yWriter - A Neat program for you novelists!

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  1. Coffeekins has turned me on to yWriter after I grumbled about never being able to finish a story. XD

    It's a really neat organization program for your story projects, that keeps this organized by chapter and SCENE, so you can easily move scenes around and re-arrange the story at will. It also has cool tidbits for storing character info, settings, and nifty things.

    Plus it's FREE.

    Thought I would share while I attempt to give it a whirl. XD I know one of my biggest issues is organizing my bazillion thoughts, and so far it's really neat. (Now if I could tackle my procrastination... >>; )
  2. That sounds like it could be dead handy, Diana. Cheers.
  3. I now love this program!
  4. WHEN I write, I usually start (and usually stop) in Script format.
    For this I use Celtx @ http://celtx.com/index.html

    It does a lot of neat formating. It has an option for novels and such, etc. But like I said, I stick to scripts and screenplays.
  5. yWriter is ok...

    I used to use a program that was way more orderly and streamlined. Now, if only I could remember what it was I could give it to you... So long and so many computers ago...
  6. I used Celtx for my scriptwriting class...but was always too verbose for scripts.

    I'll give this new program a try, thanks for the link Diana.
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