You can play anything you like, dragons, humans, elves, dwarves, and new species ^^
    4. Vaeros is to be played by me (@Bitterblue) and the Co-Gm
    5. Please have at least 10 sentences per post for each character, and please use correct grammar.
    6. Please wait for at least 2 people to post before you post again (2 posts per char at least if that makes sense?)
    7. you may have up to 2 characters
    8. All bad guys have to be PMed to me to be accepted! (I know, I'm picky)
    9. Romance is allowed, and somewhat encouraged. I only ask that as soon as you get past making out, fade to black.
    11. Please post your characters name above each IC post
    12. Please post at least once a week
    13. HAVE FUN!
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  2. Accepted Characters

    The Guide


    The Radiant Dragon
    Mowkie Must Write!
    Many have known a strange and benevolent dragon the size of a mountain enter their dreams late at night when no one else watched. Though his body was corporeal, one could see his scales glimmer a brilliant, iridescent mixture of purple, gold, and blue. His body is serpentine and long, and his face is narrow and pointed, eyes gleaming a beautiful and gentle shade of blue. From his head are multiple sets of fins that stretch all the way down his body, marking him as a truly ancient dragon. And though many have seen him, very few remember him, and none have ever seen him except in their dreams. Or have they?
    Ykhrut'e is a benevolent mystery. He asks questions that many may not understand, but he rarely answers questions, unless it is needed. He is powerful, strange, and gentle. However, he is not a dragon of charity, believing that one must earn what one receives. He is there only to guide those that have been chosen, and he feels that there is no better reason.
    Spirit Dragon
    Being an incorporeal dragon who is able to enter and exit the Spirit World has come in handy over the past years, and this point is no different. At certain points, he will even be able to take another into the Spirit World.
    Ykhrut'e has been tasked with helping guide those chosen to defeat their greatest enemy. Though few may see it as a true strength, this great dragon knows and understands the asset he is to the group, even if he knows little of the quest, himself.
    Ykhrut'e lived hundreds of years ago, and he was one of the many dragons to die at the hands of the last evil tyrant that lived. His experience, though not yet handy, will soon be of great use to the group.
    Spirit Dragon
    Being a spirit also has its downsides. One of which being the fact that Ykhrut'e cannot touch or change anything around him physically. It also takes a great deal of energy to remain in the physical world for too long, and sometimes he will have to draw on the strength of another. He cannot fight or help the group in any fashion, and at the max, he can only remain in the physical world of his own power for three hours at a time.
    Brief Bio
    The mystery behind the Radiant Dragon remains just that. Many have seen him in their dreams and spoken to him while the sun was far away. He would guide them to happier thoughts and bring gifts of benevolence and good conversation. There were six that he would oftentimes speak to, knowing their importance in the near future.
    But as quickly as one saw this beautiful creature, they would forget. That was the burden of this dragon. Only when he has delivered the Calling of the Chosen is the Radiant Dragon able to become a guide in the physical world.

    The Chosen Ones


    Name: Halian Kohana

    Age: 45 (late teens in human years)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Elf

    Personality: He is mature and intelligent. Though he is usually respectful, quiet, and thoughtful, sometimes he can be a little bit rebellious. He is independent and often excels at the things he sets out to do. If he doesn't do what he expects of himself, he shows his usually well-hidden temper. He becomes grumpy and mentally yells at himself. His determination is crazy though. He is a bit too critical of himself (and others) and though he tries hard to seem unfeeling and solemn, his emotions tend to take over.

    quiet in the forest
    good hunter

    overly emotional
    not very strong
    can have outbursts of bad temper

    Brief Bio:
    He was born into a poor family that lived in a forest. His mother died giving birth to him. His father taught him how to hunt and be swift in the forest. He had a good childhood until his father became sick and Halian sold himself to an underground slave trader to pay for his father's medicine. He stayed with his original owner for about 5 years until he was sold again. In a desperate attempt to be free once again from his brutal owner, he killed his owner in the night. Then, he set the other slaves the man owned free and set out on his own. He went back to the woods where he grew up, only to learn that his father had died not even a month after he left to live with his owner. The people who lived in his house told him that he had been poisoned. Halian knew that the medicine was what had poisoned his father and he has felt guilty about his father's death for many years. That is why he is so critical of himself. He feels like he didn't do enough to save his father.

    Other: He carries a leather satchel around. It used to be his father's. It contains a journal that he writes in sometimes. He has two daggers and a hunting knife. The daggers are strapped to his thighs, one of each side.


