Zombies Go Boom: First Chapter.

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  1. Introduction:

    -Note to Self-

    " Life is a Game.
    One of the most dangerous and filthy ones, in which you only have two options, as you Just pass by through life like a Doll.
    First option would be to fight for it, in order to get what you want and where you need to be. As the second option, will be for the cowards, giving up way to easy and way to soon.

    Fuck this crap.
    As if it was not enough how Life would find a way to screw you over, the most idiotic thing happened exactly when you less expected.
    Undead. Walkers. Zom-zoms.
    You can give any name you want to `them`.

    Most probably, other people months ago, would put me into a mental hospital for believing in this shit, but now the story has changed. To like a 360 degrees.
    Who would have thought, in the 21century, we would be fighting a virus, for which we don`t even know if we will Ever find a cure for it?

    People coming back to life from the dead, chasing you down just to get one piece of you. How pathetic. all has become. In a way, still, all this situation is rather cool and dangerous.
    The fight for the survival.
    Not only against the Zom-zoms, but defending your ass, from other Humans who may or may not, want to kill you somehow for your supplies.

    Or just for the fun of it.
    God knows.

    I guess, I could call this the End of the World as we know it.
    Funny shit.
    This situation kind of reminds me of Britney Spears song ` dance until the world ends.`

    Welcome to the new world.
    Become a killer or become an Undead.
    Your choice. "

  2. 'Просто у нас в этой богом отреклись от мира Элия.. Только вы и я ... Мать и отец погибли в начале ... который, как предполагалось, должен был быть веселых каникул ... Че ... Теперь ... Кто еще можно зависеть от? которые мы можем реально рассчитывать на в этом мире..? Никто не ... Только ваш большой брат ... бесчисленные.. Бесчисленное количество раз в один из этих вещей пытается поглотить вашу плоть ... Бесчисленное количество раз, что правам мужчин, попробуйте воспользоваться вы ... Принять, что очень невиновности я близко и дорого.. для вас держать ... каждый раз.. он все результаты в кровь на моей руки.. малиново-.. темные.. кровь ... Никаких нарушений в его ... Нет инфекция или признаки гниению ... Только в крови нормального человека ... Что кровь в моей руки, ради вас ...' ((Just the two of us in this God forsaken world Elia.. Just you and me... Mother and father had perished in the beginning...What was supposed to be a fun vacation...Che... Now...Who else can you depend on? Who can you really rely on in this world..? No one... Just your big brother...Countless.. Countless times there had been one of those things trying to devour your flesh... Countless times have there been human men that try to take advantage of you... To take that very innocence I protect.. for you to keep...Each time.. it all results in blood on my hands.. Crimson.. dark.. blood... No irregularities to it... No infection or signs of rotting... Just the blood of a normal human man... That blood is on my hands, for the sake of you...))

    A jet black haired Russian man looked around the small corner store and and his sister were currently looting, said sister rummaged around a nearby trashcan bent all the way over, one leg bent in the air at about a 45 degree angle and the other on its tip toe. It was only a matter of time before her weight made her fall into the trash can. Elliot resumed looking behind the desk, taking a broken bottle of Vodka from the liquor cabinet. Some of that little water sounded very good at a time like this...He wanted more than anything to have a sip, but he needed his motor skills. One drink would lead to several, and several would lead to him being drunk. The two of them didn't even have a secure hideout.. No way could he get drunk at a time like this. Not like he could anyway, unless he drank the liquor off the floor like some dog. He put the broken bottle back where he found it before he continued to rummage through the counter of the convenience store. Every part of the convenience store was trashed, leaving only instant meals, garbage all over the floor, animal food, meats, and sour dairy products.

    "Большой брат!~" ((Big brother!~)) Elia called out from the trash can. "Я нашел некоторые неоткрытых мешков опилок! Они просто немного устарела! ((I found some unopened bags of chips! They're just a little out of date!))" The black haired girl exclaimed happily, though that's when it happened. She was stuck. She tried to hop out of the trash can, but she made a small 'thud' noise while her body fell inside of the can. Elliot couldn't help but smile and shake his head at his sister's stupidity. He walked around the counter and lifted his sister up by her waist, being careful not to touch anywhere inappropriate. Her feet were soon flat on the floor and Elia popped back out with small bags of Lays chips and some garbage in her hair. "Я нашел некоторые неоткрытых мешков опилок! Они просто немного устарела!" ((Look! Sour cream and cheddar! Your favorite!)) The black haired girl said as she held out two bags for him to take and put in his bag, then the elder brother doing just that.

    Both twins could be described as the depiction of beauty and polar opposite twins. Elliot held straight black hair while his little sister held wavy. Both of them held blue eyes, but looking into them, you could see an immense difference. The youngest twin held a look of fascination, the hue giving off the amorous feel of a warm summer's ocean. Elliot's gave off the icy stare of a man protecting what was most precious to him. Elia was thin and pretty, though even she held her own flaws like scars made by their games or the men from now. Though especially the knife game. Elliot held countless scars and a good build for his figure; one that girls tend to enjoy. But what kept those women away was that he was truthful. He was blunt, and didn't really care about those girls' feelings. They were whores, and Elliot had no problem telling them so. His younger sister on the other hand, was lively and kind. What kept the boys away from her was Elliot. Elliot had been in so many fights growing up, they didn't know what he was capable of. Elliot didn't know either. Regardless of everything, both twin siblings loved one another very much, and would be devastated if one was gone. Elliot grasped fully understanding of the world's plummet, while Elia's innocence was still intact. That couldn't go away. If Elia became just another Elliot, then the Alistratov family would be broken apart. Who knows what will happen....
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  3. zombie_apocalypse_zps48327b17.jpg

    Season: Beginning of Autumn
    Weather: Clear skies
    Time: Morning

    Silence. Just for a moment, Olivia did not heard much noise, except the one far in the distance.She knew that this shit will happen someday. Only if it was someone to actually tell this story and actually believe her.
    It was early in the morning, Olivia`s body begun to move slowly from the floor, her hand touched the crossbow and soon hanged from her left shoulder. A deep sigh escaped her lips, letting her fingers to brush some of her reddish hair out of her eyes. For any other day, this might seem a normal day, but unfortunately some changes were made. By God. Or the Universe.

