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  1. (Just going to start off with my first post)

    'A senior trip to Mexico...This should be great.' Allie thought as she sat down onto her seat on the plane. She took her place next to the window and pulled out her book. She had just bought it that morning to give her something to do on the flight. It was about a monster who took the souls of the innocent to build a machine that would take over his realm. She wondered who would take the seat next to her. She hoped that it would be either Lily, Alan, or maybe even Evan. She listed off a number of her classmates as the plane started to fill. One by one, two by two the students filed in. She decided to leave it up for a surprise as she buried her nose back into the novel.
  2. (I think Jackson'll just disappoint ya there)
    He was laughing as he made his way down the airplane aisle, ticket in hand. There were way more people than he had expected to be coming. It was funny, but usually when he and his friends were going, it scared a lot of people away. Not that he was complaining, he looked all the trips that only involved his friends. A hand touched his back and he went stumbling forward. Glancing behind him, he glared at Matt, his best friend. He had a temper, and it was pretty easy to get it to go off. "Fuck you!" he snapped, before looking down at the ticket once more.

    It lead him further back in the plane, next to a girl he recognized but couldn't name. He had the middle seat, which was kind of a crap place to be. Throwing his bag into the overhead compartment, he sat down beside the girl and pulled his iPod and headphones from his pocket, prepared to drown the whole flight in rap music.
  3. Allie just heard Jackson and his friends trampling down the aisle of the plane. She sighed and tried to drown out their ruckus..Those guys were jerks and she wanted nothing to do with them. All of a sudden she peaked over the top of her page to see Jackson put his bag with hers over their heads and she groaned internally as he sat down. Allie curled up into a ball a bit to try and become smaller in hopes that he wouldn't really notice her the entire flight and that she could just disappear.
  4. "Hi!" Jackson called to the girl beside him. She didn't respond. So he said it louder, like she was some kind of invalid, and not just ignoring him. "Hey! What's Your name? I'm Jackson." Like she didn't already know that. Everyone knew that. What would really be weird was if she was totally clueless regarding who he was.
  5. Allie lifted her head after a few attempts to ignore him and sighed. "Hello, I'm Allie. I'm in almost all of your classes...But I'm not really surprised that you don't know who I am." She turns back to her book but continued to speak. "Are you looking forward to this trip?". After she spoke she glanced up at him and put her book down to slip a hair-tie off of her wrist and tangle it up into her wavy mass of hair behind her head.
  6. "Well, yeah. I helped plan it you know. Grad committee and all that. Should be sick. Lots of beach time. Lots of Mexican girls. What more could I ask for? You planning on doing anything exciting?" Jackson was fiddling rather absently with the plastic food tray from the seat in front of him, swinging it up and down. He was always playing with something when he was thinking. "I want to learn how to surf."
  7. "I was planning on going to a few museums...maybe a library or two so I could read on the beach. I'm probably going to go swimming...Oh yea, I forgot you are on the committee..How is that going for you?" Allie watched as he played with the plastic tray in front of him as she put in one of her earphones in her right ear. She was wondering why he was talking to her and not the girl across the aisle who was much more talkative and more on his social level.
  8. (Oh my god. What a perfect set up)

    "Ah the committee was good. Done now I guess. Now that we are graduated and shit. What are you doing next year? I got a football scholarship..." Jackson was still flicking the tray when he looked over across the hall. He would have gulped, had he been so socially awkward. It was Kayla, his ex girlfriend. He'd kinda been hoping she'd be going to Hawaii with her family, not coming on the "school" trip. "Well, shit," He muttered, determined to ignore her. That determination just caused him to be more obnoxious when he turned back to Allie. "Museums sound nice!" It was so overenthusiastic he could have killed himself.
  9. (Oh my god yes.) Allie looked at him with a confused expression and glanced at the girl again guessing just as much. She turned back to Jackson and chuckled. "You may want to turn down the enthusiasm if you want her to ignore you..Well,at least that's what I would do."
  10. Admitting it was pretty good advice, Jackson took a deep breath. "Yeah, I guess so. But seriously, what are you doing next year?" Feeling calmer, he finally clipped the tray into place and crossed his arms, determined to leave it alone. "And is no one else coming to sit here? (wait 2 seats per row or 3? I'm thinking 3) The plane was nearly full and very few people were left filing in it. They were far enough back that it looked like they'd be alone in the row...unless of course he were to count Kayla sitting across from them. Her three seats were full at least. It was looking like it was going to be an uncomfortable flight.
  11. (Sorry that last one was so short, it looked longer on my phone. I just got on my computer so they should be a bit better. And yea, I was thinking three) Allie smiled as he relaxed. She leaned back against her seat and uncurled from her little ball. "I think we'll be alone..We don't have enough students in our class to fill a plane. And next year I'm planning on going to college to become a history teacher. A High School History teacher to be exact. A football scholarship you said? That sounds cool...What are you planning on going to college for?" Once the last of the students got onto the plane it soon started to take off. Allie tensed up as she heard the engines start and she dug her nails into her armrest and stared out the window nervously as the runway started to roll away under their feet.
  12. "I'm thinking maybe business. I want to do law, but that's a whole bachelor's degree away. Something about justice just seems like the thing for me to be a part of. Prosecution of course. Scum bags deserve their time behind bars. But if I can't pass the bar, then I could try my hand in the business world. I don't really know yet, so it's good I have a few years. What would be your favourite history topic to teach?" Jackson kept his head facing towards the window was the plane took off. Seeing Allie tense at the sound of the engines he smiled a little. "Hey come on, planes are way safer than cars. It'll be fin."

