A Boy and His Fox

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    "Come back here! You'll pay for what you did!" A women yelled, tears steaming down her cheeks. Blood stained the knife Riko had used to get her job done. She wore a black cloak with a hood to hide her facial features and looks. Police suddenly came from around the corner and Riko, with her fast reflexes, slid under their legs. She quickly stood up and whistled as she ran. Suddenly, a large black fox with red eyes was running next to her. It was up to the 5'4" girls shoulders.

    Riko grabbed onto the fox's fur and hauled herself up as it ran. Once on she held on tightly to it's fur. "Good job Whisp." She told the female fox. They ran quickly, not caring if they ran into a commoner or trampled them. It wasn't their job to ensure the commoners safety. Riko was meant to kill not save.
  2. Zane used to work with his dad, in a shed a few blocks from his house. He was a blacksmith, and the young boy was learning to become the same thing one day. Anyway, for the moment, he could only help working on some minor weapon and cleaning around. But he was already doing a good work, and he liked it, so he didn't mind doing it. That was where he was going walking in the streets that day. That was where he was going when a big fox ran into him.

    The creature didn't even try to avoid him, and as he didn't see her, she hit him. Zane was thrown to the floor, and hit his head against the ground. It wasn't really painful, but he still remained in the floor for a moment, a bit baffled.
  3. The fox had sped up, adding space to the large gap that separated them from the guards. They were just about to turn a corner when a boy appeared from around it and they collided. Riko was thrown off and landed on the cobblestone quite hard. She lost her breath but as she tried to breath she looked up from under her hood to see her fox friend laying beside a guy.

    She heard the guards yelling and was glad when her breath came back. She stood up and ran to her fox friend. "Come on girl. Up." She said. Whisp stood up and they both looked at the guy. Riko smirked. "Whisp. Grab him." She said. Whisp grabbed the guy by his shirt and threw him onto her back. Riko climbed aboard behind the guy and put her bloody dagger to his neck. "Struggle and I'll slit your throat." She warned him before she kicked Whisp in the side and they ran on.
  4. As he was still confused, laying in the floor, he felt as someone made him stand up. At first, he didn't quite understand what was happening, and he was even about to thank that stranger helping him. But, as he blinked a few times, he found himself at the back of a enormous fox. He grabbed to its fur out of instinct, fearing to fall down. A moment later, someone behind his back talked to him, but all he could focus about was the dagger at his throat. It had... it had blood on it. That thread was definitely not a joke, and his life was seriously at risk.