    Olivia managed to get back on her feet, soon taking her small backpack and stepped slowly, but certain towards the window. Her dark eyes scanned the streets, giving her chills down her spine once again. She still could not believe that the end of the world was real; she could feel it inside her body and mind, just by looking outside where just weeks ago, they were children playing in the park across the road.
    Now hell broke loose, with Undead people roaming the streets, seeking for their next victim. All of this it would have seemed a insane idea before, but now it was real and happening. The zombie Apocalypse it actually happened. Shit.
    However, after a few more minutes of contemplating her life choices, Olivia decided it was time to move. She always has thought it was never a good idea to stay in one place for to long. It was not safe enough, at least all those tv shows and video games about zombies taught her.

    Taking one last deep breath, her feet moved towards the door, with her slender fingers turning the door knob, trying not to make to much noise and made a run towards a car. She hoped deep down, it will still work and so she could get the hell out of there. Somewhere out of town. Some place safer. For now.

    ` Crap! Come on you piece of shit..please start for me! ` swearing under her breath, Olivia tried her best to start the engine of the car. At not to far distance, some Undead were crawling, covered in blood and growling worse than an grizzly bear in the woods. She knew, she had not much time. Either she`ll manage to start the damn car or she would have to take them down and go on foot for a while.
    That thought made Olivia bite her lip, knowing for sure now it was a bad idea to go on foot, when half of the town at least was full of Zom-zoms. Lucky her, after a few more tries, the engine started raving and soon, Olivia made her way from there, trying to get out of the town. At that point she just prayed that, maybe..just maybe she`ll encounter some normal people. If they were not normal, definitely she would not hesitate to blow their brains on the asphalt. No question about it.
    Fucking hell.
    A new start on a new day.
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  4. In a gun store on the far side of town, a redhead with a hunting rifle strapped to her back rummaged through the ruined shelves, searching in futility for any ammunition she could use. However, these types of stores were the first places to go when the world went to hell, and nearly everything was already gone. The few bullets that were left weren't anything her rifle could fire. Frustrated, she turned to leave and instantly froze.
    The racket of the burning city and the few functioning cars attempting to escape outside was interrupted by the shuffle of feet not far from Willow's position. At least one of them had wandered into the building. Not letting her face betray her fear, she carefully, making as little noise as possible, climbed up on top of a shelf, squeezing herself in the space between it and the roof. There was no room to sit up, but that's not what she needed. She drew her rifle off her back, slowly sliding around to get a view of as much of the store as she could.
    There he is.
    The dead...thing was on the opposite side of the store, visible because a shelf between them had fallen. It didn't seem to be aware of her presence, but it was a danger as long as it existed.
    "Gotcha," She whispered, the sunlight beaming in through a broken window reflecting off the glass of her scope as she took aim. Letting her instincts take over, Willow's hands guided the rifle's muzzle to line up with her target. The crosshairs settled on the side of the beast's head. She cocked the weapon and pulled the trigger.
    The sound of the shot filled the air around her, the muzzle flash heralding the spray of blood as the bullet sailed across the room in a fraction of a second and found purchase in the rotting flesh of the dead-walking. It broke bone, piercing the weaker side of the skull beneath the ear. The force of the shot caused her target to fall backward, collapsing onto a mangled shelf.
    Willow held her breath, counting the seconds.
    It didn't get up.
    Releasing her breath, she slipped off the shelf, landing softly on the tiled floor and stowing her rifle. She padded over to the now fully-dead corpse, her stomach turning at the revolting sight. She was a hunter and thus used to gore and death, but this was human gore and death, and that was another class of its own. Ignoring her instinct to turn and run, she visually scanned the creature to determine if it had anything of interest. It didn't.
    Sighing, she exited the store through a side door, unwilling to go back out into the street.
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  5. Early morning and gun fire could already be heard throughout the city.

    Alexander was use by now to waking up to that now familliar sound. Still it was never pleasent waking up. Every morning it was same. Alex would shoot out of the sleeping bag, knife in hand, crouched low like a corned animal as before realizing that no one was there. He would mentally berate himself for being an idiot before going on with his morning routine. Travel was key in this new world, if you stay in one place you die. Every morning was the same for Alex, wake up gather his supplies which consisted of a tattered backpack felling emptier everyday, wrapping his sleeping bag up and tying it to the bottom of his pack, and picking up his rifle.

    No need to change, he only had one change of cloths and those were equally as dirty as the the dirty grey skinny jeans and faded tshirt he had fallen asleep in. He shivered as he gathered his gear, slipping on a the dark colored hoodie he had with him did not help much against the chill in the wind. Fall was fast approaching and he would need to find warmer cloths if he wasn't going to freeze to death. If he lived long enough to worry about it. The thought left a sour taste in his mouth, striving to push it out of his mind he instead focused on his biggest priority the grocery not a few blocks away. Tying the bandanna around his mouth, both to conceal his face and keep the stink of the zed at bay he slipped the strap of his rifle over his head and headed out.

