Zone Intelligence & Defense Organization: Invasion

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  1. The ZIDO says they will protect all human colonies from rebels, terrorists, revolutionaries, and even aliens.
    But now colonies are disappearing...
    Zone Intelligence & Defense Organization: Invasion
    [Sci-fi, fantasy-ish, somewhat strategic]

    Your purpose is to protect mankind; from people who think they know what's best, people who want revenge, and people that are foreign, and not of our own. No one has ever encountered an alien race until now.
    Many people did not think the first-contact would be the destruction of the small diplomatic force.
    Many people did not think the first-contact would be the start of a war that would threaten the entire human nation.


    Earth Alliance
    They inhabit Earth, Mars, and terraformed moons and planets from surrounding solar systems. Small in territory, so to speak, but large populations and an effective military. Known for their fleet & military size, political & economical power, and their mass manufacturing.

    Independent Human Colonies
    The former-EA-established colonies that revolted, and broke away. Small, wide-spread, known for efficient mercenaries and pirates. Known for their mining, agricultural, and cleverness.

    Zone Colonies
    The colonies that were turned into ZIDO bases & cities. They are the smallest, most widespread, and the most militaristic colonies in the known universe. Setting off a nuclear bomb inside a ZIDO city would be equal to C-4ing a single skyscraper. Known for a powerful, but small, fleet & military, and for their advanced weapons & armor technologies.

    Humanity has been invaded by, more or less, aliens. They differ, and are extremely dangerous. Each one is combat-specific, meaning that certain ones are meant for close-combat, long-range, support, etc.

    Currently, the IHC is under attack. The enemy forces are uncounted; we have no way of knowing where they live, or how big they are.

    The Player's Roles:
    You are a ZIDO operative, working with Alpha-Six platoon.

    Alpha-Six Platoon:
    A6-1 [Platoon Leader] Spencer Castells [Me]
    A6-2 [Support] Steven Sternning [NPC]
    A6-3 [Support] Cade Bulter [Piper
    A6-4 [Support] _________ [OPEN]
    A6-5 [Heavy] Garrett Berk [NPC]
    A6-6 [Heavy] Mvbroviach "Manny" Alfto [Akuma]
    A6-7 [Heavy] __________ [OPEN]
    A6-8 [Sniper] Alyssa Mendez [NPC]
    A6-9 [Sniper] Seras Sinclare [Detective Zero]
    A6-10 [Sniper] __________ [OPEN]
    A6-11 [Assault] Jonathon Stelen [NPC]
    A6-12 [Assault] Lysel Serge [Ruff1298]
    A6-13 [Assault] _________ [OPEN]

    If you want to be a certain class, even though it's already taken, just apply for it and I'll add it in. I want to try to have 2 different squads [NPC & Player squads] that are balanced, with everyone as different people.

    Armor Types:
    LATEAM- Average armor, average shield, advanced targeting systems [Accuracy+, durability+, protection+]

    Conquestador- Light armor, heavy shield, motor/movement enhancement [Speed+, close combat+, stealth+]

    Stryker Armor- Heavy armor, light shields, advanced padding systems & jump jets [Jump+, protection+, health+]

    Rank: [See the RANK List]
    Class: [Support, Heavy, Sniper, Assault]
    Class 2: [Mechanic/Driver, Mechanic/Pilot, Grenadier, Explosives Expert, Tech Expert [Hacker], Medic]
    Skillset: [Pick 3: Hand-to-hand combat, steady-hand [accuracy+], crafter [mechanic+], pyrotechnic [explosives/grenadier+], and anything else you want. Don't be stupid with this, have legitimate skills that actually are relevant to combat.]
    Armor Type: [LATEAM, Conquestador, Stryker, Other [list 3 attributes, picture and/or description]]
    Appearance: [Picture and/or description, without armor.]
    Personality: [Optional] [Leave blank if it is 2-B-RPed]
    Biography: [Optional] [Leave blank if it is 2-B-RPed]
    Extra Info/Other:

    Top->Bottom = Lowest->Highest
    Red Highlight= Unavailable, Green Highlight=Available

    Private First Class
    Lance Corporal
    Staff Sergeant
    Gunnery Sergeant
    Master Sergeant
    First Sergeant
    Master Gunnery Sergeant
    Sergeant Major
    Sergeant Major of the Zone Marine Corps

    Other Stuff
    I spent a couple hours on all this, looking up everything and making names and all that, and I hope that it doesn't go to waste, and become a deleted and/or unused topic.


    Current Locations:
    STARTING POINT: Alpha ZIDO Compound [Located in the MWG [Milky Way Galaxy] Sector, based upon Saturn's Moon, Rhea.]
    COMBAT: Active Mission Sites [They are determined DURING the roleplay.]
    VACATION: Havelyn [The nearby Zone City: A center of economic & political power, a metropolis]
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    I sit in the farthest corner from the double oak doors, reading a book of Strategy & Warfare, as I wait for the other newbies to trickle in from their ships, or wherever else they came from. Currently, they probably think I'm one of them.

