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    In time's beginning, war waged between two deities. Duath commanded chaos, and his sister, Lim, reigned over order. They fought for dominance over the land and its people for centuries, decimating the environment and lives wherever their battles were waged. It is said that the source of their greatest powers lay in the bracelet each wore, and if it was removed, they would become like mortals, able to be killed.

    In an effort to win the war and by extension, the world, Lim fashioned a beautiful being from stars and seafoam and sent the golem to seduce her brother to win his trust. The golem was successful, and while the God of Chaos slept contentedly, the golem removed his bracelet and stabbed through his heart. When the bracelet was delivered to Lim, the golem was set to be destroyed. In an effort to survive, the golem secreted into Lim's room while she slept and delivered the same fate that had befallen Duath. Unfortunately, without Lim's magic, the golem's form disintegrated back into starlight and seafoam.

    The bracelets' whereabouts have been lost to the sands of time, but it is said the one who possesses both bracelets will control untold power over the world itself.

    They will become a god...

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      In Character Thread:

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      • Please refer to the "Currently Accepting" tab under the "Characters" section for a more detailed look at how many characters for each party and what races are currently available.

      • Players should be able to post at least once a week.
      • Writing levels should be in the Adept, Advanced, and/or Prestige ranges.
      • Because this is a large scale RP with many players, it may be a slower-running game.

      Posting Order
      Posting order will be done via grouping. Group A will be the Edhil Resistance Party. Group B will be the Fatan Rule Party. At some point, they will merge into one group, and there may also be instances where characters may end up switching from one group to another. I will have a list of participants in each group. Players may post in any order. Once they have posted, I will put a strike through their name. Once every player in a group has a strike through their name, the next round of posts may begin. Until the next round, a player with a strike through their name may not post again. This is group specific, so players from Group A do not have to wait for Group B to finish and vice versa.

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      • Group B
        - Auralnaut
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    • There will be themes of:
      • Betrayal
      • Genocide
      • Loss
      • Racism
      • Slavery
      • Wavering Loyalties

      There may also potentially be:
      • Character Death
      • LGBTQA Characters
      • Light Abuse/Torture
      • Mental Illness
      • Mild Sexual Themes
      • Violence

      • Adventure
      • Epic Quest
      • High Fantasy

      • Action
      • Dramatic
      • Serious

      • Linear
        There will be two groups following opposing paths in the same storyline.

    • The Fatan High King of Eriston possesses the Bracelet of Duath, an artifact of great power. In order to tap into it's true potential, he requires its twin, the Bracelet of Lim. Unfortunately, the most dangerous race in the world of Verdan, the Amlugan, are the current protectors of Lim's Bracelet. Two opposing parties - one from the Fatanen Rule and one from the Edhil Resistance - will go to the Amlugan nation of Ushtaway to find the Bracelet for two very different purposes. The Fatanen want it so their people will rule the world; The Edhil want it to stop the Fatanen from further disrupting the balance of Verdan.

      • (59 years ago) High King Torrold acquires the Bracelet of Duath
      • (58 years ago) One year later, High King's wife births Princess Renna
      • (48 years ago) Ten years later, Uialien genocide and High King Torrold's death
      • (42 years ago) Six years later, High Princess Renna births High Prince Dwennon
      • (37 years ago) Five years later, High Princess crowned High Queen and given Bracelet of Duath
      • (19 years ago) Eighteen years later, Nogyth driven from their mountains; High Queen Renna dies; High Prince Dwennon crowned and given Bracelet of Duath
      • (Present Day) Nineteen years later, the Bracelet of Lim's location is found
    • I don't like having a lot of rules because it can kill the fun of the game. I just want to make a few things clear here so that we're all on the same page. The "Do's" are more of a guide for what you can but don't have to do. The "Don't's" are non-negotiable.

      • Do contribute to the culture and lore of Verdan if you have ideas.
      • Do collaborate with other players to include common ground in your characters.
      • Do ask many questions about anything at all you'd like to know!
      • Do point out spelling/continuity mistakes I made/make. I will love you for it. No joke. I hate those pesky mistakes.
      • Do feel free to think outside the box. They don't all have to have white skin and blue eyes. Go for it if you want, but know you have a rainbow array of options.
      • Do credit artwork you use back to the original artist(s) either by linking the image or adding a disclaimer near it.

      • Don't make your character overpowered. I don't care if your character is twenty-five or four thousand years old. They'll all have limitations.
      • Don't control another person's character without their permission.
      • Don't post multiple character sheets in one post. Keep them separate for linking purposes, please.
      • Don't go into great detail about scenes of torture or sexual encounters. Fade to black on those. Those things may or may not feature in this game, but I'd like to have a pretty friendly environment for players or readers who may be uncomfortable with too much detail. Alluding to what potentially occurred is preferable over the actual details. Think PG-13, not NC-17.
      • Don't be afraid to talk to me if you have an idea you're not sure if I'll pass. I'm more than happy to consider and collaborate on things.
      • Don't be afraid to come to me if you're having a problem with another player, even if I am that player.
      • Don't make aggressive/passive aggressive comments about/to other players.

    In the world of Verdan, there were once six races living in relative peace within six nations. Everything changed when the High King of Eriston came into possession of an artifact that contained great power. Through his scholars, he learned it was the Bracelet of Duath. High King Torrold learned to use the artifact's power to defeat his enemies within the Eriston, but it quickly became apparent that the price for using the Duath Bracelet was not the reward of godhood but the loss of his own vitality. Without the Bracelet of Lim, Duath would absorb his life energy until nothing remained.

    It became the High King's goal to find the match and don both Bracelets. His scholars researched day and night, trying to decode ancient texts and find Lim's resting place. Eventually, a text was discovered that seemed to point to the land of Aliudea where the Uialien people lived. They refused to cooperate, and King Torrold realized the only way around their refusal would be to use the bracelet's power to force them to bend to his will. Instead of their cooperation, he was met with war that resulted in the genocide of the Uialien people as well as the decimation of his army and the High King's death.

    As a direct result of the genocide of their allies, the Edhil were called to war against the Fatanen destroyers. The battles waged on for roughly two decades, but neither side could truly gain the upper hand. Because of this, direct battles seemed to taper off, and both sides resorted to sneakier tactics.

    The Bracelet of Duath was passed down to High King Torrold's daughter, Renna, who also inherited her father's obsession with finding Lim. Thinking she could better control the relic, she used its power sparingly but effectively. Even so, it began robbing her of life just as it had done to her father. Her obsession grew until, in great desperation to find the bracelet's twin, she made war on the Nogyth people in their mountains. Many people on both sides died, and while the ranks of Nogyth were decimated, they were simply driven from their mountain ranges rather than wiped out completely. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of the High Queen. The effort took her life, and the bracelet was passed to her son, Dwennon. He, too, inherited the quest to find the Bracelet of Lim and become like a god to rule all of Verdan.

    While non-Fatanen historians could not say why the Uialien genocide had been committed, once the Nogyth fell, they did not keep the secret of why they were attacked. The discovery drew scholars from other nations to work together to stop the High King from conquering or destroying all of Verdan. Through their studies, the Edhil began to believe that if they found the Bracelet of Lim, they would be able to defeat the High King of Eriston and restore balance to the world. The only trouble was getting to it first.

    Map made by Beckett


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      (singular: Amlug; pronounced: AHM-loo-gahn / AHM-loog)

      Amlugan are sentient, giant, lizard-like beings - most of which have wings that enable flight. They are widely regarded as possessing the most powerful magic in the world, and they are thought to be the most intelligent of the six races. They are covered with scales though some also have fur, and they possess four legs with large, powerful claws. Most specialize their magic to adhere to specific magical elements such as air, darkness, earth, fire, light, water, etc. though a few are more freeform. They are not humanoid in appearance though it is believed that some can shapeshift to appear humanoid. While most are gigantic, some can be as small as wolves. Their colouring tends to reflect the environment in which they're most comfortable living.

      Their average lifespan is also unknown.

      They are the fourth most prolific race in the world.

      Nation: Ushtaway
      Very little is known about the Amlugan lands within Ushtaway. There are rumors that it is a lush landscape bordered by glittering oceans and deep mountains and filled with rich forests and raging rivers. Unfortunately, no one who was said to have entered the nation seems to have returned to give a factual account of the terrain beyond the borders. It's all just rumors and hearsay passed through the generations via folklore and wishful thinking. Even those armies who have tried to invade have been decimated and only rarely even allowed to return home with their tails between their legs. None seem to have made it beyond the rocky borders. As such, it is also unclear what kind of governmental system they use.

      Political Affiliations
      The Amlugan appear to remain neutral in worldly affairs. It is only known that they harbor deep resentment and suspicion of any and all outsiders. They seem to care only for their race and their nation; their immense intellect, magical prowess, and physical power make them very difficult to confront physically or intellectually.

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      (singular: Calva; pronounced: KAHL-vuh)

      Calva are humanoid, sentient beings with the physical characteristics of animals. The degree of animalistic traits varies between individuals, but most have the fur/feathers/scales and markings of the animal they resemble. Some have the same teeth, ears, tails, and claws as well. They come in a wide variety of colouring and body types, all of which are dependent on their genetic link to the animals they resemble. An individual whose lineage resembles a crane will likely be tall and slender with feathers and pointed features while one resembling a boar will be more likely to be shorter and stockier with tusks and rounded features. When two Calva of different animal resemblances mate (or when a Calva mates with another humanoid), the resulting child may have a combination of characteristics from both parents. Calva tend to be no larger or smaller than the average human.

      Their average lifespan is about one century.

      They are the third most prolific race in the world.

      Nation: Vonga
      The land of Vonga is mostly filled with beautiful woodlands rife with ancient trees, but there are several areas with rich, open farmland along with several rivers and lakes. It is the second largest nation in the world.

