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  1. ((Bad storm outside. It would kill you so might want to get inside xD))
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    ((Its two girls outside the hardwhere store. If you talking about me, I'm alone further away from the rest of the group. Logan hasn't followed me yet.))
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    (I'm with the girls, too.)
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    ((I thought you were at the second story window lol sorry))
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    (so now i am confused,their is no one in second story? came across as some one was walking outside as well)
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    ((I think someone is still on the second story but I'm not sure at this point... Someone is on the roof. I know that))
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    (from what i gather this is the positions.there is like three people inside a hardware store,two in second story,one on the roof,elsewhere in building some chick hackin up her lungs and smokin ,someone also walkin out alone and some random guy talkin bout blowin someones head off)
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    ((It was like this I believe; Three of us went to the roof because we could hear a car coming. There was only one person and my character was just going to kill the stranger until he saw she was a girl which turned out to be the girl with the bows sister. My character walked away board with the conversation because he has a strange need to kill something. They were talking outside and one from the third floor went down to join the conversation. So the girl coughing is on the third floor, one on the roof, three outside, and one down the street turning around hearing the engine.))
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    (I'm lost)
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    (you talkin to me?)
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    ((Nope but we are near the library so if you wanna come out guns a blazing please do xD))
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    (Hit the gun away and ran further in. The gun is no longer at my head)
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    (if you raised your hand jericho pulled trigger will be a done deal you sure you hit gun away? just a heads up)
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    (He wants to die so go ahead. =P)
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    (as you wish really don't wanna kill him are you sure?)
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    ((Either something will happen to make you stop or you blow his head off in front of the 12 year old. Regardless my character will die somehow or another >=D then I'm going to make a character that hasn't lost his will to live))
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    ((O.O wow fail))
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    (0_o Talk about horrible.)
  19. A destroyed world

    (Ok, I need a serious recap.)
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    ((your still at the door with Lacy and I'm telling you to get out and run with the rest =D oh and the 12 year old has a gun and her dad taught her how to use it... so yea 12 year old with a gun.))