    His heart started to beat fast as the fear grew stronger inside him. Anyway, he was doing his best to calm down. If they didn't kill him just yet, they probably needed him for something. So, maybe if he didn't struggle, he would be just find. After a deep breath, he was able to speak. "W-Why... why are you taking me?"
  5. Riko didn't mind that the guy was scared. She had seen it all before. She remembered it all. At his question she shifted her gaze from past his shoulder to the back of his head. "Cause. The guards may want my life but if there's a hostage, there's a deal." She said, proud of herself for taking him. She fixed her hold with her free hand so it hid her facial features. She pressed her ears to her skull and kept her tail at her side from under the cloak.
  6. He wanted to turn around to see the woman that was taking him hostage, but he wouldn't dare. She might get angry, and she seemed as someone perfectly capable of cutting his throat just because he turned around. If that was the case and she wanted to make a deal, he still had chances on getting out of it alive. He would need to be patient, try to calm down, and be alert in case he had any chances of getting away. Anyway, it seemed that no matter what he wasn't able to calm down, because his heart was still beating fast and he was about to start sweating. "Okay. Just... don't slit my throat precipitately." said, knowing it was a bit dumb to say it since she was clearly a lunatic.
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  7. "I have no reason to kill you. Those aren't my orders." She told him, her voice firm yet bored. She turned the blade to the flat side and wiped the blood off on his neck. "Try to ignore the blood." She said. She put the dagger to his throat again as she heard the sound of horse beats. "Perfect." She muttered under her breath and made Whisp turn around so they faced the guards. The guards made their horses stop and Riko smirked. "Follow me if you wish to live." She growled into the guys ear before she slid off Whisp, her dagger still out.
  8. He sighed a bit relieved hearing her. A psychopath following orders was a lot better than one just doing its will. Anyway, he was still alert for anything she could do. His heart beat even faster, if that was possible, as she put the dagger against his neck to clean the blood. Was that necessary? It wasn't only disgusting, but also a bit terrifying. She was completely out of her mind. Of course, as she talked, he followed her orders without hesitating, although her words made a chill run through his spine. As he went down to follow her, he got a glance of her face. Although she was almost completely covered, he could see she was just a girl around his age. He sighed for the whole situation and walked right next to her.
  9. "Give us the boy!" One of the called as he dismounted from his horse. Riko smirked and went behind him. She put the dagger to his throat and placed her free hand firmly on his shoulder. She felt how tense he was and moved the dagger a little away from his throat. "Relax. I won't hurt you." She whispered calmly into his ear. She then faced the guards and removed her hand from his shoulder. She took her hood off so they saw her face. "I will give you the boy, but you must make a deal with me!" She yelled at them. She watched as they all looked at each other then whispered before the same guy looked at them again. "What do you want?!" He asked. Riko smirked. "You will not harm me for the rest of the year!" She answered. "Never!" The guard yelled. "Very well." She muttered. "Then you will have failed your job as protectors of the people in the city! This boy is mine!" She called and nodded to Whisp who grabbed h by the shirt and put him on her back again. Riko got on Whisp behind the boy again and looked over at the angry yet surprised guards. "Until next time!" She yelled then kicked Whisp in the side and they sped off. "So, got a name?" Riko asked him as they rode. She had her dagger away under her hood and her arms on either side of him holding onto Whisp's fur.
  10. He was really tensed, but decided to believe she wasn't hurting him. For the moment, she seemed to be making sense. As she explained the deal, he was beginning to relax, knowing he was about to be released. Anyway, he literally dropped his jaw at the answer of the guards. Assholes. How could they risk the life of an innocent boy for catching some thief or whatever the hell she was? A moment later, he was once again riding the big fox. He wanted to be angry at those men to reject the deal, but he could only focus on what was going to happen to him. "Zane." he answered quickly at her, as if it was another order of her. "What does it mean that 'I'm yours'?" asked, as those words of hers echoed inside his head. Anyway, he wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer.
  11. "Nice name." She said after he told her. It was pretty boring but alright. At his question she smirked. "It means that you have to do what I say. If you want to live, that is." She told him, her voice holding no threat, just playfulness. "Anyway, the name's Riko. And if you haven't already figured it out, I'm the most wanted assassin." She said then looked ahead of them. She ha dto lean to the left a little to see since this guy was taller than her. "How old are you, Zane?" She asked him, quite curious about her new partner in crime.
  12. It wasn't an answer Zane liked. He figured out it would be something like that... but... for how long? What would he need to do? Anyway, he would probably know that later. The thing that worried him the worst was probably the word 'assassin' she used. Couldn't she be just a normal thief? Besides, taking a look at her without her hood, he knew clearly she wasn't just human. A fox spirit, maybe? Or something similar. He dared to glance back at her, turning slightly. He had to find some courage before answering. "17. I'm an useless 17 years old boy that helps a blacksmith for a living. I can't even make any weapon myself, I can only clean around. And, seriously, I have no other skills. So, I'm sorry if your deal didn't work, but I don't see how still holding me hostage would do any good to you. I'd probably just be a burden." told her, hoping he could convince her somehow.
  13. Riko knew what he was doing. He was pointing out everything he was bad at so she'd let him go. She laughed a little but kept it quiet. She looked at him he glanced back at her. She made eye contact with him and smiled sweetly. "17, huh? That means your older than me. I'm only 16." She told him honestly. "And your no longer a hostage. Your my new partner in crime. Zane and Riko. Most wanted criminals." She said, thinking happily. "It's lonely doing my job. And all the other guys, plus the boss, are just annoying idiots." She admitted. She always got annoyed around those bafoons.
  14. He was startled hearing her. He just couldn't believe it. It seemed that, after all, she was certainly crazy. And, only 16 years old? She was a 16 years old assassin? "I... I don't think you are thinking clearly. I'm not a criminal, Riko. And I don't want to be." told her, just speaking his mind, but a bit more politely. "Besides, I'm an idiot most of the time. And definitely annoying." he said, but it came out a bit dumb. He was clearly just saying whatever to get the hell out of there.
  15. "I'm not letting you go, so you can stop listing only the bad things about yourself." She told him. Riko yawned, rather tired. She didn't have a good sleep last night. So, she pulled on Whisp's fur a little and the black fox stopped. Riko got off then got back on, this time in front of Zane. "I'm taking a nap. Don't worry about where Whisp will go, she knows where to head. Also, don't think about escaping. Whisl didn't eat yet today and she won't hesitate to eat you." Riko told him with a wink. She yawned again and rubbed her eyes like a child. She leaned back against his chest and closed her eyes. Soon ber breathing was deep and her expressjon calm, showing she was asleep.
  16. "I don't care. And you can stop only listing ths bad things about yourself, I'm let letting you go." She told him. A hawn escapsed Riko's lips and she sighed. Riko pulled on Whisp's fur a little and the black fox stopped. Riko climbed off then got back on in front of Zane. "I'm taking a nap. Whisp knows where we're going so don't worry. And uh, don't try to escape. Whisp hasn't eaten yet." Riko warned him before she yawned again. She rubbed her eyes again and leanrd back against hks chest, closing her eyes. Pretty soon her breathing deepened and her expression became calm, signs that she was asleep.
  17. He sighed hearing she wouldn't let him go. Maybe he would need to keep trying later, because she sounded sure about it. After hearing her warning, he sighed once again, clearly showing annoyance this time. Now he was at the mercy at a big hungry fox. Great. His eyes opened widely seeing her resting against him. Okay, she was taking really seriously the whole 'partners' thing. Anyway, he didn't mention anything, not wanting to make things worst (if it was even possible). As she laid down and fell asleep, he just stayed quiet and didn't try anything. Of course, the thought of attacking her as she slept crossed his mind, but he didn't know a thing about fighting. How would he get rid of her and leave with the big fox after him?
  18. Zane was surprisingly comfortable, making it easier for her to fall asleep. Riko shifted her body a little and her right fox ear ttwitched slightly. Shs dreamed of when she was younger and was sad when there were far more bad memories than good. Riko dreamed of her abusive fathef and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She gripped Whisp's fur at the horrible dream she was unable to escape. Blood filled her ears and eyes. She held a bloody dagger and sas her father's bloody limp body before she was drowning in a sea of blood. Riko began sweating and her grip on Whisp's fur tightened, causing the fox to yelp a little. She heard screams in her dreams then suddenly saw her father's bloody facs appear in front of her.