      There isn't a centralized government in Vonga. Instead, the many, diverse Tribes exist as independent governments. The closest thing they have to unity is Pashenda, a mecha at the center of their country where the Tribes gather every three years to promote genetic diversity and to revisit old alliances as well as to set aside old hatreds. The land is considered holy, and any bloodshed is will result in the murderer(s) being taken away from Pashenda and either murdered themselves or exiled from Vonga once their face(s) are branded with the Mark of Shame. Once they receive this brand, no Tribe will take them in lest they risk the wrath of their deities or the other Tribes.

      Political Affiliation
      The Calva form alliances on a Tribe-by-Tribe basis. Some choose to aid the Fatanen and will raid other Tribes in order to sell goods and slaves. Some Tribes cannot abide the Fatanen rule, so they aid the Edhil resistance in trying to stop the injustices. Others remain neutral in the matters of other nations, choosing only to form alliances or enemies with other groups within the nation of Vonga.

    • [​IMG]
      (singular: Edhel; pronounced: eh-THEEL / eh-THEHL)

      The Edhil are largely considered the most beautiful race to exist. They tend to have high cheekbones and otherwise delicate looking features. All of them have pointed ears though the length varies, and their bodies tend to be tall and slender. Their eye colours come in a range of colours from violet, blue, green, brown, and gold. Their skin also comes in a wide variety of colours similar to Fatanen, but some Edhil also have blue or purple toned skin. It is thought these Edhil evolved from unions with Unseelie Uialien, but none are alive who can recall the truth of that claim. Like the Fatanen, the Edhil also have black, brown, gold, and red hair, but it's not uncommon for them to have been born with white or silver hair. Unlike the Calva, Fatanen, and Nogyth, once the Edhil are roughly one hundred years old (when puberty ends for them), they stop aging and look the same age until the day they die.

      Their average lifespan is five thousand years.

      They are the second most prolific race in the world.

      Nation: Inen
      Inen is an archipelago nation with one very large island surrounded by four smaller islands. It's located a little too far North to be considered expressly tropical, but snow is a highly unlikely weather event to be found. It's lush with thick forests, dotted with a few mountains, and in many areas, the soil is very rich for farming.

      The government consists of a council of four Edhil: Anarwen, Berianir, Glivalwen, and Nesteron. These four were elected from a pool of those who have lived the longest and wanted to lead. They each preside collectively over the nation though each Edhel comes from one of the four, smaller islands of Inen. They spend most of their time living on and leading their respective islands, but they come together on the main island to settle national matters.

      • Enya Tol
        Located at the center of the archipelago, Enya Tol is the largest of the five islands. It houses the Council Building where the four leaders of Inen meet to discuss matters of state. It's cities are the largest and most populated, and it serves as the center of commerce, fishing, and knowledge sharing.

      • Forya Tol
        Located to the east of Enya Tol is Forya Tol. It voted for male Council Member Nesteron. It's focus is healing with both herbs and magic. Farming is common on this island.

      • Hyarya Tol
        Located to the west of Enya Tol is Hyarya Tol. It voted for female Council Member Anarwen. It's focus is the immersion of magic with technology.

      • Inga Tol
        Located to the North of Enya Tol is Inga Tol. It voted for female Council Member Glivalwen. It's focus is the crafting of fabrics and jewelry. Cattle herding is common on this island. Mining is common on this island.

      • Undu Tol
        Located to the South of Enya Tol is Undu Tol. It voted for male Council Member Berianir. It's focus is the crafting of armor and weapons. Military training is common on this island.

      Political Affiliation
      After the genocide of their Uialien allies, the Edhil began a campaign to end the Fatanen's attempt to rule the world. It wasn't until the Nogyth were driven from their mountains that the Edhil Resistance truly took off. They began to send teams into Eriston to rescue Calva and Nogyth from oppressive Fatanen clutches, and it was then that they found several survivors of the Uialien Genocide. They also take in Fatanen who are against the cruelty that their rulers have been causing. Inen has become a haven for refugees and also the base of operations for the Resistance.

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      (singular: Fatan; pronounced: fuh-TAH-nehn / fuh-TAHN)

      The Fatanen are essentially humans. They're, generally, physically hardier than the Edhil, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

      Their average lifespan is about one century.

      They are the most prolific race in the world.

      Nation: Eriston
      Eriston is a land of rolling hills and raging rivers. While there is ample woodland, they can't really be classified as forests, and while there are a few mountains speckled here and there, they can't really be considered ranges. Most of the land is used for farming and cattle grazing. Since the Nogyth were driven from their mountains, the Fatanen have claimed them as part of Eriston. They force captive Calva and Nogyth as well as some indentured Fatanen to mine them.

      The government consists of one family who is considered the High Kings/Queens and Princes/Princesses. There are smaller, lesser kingdoms within Eriston, and their leaders have all sworn fealty with the High Royalty of Eriston.

      Political Affiliation
      The Fatanen are essentially the aggressors of the world. As a society, they view themselves as superior to the other races, including the Amlugan. Their High King wants to become like a deity, ruling over all of Verdan. They were the direct cause of both the Uialien Genocide and the Nogyth being driven from their mountains. Because the people have generally prospered from the obliteration and oppression of the other races, most Fatanen are happy to follow their High King through his quest for power. Some believe that helping their High King rule the world, thus uniting the six nations, will bring true peace. While there are some who believe that no good can come of the High King's pursuit, those who speak out publicly are arrested and tortured, enslaved, or simply disappear. It is dangerous to openly oppose the Fatanen movement.

    • [​IMG]
      (singular: Nogoth; pronounced: NAW-gith / NAW-gawth)

      The Nogyth are a very short, very stocky people with the women being slightly larger than the men on average. They tend to be well muscled or portly. Even the least fit of them has a great deal of strength. The Nogyth come in a wide variety of colours though the variations are generally considered to resemble the duller colours of clay, dirt, dust, and rock more than anything visually striking. Both men and women have facial hair though women tend to have a bit less of it. Some like to decorate their beards and hair with gemstones.

      Their average lifespan is about five centuries.

      They are the fifth most prolific race in the world.

      Nation: Stegros
      Instead of being located across one stretch of land, Stegros was actually a series of three mountain ranges (Dorduar, Kundan, and Memtorm). Dorduar was located in the West, Kundan was located in the Northeast, and Memtorm was located very near the mountain border of Ushtaway though the dwarves avoided the half of the expansive range that actually bordered the Amlugan homeland.

      Each mountain range that was a part of Stegros was hollowed out for the Nogyth mining practices and lifestyles. They used magic infused gemstones to create light in the darkness by which to see. Their structures were very visually pleasing despite their simplicity and functionality.

      Each mountain range had its own leader, and in many ways, Stegros was less about Nogyth unity and more a simple way for outsiders to refer to their lands. In truth, each location was led completely independent of all others, and while the Nogyth maintained a very us-versus-them sort of mentality, they weren't fully committed to any of the other mountain ranges of Stegros, either. The most unity each maintained was that occasionally a Nogoth from one mountain could have some relatives from another mountain.

      Political Affiliation
      Before the Nogyth were driven from the mountains, they maintained alliances only with each other. Because their underground homes were easy to get lost within, they had a homeground advantage if invaders ever came. They did not count on the Fatanen might that would drive them from their homes, especially not with something as simple as a bracelet.

      One after another, the mountain ranges of Stegros were claimed by Fatanen and absorbed into Eriston. Nogyth who were captured were turned into slaves. Those refugees who weren't caught by Fatanen sought shelter in other areas of the world such as Inen. While some swore fealty to Eriston in order to maintain their freedom provided they lived within Eriston. Others have joined the Edhil Resistance to facilitate reclaiming their mountains.

    • [​IMG]
      (singular: Uialie; pronounced yoo-ee-AW-lee-ehn / yoo-ee-AW-lee)

      The Uialien were once considered to be the most diverse race in all of Verdan, even over the Calva. They came in every shape, size, and colour that one could conceive and there were even some that could not be imagined without having seen it first. Some Uialien did not even appear to have corporeal forms at all but wandered about like ghosts. Most had bodies, some of which could be considered more beautiful than the Edhil and some more hideous than any nightmare. It's unknown how many of them procreated due to their immense diversity, and it was considered offensive if outsiders requested the information.

      While there are occasionally a few people who have one parent who is Uialie and one who is another race, it's not very common. Due to the strange differences in Uialien genetics, having a child who is half Uialie is rare. Even rarer is for that half-breed child to be able to procreate at all.

      They were considered to be immortals, immune to aging or illness.

      The genocide of this race has essentially wiped them out of the world.

      Nation: Aliudea
      Aliudea was a beauitful forest landscape with structures built right into the trees or land structures. Rather than trying to conquer the flora and fauna, the Uialien worked in harmony with it, only building their homes where it would facilitate growth or leave the environment unharmed. They often used magic to make this happen. Rings of mushrooms would grow on the borders of areas where great amounts of magical energy had been stored to help the area thrive most where Uialien congregated.

      The Uialien were once ruled by two courts, Seelie and Unseelie. They worked together to maintain their homeland.

      • Seelie Court
        The Seelie Court ruled over the Eastern half of Aliudea. Their magic was strongest during the full moon. They presided over spring and summer. The highest leader was the Seelie Queen who had two sons and a daughter through three different fathers. She never made marriage oaths. None of the royal Seelie family survived the genocide.

      • Unseelie Court
        The Unseelie Court ruled over the Western half of Aliudea. Their magic was strongest when the moon was dark. They presided over autumn and winter. The two highest leaders were the Seelie Kings who made vows to one another long before they were crowned. They had septuplet daughters together though no one seems to know if they were the Kings' blood, not that it was important to the Court. The Kings did not survive the genocide, and it's highly unlikely that the Princesses made it out alive.

      Now the magical cities of the Uialien are so overgrown they are hardly distinguishable from the forests in which they reside.

      Political Affiliations
      Both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts were strongly allied with the Edhil. They held no alliance with any other races though they did not have notable enemies. Despite this, the Fatanen came in droves and completely decimated the populations of Uialien. It was originally thought that, while they did not go down easily, the only survivor was an Edhel-Uialie female, Nieri Mahtar. A handful of Fatanen soldiers also made it out of the battle, but their numbers were few, and their High King did not make it out with them.