    Vivian Alae
    Unknown-She refuses to reveal it, although she will reveal it to the one she falls in love with. It's the sign that she's truely fallen for you.
    Elf/Dragon shifter
    Elf Form
    (The Bow is missing, but that is her sword)
    Dragon Form
    Vivian (Viv to her good friends) is a kind elf; although she is a bit arrogant since she is pretty old by human standards. She isn't as close-minded as other elves, and embraces new ideas. She is naturally curious, and will investigate into anything she doesn't know. She trusts pretty easily, but not too easy that you can manipulate her. It isn't easy to get her to fight; but if she deems it necessary, watch out, for she is one mighty warrior.
    -She is decent with her sword, but her real weapon as an elf is her Bow.
    -She is rather small as a dragon, making her fast and agile in the ari. Able to turn really sharp, and do things large dragons aren't normally able to do.
    -She breathe's ice, which means she breaths cold water that freezes on impact with anything.
    -In dragon form, she can mind-speak. This is just how she communicates.
    -The rest will be RP'D
    -Her small dragon size means she's not as strong, she lacks the bulk that the bigger dragons have, causing her to lack the strength needed in close combat (as a dragon)
    -She is a clutz, both as an Elf and as a Dragon. This makes it a bit difficult for her to get around.
    - Elf: She is a strong right side user when she is in combat, so if her right side becomes hurt, she's at a serious disadvantage. While she can fight with her left side, it's not nearly as good as her right.
    -Being half shifter, Vivian doesn't have a strong ability for magic. The only thing she can do at the moment is control plant life. And that normally only happens when she sings.
    -While she is nice, she can be a bit judgemental. (This will disappear over time.)
    Brief Bio
    Vivian was born to an elf, and a shifter. Her mother, a full elf, was named Elora. And her Father, the shifter, was called Raul. As a little girl, Viv didn't know she was a shifter like her father. She would ride on her fathers back, in between the spikes. They would soar together, with his voice humming in her mind. She loved it.
    Vivian's first shift to dragon was when she was 50 years old. The family had taken her younger sister to the park, and Viv was pushing her on the swing. Laughing at Emma's antics, Vivan suddenly changed. Unfortunately, her little sister was close to her, and got hurt. Fortunately, it was just a scar running from her ear to the tip of her jaw. Viv was devastated, it made her very reluctant to shift. But soon enough, Emma was asking for dragon rides. So Viv fashioned a strap in saddle for Emma so she wouldn't fall off. When it was done, they went outside, and when Emma stood far enough away, Viv willed it, and poof! She was a dragon. She roared with pure glee. First, her father would teach her how to fly. She didn't want to do anything that would hurt Emma....again.
    Only when her father was sure she knew everything there is to know about flying, he allowed her to carry Emma on her back. Raul strapped Emma in, and they took off. Roaring as they ripped through the blue sky, she rolled. Emma laughed in joy. They had fun, with barral rolls, dives, and the sort. Little did they know, the straps holding Emma down were slowly fraying. They finally snapped, and Emma went hurtling towards the earth. Diving after Emma, Vivian grabbed her with her clawed paws. Her claws weren't as graceful as her wings, and they did do some damage. But she headed towards the ground, and set her down as gently as she could (which really wasn't very gentle) and changed before she landed on top of her.
    Gathering her little sister in her arms, she called out for her mother. Blood was pooling on the ground, and soaking Viv's clothes. Elora came out, screamed quickly, and then ran to Emma's side. Singing softly in the ancient language, Emma was healed. That was another close call for Emma....all because of Vivian.
    Vivian couldn't take it. She had almost killed her little sister, twice! She stayed home for a few more weeks, gathering her stuff, and preparing to do the unthinkable: leave. She talked to her parents, and Emma, and they all said that it wasn't her fault, that it was an accident; but that wasn't true. SHE had made the saddle, she had hurt Emma with her claws. She just wasn't safe to be around. She told them she had made up her mind, and they nodded. Hugging her parents hard, she promised to visit from time to time. Emma came up to her, teary eyed. "Pwease don't go, Vivvie." She said in her little kid voice. Viv knelt and gathered her sister to her. She loved no one like she loved her baby sister, which is why she had to go.
    So, she set out. Her belongings strapped to her back, she flew off. She found a nice little town, full of shifters. She lived with them, and was happy. She kept her promise, and visited home about once a month to keep her family updated.
    There is talk around town that there is going to be a blood moon in honor of the unspeakable war that happened 400 years ago...something was going to happen, something bad. She felt it to her very bones....
    Vivian will do whatever it takes to get her task done, she will fight for her friends, she will kill for her family.


    Name: Torsten Regnes

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human
    Appearance [​IMG]

    Personality: Adventurous and risk taking. Torsten often finds himself embroiled in impromptu adventures and raids. Being a mercenary captain, Torsten can find the more serious side of things when the going actually gets tough. He is also extremely honest about his history, not hesitating to tell anyone about his entire life story if asked. His bold manner can make him come across as crass, uncaring, and nosy. Since hearing the ancient prophesy, he's sobered up, yet not by much.

    Strengths: Leads a small company of nine men
    Experienced in hand to hand combat, along with sword combat.
    Decent armor

    Weaknesses: Has a fractured rib, as such, breathing causes short bursts of pain.
    Hitting him in the ribs can immobilize him.
    Overly relies on his men in some cases.
    Disabling one of his arms can throw his combat out of balance.
    Heavy armor not suited for fast movement.

    Brief Bio: Born in a small fishing village, Torsten was the son of the village's fishnet mender, his mother, and the village elder, his father. He could be found playing outside with other, idle village children, and he often took on dares and stupid challenges. At age seven, he ran away from his house on a bet, yet lost his way, and found that he was unable to return. Travelling to the nearest city, he became a street urchin, begging for food, yet still taking on dares from other street urchins and children. At age nine, he was attacked by a drunken man near the local tavern, who drew out a sword and clumsily swung at him. The drunkard was knocked out by a mercenary captain who was relaxing in the tavern. Without saying a word, the captain left, taking with him a small company of men. While there was world peace, bandits and brigands always demanded protection. Small mercenary companies were formed to protect the people when no local militia was found, or just developing. Inspired, Torsten quietly stole the drunkard's sword, and his backup.
    While fortunate enough to rediscover his village, he decided not to go. At age twenty, relaxing in a tavern, an adventurer gave him the rumor of a bandit stash nearby. Without waiting for the adventurer to finish, Torsten raced out of the tavern, in a relentless pursuit of the treasure. Through sheer luck, he was able to find the cache under a large pile of hay. He found a hoard of cheap jewels and valuables. Selling these, he was able to buy a full suit of armor, and hire a group of mercenaries. Forming his own small company, Torsten became a mercenary captain, and worked to protect the village his mother and father lived.

