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  1. With a sigh, she rolled out of her bed but groaned as she met the hard wood floor. She really didn't want to go anywhere near a school today. In fact, she didn't feel like going anywhere today. It was her first day at a new school, which made her so excited... Not. She just really wasn't clicking with this country, didn't like the food and definitely did not like most of the looks she got from the public. So what if she was Asian? Doesn't mean she was weird or kinky or anything, she was just normal...

    She quickly changed into a comfortable outfit for school, really not wanting but knowing she had to. The school was only a few blocks from her apartment and she began walking after she grabbed her bag, not really wanting breakfast but grabbing a few carrots for Sul Li. She wandered into a nearby wooded area, calling out with her mind and smiling as her partner shimmered into sight.

    "Hey girl, I brought you some carrots." She quickly hugged the alicorn and then geared her up, swinging into the saddle and setting off along a backstreet trail to come in through the back paddocks of the school. She quickly untacked her and then led her into the main stable areas, trying to find her name on the stable stall doors.

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  2. Looking at the clock beside her bed she smiled at the time. Perfect… I will be two hours early for school… I can go hang out with Luna. Hoping out of bed she quickly, went over to the bathroom and gave herself a nice shower before changing to the school uniform. Fixing up her tie, Evangelien popped a piece of toast in her mouth as she walked over to school.

    Evangeline had entered the stables as she always did. Looking around she spotted Luna and made her way over to the horse. Leaning down Evangeline giggled as Luna snorted in her face blowing air into her hair. Ruffling her black hair Evangeline sighed and then noticed a girl looking around.

    "Hey there~" Making her way to the girl Evangeline smiled, "You lost?"
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  3. With a quick glance around to see who had spoken to her and saw another girl a short way away, with a horse nearby. She glanced quickly at Sul-Li, sighing when she saw her noticeable features were hidden. Thank god for horses that could think coherent thoughts.

    "Ummm... Yeah, a little bit... I'm just trying to find my horse's stall. It says Sul-Li on it and I just can't seem to find it... Oh!" She blushed at being so impolite and quickly half bowed towards the girl, then became very flustered at the foreign thing. "U-Uh... I'm Jin Ae... Nice to meet you.. If you c-can't pronounce it, just call me Gabi..."

    She was so embarrassed about how she had made a fool of herself but held herself together as she felt Sul Li's breath on the back of her neck and sighed in comfort.
  4. Evangeline loked at the girl and smiled at th shyness, "NIce to meet you~ Shall I call you Gabi then? My name is Evangeline, but you can call me whatever you like."

    Thinking back Evangeline remembered the teacher mentioning something about a new student and their stall. Gesturing her to follow her evangeline walked over to an empty stall right next to hers.

    "I was wondering why that name sounded familiar," giggling Evangeline motioned to her to do as she pleased.
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  5. "Ah, nice to meet you! And sure, that's fine..." With a grin, she led Sul Li over and settled her in, making sure to untack her carefully and brush down where the saddle had rubbed. Li hated that and always let her know, one way or the other. There was a beautiful horse in the stall next to hers; calm and tranquil as it munched on some hay.

    "Oh!" She filled Sul Li hay bag and then turned to the other horse, entranced. "Is this your horse? She's beautiful!" And it was a stunning horse, with a well combed mane and powerful muscles. She reminded Gabi of Sul Li, that same spark of intelligence in her eyes.
  6. Luna looked up and looked at Gabi and then snorted softly blowing air into her face. Evangeline smiled softly and looked at gabi. Nodding at her question Evangeline stroked Luna's strong neck and kissed it.
    "She is my closest partner."

    Luna snorted with approval and shook her silver mane. Looking at Sul Li she blinked and then nudged Evangeline.
    "What's wrong Luna? Want to go for a ride?"

    Looking at Gabi she smiled, "Wanna go for a ride with the two of them later?"
    Luna snorted and began to paw at the ground. Looking back Evangeline sighed, "I said I will take you later okay. We need to get to class."

    Taking hold of Gabi's hand she gently pulled her along to take her to class, "You are with me so I can take you to class."
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  7. Gabi smiled at the closeness between horse and rider, and was overjoyed. She was so happy to see such bonds between other riders, having known others who had only used their horses and never loved them.