    It was easy to slip off the roof he had been sleeping on the night before. Alexander preferred to sleep high up. People would be less likely to see him and the dead would have a harder time reaching him. He had used a ladder to climb up this 1 story flat top, but had kicked the ladder from the wall once he reached the top. No use broadcasting that someone had used it to get up here. Instead he maneuvered his way to the back of the building an ally making that went for some time in either direction behind these buildings. Making sure that no zed was in sight to see or hear him he placed his hands on the edge let himself dangle off before dropping the rest of the way to the ground. Looking up at the sun he noted that it was still indeed morning, looking from one side of the ally to the other, The gunshots comming from the opposite direction the possible food would be. He sighed quietly to himself. If someone had died then that would be the best place to go for looting. Plenty of time to do both right?

    With that thought in mind, he slowly made his way toward the direction the gun fire had came from. A large rock in his right hand he would stop every few feet or at the corner of a building to check his surroundings. Having someone sneak up on you is a lot more deadly now adays.
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  6. It was all still so difficult to believe. Her life had been so ordinary before all this started, so safe. How long had it been since then? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Yes. Years. That made sense; that must be it. There was no way all this could have come about in a short time. But… no. That wasn’t right. It had happened so much quicker than that. It didn’t seem possible, but it was. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe none of this was real. Maybe it was just a nightmare; some sort of strange delusion created by her own dysfunctional mind.

    Spencer dwelled on this comforting thought as she sat with her legs dangling over the edge of the broken fire escape, carefully arranging her brown hair into two neat braids. She fixed her hair like this every morning; always closing her eyes and pretending that things were better as she did so. She wished moments like these would last forever, those small periods of time where things almost seemed normal. They never did though. No matter how desperately she tried to believe that this was all the product of a troubled mind she was always prematurely yanked away from the thought by the sounds of the city – or lack thereof. The normal sounds of the city, the sounds she had grown up with, were gone; replaced with the sounds of the dead moving about, the occasional hum of a car engine, or distant gunshot.

    As always, the second she was yanked away from this thought she felt the full crushing weight of her situation push down on her. She sighed slightly, tying off her hair and opening her eyes. She would have sat there all day, if possible, but she knew that wasn't safe. She needed to move on. That’s what she had been doing since the beginning. It didn't matter how safe a place had seemed so far, she always kept looking for somewhere new. The constant traveling was a distraction, and a needed one at that.
    She grabbed her bat and slung her backpack over her shoulder, before going to drop back down to the ground. She glanced around, carefully scanning the area and trying to decide which direction to head next.
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  7. Running away, perhaps was not the best option from them all, but Olivia knew better. She had to get out of there before she`ll get trapped and then, for sure, she would be screwed over. In a normal situation, Oliva would stick around and solve the problem, as an old saying came to her mind. You have to face your problems no matter what is the cost.However, being in the situation of running away from the Zombies, Olivia pushed that thought far away from her head. Her hands gripped tighter the steering wheel, trying to make her way out of town. Only if that would be so easy.

    ` Shit! They are to many cars around .. I need to think fast and find a place to gather some supplies..` said to herself, driving at a slower motion and came to a stop in front of an old petro station. Moving quickly, her hand took the crossbow and the backpack, soon getting out of the car and let her dark eyes to take a quick glace around. No company so far.
    Her feet took her towards the entrance of the store, in position with her weapon, sensing already her pulse rising. Expect the unexpected. Olivia slowly opened the door, aiming with the crossbow forward, her pulse rising even more and a small drop of sweat begun to form at her forehead. Slowly, but certain she made her way inside, when at first look it was a mess. A small sigh escaped her lips, knowing now it was nobody there.

    After just a few minutes of savaging, getting two bags of crisps, a few cans of beens and one bottle of water, Olivia was about to go out, But something stopped her. In a quick movement, her awareness was at maximum when a sound did caught her attention. Some loud growls coming from outside, soon fallowed by a scream.
    `Crap! I have no time.. I can`t believe I say this, but It`s to late for him. I need to go.` said to herself, watching as five zom-zoms were feeding on an old man, until his scream faded away. Olivia settled the backpack, gripping now the weapon and made her escape from there, running without turning even for a second to look behind her. Her heart`s pulse had increased, taking faster and faster steps, going even deeper into the town.

    I can`t believe it yet.. it has been only a few weeks, now all I see everywhere is blood, Shadows of people roaming the streets and ready to bite you with every single chance they`ve got. This is so fucked up..
    Oh, Lord. Is this the way we are paying for all our sins? I thought..that you cared about this world, but as I see it now with very own eyes, it has turned into a catastrophe. Chaos . This is more than insane..

    Therefore, after a short walk of few minutes, Olivia came to a stop when at not to far distance, it was a small hoarde of zom-zoms. With caution, she slide across a shop`s wall and then kneeled, taking a position from behind a car. Suddenly, in just a few seconds, a large explosion filled the air, soon fallowed by a big fire. That sound echoed through air.
    `Wh-at the heck..? who is the smartass to do this shit?` she whispered, looking around to see if she could find the source with the dumbass making this situation even worse.
    Fuck it.
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  8. Elliot zipped the bag up once the chips were put inside. Out of date potato chips and canned food have been a main part of the twins' diets after the apocalypse began. They had been eating delicious Italian food with their parents just about a month prior. And that very same day, what used to be their mother grabbed Elia's hair and tried to bite her, which resulted in Elliot completely cutting off the section then pushing their infected mother off the high building of their hotel. Now, his little sister would always have short hair. Elia looked odd to Elliot because he was still so used to seeing her with long wavy hair. It was like when their mother tried to be 'like those American girls' by dying her hair pink. No mother should do that.

