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  1. Kitti

    LESSON Beginning Guide to Chat Roleplay

    CRASH COURSE IN RUNNING A CHARP There are so many rewarding elements to a chat roleplay and it is an often under explored frontier, in part due to lack of experience in running a roleplay through this medium. For those who want to run a chat roleplay but would feel better having a primer on...
  2. Minibit

    Running a CHARP

    CHARPS (CHAt Role Plays) are some of the most fun you'll have in a group roleplay. They're fast-paced, colourful, lively, and because of the speed of their format, the story almost feels like it's happening in real time! So why don't we have more of them here? Well, it's partly because we...
  3. fatalrendezvous

    LESSON A Guide to Chat Roleplay!

    Hey folks! Today I want to take a moment to talk about something that is very VERY dear to me: Chat Roleplay! Commonly referred to on Iwaku as ChaRP, Chat Roleplay was, at one time, basically the only way to RP. Chatrooms on places like MSN, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ used to be common. Of course, all...
  4. Childish Grumpino

    How to Run & Participate in CHAT RPS

    Creating and GMing a Chat Roleplay can be a daunting task, as can participating in one. This guide will offer you some advice on the running of, and playing in, Chat RPs here on Iwaku. BUT FIRST... WHAT IS A CHAT RP? A Chat RP is in many ways very similar to the regular roleplays that occur on...