    Sul-Li was having a similar reaction, nudging her through the stall door and pawing at the ground relentlessly. "S-sure!" Turning to her impatient horse, she sighed. "We'll go for a trail ride later, okay?"

    She blushed as soon as the soft hand touched hers and she allowed herself to be dragged along in a daze, the soft hand anchoring her. "I have cross country riding first I think... Or Maths... I am not sure.."
  8. Evangelien giggled, "I just remembered while talking to you that apparently we have all the same subjects."
    Smiling happily at her she waved good bye to Luna and Sul Li before leaving the stables.

    "We have english first. After that we have maths and then we have horse riding lessons for the rest of the day."
    Giggling she made her way to the classroom where everyone stared at the new girl.

    "Evangeline! Whose that?"
    She turned to face a classmate, "Gabi, cute isn't she"
    Giggling she ushered Gabi to a seat and looked at her, "So... What brings you to our small town?"
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  9. As they entered the classroom, she shied back at so many eyes watching her. It was embarrassing and nerve wracking but Evangeline took it in stride, seeming to be used to such attention and Gabi envied her. She wanted to be so easy and calm in social situations but she hadn't had friend for many years, never wanting them after being hurt again and again by people who called themselves her friends.

    As she sat next to the excitable brunette, she smiled nervously. "Um.. Well, I am living by myself now because my parents are working in NY and I wanted to stay here rather than in the city. So yeah... I just really loved the idea of this school and being with Sul-Li all day."

    She glanced at the pretty Asian girl beside her and grinned. "So were you born here? Or... in another country?"
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  10. Evangeline nodded, "Well if you get lonely you can always hang out with me~"
    Then she took a peak outside to see if anything strange was going on at the stable. Luna was acting really odd... Shaking her head Evangeline returned to reality as Gabi spoke to her again.

    "I was born in Australia actually. But my brothers were born in New Zealand and my parents were born in korea. We are pretty multicultural in our family," Giggling Evangeline smiled at Gabi.
    "What about you? Where are you from?"
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  11. "I'd like that!" Seeing Evangeline glancing out the window, she thought back to the strange behaviours of the horses before but shook it away, deciding to think on it later.

    "Wow, really? That's so cool!" She was slightly envious, she had visited Australia before and had loved it. "I was born in Korea but I grew up in France for the last 5 years, both of my parents are Korean as well... I loved France, such a beautiful country but Korea is always my home."

    There was a moment of comfortable silence and she began to draw a naughts and crosses board on the edge of her books. "So, have you been at this school long?" She drew a circle in the middle square and waited.
  12. Evangelien thought about what she had said, french.... nice... A touch of romance in her.. I guess....? Drifitng into her thughts Evangeline was brought back to reality as she heard Gabi ask her a question.

    "Yeah. I have lived here for over 10 years now. This place is really kind of like my home. I never really lived in Australia and New Zealand enough to think of both of those places as home. Also I have only been to Korea to visit family and such."

    Smiling Evangeline watched as the teacher entered.
    "Do you have your textbooks?"
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  13. "Yeah, I can understand that... I haven't lived here long enough to call this home but hopefully one day I will." The other girl was charming, quite literally and she was getting a strange but familiar scent from her. One of fox...

    "Ah, yes. I do." She grabbed her textbooks and seeing a note stuck to her books, quickly running down and handing it to the teacher with a nod. She headed back to seat and placed her books and texts, plus her pen on the table and quickly flipped open the appropriate textbook.

    "So, when is break around here?"
  14. Evangeline watched as she grew more comfortable with her, smiling as she got up to hand a note to the teacher Evangeline thought about how something about this timid girl seemed special. As she returned Evangeline did the same as her as she took out her books and stationary needed for the lesson. Drifting into her own thoughts she was brought back to reality as Gabi asked her a question.

    "We have a break after the next period, it is a little odd... We have two 60 minute lessons in a row and then we have an hour and half break before another two periods. But our last two periods are normally related to our horses in one way or another."