      Once the Nogyth were driven from their mountains and the Edhil Resistance began in earnest, it was discovered that a handful of other Uialien did, in fact, survive the genocide, but they were captured and imprisoned or turned into slaves for the Fatanen. A few have been rescued by the Edhil Resistance, and they now reside in Inen, protected by the Edhil. Many are working together with the Edhil to find a way through medicine and magic to enable the Uialien to successfully breed with other races to keep their genetic link going even if it will have to be diluted henceforth.


    • [​IMG]
      (pronounced: kehm-GOH-lohr)

      Cemgollor are friends and protectors of animals and nature, and, as such, they are highly attuned to the earth and its magic. They are taught not to command the earth and its creatures but to request its aid. It is not uncommon for Cemgollor excel in both magic and physical combat.

      • Communication with animals and calling them to aid
      • Communication with roots and vines and calling them to aid
      • Finding water and food in the wild
      • Healing
      • Inspiring rapid plant growth
      • Shapeshifting into a specific animal for a short period of time

    • [​IMG]
      (Prounounced: DAHG-thohr)

      Of all of the classes, the Dagthor path is the most confrontational. They are most skilled with hand-to-hand combat with a variety of weapons such as battle axes, maces, swords, etc, and most have extended knowledge of a variety of melee weaponry. Many who choose this class are very strong. Often, the strongest Dagthor have also studied Berserker magic though this magic is highly volatile and unstable, so only the most skilled and mentally stable are able to wield it with any modicum of control. Dagthor are very skillful with weapons, strategy, and tactics.

      • Battle Tactics
      • Berserker Magic
      • Dual-Wielding (one weapon in each hand)
      • Shield Use
      • Single-Wielding (One Weapon in both hands)
      • Strategy

    • [​IMG]
      (Pronounced: neh-STAHD)

      Like Sairuvar, the Nestad are scholars, but they specialize in healing magics, imbuing magics, and potions crafting. They have a complex understanding of humanoid bodies, and most like to learn about all of the races, not just the one to which they belong. Nestad are adept at detecting ailments and understanding how to treat them. They've also learned what combinations of ingredients and magic will produce the effects they desire. They utilize a combination of celestial and earth magic to accomplish their spellwork. Do not be fooled. Nestad may excel as healers, but they are also some of the most dangerous spellcasters. Due to their understanding of living beings and potions, they can just as easily end a life or increase one's suffering while making it look like a natural occurrence. Many know how to use basic weapons.

      • Healing
      • Imbuement (adding magical properties to inanimate objects such as protection spells into armor, etc.)
      • Potions Crafting (healing elixirs, poisons, etc.)
      • Share power with an ally or take it from an enemy

    • [​IMG]
      (Prounounced: PEEL-day)

      The Pildae are experts of stealth and sneaking. Some use shadows and stealth magics to enhance their abilities. While many can engage very well in hand to hand combat, their fighting style is more about evasion and only striking when surprise is on their side. Many will strike once, revert back to the shadows, wait until their opponent is off guard, then strike again. They also prefer to force their opponents to wear down their own energy to make it easier to take them down. They tend to rely most on poisons and concealable weapons. Many people who choose this path become assassins or thieves.

      • Agility
      • Concealment
      • Evasion
      • Finding and Disarming Traps
      • Illusion Magic
      • Poison Knowledge
      • Shadow Magic
      • Speed
      • Stealth
      • Surprise
      • Thievery

    • [​IMG]
      (Pronounced: raw-OO-tawth)

      Rautoth are excellent woodsmen who are wonderful at finding food, water, and shelter, creating traps, and tracking. They also make some of the best scouts. They have a deep understanding of terrain that will benefit their preference for ranged combat and can easily find the best locations for their allies to locate when it comes time to battle. Rautoth are best at ranged combat, typically choosing to wield a bow and arrows though they are also good at using lighter close-range weapons.

      • Agility
      • Setting Traps
      • Speed
      • Stealth
      • Tracking
      • Use of knives, daggers, and lighter swords
      • Use of ranged weapons

    • [​IMG]
      (pronounced: SEYE-roo-vahr)

      Sairuvar are academic scholars who study a wide variety of magics. They have a gift for the memorization and execution of complex spells. They understand how to tap into celestial energies and channel it directly through their bodies to produce powerful effects with their spells. Their lessons are never ending, and true mastery is rare due to the sheer amount that must be learned. As a result, most choose to specialize in just one area of the vast realm of magics they command in order to excel rather than to remain a jack-of-all-trades and only moderately good at whatever they cast. It is extremely rare that Sairuvar do not create their own grimoires (books of magical spells) or add to ones passed down to them through their family or mentors. Due to the intensity of Sairuvar studies, it is almost unheard of for them to engage or even understand how to properly engage in physical combat.

      • Alchemy
      • Banishment and Blocking
      • Bodily and Mental Manipulation
      • Conjuring
      • Divination
      • Elemental (air, darkness, earth, fire, light, water)
      • Illusion
      • Necromancy
      • Teleportation


    • The Bracelet of Duath is said to have belonged to the God of Chaos. It is said that the Bracelet gave Duath his immortality, so when it was removed, he was able to be killed. Upon the death of his sister, Lim, and himself, his bracelet was entrusted to a diverse group of people who could best keep it a secret. They became known as the Varnegwaith, and they eventually built a library filled with knowledge that was given freely to all who entered. This was meant to distract from their great secret, but eventually, they were betrayed by two of their own. The Varnegwaith were decimated and scattered.

      The knowledge of Duath's Bracelet was lost with them until fifty-nine years ago when the High King of Eriston acquired it.

      Confirmed Abilities
      • Deconstruction of matter.
      • Warping anothers' mind into insanity.
      • Stealing life energy from the user's or another being's body.

      Unconfirmed Abilities
      • Warping the user's mind into insanity.
      • (Open to player ideas...)

    • The Bracelet of Lim is said to have belonged to the Goddess of Order. It is said that the Bracelet gave Lim her immortality, so when it was removed, she was able to be killed. Upon the death of her brother, Duath, and herself, her bracelet was entrusted to the Amlugan. It has recently been discovered that they are the ones keeping it, and a rat-race has begun between two groups who want to acquire it first.

      Unconfirmed Abilities
      • Restoration of a soul into an already living body.
      • Stealing life energy from the user's or another person's body.
      • (Open to player ideas...)

    • When the Bracelets were created by the Gods, they were never intended for use by anyone other than Duath and Lim. Originally, they agreed to wield them separately, but they would be a team. Even a God would be too powerful if they possessed both, so their agreement held until disagreements about how to rule befell the siblings. It is said that in their squabbling, they realized the best way to win would be to be the sole wearer of both Bracelets, but they were both killed before either could become the rulers of the universe.

      Unconfirmed Abilities
      • Restoration of a soul into its original, fully restored body.
      • True immortality with immunity to age, disease, and wounds.
      • Strength beyond any living being.
      • Intellect beyond any living being.
      • (Open to player ideas...)


    • Edhil Resistance Party (3)
      • Amlug (1)
      • Calva (Infinite)
      • Edhil (Infinite)
      • Fatanen (Infinite)
      • Nogyth (2)
      • Uialie (0)

      Fatanen Rule Party (6)
      • Amlug (0)
      • Calva (Infinite)
      • Edhil (2)
      • Fatanen (Infinite)
      • Nogyth (3)
      • Uialien (2)
    • Name:
      (Their real name and/or any nicknames/aliases.)

      (Amlugan: between 100 and 700
      Calva: between 25 and 60
      Edhil: between 1,000 and 4,500
      Fatanen: between 25 and 60
      Nogyth: between 100 and 450
      Uialien: between 1,000 and 5,000)

      (Does your character identify as female, fluid, male, transgender, or something else?)

      (Is your character allied with the Edhil Resistance, the Fatanen's world-rule, neither, or both?)

      (Amlug, Calva, Edhel, Fatan, Nogoth, Uialie, or some mixture of races... Amlugan cannot breed with any of the humanoid species. Only humanoid, corporeal Uialien can breed with the other races. The other four can breed with one another without restrictions...)

      (Even if you have a picture accompanying your sheet, I want you to detail your character's appearance in writing. Include their height, body type, colouring, noteable markings like scars or body modifications and anything else you feel it's important to include.)

      (No more than two classes per character. The only exception to this is if your character is a part of the Sairuvar class. In that instance, your character can only be a part of that class and no others. Within the Sairuvar class Calva, Fatanen, and Nogyth may have up to three areas of magic while Amlugan, Edhil, and Uialien may have four. Remember, the more classes/magic specialities your character has the less masterful they'll be.)

      (What is your character good at doing? What kinds of things can they do within their class? If they have magic, detail how it works and any specialties along with any restrictions. If they fight physically, detail what weapons they can use and/or martial arts skills they have. Also list anything else they can do such as cooking or crafting or any other hobbies.)

      Armor and Weapons:
      (List any armor they wear into battle, any armor they wear casually, and any weapons they carry with them.)

      (What kind of person is your character? What quirks do they have? What are their emotional strengths and weaknesses?)

      (What kind of life has your character led up to this point? What are some major events that may have shaped who they became?)

      (List anything else that is important that doesn't have its own category in this character sheet.)
    • Nemaisare


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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]


      • Nieri Mahtar
        (pronounced: nee-EH-ree MAH-tahr)

      • 2392

      • Female

      • Half-Edhel (Mother)
      • Half-Uialie (Father)

    • Nieri Mahtar received a relatively balanced mixture of features from her parents. Her long, straight hair is white with touches of pale silver. Despite this, her rather straight brows are almost black, creating an almost too-stark contrast. Her eyes are unmistakably Uialie. Though they appear dark in low light, they are flecked with a rainbow array of colours that create an iridescence in the light, especially in moonlight, that makes it impossible to pinpoint the exact colour of her eyes. While her nose is straight, it is broad at the base. Her lips are moderately full and a dusky rose colour, several shades darker than her very fair skin. Her cheeks naturally have a slight flush to them. Her ears are small but unmistakably pointed. Despite most of her skin appearing to be flawless, she has deep scars blemishing her thighs and back from her time as a Fatanen prisoner. Though she is very fit, Nieri's body is slender and delicate in appearance. Her short height, at only five feet and three inches, further belies her physical prowess.