    Besides the scars, muscle, the uniform, and the badges.

    I continue to wait for the others to trickle into the white 'greeting' room for the beginning of Initiation.
  3. One of the first to arrive would be a blonde haired woman wearing a short, black jacket with a gray shirt underneath and fitted navy jeans. Two chains of dog-tags are seen around her neck, one holding two, the other holding her own; her black, finger-less gloves over her hands coming up to slide them behind her shirt. The woman would stand at an unusual height of 6'2", especially not common for anyone that has applied with her kind of skillset. Another feature to stand out was the odd burn scar on her left cheek. The woman was Seras Sinclaire, her profile and background all disclosed in her file, but otherwise she kept anything about her to herself.

    Walking in, she moves to take a seat, reaching for the dog-tags again. Her green eyes look to them in her grip for a short time as she waits.
  4. I look up, cold, tired eyes studying the first-arrival. 2 extra dog tags: fallen comrades, I would think. I have a several pouches full of dog tags. She isn't new to combat, I can tell that just by looking at her. Watching her stare at her dog tags, I wonder how hard this job will be, for her. In ZIDO, many do not last long, not at this time. Over 5 thousand casualties have been recorded, since last week, when the first alien attacks started. She'll make it, I'm sure. But I'm not so sure in what condition she'll be at the end of it.
  5. She's like a caged animal, finally seeing the bars of her prison swing open.

    Lysel Serge almost leaps on out of the shuttle, her backpack and assorted accessories jingling and clanking from all the motion. The tiny soldier whoops in joy, before she starts looking around for anyone that might know what they're doing.

    Much as she'd like to jump straight into the action, the higher-ups were very adamant about protocol and paperwork.
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  6. I hear a whoop, and the distant rumble of the shuttle taking off again. I sigh, and figure that this one is the more enthusiastic recruits. I'm going to have a good bit of fun when she goes against her first 'creeper.' I stand up, stretching, and mutter to myself, "I'm getting to old for this..." Once stretched, I walk along the edge of the room, to the doorway. Stepping out into the short hallway, I cross that too, out onto the roof of Training Facility A6. As I walk out, I note the enthusiastic, small recruit. Studying her slight build, I grunt, "You're going to have a hard time, here. You probably just want to go at the bad guys, don't you?" I narrow my eyes slightly, testing her.
  7. Sliding her dogtags back in place, Seras picks herself up from her chair and walks out for some air, following the man out. Looking towards the two, she brushes a hand across her hair as she looks out to the horizon, "I wonder how many others will arrive, they didn't give me much to look on about for who I'll meet. But I take it you two are part of it."
  8. "And save lives, don't forget that part!" Lysel says, grinning. "That I get the go ahead to jet into things then blast them with a shotgun is just a really nice bonus."
  9. Climbing down from his transport shuttle, a a large duffel bag slung over his right shoulder, Cade shivered. He hated being this far from a star. As much as the companies that manufactured the enormous space heaters used on cold, far-flung moons like Rhea insisted they made the conditions livable, he could never shake the chill. Especially in his toes. The constant discomfort got old fast. He shrugged and made his way across the landing platform.

    A group of soldiers were gathered there, one apparently fresh off a transport just like him. She didn't look especially formidable in and off herself, but Cade had seen enough to know that in Stryker armor, anyone could be deadly. He wouldn't write her off just yet. And the other two were fairly imposing even without strapping into armor. ZIDO likely had a habit of drawing some of the biggest, baddest soldiers humanity had to offer. These two were no exception, and Cade could tell without asking that they'd seen some things that would break lesser people.

