A Bundle of Joy...

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  1. Angela hefted another box out of the moving truck and into the house, setting it in its designated room before wandering back outside. Today was moving day, a big day for both her and her boyfriend. They had decided that after dating for almost two years that it was just pointless renting out separate apartments, especially when they usually slept together. This made the other apartment a waste of money and just another place to keep some furniture and clothing most of the time. It took a lot of talking and looking around before the two of them decided to invest in buying a house. They both had plenty of money saved up from their jobs to get something small and they had been thinking about tying the knock for quite a bit, they just haven't had the spare time to confirm it.

    They had found a lovely little home with three rooms and two baths, perfect for the two of them. The kitchen was small, but Angela could work with it, especially since it was an improvement from her former hot plate and microwave. On top of that it was near all the shopping, which meant they could walk into town and save plenty on gas! Oh it was a perfect little place in her eyes...except for one thing of course.

    It was a block away from her boyfriends parents.

    Now Angela didn't have any problems with her boyfriends parents, far from it considering that his mother nearly cried for joy after meeting her since her "baby" had finally found a woman. The only issue was how over bearing they were, they just wanted to be in every little thing that they did. They would call once a weekend, and sometimes give surprise visits, some which have interrupted them in the middle of some "private fun". She could only hope that they would show restraint now that they lived closer. Her mind didn't dwell to much on that though, as it seemed that something else was going on.

    As she grabbed another box she could not help but wonder about what had been happening over the past few days. She had been late, which had happened before and given the couple more than one scare, but this one had lasted much longer than the others. She had been nervous to bring the subject up with her boyfriend for many reasons, one being that they were moving that week and the last thing they needed to worry about was her..."expecting". They other being that his parents had hinted at the fact that they wanted grandchildren a lot...but they wanted a wedding first. She tried not to think to much on all of this though, they still had to get all of the boxes from the truck. She only hoped that her boyfriend would think something was up with all her silent worrying.
  2. 7f6a4dcacaffa2ba1ea4df5d884b6d1c.jpg Kayden took care of all the heavier boxes, placing them inside in their rightful rooms, then going back outside to the moving truck to repeat the process again. He'd have to wait until all the boxes were out of the way to start taking out the little furniture they had with them. Him and his girlfriend, Angela, were finally moving into their own place after living separately for quite some time. He was happy with their purchase, and he was sure she was too. The location was perfect in his eyes; close to the shopping area and it wasn't all that long of a drive to his work place. He'd been given a week or so off from his work at NCIS to get settled in to his new home.

    The place had it's downsides as well. It was only one block away from his parent's place. He loves them to death and everything, it's just they seem a little clingy sometimes. They called every weekend, and popped in on them during their 'private' moments. He just hoped that they could control themselves now that they lived closer. He couldn't shake the feeling that it would just make things a bit worse though.

    As he and Angela were unloading the moving truck, he couldn't help but feel that something was off with her. Was there something she wanted to tell him, but couldn't think of the right way to say it? It was likely, but Kayden didn't want to seem like he was butting into her personal business if that wasn't the case. He would find a way to ask her what's on her mind during or after they get unpacked.
  3. It was awhile before all of the boxes were taken into the house and the truck was driven away, leaving only their own cars to sit in their new driveway. Angela threw herself upon the brand new couch once they were finally done, it being almost dinner now that they had finished all of that work. A mix between a relaxed sigh and an excited giggle seemed to flutter from his as she buried her face into the fabric. There was still plenty to do though, boxes needed to be unpacked, electronics had to be setup and plugged in. There was still far more to do, but Angela welcomed the small lull in her work as a chance to relax and get some food into her since she was hungry. She sat up on the couch and looked in Kayden's direction, a sweet smile on her face as she locked eyes with him.

    "So...Pizza for dinner?" She asked playfully, ready to pull out her cellphone and call the closest pizza place possible so they could sit and eat after all of that hard work.

    They wouldn't have a change to cook in the kitchen for awhile, at least until everything was organized and put away perfectly. She also had to keep in mind the lack of time they had to completely unpack since Kayden had only been able to get a week off. To him that was a good amount of time. However, Angela liked everything to be perfect and knowing her habits the best, she wanted to make sure that there would be plenty of time for rearranging.
  4. Kayden stood and stretched his arms over his head, popping his back in process. There was still more to do after this, and they were only given a week to do it. He knew Angela would want everything to be in the place she wanted them to be before he had to go back to work. It would take awhile, and he wanted to be able to spend some time out on the town before the week was up...and before his parents decided to visit. He looked over at Angela, laying down on their new couch. When they locked eyes, he gave her a warm smile.

    "So...Pizza for dinner?"

    "Pizza sounds good." He answered, knowing they wouldn't be able to use the kitchen for a while. As if agreeing with him, his stomach let out a soft growl. "I guess my stomach agrees with me." He chuckled.