    Weapon Info: Twin swords, each 38 inches long, and weighing 3.31 pounds each.
    Armor Info: Coat of plates with a black and white pattern, weighing 52.91 pounds
    Steel spike helmet, weighing 4.41 pounds
    Steel gauntlets, weighing 1.1 pounds in total
    Steel greaves, weighing 8.38 pounds in total
    Altogether, Torsten's equipment weighs 73.42 pounds.

    His men: Each use:
    Weapon info: Glaive(polearm), each 12.13 pounds heavy
    Armor info: Scale armor with dyed red leather, weighing 35.27 lb.
    Steel Sallet, weighing 6.17 lb.
    Splinted Leather Graves, weighing 6.61 lb.
    They wear no gloves/gauntlets
    Altogether, each mercenary's equipment is 60.18 pounds.





    【Half Human; Half Dragon】
    Great Storm Dragon

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ☑ Swimming
    ☑ Parkour
    ☑ Hand-to-Hand Combat
    ☑ Martial Arts (Basics)
    ☑ Observing | Perception
    ☑ Gymnastics
    ☑ Throwing Daggers (Secondary)
    ☑ Sword-Fighting (Basics)
    ☑ Bow (Primary)
    ☑ Gambling

    ☒ Short Temper
    ☒ Reckless
    ☒ Using violence for her answer.
    ☒ Sharp-tongued.
    ☒ ‶Bitchy″ attitude.
    ☒ Her little brother, Kian.
    ☒ Soul Bound Mate
    ☒ Her ocarina. (It was given to her by her mother.)
    ☒ Patience
    ☒ Wary of trusting strangers.
    ☒ Shoulder blades (Wings)
    ☒ It takes a lot of energy and concentration to transform in her Dragon skin.
    ☒ Lack of perfect control over her Dragon abilities.
    ☒ Sword-Fighting (Not her Forte)
    ☒ Back of Neck
    ☒ Clumsy
    ☒ Stealth (Due to her Clumsiness)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Brutally Honest | Protective | Short Tempered | Resourceful | Cynical | Intelligent | Creative | Resilient | Observant | Stubborn

    Katarina isn't exactly a sweet, innocent girl. Her sharp-tongue earned her several punishments in the past. She doesn't like revealing her true emotions, opting for a tough exterior. Her protective nature stemmed from watching over her younger brother, Kian. After her mother's death, Katarina dedicated her life protecting her younger brother. Due to her uncouth nature, most men were intimidated by her. It didn't bother her, however. Katarina wasn't girly. As a result, men weren't her top priority.

    She isn't the type to forge bongs willingly. However, once someone carves a place in her heart, she is extremely protective over them. Underneath her cold exterior, Katarina was surprisingly compassionate. Ironically, she is great with children and adored animals. The most effective way of connecting with Katarina is through music. She was a musical prodigy before the war, inheriting a gift from her mother. She had the ability of playing by ear. She had a powerful voice, but Katarina stopped singing after her mother passed away. She developed a habit of singing lullabies to her brother, but that's the farthest she would go.

    Katarina became wary of trusting others. She may established friendships, but it was minimal. It wasn't exactly an easy process either. This behavior stemmed from her childhood. Other traits include hardworking, loyal, versatile, sarcastic, and realistic.

    A young girl was born in Verona, Italy. Her mother, a human, fell in love with a man, a dragon. Nine months later, she became one of the first Hybrids in her generation. Her mother was a traveling musician, opting a simple life of music and creativity. She specialized in the piano, violin, ocarina, and guitar. At the age of seven, Katarina lost her father to a group of hunters. She was in charge of protecting her younger brother, Kian. She traveled around the world, following her mother. Despite the devastating war that plagued the world four hundred years ago, she developed modern norms, showing an affinity towards gymnastics, swimming, and fighting. Unfortunately, modern technology dwindled. After she turned seventeen, she lost her mother to illness. Katarina struggled throughout the years, accepting her heritage. However, she continued to protect her precious little brother, shielding him from harm.

    Kat | Rina | Kitty | Riri | Frost | Siren
    Italian | German | English
    ↳ Over the years, she became fluent in Italian, German, English, Dragon, and Elvish.
    ↳ In her past, Katarina experienced betrayal.

    ➳ Tattoo of a water dragon on the center of her shoulder blades.
    ➳ Tattoo of this on both her arms.
    ➳ Tattoo of this on both her legs.
    ➳ Tattoo of a small golden snitch on the back of her left ear.
    ➳ Ears pierced three times.
    ➳ Small X-shaped scar on the back of her neck.

    ↳ The flowers on her arm tattoos are blue instead of yellow.
    ↳ Katarina developed an affinity towards tattoos.
    ↳ She doesn't speak about her origin of parkour and combat skills.
    ↳ Choice of Weapon(s): Bow | Throwing Daggers | Sword
    ↳ She has a minor talent in poison.
    ↳ Katarina is absolutely terrified of losing her younger brother.
    ↳ She compensated her lack of strength with her speed.
    ↳ She gained her outfit from a traveling merchant. It was a gift from her mother.
    ↳ Primary Outfit: [1]
    ↳ Height: Five Foot Nine
    ↳ Complexion: Pale
    ↳ Build: Willowy; Athletic
    ↳ Hair Quality: Thick; Coarse | Feathery

    Theme Song(s):



    [​IMG]Sytiavi Lhinar[​IMG]
    The Bard

    Appears 21

    Moonstone Dragon
    ..|Believes she is Human|..