      • Cemgollor
      • Pildae

      • Agility
        Changing the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner.

      • Concealment/Stealth
        Nieri has learned ways to use beings' natural ways of processing their surroundings against them. Even with her vibrant hair, she if she holds herself very still in shadows, she can go unnoticed by those not paying attention. She's also very clever at blending into crowded spaces. When she is moving, she's very good at finding the right way to sneak around to get from one area to the next.

      • Evasion
        Combined with her agility and speed, the Edhel-Uialie is able to dodge a variety of attacks.

      • Healing
        She has learned how to make poultices and teas from herbs found in nature. She also set broken bones and stitch lacerations. Unfortunately, this is as far as she can go with healing. She doesn't have magical abilities where healing is concerned.

      • Poison Knowledge
        Nieri has an extensive knowledge where the effects of poisons and their antidotes are concerned, but she is unable to make them herself.

      • Speed
        Because of her slight but fit body, Nieiri is able to move very quickly from one place to another.

      • Surprise
        Because of her adept stealth abilities, she's gotten very good at the art of surprise whether that be when she finally makes her attack, when the victim finds something of theirs is missing, or when they land into one of her traps.

      • Thievery
        Nieri has become quite good at both pick-pocketing and burglarizing items from places provided they are small enough to conceal in her clothing.

      • Traps
        She can create, find, disarm, and set traps such as animal traps or ones made from nature itself.
      • Use of Concealable Weapons[/b]
        Nieri knows how to use knives and daggers, and she also likes using poisoned needles and blow darts.

      • Communication with Animals and Plants
        Tapping into the magic in the earth itself, Nieri can cast a spell over herself that enables her to accurately speak with flora and fauna. Sometimes, this spell allows her to summon them to her side and request they help her, but it reads as a request more than a command, and some animals and plants are simply not interested in complying. She sometimes has to make deals in which they, too, will benefit for them to consent.

      • Finding Food and Water
        There is an earth magic spell that enables Nieri to find the general area of food and water. Divining rods help her find a more exact location once she's in the vicinity.

      • Illusion Magic
        Within range, can cast glamour/illusions over herself, others, objects, and places for a limited time. She must continuously recast the spell if she needs it for a long period of time or else she requires an imbued object to help maintain it.

      • Plant Growth
        Nieri can, with the consent of the plant in question, encourage flora to grow very large very quickly. She can also help them reach maturity faster, pollinate faster, and reproduce quicker, and even lengthen their lifespan a bit. She can also cause plants to die faster though she hasn't been comfortable doing that since the very first time she tried. She's found this is the easiest and most effective with vines and weeds.

      • Black and Grey Robes with Many Pockets
      • Brown, Sturdy Leather Boots
      • Metal Breastplate
      • Lockpicking Tools
      • Blow Darts
      • Poisoned Needles
      • Variety of Concealed Daggers


      • Edhil Resistance

    • Nieri Mahtar was once gentle and nurturing while simultaneously being a prankster who loved a good romp. Life was once extremely beautiful to her, and while it still holds a great deal of meaning, it has become infinitely darker. Her pranking days are over. She struggles with an obsession to find more Uialien survivors in the hopes that half of her culture can be restored. She also struggles with the intense desire to seek revenge on the Fatanen, especially the High Royals of Eriston. She is logically satisfied that the man who ordered the genocide of her people died in the process, but she also wishes he had lived so she could kill him herself. After the Nogyth were driven from the mountain ranges of Stegros, she decided the entire family was the disease that should be eliminated.

      She has been counseled that the path of revenge leads to a darkness that will taint her very soul, and while she doesn't necessarily fear that darkness, she does fear never being able to find the light again. Instead, she does her best to aid the Edhil Resistance and help those who have been harmed by Fatanen rule. This helps to at least focus her mind away from desires for revenge while she's doing good work. In this way, she has become an excellent leader who would die for her followers as they would die for her. She does her best to make sure that whatever groups she leads are inclusive and fosters close knit relationships.

      Even so, she has lost so much that it has been difficult for her to form close relationships in the last forty-eight years. Even those trusted few who advise her are kept at a moderate distance.

    • It could be said that the first couple of thousand years of Nieri's life were peaceful and flew by quicker than anyone would have liked. Even though she was of two different people and often felt a bit like an outsider, she made friends with relative ease, and her family was always accepting of her dual-lineage despite her somewhat strange appearance. It was also true that she'd received her father's Uialie libido, for she took many lovers over the years even if she none of them were the ones with whom she wanted to spend her life.

      Nieri split her time between Aliudea and Inen, never spending more than a century in any one place. She often liked to travel to Eriston and Vonga and was occasionally permitted within the mines of the Stegros mountain ranges. While in Vonga, she met a wealthy Fatanen woman named Hui Ahn and the woman's greatest love, Vantze Syrus, a Calva man. The pair may have been different races, but they were in love. Having been the product of a mixed union, Nieri believed in their love and helped them join together as one.

      It was when she had situated herself in Aliudea for a time that she encountered her first true tragedy. Unexpectedly and without provocation, Eriston sent an army to intimidate the Uialien. Neither Nieri nor her parents were members of the inner Court circles, so they didn't truly understand what the Fatanen wanted. Instead, they found it strange and simply dismissed it. The Uialien were an old and powerful race, and facing the Fatanen felt much like playing a children's game.

      Underestimating the Fatanen was the Uialien downfall. When the war began, Nieri donned her armor and raised her bow to fight for her people. At first, it seemed they would win. Even with their superior numbers, they couldn't handle the magics the Uialien possessed until the High King stepped forward. She never saw him from her position, but there were whispers. Nieri's mother, Aeweth, and her father, Einrial, came for her. She tried to protest that she would fight, but they used force and magic to make her comply. They used a powerful spell to seal her within a Uialie-made cave. All Nieri recalls from that time is a chorus of agony accompanied by a blinding flash of light that knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, the cave's magic had been broken, and she was sore and sick feeling, but none remained in Aliudea but the corpses of Fatanen and Uialien alike.

      Nieri traveled to Inen where she told the Council of Elders what she knew about what had occurred. Once she had healed physically, she went with a group of Edhil to collect artifacts left behind by the Uialien. It appeared a small area had been looted, but there were old magics in place to deter non-Uialien from entering their homesteads without permission. She understood those magics, and she was able to help collect a large number of things, including heirlooms passed through her family. Many things were left where they were. It would have been dire to the health of the forests within Aliudea to move them. Instead, she and her group simply strengthened the existing magics that were in place. While they were there, they found no signs of Uialien survivors, so they believed Nieri was all that was left of that race.

      Twenty-nine years later, Nogyth came to Inen seeking shelter from Fatanen attacks. They had been driven from their mountains, and all of Stegros had been claimed by Eriston. It was then that the Edhil learned just what the Fatanen wanted - the Bracelet of Lim - and how they'd succeeded so successfully in the Uialien genocide - they already possessed the Bracelet of Duath. They put their best scholars to work searching for a way to stop the Fatanen from gaining the second bracelet, meanwhile continuing to take in refugees from Stegros and Vonga. Nieri joined groups intended to free many people from the rule of the Fatanen in Eriston, and it was in this way that they discovered more Uialien who had not been destroyed but enslaved.

      In her attempt to save as many captives as possible, Nieri herself was captured. She spent ten months being tortured by Fatanen soldiers, and while she wished for death, she did not break. They received no information from her. Part of this was simply her strength of character, and a part of it was that she wasn't truly alone for long. During her imprisonment, amidst all of the torture and even thoughts of suicide, a friendly presence touched her mind and kept her company with soothing thoughts. Her father had had magic that had felt similar despite the differences in execution, and she was able to recognize that these feelings in her mind were not a fabrication of her own but the mental touch of another person. It kept her as strong as she could be, the one light in the darkness.

      At the beginning of what would have been the eleventh month, the Resistance came for her. The motley group of Calva, Edhil, Nogyth, and one Fatanen saved her from the darkness and brought her back into the light. A few lost their lives in the effort, but they also managed to free more than just the Edhel-Uialie in the process. It took time, but as soon as she was healed and ready, she continued her efforts in helping free captives despite the initial terror she felt at being recaptured. One of her first missions was to return to that horrible place to rescue the light who had guided her through her torment. Unfortunately, her light was gone, and with the number of executions the Fatanen had ordered on the prisoners in that specific cellblock, she realized her former inmate was lost forever.

      Though she mourned, she felt it was important to help as many people as possible and to find as many living Uialien as she could. She could not give up. Though they were too few to ever be their own race again, they could at least pass their genes and knowledge through the mixing of other races so as not to die out completely.

      • Aeweth Mahtar | Female | 4,421 | Deceased | Edhel | Mother
      • Einrial | Male | 11,289 | Deceased | Uialie, Seelie Court | Father
      • Hui Ahn-Syrus | Female | Deceased | Fatanen | Friend
      • Vantze Syrus | Male | Deceased | Calva, Wolf | Friend
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  3. [​IMG][​IMG]


      • Zora Gavro

      • 41

      • Female

      • 3/4 Fatan
      • 1/8 Calva, Fox
      • 1/8 Edhel

    • Zora Gavro resembles her mother with only hints of her father's heritage. Her black hair has grown to her shoulder blades and has a coarse texture to it. Her thin, black brows have a distinctive arch above her brown eyes. Much like her father, those eyes have very subtle touches of amber and gold that are only visible in direct sunlight. Also similar to him, her ears stick out just a little strangely, as if they could have almost been pointed but they are rounded like the average Fatan. Zora's nose is a little broad, and it sits above very full lips. Though her bone structure is rather strong, her oval face shape lends a more feminine softness to it. At five feet and seven inches, Zora could is average height for a woman, but she doesn't otherwise seem large with her slender and leanly defined musculature. Her warm-toned, brown skin is unmarked by scars. Likely due to her Edhel ancestry, Zora seems to age a little slower than most as she appears to look at least ten years younger than her true age.


