A Dark Union (King's Queen x Dyn01)

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  1. Sulynn (open)

    The raging pit of fire to his right illuminated the room with the carefully placed lit candles on the table. The only window in the room showed that it was dark outside, because of the clouding sky, as he carefully picked at his food with the grace of a noble. He methodically cut his breast of chicken, carefully jabbed it with his fork, and lightly placing it in his mouth. No wasted movements, methodically learned and practiced his motions were. “Tonight is the night, is it not?” he asked to the butler who was standing to his right.

    It was something that surprised him, so much so that he did not answer right away. His master, Sulynn, had never spoken out once during dinner since his adolescence. But it may have also explained just how impactful this day was going to be for him. He knew exactly what he was referring to. It was what they had been preparing him for all these years as the first, and only child of the Creuset line. He had taken the approach of this day in stride, even when they announced it to him, he simply accepted it as truth. But it could have been that he had just not said anything about it.

    “Yes, master. Tonight is that night,” he affirmed with a small nod. Sulynn only gave a small hum, satisfied with that answer he was given. Finished with his food, he picked up his glass of red liquid and brought it to his mouth. He lapped up the drink in his mouth and licked his lips as he swallowed. He was now finished with his chicken and gave the butler a gesture to take the plate away.

    After swallowing, he spoke again, “No taste. Same as always. But it’ll have to do, right?” He took another sip of his drink. The butler gave him a small smile to the back of his head and yet another nod before taking the plate into the kitchen just outside of the room. “Very well preserved, by the way. Same as always. No matter what happens, blood is the only thing I can truly taste…” He placed his finished glass on the table and stood up. Looking to a nearby maid, he spoke once again. “I would like to leave in about two hours. I’ll want to be there early if they want me there for appearances.”

    With that, he stepped out of the room, and started to head up the stairs of his manor. He did need to change out of his bed robes, after all.
  2. Karou (open)

    Karou ignored her parents attempt to talk to her and simply shut the door in their faces. She stormed over to her bed and threw herself down. She knew she was acting like a child, but dammit she had a right to be! How dare her parents simply give her away like she was merely an item to be thrown away. Did they at least ask her if she was ok with this? No! Instead they just destroyed her future and any chance she might have had at one.

    Tears of anger and despair filled her eyes and she furiously blinked them away. She would not cry. She had to be strong if she wanted to get through the horror that was tonight. Soon, too soon for her liking, there was a knock on the door. It was a maid, stating Karou needed to begin getting ready.

    (So, what should the time period be?)
  3. ((I was thinking closer to modern, if you were cool with that.))

    Sulynn went through his usual ritual of dressing, with his servants helping him as he did so. When he was younger, the maids tended to help him more than the butlers did, but as time went on and he got older, he was able to do more by himself and the butlers tended to help him out more. Adjusting his tie after finally getting the knot right on the fourth try, Sulynn went to look at himself in the mirror. Staring at himself in the mirror, there was no emotion: no innate joy, no loathing, no anxiety. He felt nothing, numb. Maybe it was because he was told from a young age that this would happen. But he seemed to have no feeling towards this at all, like as if he accepted it like the passing of the seasons.

    "Weird..." he muttered to himself. His lack of emotion towards this seemed to surprise him. He closed his eyes and let out a breath before beginning on his way back downstairs. His ride was outside, and it would be an hour before he would get where he needed to go. With nothing to acknowledge his servants, he went outside, got into the back of the car, and closed it behind him. He looked outside the tinted windows of the car as it took off, watching his mansion as it left his eyesight.
  4. When the knocking didn't stop Karou finally let out a breath and went to open the door. She was promply dragged out of her room and down the hall into another room. There the maids quickly undressed her, leaving Karou sputtering in shock. A dress was forced over her head and Karou helplessly raised her arms. The material settled around her figure, accenting her curves but no so much that she felt uncomfortable. The dress was as white as freshly driven snow and floated around her, making her look graceful even though she was standing still.

    She was pushed down onto a bench and two maids started on her makeup while the other started on her hair. She reluctantly sat still, even though she wanted nothing more than to run from the room, run from what they were preparing her for. Soon they were done and Karou blinked at her refection. Was that beauty staring back really her? Before she reach out to see shoes were shoved onto her feet and she was pulled up and tugged from the room. She was lead downstairs and she finally shook off the maids hands, scowling at them as she marched out to the car waiting for and slid inside. She ignored her parents and stared pointedly out the window, heart falling to her stomach when the car pulled away and her home disappeared from her sight.

    (Modern is fine with me. ^^ So, when they get married, I assume my character will live with yours?)
  5. ((That's what I was thinking, yes.))