    Smiling Evangeline hoped that answered Gabi's question.
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  15. Evangeline seemed to be drifting off and she giggled at her spacey-ness. It was kinda cute to be honest.

    "Ah, okay... That is a bit weird, in france we had 8 fifty minute periods with 2 breaks of half an hour. This school time is so much shorter!" She was happy for that, she had always hated the long school days in France and then of course her tutoring and lessons after school. This year would be slightly more laidback she thought, hoping to just cruise on through with good marks and lots of fun with her horse.

    "Thanks for answering my question!" She trailed off and searched for a topic to talk about, not wanting to lose her first friend.

    "So what is your favourite horse sport? I mean, obviously you love riding! Just like most people here I hope!" She was a lot more comfortable now, getting into her confidence.
  16. Evangeline chuckled, "I don't know I like most horse sports... I enjoy loads of them... kind of hard to pin point... Kind of similar with the horses..."
    Smiling Evangeline thought through the horse breeds in her head, she couldn't tell her that she liked alicorns the best.
    "What about you Gabi? Do you have a favourite horse sport?"

    Looking at the girl she thought about how cute she was and smiled softly.

    (Sorry for the short post ^^")
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  17. "Hmm... I like free riding and trail rides, though everything else is fun as well. Hmm but I really love the idea of mythical horses." She sighed, revealing a little of her true personality. "I'm a big believer in old myths and fantastical tales. Like Alicorns and Hippocampus. I just love old folk tales as well, especially about the kitsune and gumiho in the Asian regions. They are... quite close to my heart."

    The other girl was smiling softly and she matched with pure happiness, so happy to have a friend but still not fully trusting her. She couldn't afford to be hurt again, she was pretty sure it would break her into pieces to small to put together.

    "Do you have a favourite legend?"
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  18. Evangeline blinked, I wonder what her reaction would be if I told her... Smiling at Gabi, Evangeline giggled, "We are like two peas from the same pod!"
    Taking a peak at the teacher to make sure she knew what she was suppose to be doing, Evangeline jotted down some notes before speaking again.

    "I love fairy tales, and guess what. I believe in fairies, I really do... I feel like they are all around us watching us mere humans and giggling at what we do making our mistakes. But with alicorns... I love them to bits! I just love the idea of riding a horse with the wind in my hair and actually not touch the ground. Do you know what I am talking about?"

    Giggling Evangeline looked at the girl. It was awesome that someone shared her same interest and she could be a little more open. But of course she was going to be careful.
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  19. She followed Evangeline's example and jotted down a few notes, sighing as the letters in her mind became French on the paper and just sighed, deciding it would better to do what worked. She took down the rest of the notes on the board in French and than began on the task.

    "I feel like that too! To soar above the clouds is a wondrous thing and I would love to try it one day, just to touch the sky and feel the clouds in my hands..." She blushed at how airy she was being, but she truly did love being in the sky. Not she could reveal that Sul-Li was a mythical horse just like the one Evangeline was describing.

    The lesson went by quickly, as she worked on her notes and the task for the lesson, everything in French except for the task itself, as she had to hand it in to be marked. Even though it was the first day, the teachers hadn't slipped one bit.

    "Hey, Evangeline... What time does that next lesson start?"
  20. Evangeline focused on her notes and once she took a glance over at Gabi she noticed that the girl had started write in french. Amazed at the bilingual abilities, she made a mental note and finished taking down notes. Smiling as Gabi agreed with her she was happy that the girl understood what she had meant. Looking around at her class mates she chuckled at the guys googling eyes at the girl and glared at the girls who had gotten jealous from all the attention that Gabi was getting. So she's pretty. Doesn't mean you have to be so rude. The class finished and Evangeline took hold of Gabi's hand after she had packed everything up.

    "We start class again in around 10 to 15 minutes... I want to show you something before I next class."

    Taking the girl around the school she smiled at the shy timid girl, happy that she seemed to be friendly with her, "Your locker should be somewhere near here..."
    Finsing the locker Evangeline nodded, "586. My one is just here," pointing at '588' Evangeline smiled, "Looks like we were fated to each other from the start."
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