      • Nestad (Healer)

      • Wielding a Short Sword
        Zora learned how to wield a short sword with some effectiveness, but she isn't an expert by any stretch of the imagination. She would rather take a body down from the inside with magic or potions than simply slash through it with a blade.

      • Healing
        Zora trained under her physician father to understand the human body in a way that not all people do. By tapping into the chi (energy) pathways in living beings, she can effectively gain a "visual" in her mind of every aspect. In this way, she can focus on damage and begin to heal it. The simplest methods involve herbs and surgery tools. The most difficult require her to push her chi into another being to give them a boost that helps the victim's body heal itself. She is only able to do this through physical contact, one person at a time, and it is a severe drain on her energies even with her ability to tap into the heavens and the earth. She cannot effectively complete overly complex surgeries, especially those dealing with brain damage/ailments or genetic disorders. She also has no real knowledge of how to save body parts that have been too badly damaged, but she does know how to amputate.

      • Imbuement
        Her mother taught her the arts of imbuement, and while it came rather easily to Zora, she still enjoys it. While she most learned to add protection spells to objects, her mother also taught her to add curses, luck, and other interesting effects. Unfortunately, such magic takes time and cannot be done in an instant or even at a moment's notice. Otherwise, the magic in the armor wouldn't last. Alternatively, attempting to fuse magic into objects too quickly would force her body to channel more energy from the heavens and earth than her body can feasibly handle. Imbuement can only be done properly by responsible parties.

      • Potions
        Zora's grandmother on her father's side was an apothecary, and the woman taught her a great many things about crafting proper potions and elixirs. Much like imbuement, potions crafting requires focus and patience. Some ingredients require more time to prepare than others, and completing a concoction is never about simply tossing a bunch of ingredients together to magically produce the right effect. While she grew up learning mostly about creating things to heal others' ailments, since she began working for the High King, Zora has learned a great deal more about not only poisons but also such concoctions that can cause weaponized effects such as explosions.

      • Power Sharing
        This form of magic doesn't require any kind of physical contact for Zora to properly do though it is above and beyond the most challenging because, unlike the patience her other areas of expertise tend to require, this one generally needs to be done in the span of a few seconds. As a result, she must channel not only celestial and earthly energies through her body but also the energy of the target(s) she intends to give or take energy from. Because of the speed it usually requires, it is the most dangerous, and she is at risk for overloading herself every time she does it. It's much easier if she can build it over time, but it's lasting time is short and therefore limited. However, she has been working for years on a way to extend the life of this ability.

      • Boots: Sturdy, black leather
      • Vest: Black leather, black fur trimmed
      • Belts: Black and red leather crossing over chest, back, hips, and thighs
      • Mantle: Multi-coloured strings of beads that can be attached/detached from cloaks
      • Short Sword
      • Pouches of Various Potion Concoctions

    The Person

      • Fatanen Rule (under false pretenses)
        Zora's heart doesn't lie with the Fatanen or the Edhil. Instead, she cares only for returning balance to the world at large by stopping both from acquiring the Bracelets.

    • Zora Gavro has learned to be whatever she needs to be to manipulate those around her, but one thing she's never hidden is her talent in her field. She takes great pride in her craft, and creating things brings her true joy. Unfortunately, there has been a tarnish on that joy for years as her works have been used to make the lives of non-Fatanen harder. The only consolement she has is that the loss of a few lives will put her well on the path to helping the entire world.

      Perhaps because she is not to be trusted by those around her, she doesn't give her trust easily. Being a part of the High King's court has put her in a position wherein she must always be alert and on her guard as she weaves a very delicate web of lies. She must be careful at all times to never allow herself to become tangled in her own web, or that will be the end of it.

      Because she's lived this way for so long, a part of her feels as if she has lost the joyful girl who once loved life with great passion. She feels as though a darkness has overtaken her that she'll never have enough light to banish, but she sees it as the price for the terrible things she's had to do to attain her goal of acquiring and hiding both Bracelets.

    • Zora Gavro was born from a long line of Nestad people. Her father focused primarily on medical care while her mother focused on imbuement. Both taught her their secrets. Unfortunately, her mother's side of the family disowned her when she married a mixed-race man, so Zora never got the chance to meet them. Fortunately, her father's side embraced them with great love and joy. Her home life in the small Eriston village of Ostlyn at the southern Vonga border was peaceful and fulfilling.

      There was a fable Zora was told as she grew about two gods, Duath and Lim, who battled over the world to bring it into chaos or into order. It was a popular myth in Eriston, but her Edhel great-grandfather told her a different version of events, one in which Lim took the bracelet of Duath to a group of varying races that she had gathered together. They were dubbed the Varnegwaith, a society of people who were given the task of keeping the Bracelet of Duath a secret at all costs, to keep it from the hands of those who had any notion of using its power for themselves.

      Zora loved the parts about how the Varnegwaith protected their secret through generations and select indoctrinations, how they maintained their cover through archiving the knowledge of the world to share with others. Because they were so forthcoming with all other knowledge, none suspected they kept a meaningful secret. The worst part to her was how they were betrayed and scattered, and how not only was their giant library destroyed but so was the location of Duath's Bracelet until Eriston's own High King was found with it.

      Zora's love of the the fable made it even more shocking when her great-grandfather, Urion, told her that she was descended from the Varnegwaith on her father's side. Great-Grandfather Urion was descended from two Varnegwaith who made sure their story was whispered through the generations. He urgently taught his great-granddaughter all he knew, hoping that she would use the knowledge to reclaim the Bracelet. After all, as a man of obvious Edhel heritage, he would never be able to get close to the High Royals to stop them, but as a woman who not only had strong Fatan heritage but who was also visually Fatan-passing, she could get close to Eriston's leaders.

      When Zora was eighteen, there were growing rumors that more and more non-Fatanen people were being sought out and murdered or imprisoned. As a result, her family moved to Inen, but she stayed behind. Her great-grandfather's words stayed with her, and she knew she couldn't stand idly by while the rest of the world burned around her. She buried her mixed lineage, and began to live solely as a Fatan woman.

      She managed to gain an apprenticeship from the Royal family's greatest Nestads, and she worked tirelessly to make a name for herself, to get noticed by the High Queen. Just before the High Queen's death, she received that notice, and it passed to the Queen's son who was crowned ruler of Eriston shortly after.

      It was much easier to get close to the High King, and because they were nearly the same age, it turned out they had a lot in common. It didn't take much secure a spot as the High King's courtesan, and because she had true skill within her class, she quickly became the head Nestad. While she may not have been his right-hand, their closeness has enabled her to become an advisor of sorts to him. However, she never could figure out how to secret the Bracelet from him, and without knowing how to also keep its twin from him as well, she knew she needed to have patience to form her plan.

      Unfortunately, the last ten years showed Zora a change in the High King that made him more and more difficult to manipulate. She couldn't pinpoint the change, but while he still relied on her, he became more demanding. He wanted armor that would disperse the side-effect of using the Bracelet through his entire army so that no one person suffered too much from the vitality-drain. The idea of making such armor horrified her, but she's been doing her best to create armor that just barely couldn't work.

      Once word of the second Bracelet's location was found, she knew she'd found a better way to stall while making true change in the world.

      • Dwennon Ulmer, High King | Male | 42 | Living | Fatan | Lover
      • Miriam Loros | Female | 59 | Living | Fatan | Mother
      • Tirnon Gavro | Male | 82 | Living | 1/4 Calva, Fox; 1/4 Edhel; 1/2 Fatan | Father
      • Rusceth Gavro | Male | 112 | Living | 1/2 Calva, Fox; 1/2 Edhel | Grandfather (Father's father)
      • Leona Mullin | Female | 97 | Living | Fatan | Grandmother (Father's mother)
      • Urion Ocarnil | Male | 4,195 | Edhel | Great-Grandfather (Father's grandfather)
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  4. [​IMG]
    ©Brian Froud

    • Thrydlden Rutt (th-RIDDLE-dehn rut)
      OOC nickname: Truffle

    • 4987

    • Agender
      though comfortable being referred to as s/he, the most correct pronoun, according to Thrydlden, is it, while the more polite would be they

    • Uialie

    • Spindly-limbed and squat, the first thing one might notice about Thrydlden is that they are quite small, around 2’ tall, without much excess muscle or fat. The second thing would assuredly be their smell. They’ve a pungent scent of earth and rotting things surrounding them, particularly on their breath. It is not altogether unpleasant, but it isn’t exactly the nicest of odours. Most often, it can be compared to rotting trees and leaves, but does depend on their diet.

      They’ve a rather large and flat head with a wide and expressive mouth, upturned pug nose and beady little eyes set far apart. Their ears are long, pointed and mobile(most often settled into a saddened droop), sticking out to either side from a mat of hair that is as much a mixture of moss, dirt and little growing things as hair. It covers their back completely, and is far less loose or wispy than standard hair, the result of it being so full of twigs and plants as well as partially attached all down their spine. They’ve wrinkles gathered under their eyes and chin, along their throat and creased around their joints, their mottled skin becoming looser and slightly transparent as they age. Pigment in their skin gives it a naturally yellowish-green tinge with gradually changing blue, purple and brown splotches that give Thrydlden the appearance of being covered in bruises. In truth, the more mottled they are, the healthier they are. The mottling is a natural camouflage that helps them blend into darker places.

