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  1. Christian "Chris" Daniels



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    Chris unbuttoned the top few buttons on his shirt, pulling on a ball cap as he walked to the only gay bar in town. Actually, one of the very few gay bars in the whole country, as it would seem. He smiled as he walked in, seeing a couple of women with big hair and flowing dresses. They were dancing together, and his friend, a drag-queen, was up on stage singing. He walked over to the bar, ordering a light beer to start. The tender always talked with him about sports, and he smiled and nodded, though law was his passion. However, he could not be 'out' and be a lawyer. He couldn't be out and be anything, not now. The best job he would get is a janitor, so he kept his mouth shut, as did every other homosexual in the country. He sighed, shaking these thoughts away and deciding to enjoy his evening.
    "No raids tonight, Charley?" Chris asked, knowing they paid the cops to tell them when they were coming by to check up. These checks didn't happen often, but when they did, everyone was warned and were told to get in guy/girl pairings, acting "normal", or else get a blow to the head.
    "No, none tonight."
  2. Charlie Fletcher




    Charlie tapped his fingers lightly against his near empty drink. Sighing deeply, he took another gulp of his drink in an effort to relax. He watched couples dance to the beat of the music and let out another sigh before finally giving in and slumping against the back of his seat. This was a safe haven of sorts. As safe as it could be for people like him. Even though this was a safe haven, he couldn't let down his guard too much. He was ready to flee the moment a raid occurred. Feeling nervous again at the thought of this, he straightened up once more. To reassure himself, he looked nervously at the door. When he had discerned that no one had come to raid the place, he gazed back at the dancers and slumped back in the seat again.

    After a few minutes, he raised the glass to his lips and tilted it back only to realized that the glass was empty. He eyed the glass before standing up and started to make his way to the bar. As he got closer, he noticed a slightly recognizable man sitting there. All he saw was the back of his head, blond hair peaking out from his ball cap. Did he know him? He stopped and shook his head. There was no way he knew him. He continued forward, almost all the way there, until he heard the man speak. He immediately froze, his face full of shock. He did know this man. He mentally berated himself for being so stupid and asked himself why someone from work was here. He was about to turn around and hightail it out of there when the bartender spoke to him.

    "Is there anything you need?" the bartender asked, staring expectantly. Logic had flown from his head and the only thing he could think of was getting out of there unrecognized. He shook his head and turned around to make his way to exit, hoping the guy couldn't recognize him.
  3. However, the man did look over when the tender talked to someone. He only saw the mans back, but was certain he knew him.
    "Hey, I'll see you tomorrow," he said, putting a bill down and leaving his glass, getting up and grabbing his jacket. He walked out behind the man, looking around until he found his retreating figure.
    "Hey, wait!" he called out, noticing there were some people looking out from their windows in the apartments. Those people liked to drop some chinese left-overs on anyone who left the bar, but right now he couldn't care to look up and see. He ran over after the man, grabbing his arm when he caught him.
  4. Charlie kept his head down as he walked outside. He knew he was being followed and he knew who was the one following him. This was not helping his poor frazzled mind at all. In his state of panic, he forgot to think. Instead, he was more worried that someone, someone he knew, saw him.
    He almost jumped out of his skin when he felt Chris grab his arm. He closed his eyes before forcing himself to calm down. He turned around with a slightly surprised but easygoing smile on his face.
    "Chris?" he said, almost saying his name the same way Chris had said his. His smile was light and friendly, though his body was tense. "N-nice to see you! What are you doing around here?" He carefully removed his arm from Christian's grip and looked nervously at his face. He avoided his eyes as best he could without looking suspicious. In his mind, he thought of how stupid he must look right now. It was obvious Chris saw him in the gay bar and pretending that it didn't happen, wouldn't make it not to have ever happened.
  5. Chris chuckled, scuffling his feet ad pulling the cap off.
    "Well... I was just out for a drink. I... I didn't know you were... uh you know..." he stuttered, feeling like he could cry. It was obvious they were both gay, why else would they be there? It was just nice to know that he wasn't as alone as he thought. He swallowed slightly, looking the man in the eye.
    "I... I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to surprise you, I just... wow," he said, grabbing his wrist and dragging him away from the street, not wanting to get seen.
  6. Charlie looked at Chris and noticed he was just as nervous as he was. For whatever reason, this made him feel calmer. They were in the same boat. Even though it did make him feel calmer, his nerves were still jumping through the roof. He was not terrified anymore. However, the thought of anyone finding him out was... nerve wracking.
    He half listened what Chris was saying. He just stared at him, finally having the courage to look him in the eye. He thought back to all the times he talked with him. It never occurred to Charlie that Chris was gay. He was confused and was beginning to wonder if it was a dream.
    He suddenly felt himself being dragged away from the street. Resisting the urge to let out an unmanly squeak, he settled for a sharp intake of air. When they arrived at a more private location, Charlie stared at Chris before realizing that he wasn't being courteous at all to Chris, who looked as nervous as he was.
    He opened his mouth several times and breathed in deeply. "Your... your... you know?" he asked, voice faltering. He swallowed.
  7. Chris blushed softly, nodding. He bit his lip, looking around to make sure no one was there.
    "Y... yeah, I am. You... you too?" he asked, looking the man in the eye and straightening his back. He sighed, realizing they were just as worried about the same thing. He looking worriedly at the man, hoping he knew what he wated to ask.
    "You... wont tell?"
  8. Charlie stared at Chris as he blushed and bit his lip. He fought down the sudden attraction he felt when Chris did those actions. Now was not the time. In fact, it would never be the time for that. He had always found Chris slightly attractive, as he did with other men as well. This was really nothing new. He could quell temptation as easily as it would come. He nodded his head slightly to his first question. He thought of how pathetic it was that they couldn't say that word aloud. He supposed it was a good thing, in case there was a passerby.