    Sytiavi, Avi to her closest of friends, is a beautiful woman of fair skin and eyes like the night sky. Standing at 5'6", she is built with a lithe appearance, strong and hearty muscles running smoothly across narrow bones. From her head are two pigtails that splay out from near the top like two chocolate fountains mixed with frayed ribbons of many colors, from red to green to pink and even purple and blue, bangs harshly cut to frame her angular face somewhat crudely. She appears almost hardy, her clothes more like tattered rags that are in need of a good washing than proper attire. In fact, the only things that appear to be clean and well-kept are the red scarf wrapped over her shoulders and the black case in which sits her most prized possession, her violin. Despite her hardy appearance and bedraggled clothes, however, there is something about Avi that seems to almost glow, particularly at night. This glowing woman seems to bring light to the party, and she tends to inadvertently steal away the eyes of those around her, causing a state of shock and awe.

    ..Wit /\ Humor..
    Being a bard has its perks, one of those being the ability to make people laugh and be merry. With witty comments and strange songs, Avi is well known throughout the land as one of the few bards to make even the grumpiest person laugh and be happy. She sings about anything and everything, from a silly tune that involves something as simple as a dust bunny to something as complex as the battles of olden time. She enjoys singing, but more importantly, she enjoys making people smile. In that power, she has a very gifted talent with her violin, for in her hands the instrument is able to sing its own melodies. However, this is not always the case, for at times of extreme exhaustion, she is not known to make much sense, singing about random things that may or may not go together. This may have something to do with going so long without much contact with people, always travelling long distances with no more than her violin and her tiger companion.

    ..Kindness \/ Compassion..
    All things are sacred, from the tiniest insect to the greatest of dragons in the storm clouds. There is no feat too great or small to be looked past, and all things deserve a little kindness every now and then. With a heart of gold and a desire to make everything happy, Avi has every intention to never harm anyone or anything. It is through kindness that she affects the world around her, whether that be a gentle and soft kindness or a firm disapproval that shows that creature's wrongdoing. She has the courage through her compassion to stand up to any foe and show them that with a little heart, they can be better than simple tyrants. Unfortunately for this heart of gold, it is hard to see that some things just aren't meant to be, and oftentimes it is her companion keeping her from death through his own harsh attitude.

    ..Leadership /\ Integrity..
    Through honesty and true responsibility, Avi has every skill it takes to lead someone on a path that may not always be taken. In her heart, she carries a sense of loyalty, duty, courage, and selfless service that guides her on a path of good and righteousness. She dwells only in the light, bringing with her the hearts of those twisted into unkind things and dark pasts, showing them that with a little work they, too, could live in the light. She knows with the entirety of her being that she is meant for something, whether that something be great or small, and with that knowing, she is able to keep calm and smile in the face of danger. She feels that if she was meant to die, then she would do so willingly, but she also knows that something out there is watching over her, and with that knowledge, she is able to keep her head high. With this ability held tightly by her heart and soul, she uses her music to help bring others into the sense and feeling of knowing they are all meant for something.

    ..Depth \/ Complexity..
    Though on the outside, this woman appears bright and happy all of the time, there is a greater depth beneath the flesh that hides a creature of inner turmoil and stress. She hides who she is from others, putting on enough of a mask to show all of the good in her without letting on to the darker side. No matter how much she tries to stay in the light, there is darkness in every creature, great or small, and with not knowing who she really is or why she is the way she is, there are many times where Avi feels lost and alone. She makes herself appear like an open book, seeming to put everything out for all to see, but there is much of her that she holds back so that those around her can always be happy. But can she always be happy? That is something she asks herself every day. And then, every day, she answers with the same thing...yes.

    ..Faith /\ Loyalty..
    In every heart, there is faith in something. Whether that faith be towards a deity or towards another creature of the world, it is always something. For Avi, faith is something to feel for those she finds are closest to her. Upon making a friend, she puts her faith in that person or creature, feeling a strong sense of loyalty to them. She will never back down from defending them, nor will she turn to betray them, even for her heart's greatest desire. If she has two friends that are against each other, she makes it her mission to bring them together and doesn't stop until they see the light in friendship. She feels she has a special connection with those she deems friend and oftentimes will stick near them more than others, finding that her days are brighter when they are around.
    ..Empathy of Music..
    With Avi being a bard nearly the entirety of her life, she has a deep love and passion for music that surrounds her in an aura that raises moral and lifts spirits. Her music has the ability to inspire courage, bring joy, and even drive away dark thoughts.
    ..Beast Rider...
    Throughout the life that Avi can remember, she has known and loved her beloved tiger companion, Cavyr. By the second year of having him, the great beast was the size of a normal tiger, and Avi was still a small girl, so naturally, she began to ride him with his permission. They have been inseparable ever since. Naturally, Cavyr is a hardy beast with a natural instinct to kill anything that touches his ward in any harmful fashion. He is laden with scars from previous battles, for he will fight to the death for her, and while he is connected to Avi, only by killing her can the great cat die.
    Avi is silent with footsteps that leave not a single trace. She can pick almost any lock, and her hands are so small that she can slip in and out of a pocket with ease. She is agile, able to move with the talent of a great dancer. However, she wields not a single weapon.
    ..Shock and Awe..
    There is something about Avi's presence that calls for the attention of those around her, whether that be the glow from within her flesh or the bright stars in her eyes or even the splashes of color that rein from her hair and around her body. She has never really been able to tell.