      They have long limbs with relatively flexible joints, though their bones are becoming brittle. Their hands are the same, being long and slender, with only three spindly fingers and a thumb each. But they’ve no feet. As they were never meant for much travelling they didn’t need them, and tend to look a little silly tottering about on the ends of their peg-like legs. To round out their differences, they usually have a few fungi growing from their skin. Sometimes capped mushrooms from their scalp and other times fanned mushrooms spreading along their arms or sheet fungus down their torso, which is, itself, the most unremarkable part of them, being flat-chested, short, and somewhat potbellied. They wear only a string belt around their waist with small stones and various items strung on it.


    • Sairuvar

      • Natural camouflage
      • don't ask them to cook
      • speaks Uialien fluently, some Edhil and a very little bit of Common

      • Bodily Manipulation
      - They hold a very mind over matter way of life, and can manipulate said matter with a relatively precise skill. The bodily aspect focuses mostly on the health and reaction of their body, from slowing down or speeding up the metabolism or the heart, to strengthening muscle and bone.
      - They never really went beyond their own body in these studies, however, and there is only so much they can do to slow their aging before the effort becomes detrimental in and of itself. So, they do not use it often, even on themselves, and would potentially accomplish worse than nothing were they to try it on another.

      • Mental Manipulation
      - Their mind is their most powerful weapon. They can manipulate their own and those of others with almost the same instinct, though a great deal more effort, as they can breathe. Within their own mind, they can block out what they do not like, or recall with unerring clarity every aspect of one memory, and they can keep others from entering and rearranging their thoughts. They can do the same with others, but prefer a more passive approach than forcefully rummaging about in the brains of others. Instead, they more usually observe and come to understand the other’s way of thinking, and then offer hints and nudges using more conventional techniques, like talking…
      - They can, however, enter into direct contact in which both are aware of the other, rather like simple telepathy.
      - They can also almost completely leave their mind behind to immerse themselves in another's, but when they do this, their body is left vulnerable and unresponsive, and the power involved in maintaining the link without breaking their mind from their body completely is a severe strain on their health and strength.
      - When dealing with more than one mind, they find it extremely difficult to pick and choose who gets what, so generally if they broadcast a thought, or emotion, or memory, they won't bother discriminating between those they actively want to show it to, and those they don't, unless they have the time to pass it along one at a time, or really need to be discreet.
      - OOC limitations: Surface thoughts are fair game, if I am not sure which aspects of a post are or aren't surface thoughts, I'll ask before incorporating them into Thrydlden's knowledge, and will always be willing to discuss edits if I mess things up. Delving deeper takes far more patience, focus and effort on their part, and while they are not likely to ask first, I will. If there are aspects of your character's thoughts you do or do not want Thrydlden to know, let me know. Be aware that the more those thoughts actively influence your character, the harder it might be to explain them not knowing, but they are only able to focus on one mind at a time, so it's possible.

      • Divination
      - Thrydlden rarely uses the direct techniques of throwing runes or bones or scrying or using other physical aspects of the world to gain insight into it. And the knowledge they gain is not always about the future. Instead, they prefer to rely on instinct and intuition to give them the upper hand. Sometimes it is nothing more than a worrisome feeling about spoiled food, and other times it might be clear enough to outright answer questions without needing some deciphering. But they do not usually get direct, specific insight(like look in the third room on the second floor of the Prancing Pony Inn, more like a preference for one place over another), and while each method is passive and uses power automatically, it does require that they be paying attention to notice.
      - When they want more insight than intuition alone can offer them, they can choose to sink into a trance to answer the questions of others. This takes a large amount of power to start, but maintaining it is relatively easy. They do need some help breaking out of the trance, these days, and do not remember what occurred between start and finish without someone else telling them.
      - Their other choice is to try dreaming the answers. This, at least, is a little easier on their body, as they are physically resting while they dream, but if they try to guide their dreams to gather further information than that already given, ie. something like lucid dreaming instead of passively observing, then the effort grows the longer they stay in the dream.
      - OOC limitations: For this, I will always ask ahead of time before implementing it, and welcome any suggestions or players wanting to collaborate.

    • Thrydlden has no armour, but they do have a little knife they use to scrape up bark and moss that might be used to cut someone as a last resort. It’s not really shaped right for any sort of offensive, but it is sharp. They also have two little bags of powdered hot spices that they rather like the taste of, but that can become an irritant when blown into the face of an attacker. Beyond that, they can try running away?

    The Person

    • Edhil Resistance

    • A kindly, patient creature, Thrydlden does not consider itself capable of rancour or anger, nor are they particularly aggressive. Having immortality on their side means they never really learned the value of moving quickly or making fast decisions. They can, if sorely pressed, do both, but they don’t particularly enjoy it, or go out of their way to encounter situations that call for it. They are, however, eager to be helpful and do enjoy quiet interactions, though they aren’t easily drawn into lengthy conversations. Their approach to life is quite simple: take each day as it comes, remember well, and never be afraid to offer counsel or to ask questions. They are quite practically minded and down to earth, but not above giving in to strong emotion when caught up in the moment.

      They have a strong, if subtle, sense of right and wrong, believing in the balance of natural scales that usually require no interference to even things out again. Their moral compass, therefore, is geared more towards forgiveness than retribution, and they make the utmost effort to allow insults or wrongdoings to roll past without making too many ripples or passing too harsh a judgement of those responsible. The genocide of their people is a far more serious offense than anything they’ve encountered before, and they’ve decided it cannot be righted by nature alone, so they want to help.

      These days, they have become withdrawn and increasingly absentminded. Still capable of remembering much of their earlier years, their mind purposely shies away from the past 50 years and sinks further into melancholy at each reminder. They do not ask much of anyone, though they have a particular dislike of being alone, but their age and ageless life means they’re a strange combination of childlike and ancient; smiling at the simplest of wonders while being perfectly capable of explaining the phenomenon in more detail than anyone would likely want to know. They have a far more powerful mental presence than their small body would imply and are aware of it, in a haphazard manner, not afraid to reach out when they feel they should, or when they are frightened or seeking to calm someone else, and they don’t have quite the same notion of mental separation as those who cannot encompass more than their own thoughts. A fact that is not always welcome.

    • Thrydlden was born amongst many like them, curled up like a grub beneath a huge tree’s bark, dragged out by an enterprising, and sorely surprised, bird. The first few years of their life was spent in and around the trunk of that tree, growing slowly and learning about this land that was their home. The tree was, in truth, the physical representation of their mother, though she was more an entity of magic than a corporeal being. Their siblings were each similar in appearance to them, but they all changed as they grew, adopting their own personalities and preferences, making themselves individuals using the plants and animals they encountered during their explorations. It was Thrydlden’s encounter with a mushroom that set them on the course to what they’ve become today.

      And it was their mother that gave them their first lesson in magic: in escaping the bounds of the physical. Thrydlden learned more about their world without leaving the roots of that tree than most could manage by exploring every corner of the world. The first intrusion into their little family space was readily welcomed by their mother, though Rotherynmor’s children took a while longer for their curiousity to outweigh their wariness. A daughter of another incorporeal Uialie, Shialaevar was at once a student to their mother, and a teacher to the older Uialien that there was a wider world beyond their mother’s tree. Together, they explored the forest and practiced their magic. She taught many of them, Thrydlden in particular, to be more adventurous, and they helped her know herself, and know them the way she would need to, the way their mother was showing her, if she wanted to really heal the animals and other creatures their siblings brought her.

      The single, greatest lesson their mother shared with them all was that being small did not have to mean being limited. They took it to heart, but though they were occasionally curious about the world beyond the forest, the farthest they ever moved away from their tree was to a nearby city built within the boughs of still growing giants. To Thrydlden, it was a world apart from living in the roots of their mother’s tree. A good experience to realise there were others out there, and that they could adapt to something different. It was Shale’s example that motivated them to try.

      Still, they remained where they felt safe and familiar, preferring explorations of magic and the mind rather than the world beyond Aliudea. They made other friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, and gained some small familiarity with a few members of the Seelie Court, their magic having the same propensity to wax and wane as the moon did. They never joined in any of the politics though, merely enjoyed the chance to observe the activities of those with greater responsibility than them. There were few struggles or ambitions to be thwarted during that time, however, and both Seelie and Unseelie courts abided well within their rights and rules and kept to the balance that nature had dictated for them.

      It was only when they met the Edhil allied with the Uialien some thousand years after Thrydlden first ventured into the city that they truly understood the passage of time. Of course, they’d seen it, in the days and nights and seasons, but that seemed more like a cycle than a straight line. It was only when they came to know the mortal Edhil that they saw the effects of aging. It was a sudden death, the loss of an elder Edhel, that surprised them enough to impress the point into their mind, but even that gradually turned into a cycle that was larger than any one creature. Of course, it helped that those things Thrydlden had come to love and study happened to live off the death and decay of others. Generally, they found most discoveries could eventually be fit into such a world view without being too troubling, and though they did miss those that passed on, there were always others to meet. And nothing of the sort had ever happened to an Uialie they knew, even their mother, whose tree could not last forever, suffered only the loss of a home rather than any permanent death.

      That was how their life passed for some time. Occasionally, they would spend their days wandering the forest, or city limits. But they preferred the familiar, and learning magic did not always allow for a lax schedule. They learned from their mother more about the mind and body, and from a Seelie woman hoping to pass on the art, and thus, the responsibilities, they learned divination. It did not always come easily, but they enjoyed every success, and were encouraged by the faith the other Uialie had in them. And then that life ended.

      It began with unsettling fear, and continued to invade their dreams when they tried to pinpoint the problem. But even when the Uialien were left dying or dead, the fear did not end. Thrydlden was pulled away from the body of their tutor and dragged past the empty shell of their mother’s tree by the Fatanen that came after the decimating magic. They were taken beyond the shores of their home across rough, uncomfortable seas with the broken remnants of their people and hidden away in the dark. It was that darkness, empty of everything but pain and sorrow and anger that tipped the scales and rather than working to accept and deal with their grief, Thrydlden worked to escape it, bending their magic in upon themself and instinctively forcing their body into a dormant state. They could endure, but with so much loss, they did not immediately want to, and it was their method of waiting until the grief was manageable before letting it in.