    The raven haired man looked out one of the convenience store windows, thinking he had heard some noises coming outside. It sounded what could be a scream.. And what sounded like a very distant car. His eyebrows furrowed. The last time they trusted someone with a car, that man tried to hold them both at gunpoint.

    "Большой брат..?" ((Big brother..?)) Elia spoke up, looking at him with questioning blue eyes. "Автомобиле за пределами! Возможно, они помогут нам! ((It's a car outside! Maybe they'll help us!))"

    "Или воспользоваться нашей вашей доброты." ((Or take advantage our your kindness.)) He then pointed to the back door. "Мы должны идти. Получить через там и я смогу догнать вас." ((We have to get going. Get out through there and I'll catch up with you.))

    "Но-" ((But-))

    "Уже сейчас." ((Now.))

    The raven haired girl nodded once before putting her candy into her backpack. As she was walking towards the door, a nearby explosion sounded. Elliot rushed over and grabbed his sister, pulling her behind cover as the vibrations caused the glass of the remaining convenience store windows to explode. Both twins had to cover their ears tightly to protect their ears; the explosion was close, which meant that the infected would be coming in this general direction. Elliot grabbed his sister's hand and held his bat ready, Elia with her crowbar in her other hand.

    "Эллиот, что это было? Какие только что случилось?" ((Elliot, what was that? What just happened?)) Elia asked with some panic lacing her voice, the smell of metallic high grade explosives filling the air.

    "Большой взрыв только что произошло." ((A big ass explosion just happened.)) Was all Elliot said as he led her out of the store and towards a direction away from the explosion sight. If they were caught there, someone might think they did it.
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  9. Silence, that is what Alex preferred. If he was silent then he was safe. If he was careful then he could survive. So when there was some idiots going around and firing their guns for no reason, riling up the zed that still fills this city, Alex didn't like it. He had been paused by the corner of an old brick home. peaking out to the intersection of two streets. The only sign of life was the zed slowly shambling toward the other side of street, toward the gunfire like Alex himself was heading.

    Alex grimaced, shifting position of the straps on his back as they cut into his shoulders. It would take too long to get through without alerting any zed, but at the same time he refused to waste bullets trying to go find out what was happening. So instead he slipped his rifle into his hands, gripping it more like a staff then a gun. Crouching low he snuck toward teh undead, closing the short distance between them. The monster had no idea what was going on till the last moment, it turned to see the butt of Alexs gun smash against the side of his face, sending him spinning to the ground, landing harshly on his front. The zed paid no mind really, happy to have something to fill his cravings, he began to find a way back to its feet when the heal of Alexanders boot, stomped on the back of its skull. Over and over in rapid succession until finally it gave in caving in under force of his strike.

    Winded Alexander checked his surroundings again, making sure he was in fact still alone. It was then an explosion sounded very very close to wear he was standing, the force actually knocking him off his feet and to the ground right next to the gored undead. This time it was him who hit his head hard, it left him dizzy and disoriented, taking precious seconds to remember where he was and what had just happened. Stumbling to his feet his gaze darted around trying to find wear the explosion had actualy come from. Finding a direction he made a beeline to the nearest building that would be able to look at the explosion site from the roof.
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  10. Stupid people. Stupid choices. Why on earth someone just then had to make a big Bang explosion to occur, when they should by now that it is one of the idiotic idea.

    Olivia gulped hard the nod at her throat, scanning quickly the area by popping her head from behind the damaged camaro, seeing at a far distance a few Zom-Zoms. Her pulse begun to rise rapidly, same as an subway train like wanting to come out of her chest. She could not waste anymore time. She had to move from there and fast.
    So, with that thought in mind, Olivia stood up, but not completely and made her way from the previous location heading towards down the street. Her black skirt fluttered when a gush of cold wind passed by, even making her long hair to swing around. She did miss those days when her friends used to play hide and seek, always for her to find them eventually. She was a winner back in those child days. Now everything was different.

    Therefore, reaching a what it used to be a famous bar, took a deep breath and slowly moved forward, holding tight the weapon between her hands. Suddenly, two Undead crossed her path, being to late for her to avoid them. Olivia got ready to shot, using her right hand on the trigger of her Striker 380 crossbow, while the arrow flew at a high speed and strike the undead`s skull. It went straight from the left eye, as the undead collapsed to the ground.

    ` Oh well..it was a good shot. Not my best, but hey. I have plenty time to practice.` said to herself with a half smile, making a move to the left and took another shot to a little boy, the arrow stuck into his forehead as he fell down. Olivia gulped once again, moving slowly towards the undead now being Dead for good, to get her arrows back. That was the part she hated the most. Most definitely she needed to find a secondary weapon to carry.
    However, Olvia used her left hand and right foot to hold the bodies down, while she managed to pull the arrows from the head, with dark blood covering them. She sighed once more, wiping them on her black gloves and setting the arrows to their original place. Only one small problem, which for a second she lost her focus and did not see the approaching Z`s from the left, which they were attracted to the loud bang from before.
    More Undead headed her direction, with only five arrows, she had to make a plan and quickly before it would be to late. Two of the undead men, had a missing arm, blood all over their faces and with their eyes a strange colour. It was something indescribable. They have lost their humanity. For good.

