Zombie~ish Maze Runner rp?

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What choice would you make?

  1. Stay in the safe-zone, I don't want to deal with zombies!

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  2. Use the key, go outside, bring along the supplies, let's go on an adventure!

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  3. Wait until there's about a week's worth of supplies left, then use the key to leave.

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  1. (I suck at titles, sorry)
    Zombies (all zombies, more info tba)
    The Maze Runner

    Themes/Mechanics Used:
    Thriller/Horror themes (yes this includes gore), Dice Mechanics, random stupid jokes/puns probably

    This is longer than intended (open)

    It started out in America, believe it or not, where a few people were coming down with what seemed to be a severe case of rabies. It started with a fever, followed by a sickening cough that soon turned into the patients coughing up an unknown black substance. Soon enough, the patients would start to have seizures, eventually resulting in death.

    Doctors from all around the world were called in to find out two things.
    1. A cure for this new virus, deemed by scientists as 'Z-836' (though the locals just like to call it the Z-virus)
    2. Is this natural or man-made?

    As scientists worked on the first task, the world was fed lies about this new disease simply being a strand of rabies, when in reality it was barely related to it. It was 57 days after the first death that the world ended. Really, it was stupid, starting out as an autopsy and ending in an entire government facility becoming infected. Quickly, the same country that started it all was the first to fall, the newly discovered 'zombies' quickly rampaging in major cities, any body who was bit or absorbed the mysterious black fluid pouring out of them quickly also becoming the same in any time from 1 day to 1 week later. As politicians and the rich tried to flee the country, infected or not, they managed to begin infecting the countries they fled to.
    Russia, Iceland, even the small yet overpopulated Japan quickly became anarchy. People were running, children were crying, building were on fire, even the hot dog stands were on fire! The world ended within a week, but there was still one last chance.

    (World Anarchy Resistance)

    The minute news of the first patient's death hit the world, a single mayor of a small town knew that counter-measures against the extinction of humanity needed to be taken. Luckily, she had a strong influence, and many connections, or else W.A.R would never have been created. They gathered not the world's most intelligent or successful scientists, but the most aggressive. Ignoring the government's needs for them, the mayor gave them a new task.

    Calculate the chance of immunity to the virus, along with the potential candidates of being immune.

    This was much easier than trying to find a cure for an unknown disease, and just one week before the end of the world happened, they managed to calculate a 89% chance of immunity in children that were currently at that time ranging from ages 4-10. No other generations had that high of a chance for immunity, especially not the older generations of adults that controlled the world. There was but only one chance of humanity surviving, and that was in those children.

    Quickly, the first thing the new leader of this organization did was establish an underground 'safe-zone', where the children would be able to live for at least the next decade, while at the same time gathering any and all children within those ages. Of course, the children of those that helped her were welcomed first, followed by the rest of the world's children, but not the adults. No, the children were separated from anybody outside the age range, and were separated in two groups. They only managed to save a small group of children, around ten in total that were tested and confirmed of being immune.

    The children ages 7-10 were called upon as the new 'leaders' of this generation. They were the ones who would help maintain order among the other children, and also the only ones who would establish contact with the outside world via 'the board', which basically is a video-chat conference between the child government and W.A.R. They were taught skills such as fighting and running, along with basic medicine and government. These kids would remember the outside world, though it was rare that they ever got to see their parents again.

    The children ages 4-6 were the ones that W.A.R hoped would learn how to deal with this new world, they were the 'citizens'. They were expected to elect their leaders in a democratic situation, and follow the rules and laws set by the new government. Of course, since they were so young, W.A.R didn't want them to remember the past world, so they did the only thing they could to make sure this never happened. They were taught by the leaders how to run and fight, but other than that they simply know how to use their heads.

    They wiped their memories of anyone, thing, or time before they were sent in. These kids would never remember their family's, unless for some reason they had a sibling or twin that managed to get in as well (even then though, they had to be told that they were related).

    3625 days since the kids were sent in (just under 10 years).
    It was a normal day, the 'leaders' presently being ages 17-20 now, and the 'citizens' being 14-16. It was that time of month again, W.A.R was just about to contact them, expecting an update from the 'president' no doubt. Suddenly, the screen clicked on, and the familiar faces of the council were there. Before anything could happen though, the founder of war spoke, her voice rushed as if expecting something to happen.

    "I have no doubt that nothing serious has happened, but I'm sorry to say I have some bad news. The place you call home now was designed to keep you safe, as you already know. But what you do not know is that it's usefulness only was supposed to last for about a decade. As of this moment, the place where we are currently speaking is in the process of being overran by zombies. The council will have to flee to our back-up location, made in the case this situation were to arise.

    You will most likely never see us again.

    However, we aren't abandoning you. Instead, we are giving you a choice. This next drop will be the last, inside it will be enough food and water for all of you to survive comfortably for about a month. The gate, as you know, is impenetrable, so you won't have to worry about zombies breaking through for the rest of your lives. You can all spend the rest of your days safely locked up and without worries.

    But of course we don't want you to die, trapped like animals. So we also included the key to unlocking the gate in the drop. If you decide that you want to leave, face the dangers of the outside world, just bring the key to the gate. Yes, you might not be knowing where to go, or why you are even out there, but I promise all will be clear in the end. If you choose this path, do not despair, for we have many stashes of food and water located all over the world, not to mention the places that were filled before the outbreak. You may not have contact with us, or you may find us, I honestly do not know.

    But know this, if you do choose to use the key, you must keep it with you. Promise me-"

    The sound of banging and gunfire could be heard, a single order to flee filling the monitor before the screen clicked off.

    A choice must be made by the young government.
    "Should we stay or should we go?"

    (That reference though, it was so...pun-intentional)

    Each and every survivor has read a small pamphlet made by W.A.R, called "Zombies Aren't Cute!":
    Aim for the head!
    Zombies cannot be killed by normal needs, because they are the once deceased. The only way to kill them is either to damage the brain, commonly done by bashing, shooting, or removing the head.
    Don't get bit!
    As zombies are the results of what most people call the 'Z-virus', it is easy to get infected from absorbing their 'saliva', a black gooey substance that comes from their mouths. Being bit by a zombie, swallowing/inhaling large amounts of saliva, these are easy ways to get infected!

    Don't go out at night!
    Giving that it has been a long time, there have been a few cases of strange creatures being spotted at night. We can't say for sure, but they seem to be faster and stronger than normal zombies, but have a strange weakness to light, especially UV light. If you are caught out at night, make sure to find shelter fast, or a lantern. Our stashes have spare UV lanterns and flashlights, but they tend to use batteries up very fast, a flashlight lasting for about six hours and a lantern for four.
    Be wary of mutants!
    Along with the night-creatures, there have been reports of other abnormal zombies, called mutants. 'Bombers' are the only type we've encountered, they're easily recognizable by their bulging abdominal area. By suddenly releasing too many hormones to fast, the chemical reaction causes them to self-destruct, harming anything within five meters of it. Bombers are usually found in tunnels, sewers, or with large hordes, and should be dealt with first at a distance.

    That about sums it up, well not exactly, but that's what I came up with so far. Basically it's a group of 11 people (I know what you're thinking, "But didn't you say 10 people?" and the answer to that is yes. YES I DID.) who are considered immune to the Z-virus. There are 5 'leaders' and 5 'citizens', meaning that there will be 10 spots open. This is one of those things where your decisions have their own consequences (or rewards) and you know...survival stuff. Not a very good plot, I know, but hey, that's why this is just an interest check.
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