      They might have remained that way indefinitely, caught on the verge of abandoning their sorrow, but the dungeons where they were kept were neither still nor silent, and gradually, the grief they fought to escape reached through to Thrydlden, until they had to acknowledge it. Most of those nearby felt a similar anguish, too close to their heart to offer or receive comfort. But when they felt a stronger presence on the edge of their awareness, their still drowsy mind reached out and found an anger and strength fighting a more physical pain than they wanted to deal with in their state. So, they reacted by diving deep into better memories of Aliudea and the Uialien they’d known. Distantly, a faint resonance bespoke the stranger’s unknowing recognition. It was this last straw that stirred them fully from their dormant state.

      The second time Thrydlden reached out, their effort was deliberate. They were awake and aware. Tired, aching, but sympathetic and needing the chance to nurture rather than weep. They continued to reach for the stranger, to comfort and console and share memories of the land and life they’d lost, whenever they felt that strong mind falter. They did not truly understand what occurred in the other cell, but they knew it helped, and they knew the effort helped them. So, though it wore away what few reserves they had left, Thrydlden continued to reach for the presence without begrudging the effort. It was worth something, at the least, more than letting themself slowly drift through the dark. Still, their strength nearly failed towards the end, and when the other vanished after a deal of noise and struggle beyond their door, Thrydlden could only smile gratefully while their life began to fade.

      They were awakened again, weaker than before, when a Nogoth stepped inside their cell and lifted them from the ground. The rescue came in time to let them recover some strength, but Thrydlden was dying from the moment they broke away from dormancy too soon. They’ve spent the past several years adapting to their mortality and a place far different from their old forest. They tried helping their rescuers in their search for answers, hoping it would ease their own mind as well. In the end, it brought an answer, but not a nice one. And they decided that the natural balance had tipped too far to fix itself. Those who lived on the world and did not like what the Fatanen had done would have to fix it themselves.

    • Rotherynmor | Female | 67, 056 | Dissipated | Uialie | Mothertree
      Kinirin Rutt | Male | 9843 | Lost | Uialie | Adopted Father
      Perit Sul | Female | 17, 396 | Deceased | Uialie, Seelie | Court Diviner and close friend
      Lirise Norien | Female | 5017 | Deceased | Edhel | Ambassador and friend
      Aeda Norien | Female | 3285 | Living | Edhel | Friend
      Ama | Female | 4862 | Living (presumed dead) | Uialie | Friend
      Shialaevar Chiandil | Fluid | 4236 | Living | Uialie | Adopted sibling

      Siblings (all dead or lost)
      Aningen | Female
      Cerit | Hermaphrodite
      Guringal | Male
      Herring | Fluid
      Ilanyen Tol | Female
      Ja'ira | Female
      Kurik | Male
      Skeladim Or | Agender
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  5. Aren't these tabs fantastic? I'm so pleased with the fact that I can organize things this way. Also, I'm glad I can edit the title because I accidentally originally posted it as "Deus Ex Machina" since that phrase was the inspiration for "Deus Ex Artificium" (the god in the machine vs. the god in the artifact). I guess I'll never learn to double check my titles before posting them, but I'm so grateful that it only took a couple of clicks to fix. hahah

    Truffle is accepted, and I like the OoC limitations you added to their sheet. I have a feeling it will help open up a lot of OoC cooperation to have things like that, and having more OoC cooperation can definitely make us a stronger writing group. I'll add them to Nieri's relationship list once she learns that Truffle was her imprisonment friend. As it stands now, I wasn't really sure how to refer to them in it otherwise, but I see myself updating the relationships list every so often whenever she meets new people anyway.

    There is only one more Uialie slot left for the Edhil Resistance party.

    • male

    • Edhil

  6. Eovaine is stands at roughly six feet and three inches with a lean, well muscled body, broad shoulders, and thick chest. When in his day-to-day attire, he is usually seen wearing a plain green tunic and a pair of black breeches under a green cloak with several daggers and throwing knives hidden around his person for safe measures. Otherwise, he has a set of finely polished steel plate armour with a green gem set in the middle, tassets that go up to a few inches shy of his knees and plate legs. His helmet is without visor and has a similar gem to his chest plate set on the top. On his back is a yard-long sheathed blade

    The Edhil warrior's face is smooth and fair with a green tinge, his eyes are a powerful gold with a scar running down the side of his right eye up to his jaw line. He has shoulder length brown hair which is mostly free, save for the few which he has braided for his own amusement.


  • [tab= Class]

    • Hand to hand combat
    Hand to hand combat can be considered Eovaine's specialty. He is quick, agile, and can take down enemies with a few punches in the right areas. Although his hand to hand skills are quite astounding, he still doesn't consider himself a master in Edhilian standards, and constantly pushes himself
    • Using the long sword
    Eovaine is well versed in using the long sword, but is in no way considered a master to the Edhilians. He can can parry and counter effectively, but needs far more practice before he becomes any sizable threat to an extraordinarily skilled opponent.
    • Going several days without eating
    During his training, Eovaine was taught to perform near optimum levels in combat despite having not eaten for days. He is yet to achieve this skill, only going for short quick bursts before his body starts tiring out; without exerting himself however, he would feel fine if not only a slight discomfort.

    • Strength Magic
    Eovaine can increase his strength and speed for a short burst of time. Although highly useful, using the magic will leave Eovaine drained and fatigued to the brink of collapse.

    • Plate chest armour
    • Plate tasset
    • Plate greaves
    • Helmet
    • Longsword
    • Daggers
    • Short sword

The Person

  • [tab= Alliance]

  • Eovaine is a strong-willed individual, often lacks patience, and is slightly mentally damaged from constant haunting over the wars he had witnessed and the numerous beings he had killed. A smile is rare on Eovaine's lips, his mouth is in a constant frown and his eyebrows are often drawn together; most think he his cruel and mean, however Eovaine was born with a kind heart and a giving nature which only drives him deeper into self-loathing for all the people has was made to kill. As with any warrior, Eovaine is courageous and strong, rarely backing out of a fight unless his strategical mind forces him to, usually after several failed attempts at trying to pull it into his favour. An astounding aspect of Eovaine's personality is the happiness he feels when around children, for one who who spent most of his life after the age of nineteen in war it seems children are the only thing, save for heavy drinking, that can get his mind off the constant haunting.

  • From the moment of his conception, Eovaine's father made it a goal of his that the young Edhel would become the most renowned warrior across Verdan. From the moment he could walk, Eovaine's father taught him the skill with the sword and would beat him mercilessly if his kindly nature refused to practice or failed to pick up a skill after several weeks. His life as a child was little else besides pain and rigorous training under the watchful eye of his tyrannical father. The only things that prevented him from going completely insane, and also the fondest memories from his childhood, was when he would spend time with his mother. She would often shoo away his father after an extensive beating that left him writhing on the floor in his own blood and take care of his wounds while soothing away his tears and telling him that his father only wanted him to become like the great heroes in the stories she told him countless times, and every evening - or after a session of training with his father - he would go to her to learn proper mannerisms, culture, reading, and writing.

    At the tender age of seventeen his mother left, vanishing from Eovaine's life without so much as a goodbye. To say that this left him angry would be an understatement, and he used the hurt and anger he felt to fuel him in his training with his father. By that time, his skin became used to the beatings; thick, strong, and well muscled. His training continued, his father teaching him new moves with the longsword as the years went by and by the time he reached the age of 105, his father had taught him all that he could and sent him away to seek new masters across Verdan and he left his father all too happy. His first journey was to the largest island belonging to the Edhil nation, Enya Tol, where he met a Uialien dagthor that happened to be visiting the city with renowned skill. Eovaine requested being apprenticed to him and the being agreed.

    The following centuries found Eovaine traversing across Verdan with his teacher and caught on rather quick that the Uialie never had a permanent place to call "home". Instead they traveled to the continents of Verdan, staying in towns and cities, making coin by helping out local populaces with their numerous problems, and all the while, his Uialie master taught him new skills with the long and short sword, dagger, and throwing knives, and would often have him run around the town or a quarter of they city they were staying in to amuse himself. Eventually, at the age of 697, they made their way to Eriston where Eoviane killed his first soul.

    The farmer had complained about bandits, and although the local guards had helped to some extent, the bandits kept coming for his livestock and food. So Eovaine and his master tracked down the bandit camp and found about twenty five men lounging in a nearby campsite. They ambushed the bandits the following night, and although the memory of the young man faded, he recalls the kill; they went in quietly after the moon had left the sky and a young man of no more than seventeen, who was sitting watch behind a small fire in the corner, had caught sight of them and after a brief moment of silence, the young man stood and yelled his war cry and ran at them with his sword, swinging it towards Eoviane. The Edhel, through instinct alone, parried the sword away and brought down his own on the kid's shoulder until the blade hit the clavicle and pulled it out. He watched as the kid staggered for a moment before falling.

    The fighting had began in earnest after that, and although Eovaine fought with the ferocity beat into him by his father and the skill by his Uialie master, he recalls feeling extraordinarily numb.
    At the age of 1034, Eoviane left the service of his Uialie master and went to Undu Tol where he joined the military. His first number of years in the military were when he met his sword-brothers from the regiment he belonged to, brothers he would come to respect and consider his own family. Over the next few years, they would train together, eat together, sleep in the same room, and do everything else together as a cohesive team. They were his new family in the military, and they supported each other in the extensive training they had to endure to become battle-ready warriors.

    At the age of 1636, the Fatanen raised a campaign against their Uialien allies and wiped them out. And Eovaine witnessed his first war.

    The Edhil, angered that the Fatanen wiped out their allies, and afraid that they would be next, took their fleets west and landed on Eriston shores. Although Eovaine, by that point, was no stranger to death and small scale skirmishes, a full on battle surprised him. The sheer number on both sides, clashing against each other, the blood that flowed beneath his feet threatening to make him slip, and the stench and wails of the dying. That first day alone, although a successful battle for the Edhil on the shores of Eriston, had left his soul terribly scarred.