    ` Oh Shit..!! this is not good.!` Olivia turned right in time, when she heard the disgusting growling of the Z`s approaching her from up the street. They started to gather more and more, as she knew she could not stand a chance with that short ammo. She was outnumbered. Definitely fucked up.
    Then, Olivia begun to make a run for it, trying to go to the opposite direction, hitting on the way one fat Undead with the back of her weapon so she could get pass by it. With another movement, her right foot hit him hard into the chest pushing him back. Still, he was to big and strong, and so, Olivia aimed the crossbow at him and released the arrow. But unfortunately, it went passed his ear and landed a few feet away. In the meantime, more and more of them were coming towards her.
    Olivia begun to be just a little bit scared for her life, which has not happened in a long time. Or that was what she was telling herself, in order to be strong and not loose her Sanity. Well, what was left of it anyways.

    `Fuck me! This is bad! Get away from me.!! ` She shouted a bit louder, even if her throat was sore, still trying to fight back the few zombies approaching her. Once again, she pulled the trigger from her crossbow and shot the arrow to an eldery woman, killing her. Blood went all over her face, moving her fingers to drag the arrow out of her head, as a few more draw in closer and closer.
    Fuck this.
  11. ~Channel 7 News New York Daily~

    It appears as if a movie legend has come to reality ladies and gentleman. We heard of the international pandemic incident, but somehow we assume the virus has mutated and has made its way here into the United States. We don't know much about it, but the dead is somehow walking among us and we can't comprehend exactly how this is possible-


    Roy sat still in his room glaring at the tv. He could hear people running outside, yelling at eachother before a sudden gunshot snaps him out of the glare. He looks around and notices the colored bars on his tv signaling that the channel was off-air. He clicked buttons on his remote and the channels he skimmed through were all off-air. Finally shutting the tv off, he stood up and walked around the apartment.

    "Where are you, Rob?" he said to himself. Becoming impatiant, he equipped his hoodie and walked out of his apartment room. The hallway was trashed, furniture was all over the ground and doors were opened. He continued walking down the hallway towards the exit of the apartment building. What awaited him outside was horror.

    Cars were trashed, flames were engulfing the streets and the streets were also littered with newspapers. "What...happened?" Roy whispered once again. "I don't understand what could of caused this". Suddenly, he turned his head towards one of the cars. He heard footsteps and groaning.

    "Is somebody there?" he asked in a loud voice. "Do you need help?". As he walked to the car, he was horrfied at the sight. A rotting corpse was moving under the car, groaning. Several footsteps were then heard and a small herd of infected were coming towards him. He breathed out and backed up before running into something behind him.

    It was an infected and it lunged at him. Holding it back, Roy was disgusted by the rotting mouth and suddenly punched the infected out, knocking it to the ground, getting his entire fist dirty. He ran into his apartment building as the infected chased him inside. His agile parkour backround helped him get an advantage as he hopped over the furnitures that were laid all over the hallway before finally making it into his apartment room and locking the door behind him. He breathed heavily as he looked around and moved a table to the door to block it and suddenly as he did that, bumps on the door could be hears from the infected.

    "This isn't happening...this isn't happening..." he mumbled to himself. "Rob...where are you...". He paced his apartment room and thought that maybe Rob was orderes to stay in the police station to defend. He coulden't wait any longer. He went into his bedroom and got a hoodie from his closet. He went to his brother Rob's bedroom and reached under his bed, sliding out what seemed to be a briefcase.

    '24-15-30-10" he said while turning a small dial on the briefcase. It clicked and he opened it up, revealing a Glock 19 pistol with several magazines. He picked up the gun and inspected it before sliding in the magazine and reloading the gun. He took out the other ammo and put it in his hoodie before closing the briefcase and going back to his room.

    Grabbing several snacks from the kitchen he returned to his room and stuffed them in his backpack as well as a few comics. He hooked the backpack on his back and looked outside the window. About to head out the fire escape, he stopped and looked behind him. He opened his dresser and dug under his folded clothes to find a skeleton face mask that covered his mouth and partially his nose. He put it on and lifted his hood before finally turning and going out the window to climb out the fire escape.

    He made it to the last step of the fire escape and began climbing down the ladder that led to an alley before an explosion occurs, almost knocking him off. Dangling with one hand holding onto the ladder he looked in the explosions direction. "What...the hell was that?" he said to himself before continuing to climb down the ladder. Roy landed in the alleyway and looked around. It was quiet. He walked down the alleyway onto the street, looking around the burning streets before continuing on.
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  12. Willow cautiously slipped through the back streets, padding softly on light feet with a watchful eye on everything around her. This city's gone to hell. She thought, wishing to be back in the country, skulking through the woods with no worries besides whether she'd get a deer. The rational part of her wanted to be totally alone, as safe as possible, in some unihabited stretch of woods. But the rest of her told Willow that being alone was a bad idea. Those two thoughts battle across her mind before she was shaken out of her reverie by the sound of an explosion splitting the air, causing her to stumble. The fuck was that? She knew she should be going in the opposite direction, but the hunter's curiosity got the better of her. She climbed up a nearby fire escape and then haphazardly onto the roof of an apartment building. It was only four stories, but that was enough for to survey the area.

    Willow could see the random hordes of the dead walking milling about the streets, but what caught her eye was the pillar of smoke in the distance, most likely the site of the explosion. What happened there? Once more her curiosity overwhelmed her, and she began to slip down to a balcony on the opposite side of the building, toward the smoke. She pulled up short as she saw a lone woman stalked by the undead. Sighing, the hunter knew that it wouldn't sit well on her conscious if she did nothing, and she was close enough to help. She carefully made her way to the balcony beneath her current one, bracing her ankles as she dropped down and grunting. She drew her rifle from her back and laid it against the railing, crouching to put the scope at eye level. Two shots left before I need to reload. She noted mentally, her instinct taking over as the barrel of the fireärm swayed toward a target. It was only just across the street, so not a terribly difficult shot with a rifle. She counted the seconds, a habit she had formed while waiting for deer to appear, as her crosshairs lined up. She cocked the rifle.