    He looked shocked at the next question. "Of course not!" he said loudly. He mentally hit himself. He lowered his voice. "I would never do something like that. I promise. Would... you?"
  9. Chris looked suddenly relieved, now acting more comfortable. He furiously shook his head in response. He too found Charlie to be incredibly attractive, even at work but had always thought the man was straaight.
    "So... you come here often?" he asked curiously, brushing his blond hair back as a sort of tension release. Since it was dark, he could easily examine the man without it being noticed. He smiled at that fact, looking him from head to toe, seeing that he certainly liked what he saw.
  10. Relief overwhelmed Charlie. He had already known that Chris probably wouldn't tell. Still, he felt reassured once the answer had come from Chris. A smiled formed across Charlie's face.
    "As often as I can without looking suspicious," he answered, staring at Chris and licked his lips. "How about you?" Charlie tried to tear his eyes away from Chris. Even though he knew Chris is gay, he didn't want to develop an attraction in case Chris didn't feel the same. That would just complicate things more than they were already.
    Charlie shivered and rubbed his arms from the cold. It was then he realized that he left his jacket at the bar.
  11. "I try to come on the weekends, but that gets a little difficult," he responded, smiling back. When he noticed the man shiver, he took his jacket off, giving it to him.
    "You want to go back and get your coat?" he offered, gesturing in the direction of the bar. He felt bad for having chased the man out, even if it was unintentional.
    "Oh, and how come you ran?"
  12. Charlie stared at the coat being handed to him. "Won't you be cold?" he asked, taking it hesitantly.
    Charlie nodded. "Yeah," he said. "I should probably go back and get it." He grabbed Chris's hand without thinking and began walking to the direction of the bar. At the the next question he blushed. "You'll probably think I'm stupid or something," he said, chuckling slightly. "I just sort of ran instinctively. I thought that maybe you wouldn't recognize me or something if I got out as quick as I could. I didn't think that you could be in the bar for the same reason I was."
  13. Chris blushed when Charlie grabbed his hand, but followed with out a word anyway. He couldn't help but laugh at the mans explanation.
    "Really? That's kinda cute. I felt the opposite. When I saw you, I followed because I... well, I figured if I knew someone who was the same as me, I wouldn't feel so lonely." he said. Once they were back at the bar, he stopped right outside.
    "I'll wait here."
  14. Charlie blushed at the word cute. "Yeah," he said. "I figured that out after a couple minutes. I just wasn't thinking for some reason. All right, I will be right back." Charlie walked back into the bar and retrieved his jacket. He went back outside to where Chris was standing. He quickly took off Chris's jacket and handed it back to him. He then shrugged his own back on. He once again blushed. "Thank you for letting me use your jacket," he said softly. "You must have been freezing."
  15. Chris chuckled, shrugging.
    "It doesn't matter, I'm fine now," he said, looking up when someone shouted. Next thing he knew, the two of them were covered in fried ride and cho-mein. Chris flicked the food off him, looking up angrily.
    "Hope you like chinese, faggot!" they shouted down. Chris sighed, shaking his head.
    "Come on, my apartments close and you need a shower."
  16. Charlie jumped when the food was dumped down on them. A fierce wave of anger rolled through him, but he controlled himself, knowing shouting back would create more trouble than it was worth.
    Sighing, Charlie nodded. "Yeah," he said, trying to brush some of the greasy food out of his hair. Then he smiled. "I think we both need a shower."
  17. Chris laughed, poking him in the chest. He grabbed his hand, leading the man down the street.
    "No sexual innuendo, mister," he teased. He lead Charlie for a few blocks before arriving at him apartment building. He walked to the elevator, then up to the third floor. Once at his room, he unlocked the door and let the man in.
    "You wanna shower first?"
  18. Charlie looked around the apartment, as he had not been there before. He walked in hesitantly, not wanting to seem intrusive.
    "Um... if you don't mind," he said meekly. "I can wait if you want." He took off his jacket and look around the room he was currently in and finally saw a coat rack. He walked over and hung it there.
  19. "Oh, no! I don't mind at all, go right a head." he said, pointing to the bathroom door.
    "Feel free to use whatever you want in there, I don't mind," he instructed, turning on the radio. He moved to his kitchen, deciding to make a microwave meal, not wanting to cook.
    "You hungry?!" he shouted to the man.
  20. Charlie smile slightly at Chris and started up the stairs.
    His stomach growled at the thought of food. "Yes please!" he shouted back as he climbed the rest of the stairs. After some searching, he finally found the bathroom. He kept the door slightly cracked to let out the steam and began to strip off his clothes. After that he began to shower. When he was done, he found a towel and dried off. Looking to his clothes, he wondered if Chris would mind if he borrowed a shirt since his shirt was covered in Chinese food. Charlie decided that he would ask him. He pulled on pants and undewear and walked downstairs shirtless, towel hung limply on his shoulders. His dirty shirt was being fiddled with in both hands. "Chris?" he called out, walking into the living room.