  5. Angela just smiled a bit as she pulled out her cellphone from her back pocket, giggling as she heard his stomach growl in agreement. She looked up a number for a pizza place on her phone that was nearby before calling, placing an order for delivery. She knew exactly what both of them liked, making sure to get the large pizza since they would need to have as much energy as they could to power through most of the work that night. Once the call was done she put her phone away again before looking back at him. She hopped off of the couch and walked over to him, smiling as she slipped into his arms and wrapped her own around his waist.

    "Let's start working, it will be awhile before the pizza gets here and we can at least get the bed put together for tonight by the time it arrives." She said, smiling at him sweetly as she continued to sand in front of him.
  6. Kayden watched as Angela placed their order. All the while he was trying to think up ways he could ask what's going on with her. Ask her after they are all settled? No. If something was wrong she wouldn't want him to wait that long to ask. Just come out and say it? There are ways that could go wrong too. He felt conflicted by all this. Kayden wanted to know if there was something bugging her so he could see if he could help in any way. The possibility that it wasn't bad news crossed his mind as well.

    As Angela came up to him and placed her arms around his waist, he smiled at her, linking his fingers together on the small of her back. "Yeah. Setting up the bed first sounds like a good idea. I'd like to get some good night's sleep before we continue this tomorrow." He smiled down at her.
  7. Angela smiled a little more as he wrapped his around around her, holding her at the small of her back. It was always comforting to be held in his arms, not even the worry of pregnancy to stop the comfort that took over when she was near him. She smiled more as he mentioned getting a good nights rest, they would need if they wanted to get this house done on time. She would still have time to change it on her who since she worked from home, one of the many benefits to being an author or romance novels, but she wasn't strong enough to move things on her own.

    She pulled back from him and grabbed his hand, walking with up up the stairs of their new home into their box filled bedroom. Their bed was currently in pieces but Angela knew it wouldn't take them too long, she was rather tool savvy for such a feminine woman, then again it was hard not to be when her father was always making her help when things were broken.
  8. Kayden allowed her to lead him upstairs and into their new box filled bedroom. He looked at their bed, which was in pieces. Between the two of them, this would be done in no time. He's seen how good with tools Angela is, and he isn't all that bad either. He kept thinking about when the right time to ask her was as he moved to start getting the bed together. After a bit more thought, he decided when they were eating would be a nice time. Kayden needed to get this question off his chest soon. Otherwise he won't be able to sleep peacefully until he does. That is if there isn't anything wrong, or it's good news.
  9. Angela started to put the pieces in their proper places, helping him when he needed her. It didn't take long to get the frame together, it was just like an over sized puzzle. She loved it though, it was big enough for the two of them, unlike their old beds that they had sold. After the frame was together the mattresses went on. The sheets would have to go on later after they unpacked, but for now they still had some time to kill. Angela started to move around some of the furniture. She put the bedside tables in place before she started to mess with the dresser, trying to figure out it would fit best. She knew once the furniture was in place she could start emptying her boxes of clothing...unless she decided to update the closet.

    She didn't have time to think much on that though as the door bell rang, signaling the arrival of their dinner. With a smile toward Kayden she trotted out of the room and down the stairs to open the door, she was hungry than she she though she was!
  10. He only needed Angela's help a few times when they were putting the bed together. It was mostly to ask what the instructions said next. He did his part in helping to place the other furniture for their room. Just as he was separating their boxes of clothes from each other, the door bell rang. He saw her smile she gave him just before leaving the room. Kayden followed her at a pace a bit slower than her's. As he was just getting down the last few steps, he saw Angela opening the door for the pizza man.

    "You go ahead and take the pizza. I'll pay him." He said as he got close enough for her to hear him without him having to raise his voice.
  11. Angela turned and smiled at him a bit before taking the pizza that was being held out to her, smiling at the delivery boy as she stepped back to let Kayden pay. She took the pizza over to the couch, that being the only open spot where the two of them could sit and eat together. She set the box down and opened it, smelling the hot pizza eagerly before looking towards the door. She didn't want to start eating without him yet, she was taught that was an impolite thing to do. When he did join her she eagerly took a bite, eating over the box so none of it would fall on the couch or ground.

    "Hmmm, this is good~" She said with some food in her mouth, laughing a bit before she swallowed and looked at him.

    It was moments like this that mad her forget her worries...worries like being pregnant. She paused a bit in her eating at the thought came to her again, making her wonder if she should tell him now. She would wait for him to at least start eating, that way he wouldn't be able to respond to quickly with his mouth full.
  12. He could see Angela set everything up for them out of he corner of his eye. The delivery boy made a comment about the new home, which Kayden replied to politely and cheerfully. He said 'thanks' to the man and paid him his money. Closing the door behind him, Kayden walked over to join Angela, taking a seat on the other side of the pizza box. He smiled at her words as he took a slice for himself and taking a bite.

