Zodiac Children

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  1. In a place sheltered from the rest ofthe world, twelve children dwell. These children have been gifted by the zodiac as many others have before, yet not many people know about the groups of the cursed and blessed children. For as long as they have lived, they have lived basically normal lives. The only people they know who are not zodiac are their teachers and cook, however, mostly, they are satisfied with their lives.
    Now, only two days away, is New Year’s Eve. On this day, all twelve children shall gather together to celebrate their greatest event. On this event, they will be celebrating the beginning of the year of the rabbit.

    Hiroko sat curled up in the corner of the game room nearest to the heater, five blankets smothering her. She watched as the other zodiac played. Most everyone was in jolly spirits, waiting New Year’s Eve. Though she was excited, she couldn’t get over the fact she absolutely hated how cold winter was. If only they lived where the seasons were reversed.
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  2. Fea was leaning over the pool table, trying to line up the perfect shot. “Just tap it gently,” she told herself. But when she hit the cue ball a loud crack could be heard and the ball went flying off the table. “Not again!” she whined, running to retrieve it.
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  3. Henry was busy entertaining himself with a colouring book on the floor to care about the cue ball that was blasted off the table. The chosen rooster child wasn't too artistic, yet he enjoyed the activity nonetheless and was usually happy with the end result. After few minutes of working on the now colourful elephant picture, he held it up to evaluate his little project. He nodded in satisfactory before flipping the page to work on the next.
  4. Holli was sitting on the floor crossed legged with cards spread out in front of her. She was playing solitaire by herself like the name of the game entitles. If it wasn't for the snow, Holli would be outside running as much as she can having fun. She was about to put down her next card until she noticed that a white ball was escaping from the pool table. Holli uses her speed to go and fetch it causing the cards to fly around everywhere. With her ball in her hand, Holli looks around to see if someone is chasing after it. Fea, the Ox, is apparently the owner of the escaped ball. Holli stands for a little while and thinks.

    Should she keep it or should she roll it?

    Last week, Fea and Holli got into an argument about how the routine should be changed if they were able to. Holli wanted more free time but Fea disagreed and said the routine is fine the way it is. It's only a scenario. She should've at least thought of something even if it wasn't true. They never solved the argument because lunch ended. Stupid fourteen year olds, not knowing when they are wrong. What's wrong with them? Holli made the ultimate decision to roll the ball as far as she can in another direction. Satisfied with herself, she smiled and went back to her cards to straighten them back up.
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  5. Evangeline looked around and tapped her fingers on the ground. gosh... I feel a little... bored.... Being the eldest out of all f the Zodiac Children. Evangeline didn't know what to do, but it didn't really matter that they were younger than her. They all acted more mature than she did.
  6. Matt leaned against the wall and flipped through one of the books that were piled up around him. Sure, he wasn't that sociable but it would be nice to talk to someone. He was also one of the older ones, at 15 he wasn't exactly a child anymore. He watched a cue ball get thrown in his general direction and raised an eyebrow. He had a feeling that this would cause a fight so he just pulled closer into himself and looked back at his book.
  7. Not long ago, Drake saw some rabbits running across a meadow. He wants to catch them, but he knew that if he leave the place he is now, he'll have to face a big consequence. Apart from being scared, he didn't want to look like an idiot who got punished from chasing rabbits. So he stayed. And now, he is sitting by himself on a wooden chair, trying to find something to do.

    Then he heard a loud cracking voice. He turned his head and saw a cue ball flying from the pool table. "What a strenght.", he thought. "Well, not as strong as me, but I can acknowledge that."

    The ball flew to a girl. A girl he knew, and somehow he doesn't like. The girl's name is Holli, the daughter of horse. There are so many reasons why he doesn't like Holli, but the main problem is because of her stubborn attitude. His big pride versus her stubborness never resulted in something good. Most of the time, they get into a fight.

    And this time, Holli threw the cue ball. It wasn't something important, really, if the cue ball didn't fly toward Drake. Drake, who wasn't ready, got hitted in the stomach with the cue ball.

    "Uugh!", he shouted. The cue ball fall to the floor and Drake fell on his knees. His eyes got teary, but of course, he didn't cry. The strenght of a horse will not let a dragon's son cry, he though, but he can't lie. Tears starts running down his red cheeks. But he keeps trying to hide the pain away. He put on an angry face, get up, and shouted, "Why did you do that, you stinky horse!"