    Then she fired, her delicate finger tightly squeezing the trigger, launching the round through the air. She winced at the loud pop of the shot, knowing it would draw their attention. Her bullet buried itself in the chest of a zombie, the force of the shot blasting it backwards; it did not move again. Willow turned her scope to another target in the group, hoping it would cause enough confusion to at least let the woman escape. She fired again, once again meeting her target and dropping it. I'm on a roll. But my accuracy doesn't matter if I run out of bullets. She pulled more out of a pocket in her coat and set about reloading, knowing time was valuable.
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  13. "Daddy are we there yet?" A soft, light voice came from behind a car's front seat, as a little girl with long brown hair sat with a graceful and innocent smile. "Well we only made it to the bridge, so probably not" Blake sat in the front seat with his hand gently holding the wheel, he gave a light smile to his wife Diane then looked back at the front window.
    Blake woke up with sweat running through his dark brown hair and down the man's forehead. Once again Blake had a nightmare about his family, which would haunt his dreams every single night he would fall asleep. The man sat up on the brown comfortable seat with his head leaning down and his elbows leaning on his knees. Blake then stood up from the couch and walked over to the counter, grabbing a water bottle and taking a drink out of it. He then screwed the lid tight on the bottle and walked over to the side table, Blake took his pistol off the table and out the mag in then slid it in his holster. Blake then grabbed his knife and slit it between his jean pants and belt.

    Blake walked out of the apartment, seeing the dead walk the street and take over our once peaceful planet. Blake took out his knife as he walked down the sidewalk, he was used to being alone so he would have the same body movement and expression as those monsters when outside with 'them.' A rotter came close to him so before it can touch him, Blake slid the knife from his belt and sliced the head of the rotter. More of the dead noticed him and started limping his way, Blake looked around trying to find the best place to hide in. Blake then spotted a mechanic garage across the street, so Blake quickly ran and dodged the dead till he got to the garage door. Blake kept prying and trying to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. Blake looked over trying to find something to open it with when he spotted a crowbar on the sidewalk, Blake ran over and grabbed the crowbar then ran back to the garage door and began prying the door open. The dead were getting even closer and closer, Blake got it open enough to hold the door and slide under it. Blake then closed it and found a lock, he then locked the garage so that the dead can't get to him.

    Blake then stood up and looked around the shop, seeing a Ford truck in the garage. Blake stepped up onto it and grabbed a key off the workbench and unlocked the truck. Blake searched the truck and everything inside seemed fine, he then got out of the truck and walked over to the front of the truck. Blake popped the hood and found that the battery was missing, everything seemed fine except the missing battery. Little unusual that somebody hasn't emptied the gas tank yet. Blake wondered but then found that most likely somebody hadn't seen the sign because it was all tore up. Blake then looked all over the garage but couldn't find any batteries, well he was suspecting that he wasn't going to find anything, this is hell isn't it. He then walked over to the back door and put a chalk brush in the doorway so when he found the battery, he would have an easier time getting in. Blake made his way down the street trying to avoid those rotting corpses, he hadn't named those 'things' anything but monsters, corpses, rotters and the dead. He walked down the street till he approached a car lot with very few cars left, but that would be the best and only idea the man had.

    Blake made his way through the lot, there was about thirty to forty cars still left but most was broken into or in critical damage. He had searched most of the cars inside the building but most were raided, so he know had to go outside but it was getting dark and was pouring rain outside the building. Not too long till the outside lot had rotters coming through, but if Blake waited he would have to take the risk of a large swarm of them, Blake didn't like taking risks. He then took out his Glock from his holster and his knife close to the handgun right near the handle, when the man made his way through the pouring rain, he checked most of the cars but couldn't find any. Many rotters began to appear and it got even worse to stay outside. Blake checked another car and found a battery that would most likely fit the truck, rotters got closer to him and Blake kept pulling at the battery to come out. Two rotters were a few feet away so Blake stopped and turned around, he then shot both and turned back around then kept pulling. Finally, Blake got the battery out so he quickly put the Glock back in the holster and took his knife off the car, he then put the knife between his rib and elbow then ran through the lot towards the garage.

    Blake then escaped back to the garage, it was a hell-storm out there but he made it back. Blake slid his knife back between his jeans and belt, then opened the door with his free hand and kicked the brush then ran in. Blake had known how to fix a car, put gas in a car and put a new battery inside a car. So Blake quickly walked to the car and tried to put the battery in the hood, fortunately the battery fit and Blake decided to wait till morning to leave. Blake was about to go to sleep when he heard a small bang coming from the washroom, Blake quickly walked over to the washroom door, holding his Glock up to defend himself. Blake opened the door with his other hand, but there wasn't anyone or anything there. Blake shrugged and put his handgun back in his holster, he then started walking out of the washroom when he heard a click and something cold to his skull. "Thanks for the truck Asshole"
  14. Spencer walked over to the edge of the alley, and leaned against the wall, peeking her head out and glancing up and down the street. She sighed slightly, as she tried to decide which direction would be safest. Back before all this started, choosing which direction to go had always been her favorite part about wandering around the city. It was always fun to try and imagine what might be around the next corner. Nowadays though, it was agonizing. She knew making the wrong choice could be deadly. What looked like a safe route might actually turn out to be a death trap. She'd seen those... those things rip people apart so many times, and she didn't want to die like that.