    As he waited in the car, Sulynn went over what he already knew. His family, the Cruesets, had planned almost from birth that he was the one who was going to be married off to a high-class family for the sake of continuing the family line. Of course, any dispute that he could have had was lost when it was discovered that his mother could no longer bear any more children. The was only a few years ago. Rumors abound that his father has fathered children with other women, but his mother was the royal lineage, which made only him the one who had the rights to the Crueset head. They groomed him into the person that stood before them, and now, because he was of age, he was to get married. It was only recently, however, that his parents had gotten around to choosing someone for him. From what he had heard, he had been at a party of hers once before, but that was as far as their relationship was.

    As in other words, the woman that he was going to see tonight was someone that he had never met before. His family was not all too keen about marrying him off to a normal human being, but his mother insisted that in order for their family to survive, they had to mingle with them in some capacity. Which is what tonight was to be about. It was to be a small dinner, where the two of them would meet and their parents would declare their engagement to the highest mountaintops. He sighed. He could feel his own bitterness seeping through now. As the car approached the location in question, he could feel his stomach begin to stir, which was a feeling he was not comfortable with. A row of cars were already parked in front of him- some of the guests had already arrived, it seemed.

    As soon as the car slowed down to a stop, he stepped out o the car and began moving towards the entrance.
  6. They arrived at the ballroom where the party was being thrown. Her parents stepped out of the car and after a few moments hesitation Karou followed them. They walked inside and her parents were immediately surrounded by friends and family. Karou forced a polite smile in her face, knowing she would never hear the end of it from her parents if she didn't act like the "perfect lady" they groomed her into.

    Karou finally managed to escape the throng and made her way over to the refreshment table. She took a deep breath and picked up a glass of water, taking a sip in hoping to calm her nerves.
  7. Sulynn found mingling with others to be one of the more tiring parts of these parties. He did have to do it, yes, but after a few conversations about his upcoming engagement, he had to find someway for him to get away. He proposed getting drinks from the table nearby, and as he left, he heard a few of the women in the crowd he just left talking about how much of a gentleman he was. Well, if he was going to do all of this, he might as well be getting the response as well. He noticed a female, his age, standing at the table as he walked to it.

    He would have ignored her for the time, but she was standing right near the drinks. He cast her a quick glance, picking up two cups of water, with a small nod. "Excuse me," he told her before he walked back to the group with cups of water in hand. What he was not expecting was the eyes that were on him when he came back. As he passed the drinks to the women, he wordlessly wondered why they seemed to be so interested in his small exchange with that girl...
  8. Karou blinked, turning to look at a boy about her age grab some glasses of water then walk back to the group of ladies he was talking with. Karou knew them all, they were her mothers friends, one of them her aunt. Said aunt smiled when she saw her niece and waved her over. Karou set her glass down and walked over hesitantly.

    "My, you've grown so much Karou! Tell me, what do you think of your engagement?" Karou blushed and looked at her feet, not sure how to answer that truthfully. "It's..certainly overwhelming to say the least." She said softly, giving her aunt a small smile.
  9. Engagement? Sulynn was able to hide the surprise that was stirring in the back of his head. That certainly did explain quite a bit, even more so why they seemed to be interested in him from the onset. He averted his gaze from the group of women that was now fawning over the girl who had just come to their side. Fortune was clearly not on his side. He had truly hoped that he would not have met her while the whole crowd was drawing so much attention towards the two of them. That and if he left, it would not reflect well on the same people that he was told to try to look good in front of.

    "Shall I excuse you for a dance?" he asked, trying to put on as good of a smile as he could. "Maybe you would like to come and get to know me better."
  10. Karou jerked in surprise and looked at the boy next to her. So, this was the one she was supposed to marry. She bit her lip at his offer for a dance and glanced to the side. She saw her parents walking them, a stern expression on her mothers face. The threat was very clear. Be polite, or else. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Karou took a deep breath and, with the sharp gazes of the ladies around them, nodded.

    "It would be my pleasure." She said, polite smile in place once again.
  11. Sulynn noticed the sharp gazes around him, but seemed to make nothing of them. If they had a problem with him, then that was fine. If there was no problem with him, then there was really nothing that he could do about it. His smile curved a little bit more at her accepting of his invitation, a smile that was almost as fake as the the one that he was looking at. He just managed to pull it off better, he thought. He held his hand out to her, and once she took it, he led her to the dance floor. Not many people were paying attention to them, so there were a lot of people already dancing, leaving them to the outskirts of the massive cluster inside.