    He chuckled as the spunky redhead spoke. His hand drifted to the back of his neck, expecting more hair than he found there. The buzz cut would take some getting used to. "Not just the go-ahead. You're getting paid to be professionally bad ass, ya know?" He dropped his duffel bag on the ground beside him and glanced around once more. "Anyone know where we're supposed to report?"
  10. I turn to the third 'Greenie.' "Getting paid to protect. And jumping right in as you are... even with the best Alliance training, I doubt you'd be able to stand much of a chance against what's a normal gun run for us. Report down the hallway behind me, in the welcome-room." I turn back to the red-head. "Your enthusiasm is good, but shotguns are a very bad idea. You'll get a look at what they can do when I get you all settled in. Report to the Welcome room." I turn on my heel, and walk back inside.
    What the hell is Command doing...
  11. Moving to cross her arms, Seras stares out for a few more moments before turning, walking back inside with a nod. Speaking to herself in thought with her eyes closed for a moment, she enters back into the welcome room to take a seat again, ~Well, this should be interesting with how the group seems to be forming.. That woman has spunk but she'll need more than that. Even I don't know if I'm fully ready for this, but what other choice do I truly have. It's another chance after all.~
  12. "Pfftt, you should have seen my field records. Shotguns are always a good idea." Lifira says as she skips to the map on the wall, trying to find the Welcome Room.
  13. As I was walking through the doors, I hear the small redhead's response. I freeze, and slowly turn. Taking several steps, I'm back outside and standing outside the doors. "Shotguns are never a good idea when you are in combat against what we have gone against. Please, feel free to continue with your shotguns. Hundreds of other soldiers have. It's a shame that they aren't around to tell you about it," I reply, voice even and cold.
  14. Lysel shrugs, non-chalant. "Probably didn't have Jaguar armour. Common mistake." Waving to the people behind her, she proceeds to the Welcome Room. "See you inside!"
  15. A large suit of armor hits the floor right were the usual landing spot was, it slowly stands up and the headpiece sizzles and slides open. A man with medium length black hair and blue eyes is within this heavy armor, he was told to bring his armor along with him from his vacation. He shook his head as it opened up in the center and he simply stepped out of the armor, a few men came and took it away as the built man walks down the way towards the meeting room. Once at the meeting room he takes a seat in any given seat in the corner, and closes his eyes letting his head hang.
  16. I clench my jaw. Hundreds have people died with her exact same mindset, and she just brushed it off as if they were the stupid ones, the ones that made the mistake! She better be fucking amazing, or I'm going to do everything I can to either get her shipped out of here, or given a very, very painful lesson. I turn on my heel again, and stalk after her, glaring at her. Taking note of my jaw still clenched, I walk around the chairs, hugging the wall, back to my own chair to sit down. Too angry to read, so I just glare at the opposite wall.
  17. As the team made their way into the briefing room, Cade took note of the fact there already seemed to be some tension. The man he could only assume was their CO didn't approve of the little redhead's enthusiasm, but Cade couldn't help but find it slightly endearing. So many soldiers he'd met matched this strong, gruff and unyielding archetype, and he was growing tired of it, especially in those who commanded. He hustled up behind the redhead and whispered "I think a shotgun's perfectly viable," so the CO wouldn't be able to hear it.

    Determined not to make a scene of it, he stood stiffly and looked straight ahead, acting the part of a dutiful solder deferring to his commands. Unfortunately, that meant he didn't noticed the arrival of another soldier, already in his suit, landing without warning. The loud sound behind him startled Cade and he stumbled forward, barely catching himself. The man inside the suit walked past him into the meeting room as Cade watched in awe. "Well, I suppose that's one way to make an entrance," he mumbled to himself.

    Finally, he joined the others in the meeting room, spinning a seat around and sitting in it backwards, his arms resting on the back of the chair. He noted the way the newcomer sat, head hung as though he could care less what happened in the room and the way the CO, scarred and now obviously the man in charge took a seat on the far side of the room, radiating irritation.
  18. Lysel smiles as she hears Cade's whisper. She would have replied, "Brofist~" and done said gesture if her CO wouldn't have reprimanded them both.

    The private drops her equipment near a chair with a loud "thunk!" and one last jingle of all the metal bits. She pulls the chair out, then half-sits, half-climbs on it; the (barely) ergonomic height and design of these things never took into mind the odd short soldier, like her. Still beaming, she eagerly awaits her CO's briefing.

    The sooner he finished talking, the sooner she could actually do something interesting!
  19. I push aside my irritation and anger, and stand up, at the arrival of the 4 new recruits. The previous 4 had already come, and had already been on several missions. I stretch my left shoulder, it being achy, and step to the middle of the room, on the small 1-step stage. Turning to the small group, I begin my briefing.

    "I am Sergeant Major Castells. Think me stiff, go ahead. Stiff is a common nickname among new recruits. That cleared away, I know all your files. You have all been offered Zone entrance, and you have all accepted. Our mission is simple: protect humanity from extinction from inside and out. And we are already being exterminated from outsiders for several months now. Information about this has been withheld from all but the highest-ranking officials in the Outer Colonies, and the Alliance. It is my job to keep you all alive, and use my own abilities as well as your own to save as many lives as possible. If you fall into unsatisfactory performances and habits, you will be kicked out of the Zigh-doe military, but will have the option to work within the Zigh-doe nation, and do smaller, guard-like posts, or help manufacture or design new items. Coming on holographic imaging are 3 of the known alien lifeforms that we have come across."

    Behind, to the right, and to the left of me appear 3 figures. The one behind myself is a 4-legged insectoid that has bone-blades sprouting from its small midsection, and from the ends of bony, hard-shelled arms, with a head of 8 black eyes, and a small, needle-filled mouth. The right image was one of a brute-like creature. Thick, at least 3 and a half feet at the narrowest, and about 8 feet tall. Heavily muscled, with little fat at all. 2 red-black eyes peer out, and the skin looks red-blue zebra design. It has cybernetic implants dotting it's body, and has armor that cover the center of it's chest, and down.
    The last one on the left is a bit more suited for support and sniper. A thin, narrowly-built human-like creature at about 5 feet tall, it has scaly black skin, and reptillian eyes. Again, it has small spikes covering its body.

    "Shotguns are not a good idea."
  20. Lysel whistles. "Maybe it's time we develop better shotguns and shells!"

    The private leans on the table, to get a closer look at the display. Pretty scary shit, and undeniably awesome at the same time, too.