    ..Lover, Not a Fighter..
    Not once will you see Sytiavi lay a finger on something maliciously. With all her heart, this young woman believes that no creature should be shunned or destroyed. All life is sacred, and all life must be preserved. That has always been her belief. Unfortunately, there have been many times where this has nearly gotten the girl killed, for she does not seem to realize or comprehend that there are few others who hold the same concept.
    ..No Experience..
    While there is the knowledge of languages and dialects, Avi cannot and will not handle any sort of weapon. She relies heavily on Cavyr, who has a natural instinct to protect and serve, and she never knows which berries are the right ones to eat. She has oftentimes poisoned herself with the wrong flower in hopes of making tea, and there have been many times where her temporary shelter has collapsed atop her. In fact, the only thing she seems to truly know how to do is build a fire and keep moving.
    Sytiavi has no memory of her time before Cavyr, and she has no knowledge of what a family feels like. Oftentimes, as a child, she spent the entirety of her time searching for a home to call her own, to no avail. She has been travelling around the world since in hopes of finding the answer somewhere, but with no answer as of yet, she still holds to the naive notion that she will find her family, and they will show her the love that she shows everyone else. Telling her otherwise would be a disaster.
    ..Locked Dragon..
    Without knowing it, Avi has had her true self locked away for many decades, the growing magic being the cause for a great deal of stress. For many months, she would find herself so terribly sick that she didn't think she would be able to move forward. Her body would ache, and she wouldn't be able to hold any food down. And as suddenly as the illness came, it would depart, only to arrive once more a few years later. This kind of magic build up has caused such a problem with her body that when her first shift does come, it may not be pleasant, and she may never again be able to shift...it all depends on how she finds out.
    Brief Bio
    The time before Cavyr and the red scarf is a blur, as though the memories were wiped from the mind, never to be seen again. She remembers, faintly, waking beneath the arches of a city called Vamir, where music filled all of the streets, and the people were all joyous and filled with laughter. Beside her was a creature that could very well have been the last of his kind, his coat of the most beautiful blue, green, and golden fires and softer than rabbit's fur. She remembers lifting the cub to see that he wore and amulet that glowed as brightly as the glow she had seen in herself. Other than the creature she kept with her, the only thing she truly called her own was the scarf she had found wrapped loosely around her neck.

    How was she to know that what had remained of her family locked away her true self using that same scarf? She didn't know that it was to protect her, for the Moonstone Dragons were a dying breed. They did not know what was killing them or why it was doing so, but they knew that someone of their line had to be protected. She just happened to be the one that was chosen.

    So, Vamir took her in as their very own city adopted child. From house to house, she would move every few years. Some were better than others, but all were decent families. She had developed a talent for thieving, finding it an excellent skill to use against the more posh people who looked down their noses at her. In fact, that was how she managed to get her violin. Of course, her parents at the time had warned the man who owned it, and he simply smiled and let her take it when she did finally sneak in. After all, the town knew that one day, she would have to go out and survive on her own, and without that one skill, she would surely perish swiftly. So, they let her do what she needed to do, and through their kindness, she found compassion. Through their music, she found her drive.

    It is rarely these days that she finds herself beneath those arches in the town square where the Elders gather to greet the town every new moon. Sometimes she misses home. And yet, since she had left so long ago, she has found many things that can brighten her day. She brings joy to those of less fortune, taking with her a little piece of home so that others can see how bright it is when you look in the right direction.

    She knows not the dangers she has put herself in, and yet the love and friendship she feels with her great beast at her side is always there to make sure she remembers to turn the light on. Darkness is not something she likes to deal with, so she simply looks to the one creature that loves her and thinks of what she can remember as home.

    Only recently has she found herself under the cherry blossoms with the smell of wine in her nose and the sound of music and joy in her ears. Like any day, this one is a day to smile, for Sytiavi has finally found the meaning to her life.
    [​IMG] Cavyr [​IMG]

    The Cat

    Cavyr, Sytiavi's great mount, stands at a massive seven feet tall and eighteen feet long (from tip to tail) with the basic appearance of a Bengal tiger, despite his fur being a fiery mixture of blue, green, gold, and orange. These colors, always moving, are marred only by the various scars decorating the beast, with fur that comes back white when it does finally grow back. His eyes are a nebula purple, and he wears a glowing golden amulet that is connected to Sytiavi's life force, allowing him to live as long as she does. The hat on his head is specially made so that the decibels that sound when music is played don't bother his ears. He is rarely seen without it on.

    What many do not seem to realize is that Cavyr has an unwavering love for his rider. He will do anything and everything for her, and she is truly his only weakness, save music. Nothing can keep this great tiger from loving Avi, just as nothing can stop the woman from loving her great mount.



    Seemingly 42

    Dwarf of the Ironwoods
    ...Most of the time.

    .:Down to Earth:.
    Moren has a respect and appreciation for the simple things in life that only comes with ridding oneself of the fancier things in life. He once lived in the Great Granite Halls along side his cousin Beon who ruled justly as the king of the Ironwoods, but his nature pushed him to leave the great city under the mountain and take up homage in a sturdy, well-built home in the base of the great mountain. He lives just an any dwarf would, of the earth, in the earth, and by the earth. He simply chooses to do it without all the bells and whistles. He cooks his own meals, hunts his own boar, sweeps his own floors and even scrubs his own garments! The peace of living along, mixed with the comfort in knowing his kind are mere miles away is a suiting life for a dwarf who simply wishes to live his life and watch the seasons change.