    As she was debating this, however, she heard a loud explosion coming from pretty near by. She jumped back a bit, temporarily shocked. What could have caused something like that? Did someone set it off on purpose? And why? Maybe they were in trouble? Or perhaps it had nothing to do with people; maybe a broken gas line had exploded. She honestly wasn't even sure if that was possible, she never was good with those sorts of things, but that didn't stop the thought from passing through her mind.
    Either way, it seemed that her decision had been made for her.

    She scanned the area once more, making sure she hadn't missed anything, and then stepped out into the street.
    She made her way towards the sound the explosion had come from, eyes darting back and forth.
    As she got closer, she noticed the sounds of gunshots, and tightened her fingers around her bat.
    "Why am I even doing this...?" She mumbled under her breath, shaking her head slightly.
    "This is stupid. Anyone with a brain would head in the opposite direction. Such a ruckus could only attract those abominations..."
    But, then again, Spencer never had considered herself smart. Besides, she couldn't help herself. She'd spent so many days alone.... she was honestly starting to doubt that there was much of anyone left out there. Sure, she would hear signs of the living from time to time. More often than not it would be screaming, that awful screaming that let you know someone else had fallen victims to those monsters... other times there would be gunshots or car engines. She'd never tried to seek those noises out before though. It was dangerous. When the world goes mad, so do people, and Spencer didn't want to deal with that. She was so terrified that she'd have to kill a living person she had decided long ago it was better to just stay far away from them. But this... this noise was so close... she couldn't help but want to seek it out.
    You know what they say, "curiosity killed the cat".
  15. The elder twin knew that the massive explosion was sure to cause some attention. Elia looked at her brother then back at their path before the two of them stopped dead in their tracks. They were trying to leave the direction of the explosion, but it seemed they would have to battle their way through the oncoming infected. Though some of them were separating towards the directions of the gunshots, there was a good portion still coming towards them. "Пляжный бар. Вы помните, что я говорил?" ((Elia. Do you remember what I told you?)) The raven haired male asked, tapping the head of the bat against the floor a couple of times, the darkness under his eyes appearing darker at the sight of infected stumbling towards them. Their bloodthirsty eyes locked onto the twins, ravenous hunger apparent in their blank eyes.

    "Цель на головке блока цилиндров, не гайки." ((Aim for the head, not the nuts.)) The Russian girl said to her eldest brother as he pulled out an old kitchen knife he picked up from one of the houses they looted. It was dull, which meant it required a lot more strength to stab through the infected's skull. Elia could never wield such a weapon. "Хорошая девочка." ((Good girl.)) Elliot told his sister, swinging his dominant arm to the side, aiming at the closest infected's temple. The strength Elliot held from his years of kickboxing put him in shape, but it only molded his lack of compassion. Elia had to be the people person, or else he'd get murdered for, what people find to be, his "asshole attitude".

    The burst of blood came out of the infected's head, falling instantly to the ground. Elliot swung again at another and then another, receiving the same result each time. The raven haired girl swung her crowbar into the next infected's head then kicked him off of her weapon, a hint of remorse in her eyes as she did it. Elia was still trying to adapt to the idea that killing people is okay so long as they were infected. After living in a world where you were arrested then convicted if you committed a crime, to suddenly be thrown into a whole new one out of a science fiction movie.. It was really hard on her when she followed strict "no hurting people" morals. She had witnessed so many gory deaths that hadn't been bugs. How was a girl like her supposed to cope with something like this? So suddenly? All the Russian girl wanted was to spend a nice vacation with her family in the American states... But now, she was stuck here with the only family she had; her brother.
  16. As Roy exited the alley, he looked around at the flames engulfing the streets. He was on the other side of his apartment building and the infected that were once on the street were likely still clawing his door. He walked at a normal pace down the sidewalk looking around. As he walked by a car, an infected's hand reached for him. The arm made him jump a bit, but he regained his compsure and squashed the infected's head with his boot before continuing down the sidewalk.

    The smoke from the earlier explosion could be seen when looking up. The police station however, was around the corner so he decided that he would stop there first to look for his brother Rob. After walking for several minutes, he reached the police station. His walk there was peaceful as the streets were empty and only littered with vehicles. Looking at the police station, the windows were broken and it seemed empty. Upon entering, he noticed blood stains and corpses laying everywhere.

    "Oh no..." he thought to himself. Hoping that none of the bodies belonged to his brother, he inspected the ones with police uniforms carefully from afar. "I don't understand. Where is he?" he thought to himself. None of the bodies belonged to his brother, but there was something that caught his attention. The armory from where the members of the S.W.A.T Team would get their gear from was open. He slipped pass all the bodies and peeked into the armory.

    Nothing was left except a few rounds, a combat knife and a small gas mask. Roy picked up the knife and twirled it around his finger before grasping it and hooking it onto his belt. He looks at the gas mask and picks it up, inspecting it. An idea ran through his mind. The explosion from earlier was big and perhaps the area was surrounded in smoke with ash. The mask could be useful there.

    Groaning is then heard from outside the armory and several of the bodies he inspected earlier were waking up. He panicked and quickly shut the caged doors of the armory before standing away from it. The infected were heading towards the caged door as Roy looked around not knowing what to do. He didn't have sufficient ammo for all of them. He noticed that the desks weren't so high right outside the armory and thought of a plan.

    As the infected got closer, he kicked the caged door open knocking the infected to do the sides of it. He sprinted out and hopped over each desk before making it to the exit, confronted by an infected. He takes out the combat knife and stabs the infected in the skull knocking it to the ground before running out of the station. He sprinted into another alley before taking cover behind a dumpster. Hooking the knife back onto his belt, he looked at the gas mask he had picked up and taken with him. He pulled back his hood and equipped the gas mask before raising his hood again and continuing down the alley.

