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  1. Welcome to the story post ur characters backstory and looks maybe a pic and your good to go i dont like excluding people so long as their nice. I also dont type very long posts so dont feel obligated to you can but i wont cuz im no good at it haha so yea go ahead and join any major plot changes you can PM me . Butfirst the plot. Jump City is riddle with new dangerous baddies and they need new heroes so who better than the Teen Titans kids and more ? In this universe its NightwingxStarfire BBxRaven and CyborgxJinx. Those are your parent pairings if u wanna be their kids. Now my charcter is the Adopted son of Richard Grayson before him and Star got together.
    Name:Caleb Grayson
    Hero Name: Shadow Sparrow
    Age: 17
    Looks:Black hair cut like Adam Lambert with a Blue streak in the front. 5"7 gymnastic build. Light orange white tan skin. Neon green eyes with flakes of blue in them. Outfit is a black underarmor full body suit combat boots gauntlets and chest elbow and knee pads. Whole suit grey and blue.
    "Welcome to the program boys and girls."-Shadow Sparrow
  2. name: Chun Lone
    hero name: Red flare
    age: 17
    looks: white hair short spiked back hair. 5'11 normal highschooler build. tan colored skin, with deep brown eyes. hero suit is a full black body armor with red running down the sides and out line of the armor, red gauntlets, red eye mask just covering his eyes, with a long black pole strapped to his back. also can use close ranged chi-pulses.
  3. name: jasmine markov
    hero name: terra nova
    looks: jasmine stands at 5'3" and is very petite. she has long blonde hair that just goes down to her butt. she is has a beach tan and emerald green eyes. her hero suit is a skin tight black and gold shirt with gold shorts. she wears a tactical belt and combat gloves. her primary weapon is a retractable night stick. she also can control earth.
    bio:jasmine is the daughter of terra, but does not who her father is. she joined the titans after her 17th birthday her mother disapproved but she didnt care.
  4. Name: Elmira
    Hero Name: Curiosity Silence
    Looks: Mildly dark blue green hair that's straight and reaches just an inch just below her ears in the back and the top of her ears in the front on the sides, her bangs being 2 inches above her plum colored eyes. She has pale green colored skin. She usually likes to wear sleeveless, vest looking, type shirts, otherwise wearing short sleeve shirts with a tank top over them unless it's really cold. And then she likes wearing shorts mostly unless it's really cold.
    Bio: Elmira is the daughter of Raven and Beast Boy. But due to her grandfather Trigon, Raven's father, and Slade who assisted Raven's father in this deed, shortly after Raven, in fact the very night of the day Raven gave birth to Elmira, Raven's father performed a spell, in which erased Raven's memories of being pregnant and delivering her daughter and afterwards knocking Raven out, as well as knocking Beast boy and all the doctors out as well and erasing their memories to where it'd be as if Raven pregnancy much less her giving birth had never happened at all and then kidnapping his newborn granddaughter, so Raven and Beast boy do not even know that they are Elmira's parents. Elmira, 14 years old and a week away from her 15th birthday, has arrived at Titan's Tower, having finally escaped her grandfather's grasphold due to him being out of their residence for more than an hour, to which after the 15 minutes it would take for her to get from her room to the back door, she would need about 50 minutes to get far enough away from his house, to where he couldn't catch her before she left the territory area that he had claimed as his own, and she at last had enough time to get away from him.
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  5. I love all of these! Thank you for your Character Bios! Now how bout we get crazy?

    Shadow Sparrow walked through the elevator opening to see his new recruits, "Hey guys im Caleb Grayson aka Shadow Sparrow and your point of command. Welcome to the Jump City division of Teen Titans. Now with all due respect introduce yourselves please." He stood waiting in a way that yelled authority it would make a highschooler wanna rebel.
  6. terra nova got up. "hey guys im jasmine markov aka terra nova. Its going to be nice working with you guys."
  7. "Nice to meet you. Heres your room key and security number along with ur communicator." He says handing her the equipment." Your room is first to the left."
  8. Chun lone got up from hid meditation and bowed to them all "it is very nice to meet you all i am Chun Lone also known as the Red Flare" he then turned and looked at Richard grayson "may i ask why is it your extended family is mostly resembling bird or bats with your names or super hero outfit?" Chun asked Richard
  9. "Haha good question, i actually have no clue." He said smiling. He looked toward the window"maybe my father would know."
  10. Chun look at him and smiled. "Possibly, possibly......" chun then looked around the titan head quarters. "So were are the room quarters?"
  11. Grayson pointed to the right of the elevator "down that hall. While on the topic of rooms , if theres gonna be 'woohoo' time put a sock on the door plz. Last time Titans East didnt it scared three ppl." He said chuckling
  12. Chun laughed to his remark, "Do not worry my friend, i wont have that this quickly with the new female members."
  13. "Haha ok" he said chuckling and sitting on the couch.
  14. Chun looked at grayson. "So all the other titans get plasma's so wheres ours?" he asked wanting to make sure he has a TV for his soaps
  15. Pressing a button on the coffee table a huge plasme rose up . Grayson pointed at it " DVR also."
  16. Chun held out his hands "Pass me the remote i have some So------- um nothing never mind im just going to go to my room bye" chun said leave rather quickly
  17. Grayson didnt know what to say so he watched supernatural
  18. This looks fun.

    Name: Jason Whiess
    Hero Name: Drakien Knight
    Age: 17
    Powers: He has the powers of a dragon resulting in him having total control of fire, he can also sprout wings and he has 'two forms'. One is an armored version of himself while the second is a teenage sized dragon. He typically fights in his human form using his increased physical abilities and fire in combat.
    Bio: Jason has no idea who is parents are, he was dropped off at an orphanage the first day he was born and left there at the age of fifteen after he discovered what he could do. For the rest of those two years he went from city to city stopping crimes until he arrived at Jump City and stayed longer than usual. Once he found out the titans here were recruiting he decided it was time about time he left the shadows and possibly joined a team.
    Looks: Like so, 6'1, 210 lbs. and athletically built.
  19. "Welcome to the tower man" Grayson said shaking his hand.
  20. Jason laughed as they shook hands. "Thanks, I thought it was about time I stepped out of the shadows and it seemed like you guys needed help," he replied.
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