    As much of a brute as he might seem to be, compassion pools within this stout man's heart. He values life, and sees no reason why any should be wasted, no matter how large or little. He believes folk should have to earn trust and prove themselves worth defending, yet if a stranger took on too much a burden hauling packages home from work, he wouldn't hesitate to roll his eyes and help the poor fellow out.
    When a person falls into the highest graces with Moren, it's not too likely they'll ever fall again, for any reason. For this dwarf honors his comrades and companions more than the sun honors the sunrise. He'll protect and care for his loved ones with his life and defend them to his death.

    Moren is an honest man, much like many other men. But to this sir, honesty goes beyond returning a lost coinpurse. Those who know Moren know full well that they'll never have to face the embarrassment of having food in their teeth or their hair flying amuck, they know they won't have to walk up to a lady with an embarrassing idea of singing her a love poem or buying foul smelling flowers. Those who know Moren know he'd not soon let the elephant in the room overstay its welcome. He's quick to say what others won't and does it with the purest intentions. However, those who know Moren know he has a much harder time being so honest with himself and often finds himself doing ridiculous things for love and other things that would make a man stop and shake his head.
    .:Quick to Earn His Keep:.
    Being a man of the mountains, Moren was raised by his adopted family to be just that: a man. Even when he was just a wee dwarfling his mother had him scrubbing the floors and plucking chickens for dinner. If he wanted to sleep in a bed in his parent's house, he'd damn well better leave it as well made as when he entered it. If he wanted to dirty dishes to eat the food provided, he'd best make sure the dish is just as clean as it was before he filled it. His parents were strict, but no more than any other dwarven parents. Moren learned quickly that if he earned his keep, he'd earn alot more with it, like respect, trust, and skills.
    .:Hopeless Romantic:.
    Having established that Moren is a man, and a manly man at that, it'd be reasonable to assume that he has the same urges and desires of any other man. Well, the thing is, Moren is twice the man half the other men will ever be and therefore falls twice as hard for the ladies as any man ever would. He's had his heart broken a time or two (and by a time or two, I mean at least 23 times), but somehow manages to rise up out of his slump within a few weeks and trek elsewhere in search of the future Mrs. Ironthorn. His love for women is not limited by their age. While he lusts for women of suitable courting years, he is a sucker for the little lasses that bring so much light to the world. If Moren ever saw a little girl getting abused or yelled at, gods know the person doing the insulting wouldn't be walking away from that interaction. He'll make a fine, dedicated husband and father one day.
    Yes, it is true. Moren Ironthorn of the Ironwoods is no Ironthorn at all, but a dragon descended from the Mountain Serpents that rule the distant ranges. He has great power hidden behind his russet beard and deep eyes.
    .:Think Before You Speak:.
    This dwarf isn't like what most think many others are. He's cool and calculating in times of war and where many of his brothers would be found running, axes wailing, battlecries sounding, into the heat of the battle, Moren would be found hanging back just a moment more. In that moment, he'd be finding a weakness his brothers would have missed, or seeing a path that would carry him to a better place of attack where his brothers wouldn't think to look. He's a thinker, this one.
    This is a dwarf that knows not fear in the wilds of the forest and mountains that paint the landscape. He can survive just fine with a good axe or a sharp knife and nothing else beyond his instincts.
    .:Axe Wielder:.
    Simply put, the man's been wielding an axe for longer than most have been speaking their common tongue. Even before he chose to permanently take his dwarven form he had always been fascinated with the devastating power of an axe swing. He would take the form of the native wielders of this weapon simply to learn to use it. It was this fascination that first led him to enjoying his time as a bearded man of the mountain.

    While his true heritage gives him great strength, Moren has no control over his shifting. He has long since chosen to remain firmly on the ground so his beard might grow long and grey. He wears an amulet around his neck at all times which absorbs the build of of mana and releases it in a non-destructive way over time, but should he ever lose it, he'd be forced into a gruesome shift prolonged by decades. Even with the amulet, there are times when his anger is so overwhelming, his true form forces its way out to destroy what dare cross him. He has little control in his dragon form and therefore is prone to taking casualties.
    Yes, superstitious. He's not sure when it started but for as long as he can remember, Moren has held great fear of the paranormal. He'll never be caught dead near a black cat, he won't go near a cemetery when the moon is waxing, he won't walk under a doorway with a crooked nail jutting out. He's got a pocket full of unusual and bizarre superstitions that can be quite limiting for him, though he may not like to admit it.
    .:Out of Shape:.
    Sadly, despite Moren's intense amount of time spent outdoors or at work, his dwarven metabolism and his fondness of good food have fallen against him. He's not much of a runner, and while he has stamina, his pace is much slower than any elf or man and his need (more want) for food is more frequent and hefty than most.
    ۩Brief Bio۩
    His origin is unknown to many but himself and the Mountain Dragons of the distant ranges. He was well established in the draconic community, a strong, young, hopeful specimen. But his passion somehow left the skies and fell into the sweet soil and strong stone of the earth. Perhaps it was his genetics, his race being spawned from the earth and ruling the mountains throughout their time. Perhaps it was just luck. Something drew him away from his horde in the distant lands and brought him to the Ironwoods. Though he was hundreds of years old by a dragon's span his era of life was converted into a dwarven child. It took much getting used to, to take on the form of a fumbling, dim-witted dwarf when his youthful draconic form was already wise and powerful. But the family that found him after he had shifted were fascinating to him and over time his fascination grew into a love. He loved the family that took him in, he loved their nobility, their hard work, their pride, their strength, he loved everything about them. But most of all, he loved the earth into which they dug their homes.
    And so, he took on the name Moren, a slight alteration from his draconic name and was given the name of the family who so warmly welcomed him.
    It's been over 30 years since Moren has taken on his dragon form, but an amulet he acquired long ago offered his mana a release that he would not live in constant pain. Over time, he all but forgot how to shift, how it felt to fly, and what it felt like to have the sun on his scales. He became a man of the mountain, leaving his place as a beast of the sky behind.