    The war against the Fatanen continued, and with it Eovaine continued being a soldier, watching as more and more of his brothers were cut down with each ensuing battle. Eventually, he was raised in rank as Marshal, and what was once a brotherhood of fifty, was reduced to only five by the time they had reached the capitol and lay siege to it, a feat they had achieved through mere stroke of luck and the fact the Fatanen were still recovering from their battle with the Uealien. The luck however was bound to run out, and it did on the fifth night of their siege. The Edhil were tired and wary from traversing across Eriston and restless from five days of sitting around in front of the capitol of their enemies. Then the Fatanen sent in their army in the last third of the night, ambushing the the fatigued Edhil army. Eovaine tried turning the battle into their favour, but soon realized their siege was done and had to make a retreat.

    After the loss in Eriston, Eovaine and a small company were sent south in teams to aid their Calva and Nogyth allies against the oppressive Fatanen and partook in several skirmishes and battles, killing more and more people, leading him further down his dark hole.

    After the Nogyth were driven from their mountains and all of Eovaine's brothers were killed or too maimed to be part of the war, he retired from serving the military and moved back to his home in Undu Tol where he found a job as a guard in the capitol and often spent his nights getting drunk even though they did little to stem the nightmares he would have every time he closed his eyes. A few years later the Resistance found him and after a long night of trying to persuade him, he joined them and was sent to Eriston to free a specific captive with a small but effective team. They managed to free what looked to be a sister Edhel and fled before the executions and they began looking for more of the Uialian.

    • Emeren - Father - Deceased
    • Linara - Mother - Unknown
    • Kato - Sword Brother - Captured by the Fratenen - Presumed Deceased
    • Elena - Sword Sister - Gone missing during campaign against the Fratenen - Presumed Deceased
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  • Basics

    Hue Li Syrus



    Hue is an eighth Calva-Fatan.

    Hue’s calva heritage is almost invisible to the naked eye. His eyes taken on a hazel yellow-brown color, his black hair is thicker than most Fatanen. He keeps it cut short so it’s thickness is not so noticeable. His feet are slightly elongated compared to a fatan of pure blood, and he has to make his own shoes. His senses are slightly sharper than a fatan, but nowhere near as sharp as a calva of pure blood. His voice is very deep. His skin is tan, and he has an average amount of body hair. He is only about five foot ten, though his stature naturally is slightly bent. If he forced himself to stand tall, he’d be over six feet.


    Rautoth, Nestad (limited to potion crafting)

    Though Hue was raised rooted on a farm, his father often took him and his siblings into the forest and taught them the ways of woodsmen. They learned how to forage, hunt, track, and stay hidden. Hue’s mother studied potions making and used her abilities to help the people of her village and others nearby. She taught her children much of what she knows. Hue is proficient with a bow and handy with a dagger.

    Armor and Weapons:
    Hue has light leather armor, a hunting bow, a long dagger and two short daggers, each blade shaped differently for a different purpose.

    The Person

    In Hue’s eyes, the fatanen were fierce, but fair: if he returned the bracelet to the high king, peace would resume.

    Hue is generally friendly, though stubborn. He's craved adventure and dreamed of becoming something more than a tanner or a farmer. Along with adventure he wishes he could have more power to help others. He doesn't speak of his calva heritage and gets angry when others comment on some of his more unique attributes.

    Hue’s great grandmother Hui Ahn was the daughter of a fatanen duke and heir to the duchy. She chose to be with her wolf-calva lover, Vantse Syrus, despite her father's wishes. Together, they ran away and had a daughter of their own. Upon the brink of the uialien genocide they, along with some uialien, begged for the protection of Hui’s parents, the Duke and Duchess Ahn. Being aged and lonely, they agreed to let her return and she, with her companions, took refuge once again in her fatanen home. Unfortunately their whereabouts were revealed and the great castle was attacked. Many died, and all wooden structures within the walls were burned. The half-calva daughter, Iniga Syrus, was taken captive. She was kept for amusement by one of the captains and by him she birthed one son, Tonawk Syrus (a bastard takes his mother's last name), who she raised with love and devotion. Through hard labor Iniga and Tonawk were eventually freed from indentured servitude. When Tonawk met his future wife, he decided to settle down in a small fatenen village. Tonawk became a respectable farmer, and together they had three children. When the dwarves were attacked, Tonawk turned a blind eye to the massacre in order to keep his family safe. This is the household Hue grew up in. He lived with his mother, father and two younger siblings in the same small farm his entire life. They always saw peace, no matter what was going on in the world around them…and the few times that trouble came near, his family was always able to defend their home. Recently, a representative of the High King approached Tonawk and offered him the role of the Duke of Ahn, the ruined duchy, if he were to find and return the bracelet to the high king. His father declined. Hue met with the representative behind his father's back and took the offer. He would do this to bring peace to the kingdom, and return to his father what he was owed.

    The Representative (to be created)
  • Yeah, the tabs are pretty awesome, especially with the larger chunks of info. :) It really would not have been your day if you couldn't change the title all over again. Heh.

    But yep, I'm hoping collaborations will happen. I like collaborating. :) And yeah, I'll be working on the relationships section throughout. I should probably come up with some names. lol
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    ediT: Try as I might to work with this coding using my phone, this device was never meant for such. I'll have to go home and post my character personally using my deskwarmer! :) That'll be a tad later than tonight, half a day more.
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    Here, for my late character profile: There be some music I think you'll all like. Bon appetit!

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  • Haha, yep, Canadian Lynx. I like the pic for that very ambiguity, since it does look so much like a person. It's a National Geographic winner of something, I think. Those little fuzzes by the forearm are its kittens.

    Wouldn't mind hearing that story either. :) And that was some really nice music... *hits replay*
  • @Torack, I have some concerns about your character. Until they're figured out, Eovaine will be placed in the "Pending Characters" section.

    First, I want to address his age. At 84, he would be considered a child to the Edhil. They don't finish puberty until they're about a century old, and Eovaine would be no more able to join the military at his age than a fourteen year old would be allowed to join the United States armed forces. Even if that wasn't a problem, I specifically state in the character sheet section that I don't want any Edhil younger than 1,000 or older than 4,500. This is to prevent there being characters who are developmentally younger than adults. I'd like you to fix his age and the timeline of his history to better represent an Edhel who is the right age for what I'm looking for.

    Second, this is more of something you need to note and not necessarily something you need to change. Eovaine's body type is distinctively large, at least by your description, compared to most Edhil who tend to be more slender and leanly muscles. Just be prepared for his own people to think he looks different compared to the rest. They may even ask if he has Fatan blood despite his pure heritage. This may even be something that could be contributed to his personality if he's got enough flack about being different.

    Third, this is more of a nitpick kind of thing about the grammar than anything information-related. I know that the names of the races and such are made up, but I have a really clear picture about how they're used grammatically. One elf is an Edhel, and two or more elves are Edhil. When you're referring to Eovaine alone, he's just an Edhel, so something like "the Edhil warrior's face" should just be "the Edhel warrior's face." The standards of the elves would also just be Edhil standards, not Edhilian. It's already in the right form, so there's no need to add a suffix. In a similar vein, a single human is a Fatan while two or more humans are Fatanen. There's no need to add an "s" to Fatanen because the word is already in plural form. There also isn't an "r" in Fatan or Fatanen. I think the "Cavla" thing you typed was just a typo, but I thought I'd mention it anyway just in case. CTRL+f will likely be your friend in fixing the errors.

    Onto things I do like! I really love that you added a green tinge to his skin. I gave a plethora of colour options to the Edhil, and I'm really happy that you took me up on a non-human skin tone. It made me happy. I also liked that you added a war between the Edhil and the Fatanen after the Uialien genocide. It makes a lot of sense considering how closely tied the Edhil and Uialien were, and it's really interesting. Would you say that the Edhil won that battle or the Fatanen? I think that if the Edhil attacked Eriston on Fatanen land, they could have definitely lost, but if the Fatanen attacked first (under threat of being attacked by Edhil) even as a surprise attack, they probably would have lost because it would have had to have been done by sea, and the Edhil control the sea. What are your thoughts on that?

    And at last, a question. Is the Edhel sister at the end of his history supposed to be Nieri because I'm totally game for that, and if the answer is 'yes,' I will add him to her relationships and mention him in her history once he's been accepted.

    @Beckett, Hue is accepted! I look forward to seeing your representative come to life, too.

    To Everyone, the tabs in the character sheets aren't necessary at all. I just did it because I like the way it looks. However, it has been pointed out to me that because others want to organize their character sheets the same way, I might want to make a copy/paste version of the Tabs code for easy access. I'll be working on that tonight. I just wanted to give feedback on the two sheets that were submitted first.
  • @Thought Manifest I did not see that age restriction, I fixed it though! I initially made him young so that he would have a larger chance of growing during the RP and become closer to what his father had wished for him. But your point does makes sense, so yea it's all good. I changed his age and edited his timeline during his history!

    I knew about the body type, and I was hoping it would cause some conflict for my character in the RP in one way or another to kinda give an excuse to really develop him as the RP goes on, innit.

    The rules on the race names were a little confusing, and I didn't know whether to use suffixes or not, thanks for clearing that up! One thing about me is that I'm horrible with names, so forgive me if I mess up the races and stuff down the line :D

    I'm glad you liked the green tinge! As for the war, I put who won into the history. I also added a Uialien warrior as his master after he leaves his father and before he joins the military, I hope that's fine! And yes, the Edhel at the end is Nieri!
  • I'll likely bring Ajani into the picture soon, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to put everything into neatly organized tabs. Someone help me out here?
  • Oh, it's quite simple, buddy!

    [tab = title goes here]
    body goes here
    [tab = title]
    There ya go! ^^
  • Thank you kindly!
  • This roleplay looks amazing! I'm still reading through everything but I'll get back to you soon on if I'll be setting a CS up or not.
  • Heya, Firewombat, good to see ya. :) And we'd be happy to have you, Rainjay.