    He took the ball and threw it back to Holli. Then he put his hands on his stomach, still trying to hold the pain back.
  8. Shanya happily played with the rabbits out in the snow, the little sheep was enjoying the snowball she was currently a part of. With how thick the little girl's hair was, she felt like she barely had to wear a coat to keep warm. ,"Take that!", Shanya giggled as she threw a snowball at one of the rabbit children before tripping on her own feet and falling face first in the snow with a loud "Oof!!"
  9. Lily sat at the window, watching some of the other children play. She sighed as it was too cold to play outside. She thought they were having all the fun. "If they get to have fun, I can have fun too!" Lily decided to go and run around to see what the other children were up to. She saw a few kids and older teens lounge around. One of the girls threw a cue ball at a boy. Lily saw them fighting. She can't stand useless fighting. She went in a corner and started to draw a picture of the winter sky.
  10. "Why did you do that, you stinky horse!" Holli heard. This caused her to look away from her cards and look towards the direction the voice came from. In that direction, Drake, the dragon, is on his knees gripping his stomach and a cue ball is flying towards her. Holli quickly catches the ball with both hands. The ball is taken care of so now it's time for the injured dragon. Holli started to walk over to Drake to help him. She has morals too and was clearly at fault. On the way over something occurred to Holli. Drake is basically walking pride which lead to their fights in the past. That and the fact that she won't back down on something she is serious about. Doing this wouldn't make him very happy since the almighty dragon is getting help from the stinky horse. Holli turned around half way to go back to her cards so she can play solitaire again.
  11. Fea was standing behind Holli when she turned around, displeasure very apparent in her eyes. "Holli, you need to apologize to Drake. Why would you even do that? He hadn't done anything to you!" Fea didn't consider that the act might have been because of an argument in the past, as she had probably already forgotten about it. Although, she and the horse did clash often, and this was probably end the same way, an argument. "Oh jeez," she sighed. "You got him bad too." Fea brushed past and knelt down by Drake. "Hey, are you going to be alright?" she asked as she patted his back. Sure, Drake could be a brat sometimes; so full of himself and not afraid to let everyone know it. But she wasn't about to just leave him there crying. It had been her cue ball after all. Who would have thought it would cause all this?
  12. Evangeline looked over at the fuss and got up, "Whats wrong?"
    She had completely missed the cue ball being thrown about and what had happened. All she saw were some ticked off people. The Ox... The Horse... and the Dragon... hmm.... she looked around at them and smiled at each of them happily.
    "We should all try to get along yes?"
    Smiling at them she gave a small giggle, being her more chirpier self.
  13. The daughter of horse walked toward him. She was concerned about him, he thought. Well, that was her fault, anyway. She need to come here and apologize. A horse just slightly hurt a dragon. It's natural for her to say sorry. But, after walking halfway to Drake, Holli stopped. She took a short pause and turned her back from him and start walking back to her cards. Drake's jaws dropped, not literally. How can the Horse ignored him? He is the son of the great Dragon, the Gold Dragon! No one can hurt a dragon and casually walk away without saying sorry. Drake wants to scream, saying, "Wait! How could you ignore me?! You just hurted a Dragon's son!", but that will sound too childish, so he remain silent. And of course, he is mocking the Horse internally.

    A girl then come to him, kneeling before him and patting his back. The girl has half-black and half-white coloured hair. He doesn't like this girl as well. The girl's name is Fea, the daughter of Ox. He remembered that Fea and he has already fought many times in arguments that would resulted in Drake's pride getting crushed over Fea's stubborness and reasonings. Of course, an 11-years-old who still fantasizes about many things would naturally lose against a 14-years-old girl. That left him with grudge over the Ox.

    "Get away from me!", he said, slapping the girl's hand away from him. He doesn't want to be pitied by the girl that defeated him in an argument. Very childish, indeed, but a child is still a child.
  14. Matt watched the fight between the horse and the dragon. He did well with the dragon, even though he was younger then him. He saw that he yelled at the Ox, his other friend but he blew it off. He sighed and got up, stretching as he did. He had been out late last night exploring and he had had to move and twist to get through the small areas. He walked over to the dragon, nodding an hello to Fea before kneeling down. "Hey, Drake, You ok?" He said softly.
  15. Trevellian, the monkey stood outside atop a roof. The snow fell and clung to his hair, where it melted, making his hair damp. His eyes were open wide, observing the falling snow. He always loved watching the snow fall. His curiosity demanded that he did. That and his desire to always be learning. He heard sounds of an uproar beneath him, on the inside of the building. "They're making quite a lot of noise down there." He looked down and saw Shanya the goat playing around with the rabbits. She was such an excitable spirit. He guessed if he didn't redirect his energy into his powers he might have been just as excitable, if not more so. A smile crossed his face. "This will be a good year, I can feel it."
  16. Shanya slowly sat up, snow covering her face though it ended up melting as tears fell. She puffed her cheeks, preventing herself from sobbing before she quickly wipped her face. Taking a deep breath she stood up again and walked forwards, one of her feet getting stuck in the snow and causing her to fall over again.
  17. Through all of the fuss, Hiroko remained seated. Her only thoughts were complaints that she couldn't get a wink of sleep. Of course, what did she suspect--this being the 'family' of the zodiac? In the summer time, she didn't mind their quarrels, but winter was different. She simply curled up even more, and watched the group without saying what was truly on her mind.
  18. Before, it was Fea the Ox who goes and tried to comfort him, and now the Rat came as well. Does he look that pitiful? No, he shouldn't have looked like a weak boy. He is the son of Dragon, and the Dragon's son can't be a weak-looking brat.

    "Of course I'm okay!", he yelled, standing up. Though his legs are still trembling, but he wiped his tears and tried to look strong. "I'm not a weak boy who'll cry because of a cue ball!"
  19. Evangeline looked at him and frowned, "Chill! Now what's this about a cue ball?"
    She looked at everyone, she might not be the best person to be in order at the moment. But as the eldest she was goign to take her responsibility and look after the rest. Looking at each of them she frowned ever so slightly.
    "So... What happened?"
  20. Henry watched the scene from the side, "Drake got hit with a ball." He explained, "But he's strong, so he doesn't need help." The five year old had learned quite quickly that the chosen dragon child had a big ego, and was wise enough to know that trying to help would only rub his peer the wrong direction. Hoping she got the message, he went back to colouring after saying what he wanted to say.