    Riko's eyes shot open and she quickly sat up. She bended over and put her head in her hands. She panted hard, her eyes wide open in fear. She was sweating and her body was trembling.
  19. As she fell asleep, Zane began running ideas through his head to help him escape that situation. But, anyway, it all finally reduced on waiting for the perfect time and escaping. For the moment, there wasn't much he could do against a giant fox and a... fox-like girl. He also wondered what his father would be thinking at that time of why he wasn't at work. He would probably be thinking he overslept or something similar, and was already making a speech about how he shouldn't be so lazy. The thought made him smile a little. Anyway, at that moment, he noticed a sudden reaction from his kidnapper. What happened? Did she just had a nightmare? Even though it made him curious, he couldn't care less about it. He had his own problems to deal with. Anyway, a moment later he had realized something. If he acted as a real partner, she would trust him easily. And with trust, he'd eventually meet his opportunity.

    "Hey, what happened?" he asked with a fast voice, but still without putting much worry on it. She just wouldn't buy it.
  20. Riko didn't answer him for a while, trying to catch her breath and get her bearings. She looked up at then sun and saw that it had risen more. She must have been asleep for an hour. Riko turned to the guy, the image of her father still fresh in her mind. "Just a nightmare." She said as if it didn't matter even though you could hear her fear by the way she spoke.

    Riko looked around and was glad they had made it to their destination. They were in a clearing of a dense forest. At then edge of that clearing was a house. You could barely hear any sound coming from the place. Riko got off Whisp then looked up at Zane. "C'mon. You need to meet then others." Riko said, her voice soft but firm.

    {Their Destination }
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