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  1. Sir Basil

    The Hero's Journey

    THE HERO’S JOURNEY sing your death song and die like a hero going home -- tecumseh WHAT IS A HERO ?[JUSTIFY] The hero is a...
  2. Sir Basil

    A Guide to Conflict

    A GUIDE TO CONFLICT don’t satisfy your hero’s desires, thwart them. -- damon suede WHAT IS CONFLICT ?[JUSTIFY] Plot thrives on conflict. Conflict as a literary device is the incompatibility between two or...
  3. Excession

    Basic GM Techniques

    This little guide in no way can supplant Brovo's excellent and comprehensive guide (go read it if you haven't), but I thought it might be a useful supplement. A lot of stuff I talk about here is often assumed knowledge - people who've been GMing for a long while, and who largely learned to GM...
  4. Brovo

    How to create and perpetuate a long-term RP!

    As per the usual with my guides, I am informing you as per the particular conditions under which I am writing this guide. I've got around a decade's worth of writing experience on my belt, and have repeatedly studied—at length—the mechanics of storytelling. I actually do know what it is I am...
  5. Absyinthe

    Willows' Roleplay Perks Guide #3: Knowledge & Ability Points

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  6. Kitti

    LESSON Advertising Roleplays

    Advertising your roleplay First of all, congratulations are in order! Huzzah! You're making a roleplay, you're excited, and you can't wait to start seeing people eager to join you on your fantastical journey, arduous quest, or anything in between. Now, the next big step is to actually get your...
  7. GreenSea

    GreenSea's GM 101 for beginners

    How to be a GM 101: beginner Note: this guide is solely to help the community to start to become a GM and this by any means that I write are all correct, it’s all base on my view and how I work. Hope this guide helps everyone who ust want to start their own RP. =D What is GM? A gamemaster (GM...
  8. A

    Arcadia's Declassified GM Survival Guide: Being Social

    Greetings everyone! I am Arcadia, a Content Moderator for Iwaku! Today's lesson is how to be a successful GM in regards to the aspect of being social with your playerbase. Here are a few how to tips in order to become the best GM possible! 1] TAGGING: Making sure to tag your players is...
  9. Minibit

    Running a CHARP

    CHARPS (CHAt Role Plays) are some of the most fun you'll have in a group roleplay. They're fast-paced, colourful, lively, and because of the speed of their format, the story almost feels like it's happening in real time! So why don't we have more of them here? Well, it's partly because we...
  10. Absyinthe

    Willow's Roleplay Perks Guide #1: Experience & Leveling Systems

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  11. H

    Breathing Life Back Into a RP

    So we've all been there. We've spent countless hours planning, developing, and cultivating our role play which started out as possibly a passing thought. We found role players who appear to be interested in it as well, great! It's off to a great start, everyone is enthusiastic and replying...
  12. Noctis the Devious

    [HOW-TO] Simplify GMing

    Disclaimer: I'm not a very wordy person by nature and chances are something like this has already been posted. I also don't claim to be right and all that is below is based on my experience as GM and a player on both this site and another. Also, I've only ran one or two successful games, none of...
  13. Jorick

    Using Dice in a Forum Roleplay

    Introductory Things As the title indicates, this workshop is all about using a dice system for a roleplay, specifically for play-by-post roleplays. They work a little differently than tabletop RPGs, so the dice system you use shouldn't necessarily be identical to what you'd find in Dungeons &...
  14. K

    How and when to enforce strict GM rules

    Weaving epic stories together, engaging in silly OOC banter and making new friends; all great things that stem from from the roleplaying experience. Being a social experience is what makes roleplaying so great. Unfortunately sometimes, conflict arises between roleplayers. This can quickly turn...
  15. Brovo

    GM 101 Complete Guide

    In most of my guides, I typically avow a lack of absolute knowledge on the topic at hand. In this guide, however, this disclaimer is a little different. First: I am a GM, and have been for years. Ten years to the date, to be exact. I was terrible at it for the first couple of years, too, so...
  16. C

    Why won't they join my roleplay?

    (DISCLAIMER: This is my first time doing something like this! Also, if you disagree with what I write, please feel free to speak your mind!) So you've written down your extensive world history, your five maps detailing the thirteen kingdoms that comprise your world, and the two-page character...
  17. H

    Vehicle Build System.

    So, I am CO-Gming a Mad Max style post apoc setting. And While the Actual GM work on the world building, I decided to put together a frame work for making a car (As they are integral to the Road Warrior style of rp it will be) The system is very basic and consist of Point Buy. You expend...
  18. Minibit

    Keeping Roleplays Alive

    Most roleplayers and GMs have experienced the death of a roleplay, and it sucks. There's lots of causes for roleplay death, and most times it's inevitable. However there are things both GMs and players can do to prolong the life of their roleplays! This guide assumes you want a roleplay that...
  19. K

    Setting Up Stories

    So, you're going to be leading a quest. That's cool, great even. You're going to guide players through a story arc and give them a fantastic roleplaying experience. That sure sounds exciting, but how do you go about this? Hi, I'm Kestrel. I've been a GM for... Well, most of my ~7 year old...
  20. ze_kraken

    The Challenges of GameMastering

    In order for any sort of adventure, session, etc. to be succesful, a GM (game master, for those who might not know...) is usually needed. There are some exceptions to this rule (Grey Ranks, Fiasco, just to name a few) that pull this off quite well, though they have their own driving force built...