1 x 1 Adventure Time RP?? [MxF]

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  1. I'm REEEEEEEALLY craving for an Adventure Time roleplay, specifically a Flame Princess x Finn or a Fionna x Flame Prince. Can be like how the show has it or we can add a completely new plot to this!! Open to ideas!!

    OC's can work too if the shipping above doesn't work for you, but we should talk about it more before we do something!

    Skype Chat roleplay is great, but any medium is fine too! Just tell me what you'd like!!

    (Only hetero please!)
  2. Still searching!!
  3. Stiiiiiiiiiiiiill searching!! <3
  4. Searching!!!!
  5. Still searching!
    (Honestly, no one came to me for this OTL)
  6. *Peeks in and waves* Anyone here? Was curious if you found what you are looking for yet? And more details as to what you were looking for?
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  7. Oh my gosh, thank you for reminding me that this exists! TuT

    No one has come up to me yet about this, but I'm basically looking for a romance-ish Adventure Time RP, but at this point adventure or romance is fine!

    I'm just craving Adventure Time at this point ^^;
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.