    Sulynn took the initiative and placed one hand on the girl's waist before taking the one already in his hand and raising it up. "Are you ready?" he asked, wanting to make sure that they covered all of their bases.
  12. Karou watched a smile stretch his lips but she saw right through. It was as fake as her own. She once again cursed her parents for forcing her to marry someone she did not know. She let him lead her to the dance floor where many other couples were already dancing. She almost breathed a sigh of relief that the sharp gazes she felt on her back fall away. The boy put his hand on her waist then grabbed her other hand. Karou obediently placed her own hand on his shoulder then nodded at his question.
  13. Not sure how well the girl could actually dance, he began with a few slow steps that eventually flowed into a slow waltz. Although he did not like the social gatherings all the time, he did like the music that they played. He always had a love for music, dating back to hearing his own mother sing when he was young. He closed his eyes for a moment, and let himself slowly drift with the music. But, he was assuming that the girl would have some questions to ask him, same with him to her. So he made the first step, "My name is Sulynn Crueset. As you've probably already guessed, I am the man that has been assigned to marry you."
  14. Karou followed his lead as he spun them around in a slow waltz. As a child she had been given dance lessons, because apparently being about to dance gracefully was one of the things a "proper lady" should be able to do. Karou didn't mind the lessons. She liked dancing, liked matching her body to the rhythm of the music. Dancing was the only thing she was really good at besides art. But..her mother never approved of her drawings. She always turned her nose up and said Karou should learning more productive things, like where the proper placing for silverware went, or how to be a good hostess. Karou almost rolled her eyes at the thought but managed to refrain herself.

    She was shaken from her musings upon hearing her dance partner speak. Karou looked up at him, the programmed responses curtsey of her mother flowed from her lips. "It's a pleasure to make your acquittance Mr. Crueset. My name is Karou Thiago."
  15. He could not help but chuckle a little bit at her when she snapped out of her thinking. Whatever she was thinking, it was clearly something that was important to her. The Thiago family... Yes, his parents had mentioned that name once or twice, but they had never said much about them. He was sure that his parents would tell him more about this once the whole engagement is official, however. "Nice to meet you too," he answered back to her. He would have said something further, like that he 'will take care of her from now on' or something generic like that... But she did not seem to be too sure about the whole engagement, and neither was he. But pursuing this part of the conversation more would probably draw attention to them from others, so he chose to not talk about this further.

    "So, all the people here... They're all your friends and family?" he asked.
  16. Karou blinked when he chuckled. Had she said something funny? She mentally shrugged to herself and focused back onto him once more. "Most of the people here are my parents friends. Only a few of them are family. You were speaking to one of my aunts before this, the one that had on the red dress." She answered.
  17. Sulynn gave her an understanding nod. It certainly did fit into his family's plans of joining the human social circles more. He also had begun thinking about the fact that some of those people here most likely had sons of their own who they wanted to marry off with the girl in his hands. As in other words, he could take this also as him being in a sea of people who already have a negative opinion of him... 'Careful around those people,' he thought. He certainly did not want anymore trouble than he already had. "I see. Only a few of my family is here. I think you'll get the opportunity to talk to them shortly."
  18. Karou nodded absently. She wondered if she had seen them yet but then put it to the back of her mind. She was marrying him, she would get to know his family in due time. As she was pulled into a turn she caught a glimpse of one face in the sea of faces that particularly displeased. Karou blinked. Why was Gabriel here? Gabriel, who refused to take no for an answer and keep asking again and again for her hand.

    How did he even know about today? She asked herself but then remembered. Her father was friends with his father and surely has bragged to the other man. Word then probably spread around the household. I just hope he doesn't do anything foolish.

    (So, I was thinking that she wont know he's a vampire until after they are married, maybe during their honeymoon if they have one?)
  19. ((That would be fine. He's more or less trying to keep up with appearances anyways. ^^))

    Time passed and with the end of the song came the end of their dance. Sulynn gave his dance partner an elegant bow and a small smile. "Thank you for dancing with me, Ms. Thiago." He could feel some of the eyes begin to go on him and her, and not all of them were in genuine interest. He could certainly feel some venom coming from the gazes just within his peripheral vision. After leading her back to her aunt, he gave the group of women a winning smile. "Anyways, I should be going and making my rounds. I'll talk to you later." With that, he turned on his heel and began walking around the cluster of dancing people.
  20. Karou curtsied in return and let herself be lead back to the group of ladies. She watched Sulynn give the ladies a blinding smile before departing. As soon as he left all the ladies started clamoring about how Karou was so lucky to me marrying such a handsome man. Karou remained silent, simply letting the talk wash over her. She knew she should go find her parents because they'll be wanting to get things rolling. She excused herself and walked over to her mother and father, who were conversing with another man and women Karou had never seen before.(They could possibly be his parents)