    The smoke was getting closer as he approached the site of explosion. He could see flame chips now and crouched behind a car, close to the explosion site.
  17. It all happened so damn fast. It was Like a dream in a way. Some gun shots came out of nowhere, but Olivia was more than grateful for those.
    Without any further thinking, she made a run passed the two zom zoms, to collect her arrow and fit it to its place. Then, gave a quick look around, making an army salute with her fingers as in " Thank you whoever you are" and turned left down the road. Her feet kept taking moving, just until a sharp pain crossed her hip and went down her leg, like thousands of sharp needles wee piercing her body.

    " The heck .. Is this crap ? Argh!!" She muttered coming to a stop and leaning to a nearby wall, trying to maintain her breathing normal. Her heart begun to pulse harder and faster, with all the emotions now coming back to her like a wave. For a moment, she closed her eyes and bit down her lip, allowing her body to slip down the wall until her bum had reached the ground.

    " I hate this.. Why God has to play this game? I just wish everything .. Would get better, God Dammit !!" Her voice trembling in that moment, with the sound of the undead around that area filling the air.
    It was just a matter of time before she would come back to herself and her senses. Somehow.
    I don`t understand this stupid pain.. I did not have it before. Oh, I just ignore it for now. I really need a rest for a minute or two. If anyone decides to come this way, for sure I stand a chance of hitting the person or something. Still, I wonder who or what caused that explosion?

    Or someone find her. Crap situation.
  18. Kneeling close to the ground, his ears still ringing from his close encounter with the ground after the explostion. Alexander sat his eye looking through his scope, centering the small red dot on an even redder haired girl. Just down the street between Him and the red head was another women fending herself from the dead. Alex was about to engage the zed and help her but then he saw the glint of the red heads scope. He had almost shot her, right before her first bullet had found its mark in the zombies skull, his finger had hovered over the trigger as his scope was centered on her forehead. He hesitated for just a moment, enough to realize that all she was doing was helping as well.

    Good to know that not everyone are assholes.

    Pulling his eyes away from the scope he looked beyond it, watching the girl run past two more zed after half saluting her would be savor. She turned running toward the building he was at right now. He froze for half a second before ducking down, only allowing his head to poke out from the roof ledge as he watched the girl make her way to the ally. Once she was between the buildings he stood up again, still crouching to ake himself the smallest target possible. He scanned the area noting that several zed were still making their way toward the same ally and after that girl. He turned moving as quietly to the other side of the roof only to see a couple more zed heading to the other side of the ally effectivly trapping the girl if Alex didn't do anything.

    Letting out a sigh he stood straight up. Swearing under his breath that he had to help this girl. In reality he was secretly happy he had the chance to talk to someone. More then anything he missed was nice people to talk to. Still she could kill him just for saying the wrong thing, the fact that people killers so easily sent chills running down his spine, even more so that he was no exception. Still standing straigt up he made his way to the edge of the roof that was one of the ally walls standing over he called down to her. "Hey, Dead coming from both sides, you might want to get up here if you don't want to die. "
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  19. Roy looked around as he crouched behind the car. The cackling flames was all he could hear and the smoke was covering the area. Still wondering what was the explosion, Roy still coulden't figure out what caused the explosion. As he made his away around the cars, he could hear multiple groans and also heard what seemed to be a voice. He peeked up from the car and saw multiple infected heading to an alleyway.

    "What are they going after?" he said to himself. He tried looking beyond infected, but isn't able to make out what exactly they're going after. He continued sliding around cars, attempting to avoid the herd and not get their attention. The gas mask he had on was assisting him well as the smoke was not affecting him. As he sat there behind one of the cars, looking on at the flames, he heard a voice again.

    He coulden't make out what it was, but it came from the alleyway he skipped over earlier. "There must be someone there." he said. "Should I help them?" he thought to himself. Roy looked on as the herd began to thicken with more infected approaching the alley. "No" he said to himself. "It can be a hostile civillian". He got up from the car and snuck around the herd to the other side of the building.

    There was a cracked window on that side of the building. He looked around and kicked the window to break it, quickly sneaking into the building. It was dark and seemed to be abandoned. Finding a pillar, he sat against it and took off the gas mask, taking a deep breath. "I can't believe this is happening." Roy said in his mind. "Where the hell are you, Rob?".

    He looked around and noticed steel steps. He looked at the window he came in through and once again put on his mask before getting up and climbing the stairs. He took out his Glock and held it in one hand while holding his knife in the other. Roy didn't know if this building was occupied or abandoned. The power was out, it was dark and all he could do was continue going up the stairs.
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  20. As Spencer got closer to the site of the explosion, she could hear the sounds of more and more infected. She had never considered herself very skilled at fighting, and had spent most of her time so far simply moving quickly and staying as far away from the dead as possible. Of course, she had run into groups of them from time to time, and managed to fight her way out of it; she had the blood on her bat to prove it. But this... this was different. She wasn't used to so many of them at once. Suddenly doubting the intelligence of her decision, she turned back in the direction she had come from, only to notice more infected walking her way; most likely going after the same sounds she had been.

    Feeling nervous, she bit her bottom lip and glanced around, trying to think of what to do next. "Okay..." She mumbled quietly to herself, pushing a loose strand of hair out of her face with one hand, and clutching her bat so tight with the other that her knuckles went white. "Don't freak out. This is just like any other time. Sure... there's a ton of them... and only one of you... but... that doesn't mean you have to get panicked... just... slip away into an alley... look for a fire escape or broken window you can get in through... the usual..."

    She nodded slightly, feeling reassured by her own words, and began to back up towards the nearest alley.
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