    In case it's not obvious:
    Moren is a dragon who chose to stay in his dwarven form and live a life as an earth dweller. He's got no control over his shifting and, while this has only happened once, he's got no control over his shift and when he is deeply angered he changes without control. Because he's so out of tune with his dragon self, he is unpredictable and ferocious in his dragon form. Had he lost him amulet he'd likely become a death machine of uncontrollable shifting fury. Not a good situation.

    There was a day when Menor found himself strolling through the woods, looking for good carving wood and any delicious bits of nature's bounty when he came across a dire bear cub in distress. The young cub had its massive head lodged into a hole in a tree trunk and was desperately trying to free itself. He watched it struggle for a moment, knowing full well the dangers of going near a dire bear's cub. But as he watched and waited, no mother bear came. He was so surprised at the absence of a caretaker that he sat and waited for 4 hours on a musky fallen log. He reached a decision at that point that this little bear's mother was likely not returning. His good heart led him to free the young bear and give it a bit of his lunch to help it on its way.
    "You best be careful now, you big brute. You can't go strolling around these woods getting stuck in trees, you'll soon find yourself eaten from the end up by the wolves that roam these lands! Now off with ya, go find yer family."
    That little bear did no such thing.
    Instead, it followed him all the way back home and when he refused to let it in, it slept nearby in the woods and lombered after him each time he left his home under the mountain. For months the bear continued this and in a moment of defeat one summer afternoon, Moren turned to the growing cub.
    "Listen here bear, you've been followin' me about for months without so much as a blink of approval from me." He glared at the bear with a horrible glare before at last a smile broke onto his face.
    "So I'll be damned if you didn't earn your place at my side. Welcome to the Ironthorn family. Since you need an name and you've no way of pickin' one yourself I'll just be calling you Grimsfeldt. Now come along."
    From that day on, the two were rarely seen apart. While Grimsfeldt was still young and of reasonable size he was welcome in Moren's home. But as time passed and the dire bear lived up to its name, Moren built it a stone shelter just outside of the very rock that had been carved out to make his own. Knowing the bear was protected from the harsh winters and heavy, cold rains he was satisfied and each day the beast would greet him at the door before they went about their day's work.
    To a dragon gone dwarf, no other creature could have been durable enough or powerful enough to claim a place as his companion. Only a dire bear would do. And Grimsfeldt did quite well indeed.

    Neutral: Neither Good nor Bad


    Name: Legothgen “Horror” Emomur

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human




    Personality: Ruthless, cynical and unimaginably cruel with a grim sense of humor. Unending hatred of those who oppose him, he does not hesitate to inflict sadistic punishments upon them.

    Strengths: Very Physically Strong, Experienced in sword fighting and hand to hand combat (Although due to his armor he tends to avoid hand to hand combat.), Sharp Minded, Silver Tongued

    Weaknesses: Aggressive, Impulsive, Uncooperative, Passive, Very Slow (Due to the his armor), He trusts people very little and often sees them just as threats, Not Stealthy at all, Reckless

    Brief Bio: Born to a small and poor family of common village farmers. His mother’s name was Agatha while his father’s name was Mifas. As a child he was often taught to keep to himself, which would mean he did not have much friends, he was often betrayed by many of the people he actually met and earned a sense of distrust for others. As he grew older he passed much of his life living on the farm working physical needing jobs until a convoy of soldiers passed by their farm… he was impressed by the soldiers very much and decided to take up their cause and work with them. His parents disagreed with him and threatened to disown him of the already little things they owned. The soldiers were in fact a group of highly professional mercenary soldier army and worked for no-one but the highest bidder and they were the best of the best in the world. With disregard to his mother and father’s words he joined the army and quickly was taught in the way of the soldier, along their journeys they would meet all sorts of people and everyday he would learn about something new from them, while he kept his knowledge to himself it always showed itself while he was on the battlefield which is where he earned many of the scars he now wears under his large bulk of armor. After some time with the soldiers he becomes known as a very hard working but deadly person, cruel beyond imagination and aggressive beyond measure, he will always head for the wall head on without regard for other people. The other soldiers would often call him Horror on two legs because of the way he attacked and killed his opponents, he became ruthless due to the years of carnage he faced on the battlefield month after month, after month... a never ending fight that he kept on fighting head on. The mercenary group although knowing the need for him and his skills, they decide to expel him due to being a liability, he curses at them and leaves to find his own fame and glory in this world and continued to work as a mercenary. In a few years he became a very known man due to his skills and experience. Currently he roams the lands searching for work.


    The Bad Guy




    Dragon/Human shifter

    Dragon Form
    Human Form

    Vaeros is utterly evil. He has one purpose: Destroy and rule the world. He will do anything and everything for this cause

    -His enormous size gives him a huge advantage in a fight
    He breathes fire
    To be RP'D

    He is power hungry, thereby blind with power
    He can't turn as well, he isn't as agile
    To be RP'd
    Brief Bio

    He has been prophesied about for 400 years, he hatched and immediately started to fulfill this prophecy. He has some people or dragons working for him, but he is ultimately the big bad. There's not much to tell about him, he is born to wreak chaos, and wreak chaos he shall.