    (Shit, he's less of an asshole than i had planned lolol)
  13. (Adn I'm not worried about length yet. When we have more to write about I will be.)
  14. (He is such a sweetie towards Allie aaah, such a cutie pie) Allie stayed tense as she spoke "I never thought you would be into law or anything of that nature. To be completely honest." She took a deep breath and looked towards him,trying to release her claws from her arm rest and folded her hands into her lap. "Planes can also fall out of the sky and crash into the ocean and cause all of us or at least most of us to drown." She frowned and huffed softly.
  15. "It'll float in the ocean, though. Besides, we are going over land pretty much exclusively. And about the law thing, yeah, no one expects it. It's funny, if i put on a dumb face and flex my muscles enough, people start thinking there's nothing in my head. Oh well, it's kind of an advantage. When people are always underestimating you, it comes as a real shock when it turns out you know exactly what's going on. Like some nerds, yeah I called them nerds, were trying to call me dumb talking in Klingon, but they obviously didn't know that my father is the biggest Star Trek nerd to walk the planet, so I know Klingon. When i started talking back to them I think they nearly shit themselves. It was pretty funny." He watched Allie relax a little and unleashed his crooked smile. "See? It's fine! The worst is when the air pressure makes your ears pop. When i was littly, it'd be so bad I would cry sometimes."

    (I'm officially attached to him. I need someone else to murder in cold blood. Damnit)
  16. (Awwww he is the cutest little hhhh I'm attached) Allie laughed,covering her mouth because she hated her laugh. She continued to smile though because he was making her feel better about her first flight and he is actually having a nice conversation with her. "Hey, what's wrong with nerds?" She flashed him her smirk as she leaned back in the seat a little more. "And I really got to meet your father when we come back from Mexico I swear. He sounds so cool. My mother just loves her books...It's kinda where I got it from I guess." She pulled out a pack of gum and pulled out two pieces,holding one out for him. "Would you like a piece. I wouldn't want you to repeat your childhood." She smiled sweetly at him hoping he would get the joke. She was never really good at making friends but she guessed she could try on him. He didn't seem SO bad at least.
  17. Smiling he took the gum. "Yeah, me doubled over crying would sure put a damper on things. And there's nothing wrong with nerds, like I said, by dad is totally the biggest one I know. He's an engineer. He always wanted me to follow suit, but I'm absolute bullshit at math ha ha. I can do chemistry and biology, but try to get me to do physics or math and I will just shut down. So I guess it's good he has my sister. She starts grade nine next year, and I swear she's gonna be all over the honour roll. That kid is smart way beyond her years, and totally wants to do chemical engineering like our dad. I guess it keeps everyone happy, having two smart kids. We're just different kinds of smart. It's funny though, my dad was crap at sports, so my being so talented shocked everyone. I think it comes from my mom. She did a lot of ballet when she was little, got bored of that, and then went and joined the local rugby club. She was really good at it and still plays in a women's club. Me and my sister have both been playing rugby since we were little. I think it made me a way better football player. You gotta be smart in rugby or you might have your head taken off. So i learned how to protect myself all the time. It sure seemed to pay off." The engines roared as the plane accelerated, and it was soon lifting off the tarmac, pointed upward at a freaky angle. Sitting back in his seat, Jackson grinned, happier than he had expected to be.
  18. She ended up hanging on to his every word but she continued to look out of the planes window as they took off. She was actually pretty surprised on how well they were getting along and she smiled,nodding. "I'd love to see your mom play rugby one day and I bet your sister is a lovely girl. I don't have any sibling though..I bet it's nice! What's her name? Your father is a chemical engineer? Your mom did ballet?..." She continued to ask question after question with great enthusiasm. Allie has always been one full of curiosity and questions. She always wanted to know everything she could about anything she could. Eventually she caught herself asking way too many questions and looked down at her lap,blushing furiously. "I uh..I'm sorry. I should let you get back to your music now huh?"
  19. Shrugging, Jackson suppressed a smile at the blush Allie was trying so hard to hide. "The music is filler. I don't have anything else to do over the flight. Except play on my phone I guess, but then the battery will be dead. It's like a six hour flight, so talking is probably a better option than not. And my sister's name is Amanda. I guess she looks a lot like me, except, you know, a girl," Jackson snorted at his own awkward wording. "And I wouldn't say my mom's games are all that exciting anymore. A lot of them don't like contact, because once you break a limb it kinda loses the luster. And yeah, my dad is the reason I seem like such a rich dickhead, he makes a ton of money working for the oil field, and he likes to spoil his kids because of it. It's nice, but it sure makes a lot of people hate me. My mom is actually running her own business, so I guess it makes sense where my interest in that comes from. It's not as high paying as for my dad, but she does pretty well. Now, tell me about you, cause I'm kinda running out of stuff to tell you that isn't going to make you hate me."
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