    "Mmmm. It is good." He said after he swallowed down his pizza.

    He loved moments like this with her. It was like everything was right in the world. But he knew something was going on in her mind...and he wanted to know what. He took another bite of his pizza, getting ready to ask his question.
  13. Angela continued to eat quietly, smiling at her boyfriend every now and then as she chewed her food. She had gone silent ofter her comment, more focused on eating than talking. She had far to much on her mind to think of simple chatter anyway. They had to get everything put into its proper place as well as introduce themselves to the new neighbors. On top of that she still had the worry over her possible pregnancy which she had yet to confirm even for herself. She tired to think of other things though to keep it out of her head, like how she would organize her kitchen or if she would invest in redesigning the closet for the sake of organization...It also would hurt considering the closet was pretty outdated.

    She could tell that her boyfriend was also thinking though, almost observing her as she ate. She knew he was on to her worries, no matter how hard she tried he always figured out something was bothering her. She wasn't going to bring it up though, she would leave that for him to do, it just made her feel better when it was him starting the conversation and not her.
  14. Kayden saw the way his girlfriend looked at her as they ate. Had she figured out he wanted to ask her something? It was highly possible with her. He wanted to allow them to eat a little more before he asked her though. He didn't want to seem like was eager to know what she was thinking. They ate in silence for a long time. He sighed after finishing a piece of pizza.

    "Hey Angela..." He started. "I was wondering if there...if there was something going on. Is anything wrong?" He asked, looking into her eyes, his own were loving and caring for her. "You don't need to tell me if you don't want too. I just want to know what's going on." He added.
  15. Angela paused in her eating when Kayden asked her if something was wrong, proving that she was right about him knowing about her inner distress. She set her pizza down on the box and sighed, knowing that she couldn't keep it from him much longer. He had the right to know if there was a chance that she was pregnant after all. She looked up at him for a moment quietly before sighing and speaking.

    "Well...I'm late again..." She said softly, knowing that he would know what she was talking about since they had a few scares like this before.
  16. "You're late...again..." He whispered more to himself. At first he thought it could be nothing like last few times. But what if it wasn't? What if this time it was real? Kayden would be a father, which scared him as much as it filled him with joy.

    "How late are you?" He asked without thinking. He wanted to know about as much as she does.

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  17. "It has been about three days...but you know that I've never been one to have long periods, Kayden." She said softly as she crossed her arms over her chest, looking away from him in thought.

    She had not wanted to noticed the signs since they all pointed in the directions that she feared the most. Her period time was almost up and nothing had happened as well as the fact that she started to feel different, if not completely noticeable to either her or her boyfriend yet. She could no longer deny that she was probably pregnant this time, they had been pushing that line far to much and it finally bit them in the butt."

    "I think it's serious this time, Kayden...I haven't had a test but I really think this is the real deal...for both of us." She said as she looked back up at him.
  18. All the signs pointed to her being pregnant. It was hard to believe since they avoided this so many times before. He stood up from the couch, stretching a bit. "Well let's not focus so much on the 'What ifs' and continue unpacking." He said, looking down at her with a smile. "We'll have plenty of time to worry about this later. You want the house perfect before I go back to work, right?" He asked.

    The possibility that he would be a father was overwhelming. He didn't want to have to think about it too much on it now. This was his way of getting his mind off of this. But it would only last for a little while. Soon he'd be thinking of how him and Angela would raise a child. He stood there and thought about it without making a move to start unpacking. His little plan to keep his mind off his girlfriend's possible pregnancy failed already.
  19. Angela watched him stand, glad that at least he wasn't upset. Though it did look like the idea of her being pregnant was starting to bother him slightly. She smiled back at him, glad that at least he was willing to continue on with the task at hand instead of worrying about what she told him now, they would never get done otherwise. She stood as well, having finished her share of the pizza and leaving the rest for him to snack on as they continued to work. When she noticed him not moving she gave him a little shove in the direction of the shelves and boxes of books for the living room.

    "Come on...Let's get the living room started...I think I want to redo the closet before we put our clothing in it. The way it is currently set up it will never hold all of my clothes." She joked a bit, wandering over to the boxes and starting to open them.
  20. Kayden realized his little plan failed when he felt Angela push him light towards the boxes in the living room. He mentally slapped himself before smiling an embarrassed smile, not really meant for anyone. He chuckled at what she said about the closet. "And that's just your clothes alone. We'll need another closet for you and a small dresser for me." He joked.

    He walked over to the boxes with her, helping her open them up, taking out whatever was inside and placing it in it's proper place. He had to ask his girlfriend where she wanted some of them before doing anything else. Kayden wanted to get everything just right the first time, so they wouldn't have to spend too much time rearranging things later.