Zombies, anthros, and the interest check!

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  1. Hey guys! Furasian here in the interest check section with something that's been on me mind for quite awhile. Unfortunately for those waiting on the other military roleplay in development that has been put on a hold as this roleplay comes into the spotlight. I come with two ideas which are simple yet enjoyable:

    1. State of Disarray, a state of decay inspired roleplay-

    Whether in the rural country or the cities after the outbreak, you play as a survivor or the remaining military force trying to hold out against this new nightmare. This can bring about a whole story that can stretch across the United States as your character ends up in Trumbull Valley.

    2. The New Light, a Dying Light Inspire Roleplay-

    Runner's rejoice for this sequel to the Dying light has been thrown on the drawing board. In a city under lockdown the dead roam the streets in the hundreds, but that hasn't stopped those who are still alive from trying to stay that way. Whether you are a operative sent by the GRE, or one of the few sane people in the city you will definitely have fun in this free running zombie roleplay.
  2. Well. I do like anthros.. Zombies are overdone but a staple of the genre..
  3. I wont lie it's kind of cliche, but hopefully I can add some elements that make it unique and interesting! I got a lot of ideas in my head, a supply and skill point system when developing a cs being one of them, but everything is only a rough draft till I can get some interest.
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  5. Sure, why not. Zombies and furries in the same room sounds entertaining.
  6. Good to hear there a bit of interest! Now the question is which of the two zombie plots should I dedicate the RP to. . .
  7. I'm all for The New Light myself
  8. light?New
  9. One of the plots in the original post
  10. oh i worded it wrong thanks computer.

    i meant to say new light?
  11. Well which of the 2 plots do you prefer boss?
  12. Well! With the interest I have now I might be able to get this show started, but those votes could help me decide on which plot to do.

    @Librarian Cat @Windsong Any input?
  13. i'll wait on what @Windsong has to say, for now no input from me.
  14. I'm still here. Personally more in favor of the State of Decay inspired outbreak even though I never got to play much of that game.

    Though Dying Light was a blast. Always more a fan of action and movement in a roleplay so that's probably the best bet.
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  15. It is a difficult choice T~T It seems everything's leaning towards New light though unless someone says something else
  16. honestly, i've played neither, whichever gives off more...power i guess.
  17. State of decay is a slower paced 'more realistic' approach to it. Zombies are slower, you can fortify homes, set up a settlement.
    Whereas dying light is parkour the game with zombies. Night time is terrifying with volatiles that actively hunt the player.
  18. State of disarray!

    Personally, I didn't like the plot of Dying Light..
  19. Plot.

    In a zombie game where flying dive-kicks are available.


    It was generic. It was kinda dumb.

    But man, fuck Rais.
  20. Rais was a big bitch that couldn't face his problems directly. I actually don't give a damn about him anymore

    They killed off two of my favorite characters! From there I was like:" well fuck this shit then."
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