    None that I can think of.
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  3. @Mowkie how do I fix the Character sheet? It's giving me a lot of extra spoilers, and I keep deleting them and it won't go away
  4. Ooh, this looks like fun. I'm Sabine. Mind if I bring Fletcher in? ^^

    Fletcher Milo Daire
    Rogue, Bandit, Flake | Male | 24 Years of Age
    • Race: Half-Fae (aside from dazzling good looks and supernaturally good luck, is functionally human)
    • Personality: A trickster and a flake, Fletcher fancies himself a highwayman, but he has neither the courage nor the commitment for it. A shameless womanizer, excellent liar, and general scoundrel, Fletcher is saved primarily by the fact that he doesn't have any true cruelty or penchant for destruction. He can charm almost anyone and usually takes advantage of their trust, but rarely causes any true harm. He lives for the thrill of danger, at least on the surface, but deep inside he's always been searching for someone who can make him feel loved and wanted.
    • Weapons: A gold-handled rapier, Elven in make and far too fine a weapon for him to have won honestly. He's very good with it, but it's not mean to go up against a true sword or a man in armor. He's also got a short recurve bow, the type favored by horsemen, and eighteen goose-fletched arrows. He's a decent shot but won't win any contests. He's also got two good knives, both fairly long and staunch. His quick hands serve him well and he's an excellent knife fighter, usually giving worse than he gets, and he can throw the knives better than one might expect.
    • Strengths: His charm and charisma. If he lived in a modern world he would work at a luxury car dealership. He can talk people into things they really should know better than to do, and then talk his way out of trouble when his schemes backfire. He's also very quick and agile, perhaps due to his fey blood, though not to an unnatural extent. A talented horseman and lute player, he's just as comfortable camping outdoors as he is bargaining for a room in an inn.
    • Weaknesses: A thorough flake, the young man finds it difficult to commit to anything. When the times get tough, the Fletch gets going. He doesn't bear pain well, emotional or physical, and doesn't like to get close to anybody for fear they'll leave him. Additionally while he's a fair enough fighter he has a naturally peaceful disposition, and often gets himself in trouble by staying his hand where he should have been more aggressive.
    • Brief Bio: His mother Erline was the youngest child of Dahlia and Darren. Darren died when she was just a toddler, leaving Dahlia to raise the young woman alone. Erline was always fond of walks in the forest, and when she was just a teenager she disappeared on one of those walks. Dahlia feared her dead, but nine months later she showed up, pale and frail and drained of life, holding an infant wrapped in fine silks. She never spoke again, leaving Fletcher's father a mystery, but the fact that he wasn't quite human was always apparent. Erline died nearly as soon as he started to walk, and from there it was just Fletcher and Dahlia. She tried to raise him well, but by that time was too old and feeble to keep up with the roguish lad. He often wandered for days in the forest, hoping to have the same chance encounter his mother did, but never had any luck. When he was sixteen his grandmother caught pneumonia and died, leaving him alone in the world. The life of tilling the fields or learning a trade never appealed to him, so he's spent the past eight years just wandering, playing for some coin and robbing for more.
    • Other: Fletcher is far from a hero. He thinks that an adventure like this one might one day put his name in a fine song and make him a great deal of money; if it weren't for the fame and the profit he would never agree to it.

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  5. Those things are such a pain. You'll probably just have to cut it all out and try again...be sure to paste it in a word pad or something like that and cut it from there. Otherwise the damn things will just do it again. I hate them...and if they didn't make my stuff look so dern good, I wouldn't use them!
  6. @Lady Sabine Good guy or bad guy?

    @Mowkie I changed it to the Spoili :P and it seemed to work
  7. Hmm... Let's put him down as good for now, but if he sees a profit incentive in bad he could definitely flip sides for some drama later on. ^^
  8. Haha, that's what I do these days! Spoilis rock!

    This actually sounds fun. Can I have a good guy dragon? I might make a char if I'm not too busy...dragons....I'll always have time for dragons. And if I don't, I'll do everything I can to make time, which will then turn around and bite me later...alas....I shall do it anyway.
  9. Okay, I'm not too big on switching sides, but that would work. And accepted!
  10. @Mowkie Please do! :D I would like that :)
  11. And also, I would like a Co-Gm for when I am not able to get on for a brief time. For anyone who's interested in that, please PM me :)
  12. He won't have to change sides, but he isn't very dedicated to the whole idea of being a good guy.
    Oh, and I found an image and updated my sheet. ^^
  13. Okies! It's up there! :D\
  14. I'm interested. However, I have a question in mind,

    1.) Do Dragons have to stay in their Dragon form? (A character I have in mind is Half Human, Half Dragon. It would give her the ability to shift from Human to Dragon.)
  15. Yes, shifters are allowed :) Both my charries are going to be shifters. :P
  16. Shifters and dragons. XD Fun crowd
  17. It is listed under fantasy :P
  18. What type of setting is this RP? I mean, I know it's Medieval, but was it Modern at one point before the war destroyed everything? (In other words, would any of our characters know any modern norms?)
  19. Well, to a certain extent. Think 1900s, and you're good. We could know stuff. :P but it's slow in getting any of the technology back, like modern medicine and stuff
    LOVE your siggie! I am addicted to Sherlock :)
  20. Ah! That's good. I was just wondering if they knew any modern norms. I'm totes fine with the progress being slow on regaining modern technology. (I'm not worried about that, ha.)

    Thankies! I got all three seasons! I totally adore Sherlock & Moriarty. (I couldn't resist Moriarty, however.)
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